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Process name: Google Desktop

Product: Google Desktop

Company: Google (google.com)

File: GoogleDesktopCrawl.exe

An indexer from Google, the Google Desktop Crawl runs as a background process and scans files on your hard drive. It creates a catalogue of files that can then be searched through Google Desktop. It uses a scheduling algorithm to crawl through files during computer downtime in order minimize the chance of utilizing resources during personal use. In 2011, Google discontinued their Desktop application suite due to the fact that cloud storage made a lot of its functionality irrelevant. Founded in 1998, the Google business model was originally built around their flagship search engine. Over the past ten years, they have introduced a variety of software and even tablets to the market.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/googledesktopcrawl.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of GoogleDesktopCrawl.exe: based on 27 votes. Read also the 18 reviews.

  • 35 users ask for this file. 16 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 5 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about GoogleDesktopCrawl.exe:
if its from google, i'd expect it to be adware free just type it in google, they explain what it does Sophia
Google Desktop Search  See also: Link
It's the crawler file for Google Desktop Search. It's used to index files on your harddrive.  See also: Link Zimbo
Part of the Google Desktop Search Utility  See also: Link DarkFlib
Easily search your hdd using google technology.  See also: Link Vec
Part of the Google Desktop Search Utility. Check the personal preference settings to see what items are being indexed and adjust accordingly. bradbell
Google desktop process. Takes 99% of CPU ressources... Sebry
it tries to connect to msnusers.com... It can't be good if it tries to contact to some server like that... anonymous
it took up all my resources when google indexing was paused but when it restarted it stoped. nick
I've been using this for several months since I installed GoogleDesktop2 Sidebar (it's a Google plug-in from Google.com). It has been found useful & harmless (as per Norton & AVG & Ad-Aware & Spybot & more). Today I'm getting recurring error saying python23.dll file is missing so need to reinstall app to fix problem.  See also: Link A. Mason
I have a screen popping up that looks fishy, asking for my .Net passport signon. I traced it back to this program as the running process associated with the window. The screen looks like a hoax to me. I'm deleting it., and getting information from Google on the proper file size, etc from this process. Mark
Slows desktop to a crawl. Aptly named.
it is trying to connect to crl.microsoft.com ip: Someone
Itīs the indexation part of google Desktop. Itīs not dangerous but... he consumes 90-98% CPUīs memory and turns your others processes very... but very slow Maiky
It takes 99% of my CPU's ressources too and I sent 2 mails to google about that but they haven't answer yet... Fab
win 32 Troian coyac nicolae
Google desktop search H2O
something appear on ma screen saying that googledesktopcrawl.exe has stopped working

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