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Process name: Symantec AntiVirus

Product: Symantec AntiVirus

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Company: Symantec (symantec.com)

File: Rtvscan.exe

The real-time scanner for the AntiVirus portion of Symantec Endpoint Protection, Rtvscan.exe starts with Windows and runs in the background to monitor for threats. The application monitors for any type of virus or malware threats. If a threat is detected, you are alerted via a message or popup, and Symantec automatically attempts to eliminate the threat by either removal or quarantine. Symantec AntiVirus (distributed as Norton AntiVirus since 1998) is part of a larger suite of programs including Norton Internet Security. Introduced in 1991, Symantec is the leading provider of Antivirus software in North America.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/rtvscan.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of Rtvscan.exe: based on 175 votes. Read also the 156 reviews.

  • 386 users ask for this file. 82 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 44 users rated it as neutral. 25 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 20 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Rtvscan.exe:
Symantec/Norton Antivirus - The file system real-time scanner D. Kalnęs
It's an Antivirus
Was running and using 100% of CPU usage. Charles Jaster
Real Time Virus Scan Anand
rtvscan.exe is an executable of the Symantec Internet Security Suite. It is responsible for the execution of real-time virus-scanning in order to detect virus infected files as they enter your system. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. Netrade
Takes up a lot of RAM Buggy
My PC was very slow and "rtvscan" was using 98%+ CPU. No viruses found. Ran Adware & Spyware removal programs and problems went away. "rvtscan" using 1% CPU. wries
rtvscan is causing of 99 percent processor using.It hapeen with microsoft windows 2000 jarek w
it's a process hog Andy
It's a real time scanner for Symantec's Anti-Virus software. It can protect your computer, but sometimes slows things down. To make changes to it you must be in 'Safe Mode'. Gene
If I don't put a CD in the drive, it would keep giving me error msgs asking for a CD in the drive. Annoying edislasm
Rtvscan is a good program in theory. It provides us with a means to combat viruses as they enter our computers or networks, but it also slows most computers that only have 512 or less RAM. That stinks. I am getting 100% CPU usage. I had a computer running it that had 1G of RAM and it still took up 40-50% of my RAM. So it might have been a good idea by Symantic but comeon guys make it a little less of a hog! Joe M
Symantec Antivirus - duh -  See also: Link Ovidiu
I know it's part of the Symantec AV software, but it often hogs up to 100% of my CPU resource. There should be a way to set it as a background task, but all efforts to that effect so far have resulted in "Access Denied". Mick Psyphon
It is essential for Symantec Antivirus. It requires more memory, but it is essential. Doriak
Memory Hog Technology Coordinator
Was hogging memory too Gman
it is a CPU hog nando
I know that this file is associated with the Symantec Antivirus. It takes up a large majority of CPU usage on fairly up to date systems (Which it shouldn't). As an administrator, you should be able to end the process yet... i could not. Could this be a weakness in the Symantec Antivirus Scanner that a virus or worm exploites? Up for opinions Doug
Its Symantec software.....but its really slows down my PC. I would rather have a virus than this crap. So its uninstalled. Nick
My computer is slow as heck during this scan. Our network does it while we work. If they could do it at night then I would be happy. Ramona
Takes up a ton of room and makes all processes extremely slow. Lola
it's Symantec's anti-virus real-time scanner - it has a tendency to be a process hog on occasion, but it's not inherently dangerous and is protecting your PC from viruses Jeff H
Get a Macintosh computer! Doesn't have to scan for viruses all the time.  See also: Link lovinit
It ran at a high CPU %, but only for a couple of minutes sirius
Symantec Essential But Also A Memory Hog Slim Shady
Symantec Antivirus Auto Protect TMM
Version 9 and up - Those who run into a 100% utilization is having a problem with a corrupt definition file - The rtvscan gets hung on it and causes the CPU to peg. Go to the c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\symantec\[which ever version name]\7.5 - Now delete all .VXD and .WDB files and empty the I2_LDVP.VDB folder - Now do a live update and reboot - rtvscan will take very little CPU as it should Mike S
I'd like to run other apps too...it would be nice if it didn't slow my computer to a halt BD
Symantec needs to fix this ginsingsullivan
Symantec Virus Scan. If you don't like it hogging memory, uninstall it.. Joey D
real time virus scan from the corporated edition some times hogs the cpu but thats because it automatically scans (server side gives the command so you cant avoid it unless you shut it down) just leave it 5 to 20 minutes depanding on the system and the hdd and will be ok ilias
pos memory hog; try another anti-virus program :-\ Jerry
scanner --- very frikkin annoying (especially when typing online)... trying to input passwords and such and well, it sucks.... rick
Slows down my PC, but i can't deinstall it :/ it's on my work machine and their i have no admin rights. mgd
Hey, someone else should write something like "memory hog", "CPU hog", or "takes up lots of RAM". I don't think that has been thoroughly iterated. RTVSCANprobstoo
always shut this one off if you're running a production server, or an application that requires lots of resources such as a 3d game. ed wood
its from Norton Antivirus. If it takes up a lot of RAM you should consider changing to another lighter antivirus. Perhaps AVG. Nevertheless Norton is a very good antivirus so it is a no win situation. nbcool
Norton has always been a solid antivirus solution if you arent worried about performance. That should say it all. Jim F.
