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Process name: SonicStage Atrac Hard Disk Monitor

Product: SonicStage

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Sony (sony.com)

File: SSAAD.exe

A disk monitor from Sony, this process runs in the background and detects when an Atrac disc has been inserted into an optical drive. If one is detected, it contains to appropriate codecs to play the file for most audio players. Atrac (Adaptive Transform Acoustic Coding) is a specific audio type for most MiniDiscs. Sonicstage is a peripheral detector for Sony machines running Windows. Located in Tokyo, Sony was founded in 1946. Sony has been on the forefront of video and audio encoding since the mid-1970s.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ssaad.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

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All comments about SSAAD.exe:
Sony SonicStage software Checks local files for audio files smee.init
it relates to sony sonic stage music program
Installed by Sony SonicStage, possibly also Connect store. Rename the file to prevent it from being autorun; does not appear to be vital. nobody_spacial
Atrac Hard Disc Monitor of Sony Sonic Stage software.  See also: Link J.B. Verweij.
SonicStage Atrac Hard disk monitor Don
Sony Corporation (Software comes with Sony Network Walkman) - Sonic Stage is a music file manager: uses Sony's ATRAC format as well as MP3's - will monitor hard drive or specific areas for newly added music tracks and automatically offer to add them to your sony mp3 player when you connect it - partt of music file management system.  See also: Link Morn
Sony gives it to you on a cd when you purchase one of there atrac devices... i dont think it is dangerous Dan
came along with a sony mp3 player Garm93
It is definitely not harmful since it comes with Atrac3/Atrac3plus software for Sony Mp3/Atrac3 CD players. There is no harm in either leaving it on or removing it from startup, but it is not essential by either the PC or the Sony software itself. Mike
It is part of the "Sonic Stage" software for MP3 player Ian Peers
related to Sony Net Walkman, possibly Sonic Stage PrincipalValiant
Sony Corp. SonyBMG, Mp3-Überwachung Luggi
Part of Sony Music Sonic Stage delivery system.
Part of Sony SonicStage Software. b0st0n
This program comes from SonicStage (sony) if you have an atrack or atrack3 cd player and you have downloaded the software this is the cause of that download it has a relativly clean security and shouldnot cause you any problem (you can end this process when your not using it) Nor
Sony's SonicStage Music Management Software  See also: Link Tor Osthed
Part of Sonic Stage - Sony's ATRAC audio manager
Sony Sonic Stage  See also: Link Beavel
Sonic Stage Module Description DrBB
SonicStage Atrac Hard Disk Monitor Fernanditen
Sonic Stage Music Managment - Anoying pice of crap -=HSN=-HaroldSearchNetworks
SonicStage ATRAC Audio Delivery (SSAAD) un4saken
Part of Sonic Stage, made by Sony. Usually comes on a disc with their MP3 players so you can transfer songs to the MP3 player. FR
The file .exe is not dangerous, it is part of Sonic Stage media player and is usually enabled at startup to recognize and play ATRAC music formats. Again its completely safe. KyleQ

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