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Process name: AOL TopSpeed

Product: AOL TopSpeed

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Company: AOL (aol.com)

File: aoltpspd.exe

A web accelerating process, AOL Top Speed is part of AOL desktop and runs in the background. It maintains a a cache of images and associated web files, and as you are browsing, your cache is checked before the looking towards the outside internet. This improves lookup speeds and increases browser efficiency. It also has a basic antiphishing feature that blocks phishing attempts from outside sources. Founded in 1985, AOL Inc. has gone from being the number four ranked internet provider in the world to switching gears towards being a brand company focus.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aoltpspd.exe.html 
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All comments about aoltpspd.exe:
If you disable this from msconfig, aol's web browser will not work. this is interlinked with the other one just like it. AOL basically says ... disable this and die... we own you ... have a nice day. basically, aol takes over and ruins your system resources like usual. mitch
It was given to me when openingaol, says it may be a firewall Lora Heckman
It really is not dangerous as spyware goes. But once you add aol software this must run or you will not be able to run thier browser. There should be some type of internet law written in such that companies like AOL NORTON and many more can not make you run 7 different programs all of the time for 1 Gald Dand software. Or I could just not add it in the first place. 1 Above neutral for the headache Astroman
its a secret aol keylogger beware must be deleted Jay
This not a needed or required to run AOL, nor does it hinder the ability to browse, much easier then suggested earlier to shut down, go to keyword: browser settings and uncheck the box Clyde
I can't end the process of this file! Every time I try to, it pops right back on the list, on my Windows Task Manager! Any info will help, as I do not have anything on my system relating to AOL! greenii3
it's aol top speed, it's not malware (but it's ap;_ jx
I know when you uninstall aol software, it stays behind... can't kill it! lol Porter
It is a way for dial up users to open web pages more quickly on AOL by lowering picture quality. If you have hi speed, kw browser settings to disable as listed above. Elizabeth
When I'm not on the internet this program is sending information out on my broadband connection. I don't know what is being sent. Using Sysinternals or Windows Taskmanager, I can't delet it. Stan
all aol software is dangerous and should not be run freddy
aol IS malware!! a computer touched by this worthless garbage must be thoroughly decontaminated like the worste spyware infection. I have battled to keep this manace at bay for years and loath it as an enemy to all computing. jb
any non-os file that self-initializes, doesn't provide a means for uninstalling, and prevents you from stopping it from running is unwanted. Its dangerous in that, if you install it, you will spend way too much time trying to get rid of it. Ron
You can stop the process from starting by disabling it in XP Services under Admin tools in control panel Martin
I deleted "aoltpspd.exe" by first finding the file and hitting delete. I then left the "yes/no pop-up box" up that asks if you want to delete the file. I Opened "Task Manager" and I went to the "Processes" tab. I clicked on "aoltpspd.exe" and the "end process" button, then I quickly clicked "yes" on the pop-up box from step one. You'll have to hit that "yes" quickly or "aoltpspd.exe" will start up again and you'll have to go back to step one. Glen
also had problems getting rid of it, but it didn't disturb perfromance Dennis
thanks Martin I disabled the file that route. tanya
it is simply the Netscape ISP Dialer. if you use any walmart connect or its new netscape connect you get this as part of the install process,youll also see it in error reportings exclusion list bobzombie

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