for the people who could not stop it: just disable the real-time protection option from the antivirus program itself. yes, it takes a 100% cpu but it does only the first 2-3 minutes after boot. it goes normal after that! Lora
Sure its Symantic, but that does NOT mean it isn't garbage. Tried uninstalling it from the home machine, it did not want to die, ended up using hijack this to rid myself of it... Now running F-Prot, to hell with the control freaks at symantic! Scott
rtvscan is a bear that renders my computer useless for long periods of time. Carl
It may take up a lot of RAM; that's why you need enough RAM in your system to do what you do on your computer. It's needed to protect your system from viruses as files are created/accessed on your computer AJ
This is not dangerous from a security standpoint. Period. (Though It may be dangerous from a stability standpoint) redsai
I heard of some issues with users noticing their pc's locking up last week, my pc was also slow. This is what I found on my PC this morning. know
Here is a link that solve my problem.  See also: Link Wulfi
Its indeed a process hog. takes 98% of my cpu usage. (i have a 512 MB RAM). All steps to stop theprocess ends in "Access Denied". Manishankar
This process is located in the WINNT\System32 folder, named csrss.exe, showing itself as Rtvscan.exe error, and the Symantec Rtvscan is in the Symantec Antivirus folder. So I think its dangerous. Haha
uses 4x more mem than photoshop cs - now that's a mem hog TF
Is there a way to stop it temporally then on again later Mo
The scan makes my computer safe, but I can not do anything until it stops keeping me safe. One would think "helpful" software would not be so harmful to productivity Trying to Work
This is annoying. The network administrator in my building Requires us to have symantec installed and running, but I don't want this! Jason
Well, had I not had it running on my notebook, I would be notebook shopping now or paying money I don't have for someone to help me fix my hard drive. It is slowing things down, yes, but it has also caught some pretty shady Trojan and Highjack attempts. Nothing in life is perfect. If it wasn't this, it would be something else. So deal with it. Amy
Takes up a ton of room and makes all processes extremely slow. James
It is CPU and memory hog. However, its important for system stability and security Faisal
Symantec realtime scan. Takes up lots of cpu, moderate memory usage. Annoying, but very safe. Bob the Tailor
Bloody RAM HOG. They really need to do something about this. I hate using Norton but its an office pc so I have to live with it. Adrian
This is critical to Symantec but its takes up more power than oblivion to run it so you have to choose, symantec, or use of your computer. Aris
I consider it "corporate spyware" when it is in "CPU Hog" mode, use "TCPView" and you'll see that it also has established a connection with a corporate server (even if you're on VPN). You can't kill the process, but you can kill the connection using TCPView.... at which point it stops hogging resources. It is "phoning home" with a great deal of data. Networker
Only hungry when an actual "full scan" being run, pretty insignificant the rest of the time. I suggest changing when you have system scans run to a time that suits you better. Difficult on large networks where you have to run during the day so everyone is on, our organisation uses Friday lunchtime which is best for most. William
realtime symantec avs... nothing wrong with it but the damn thing hogs memory john
Well it's not dangerous in the sense that it's not a virus, it's nortons realtime scanner, but the thing eats Processor usage like there's no tomorrow. Depending on what your doing it could cause whatever program your using to freeze. Also you can't make any modifications to the program outside of safe mode Tre
