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Process name: BackWeb-137903.exe

Product: BackWeb-137903.exe

Company: Hewlett-Packard (hp.com)

File: BackWeb-137903.exe

An adware process, BackWeb-137903.exe runs as a background process and provides you with periodic advertisements for HP products. It is not a necessary system process and can be removed via the Add/Remove Programs Utility in Windows. It can also be removed by most standard anti-adware programs. Founded in 1939, HP is currently the number one PC manufacturer in the world.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/backweb-137903.exe.html 
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apparently it is required for HP and Compaq computers for online updates Steven
It's an 8.14 MB installs itself to C:\Program Files\BackWeb\BackWeb Client. It's a major update despite its small file size as your hard drive will run in over drive for nearl a quater of an hour before you will have full operation of your computer once again. Example: You will not be able to launch any media operations during this time. Deep scan shows no spyware at the time of this report, however, that may change over the weeks ahead as it takes time for spyware to catch up with the latest spyware tricks. Come back later as I will up date this report should I learn anything new. 01-31-05 James Roney
HP and Compaq computers require this file for automatic update information. It is not harmful, nor is it required...should you choose to disable it, you will no longer recieve auto-update info from these manufacturers Doug
hello, unfortully i unknow nothing about this, but have the same problem. I dont know how can Ieave it. favian razo
I would call it adware. Runs at startup. Advises you of updates that may or may not apply to your machine. More an application to sell HP products and services, as updates for HP computers are available at HPs site. Doug
This is a program very widely used among corporations like Kodak, WD and HP. The original intention of this program is to easily keep your applications updated without you having to do anything. The down side to this is many variants of are floating around and some collect information about you. I suggest doing all updates yourself and removing this application! Homer Simpson
it popped up on my computer after installing a service pack 2 update, right after opting for automatic updates. Robin
I personally have confronted 'backweb' spyware on at least five newer HP computers. Despite excuses made by HP (see link below), Backweb is indeed spyware!!! And, it can seriously bog down your CPU every time it goes to the net to update it's site's database with YOUR activities, and WITHOUT your permission!!! It can be uninstalled, but first you must disable it in safe mode.  See also: Link klandreson
Screw it all, go with Mac... maclover
Its a process that runs with HP,Tho too many variations of Backweb exist to call it completely safe. But it allows for updates without user input. Agent Nelson
messes ms word tech support
It keeps forcing my computer to freeze up if i don't close it at start up. Get rid of it Abacab
One of many unnecessary programs pre-loaded on an HP PC, which combine to make a new modern PC run at a fraction of the speed it should. IT Pro
it is a pusher site that with HP sends non requested info to you rusty
just got rid of it, computer still runing, even better alex zman
Can anyone tell me how to disable this product? When I go Add or Remove Programs I don't see Backweb in there. Would it be under on in one of the HP Programs? thanks so much for your help. Skeeter
I have HP computer and one day all of the sudden my internet connection got very slow. Turns out BackWeb-137903.exe was the reason. It was difficult to handle, since spyware or antivirus program wouldn't detect it. I found about it through checking UDP and TCP, and than blocked it. This program is big time sucker as far as I am concerned. vh
I too experienced BACKWEB-137903, when my Windows XP Firewall stopped it and asked if I wanted to block it.. It occured during the restart process of installing a service pack 2 update, right after opting for automatic updates. Because of the mix of feelings and emotions on this .EXE, I'm opting to block it. I can always check for the HP updates on my own right? By the way, how is this any different from the Microsoft "Automatic" updates that I can choose to allow run for me without needing my approval? S. Schnabel
Hatte Anfangs Installationsprobleme  See also: Link Christoph M. Dau
the freezes are a real problem for my neighbor's hp Pavillion. hp suggests disabling it from the start All Programs hp Center folder. warowe
Slows down my computer and does absolutely nothing. Tried to uninstall and now every five minutes a window pops up. Had to go into safe mode to get rid of lingering files. CT
I am no expert but it wants to access the internet a lot. I think it has affected my Hp Media center and it can't update cable programming. GFB
From my understanding, it's a product from hp that updates without your approval; in the backround, just as a virus does. I went into regedit and deleted all the keys that had to do with backweb, after disabling its process, and shredded all the files that had to do with it. Now, after removing Back-web and other adware my computer runs ALOT faster. Edwards
HP - compaq (I don't Know if others do the same)come with lots of thithtparties programms. some can be removed, some not but can be desable
You people realize you're supposed to be rating how dangerous backweb is, not how annoying it is. It isn't adware, it isn't spyware, HP uses it for updates and sometimes it messes things up. I disable it, but calling it a virus is stupid. Danno
A lot more now since Googling Backweb! Anna

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