RTVSCAN is a part of Symantec AV Scanner - it is a memory hog and it hides itself and makes itself almost impossible to stop to thwart malware that would try to stop it. Mike
memory hog big time smiley
Symantec Realtime Virus Scanner Simon
rtvscan.exe takes too much RAM reijo
Takes up alot of CPU and mem.. pisses me of stupidwindows
Runs unscheduled in the middle of the day disrupting all work. An obviously poorly written piece of doodoo. God help you if you have a number of VMWare images. Larry Williams
Eats up CPU time so much that other apps become unusable, particularly if system has been on for a while. Rebooting system appears to reset it from its CPU hogging ways. Symantec really, really, really needs to fix this problem. Mitch B
When it runs all the time and Symantec AV is not on the machine, then we have a VIRUS or malware of some sort
it slows my pc,i can't switch to safe mode as the symantec has been locked by my admin at office. dakmatt
Symantec-Norton Virenscanner franz.kuhn
slows down your PC's performance while running
Its indeed a process and memory hog. All steps to stop the process ends in "Access Denied". But there is still a way, go to run and type services.msc , find the service named Symantec Antivirus and stop it. i didnt get any access denied message there. and it also kills the RTVSCAN process marabunta
The RTVScan process is used to automatically scan files as they're being downloaded. It's basically the heart and soul of Symantec Anti-virus. If you're not downloading files or manually running a scan, yet RTVScan.exe is still hogging your CPU, the most likely reason is that you've just downloaded a new virus definition file and a Quick scan running automatically. This auto-scan can't be disabled using the Symantec Anti-Virus control panel, but there are steps for making it stop (mostly) on the following website:  See also: Link oobug
CPU HOG, takes up lots of RAM, memory hog. Someone Else
It is the realtime scanner for Symantec Antivirus  See also: Link Bryan
it's a symantec on demand scanner, it can use a lot of sys resources (~90% CPU / Mem usage) G
Dreamweaver application error -The memory could not "written" vaibhav
Symantec Antivirus service: Takes lots of memory Amir Hayat
memory and cpu hog, slows computer to a halt on startup Doug
I am also facing such memory hog problems by this file from 18 months. If a virus & anti virus both slow down your PC then why we put extra load on HDD for an anti virus? So we all should request symentec to fix this problem untill we leave them. Shoaib Alamgir
Its a Real time symantec virus scanning. If you disable it, some or other vulnerability will exploit your system.  See also: Link ydkcool
Essentially a virus created by Symantec. Uninstalling, as I'd RATHER have a virus than this POS virus scanning software, brings system to a crawl, and is difficult to kill without uninstallation. Bender
Windows Task Manager Raymond Seah
It is the Symantec Corporate Anti-Virus edition  See also: Link
It is most likely a necessary program, but is a memory HOG! Unknown if there is a simple way to schedule during off hours. bunky
Scanner for Norton Antivirus - Crap, really BoboTehClown
memory hog
memory hog, takes up lots of RAM cpu hog
If you cannot end the process then kill it permanently by booting your PC in safe mode (F8). Then delete it! Your PC will no longer be protected but performance will increase big time. Don't forget you will find the Rtvscan.exe here: C:\Program Files\Symantec_Client_Security\Symantec AntiVirus. Don't forget you can re-instate the executable by retrieving it from your Recycle bin. Ciao!!!!
rtvscan.exe eatsup somuch memory Rahul Jaiswar
memory hog, takes up lots of RAM. working with vs 2008 and 2 gb ram it still slow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leon
I have noticed the hog on memory at startup. However if it acts up while you are busy - goto start run (services.msc) and stop Symantec Antivirus service. If the memory doesn't go away - then it's something else. Memory Hog Hunter
yes it hogs cpu but and i agree with everyone but i'm going to try checking for a corrupt definition file - The rtvscan gets hung on it and causes the CPU to peg. Go to the c:\documents and settings\all users\application data\symantec\[which ever version name]\7.5 - Now delete all .VXD and .WDB files and empty the I2_LDVP.VDB folder - Now do a live update and reboot - rtvscan will take very little CPU as it should john BB
It it taking up way too much of my memory. Not sure it's worth the effort since I am inside a firewall with much of the mail stopped at the server. Anne
Can bring a server to its knees. Code is bloated and written to purposely bring systems to a halt because that proves how much safer you are! What a good investment! batch
just download avast antivirus. It's free and it's been around for a while. Google Avast and see. It takes up almost ZERO memory and CPU usage on my notebook. MIKE
If you don't like it hogging your information, schedule a scan for off hours Chris Robertson
Symantec Antivirus scanner, for sure SundanceKid
The rtvscan.exe file runs the real-time scanning feature of the Symantec Internet Security Suite and is responsible for detecting malicious code embedded on possible viruses and other malware processes.  See also: Link Zing Dong
It takes up way to much memory on my notebook, and can not get anyone from IT to explain why it has to run at the most inconvenient times. Should have it running in the background at night, not in the middle of the work day. i'm not downloading anything. Sheri
Poor quality software. Comes as part of symantec antivirus but then takes over your computer with memory leaks Ivan
takes all cpu usage.. rperez
maxes out CPU in bursts and permanently H
Slows you to crap as it does is your virus scan. Get a Mac and forget about virus scanning or quit whining. IT Dept. is not going to let you skip out on virus scans on Windows... so its a cost of business in your inconvenience. At our office, we have to run the scan once a week. We leave our computer on the night before the scan so that the scan happens at night when we're not at the computer.
It takes up ALOT of memory!
all I know about it is that it slows down my computer, sooo frustrating
Memory hog that kills my productivity JohnSA
The more memory you have the less it impacts (slows down) your computer. Memory and CPU hog. After its initial scan it takes less system resources. Get McAfee it works.... WT
Gives more trouble as Virus - Slow down the system San
this is under symentec antivirus file. taskmanager is showing the high memory usage and system is working very slow Deleep Kumar
It eats hell lot of memory and cpu time. abhijit
It starts at 4:12 PM and runs till 4:18 PM daily. takes up 100% of CPU. God what should i do Nayan
severely impacts performance, tends to spread  See also: Link Hi
Sounds like not everyone has the CPU issue to the extreme that others do. This computer can barely run sometimes, and Task Manager always shows RTVscan as the culprit. Couldn't figure out how to disable, and a password is needed to delete. Still checking ...
The answer is on the Symantec Site... not in any of the other ones I've looked up like here  See also: Link PGH
McAfee is a bloated security software. Remove all traces of it, uninstall it. Go download Microsoft Security Essentials, disable your internet connection after temporarily to uninstall McAfee. Make sure you have Driver Sweeper and remove any remaining traces of McAfee by using windows SAFE MODE. Then restart and with the network still disabled, install Microsoft Security Essentials, now re-enable your network connection. Let Microsoft Security Essentials sacn and update. There you go, a non-intrusive, system usage friendly program for free. A tiny footprint. Anthony
with rtvscan.exe always taking up CPU resources, it's acts like a virus instead of an antivirus. mike
Symantec Antivirus. Most of you are missing the point. It does not hog a lot of RAM. Go buy some more RAM if you need it. What it does do is hijacks the harddrive for scanning which slows the system to a halt. Symantec needs to put in some logic to tell the process to back the F off when the user needs to use their machine. MacG
Use 100% of my CPU gabri
It is Norton Antivirus crap John
It's like the bouncer at the door of a nightclub. It checks out anything that tries to get into your computer all the time. Great idea but it is a memory hog. Bob
Dump it!!! I have used Symantec AntiVirus for almost 20 years, and I now suggest remove it and select any other product. Symantec is now so bloated that it takes 1.5 GB of my 4GB box and kills its performance. I am even tempted to go back to Macafee. Symantec will take every resource you have, plus it is now all run by people from India. Silicon Valley even dumped this years ago. This thing is now a dog!!!  See also: Link Admin
Yes, just uninstall it and use another brand of anti-virus (AVG), or don't download pornography and other illegitimate material. Exactly. SKU
any version of norton corp. ver#10.0 and under does this....you can get a free upgrade of version 10.1 from the norton website to fix this problem JR
uninstall Norton anti-virus its a resource hog Tom Malone
Its a real time scanner but it takes a lot of RAM. Can't change priority of the process. Its a burdon on RAM. There must be some alternative. Rashid Khan
Im apart of a network, and in the morning when I come in there's a yellow exclaimation , tri-angle thingy, (yup thingy) and it says, "Rvtscan.exe is corrupt. So, taking what you all have siad, maybe it's corruption is deserved.
Symantec Antivirus file Anubhav
Symantec AV file - Top processor muncher on all my machines on the network, nightmare to work on. sort it out! Dan Snaith
Norton definitely resource hog. Also, don't get a virus while running Norton, they will charge (99 dollars 2 years ago) you if you want help from them. Company not standing behind their product as they should. for Windows, go with Microsoft Security Essentials Ray
It starts at boot time making booting very slow. Runs for a long time making the machine almost useless. Rod Donovan
It crashes the system in certain XP systems. Jim
it is not virus
Slows down everything. P.O.S. John
Symantec virus scanner runs far far more than others need to to accomplish the same level of security. On a typical corporate computer, it accounts for about 70% of the slowdown through excessive disk reads, which means it's very hard on the hard drive as well. Very poorly made. Use only if you are forced to by a company policy, Symantec's only area of expertise is fooling managers into thinking they're a "safe" option. Network Admin
Much worse than a virus. Takes over control of your computer so it can not be used most of the time. Jack
You need to stop this program from running. Not only is it a process hog, it will cause your laptop to heat up and the fan keeps spinning on high rpm. This will eventually burn your CPU, video chip, and maybe your mobo. Ara
A resource hog, but part of the Norton Antivirus product. It calms down a few minutes after initial boot-up. It is not dangerous and it is not a virus so a rating of 1. Follow the link for advice from Symantec.  See also: Link Nigel
It's an I/O problem on my laptop -- the disk never stops spinning and doing any kind of work requires a great deal of patience. It's like I'm back to the old 286 days. Tom
It is REAL TIME VIRUS SCAN from Symantec and protect machine from software virus. No doubt it slow down the CPU time but keep machine healthy. Jameel Farooqui
Rtnscan.exe is an antivirus file. But it takes more system hang/high cpu loading than a real virus. And it has no option to tunning. I choose to STOP IT IN SERVICE. Jirou
As stated it's norton product, so it's no security risk, but it is a resource hog. It's so bad at times it almost feels like Nortons own version of malware. dsollen
Slows down your PC, paralyses your hard disk Frederik w
If possible remove it or disable it. At home I use Spybot S&D (with TeaTimer) and CCleaner to protect and clean my computer. AntiVirus programs are useless resource hogs. Be wise in your browsing and file opening, it is the only defense aginst malware. Been using/working with computers since 80's (my dad starting in the late 60's.) and never had a virus/malware. I can barely get my work done at work because of this stupid, uneeded malware. I may as well have a drive full of viruses and malware. Antivirus hater
it is dangerous as it regularly crashes my system, this is exactly what a virus would do! But this is worse as I have to keep it on my system and it is supposed to be designed by a large corporation as opposed to a group of hacker nerds.... Aodh
This is a Norton product, so there is no security harms. But it is a resource hog, it took almost entire CPU and memory speed of my PC. And off-course it is causing a loud noise for the CPU fans which also bothersome. MM
It fits the definition of a virus in that it really hurts productivity and is very hard to get rid of. Norton should clean up their act. Rick
killing the process will help, it will start again automatically however it will use significantly less resources Donald
Rtvscan is a total dog and waste of time it hog the memory and cpu john L
the rtv.scan takes up nearly 100% of my CPU and has now made my computer useless Jen
it's antivirus file maybe core of symantec/norton antivirus, sometime dominate memory resources used when fighting virus and caused your computer slowing down puguh
Uses on average over 400,000 k mem. Total hog and renders system almost useless. Corporate system so I can't uninstall or I would josh
My entire system runs at less than 20% CPU and less than 50% RAM even with Rtvscan active (2.4 GHz CPU and 4 GB RAM). Doesn't cause me any problems. Never had a problem wtih Symantec Endpoint Protection. Ben
When I am installing smc endpoint protection after reboot laptop with windows 7 and 8.1 disc utilization going 100% and i have stop some services(windows search, superfetch and BITS) but we are still facing this issue Nasrudin Ansari

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