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Process name: Media Center Tray Applet

Product: Microsoft Windows Media Center

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: ehtray.exe

An access process for the Windows Media Center, ehtray.exe runs in the background and starts with Windows. It can be accessed through the system tray, and can be disabled by right clicking the icon. The Windows Media Center is an application that allows you to view, play back, and record videos and music. Founded in 1975, Microsoft's flagship product is the Windows operating system, which is installed on over 90% of workstations worldwide.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ehtray.exe.html 
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All comments about ehtray.exe:
when this applet runs on startup my screensaver will not activate if set for more than one minute, don't know yet Al Hanke
I have this running on my system with no screen-saver problems. Graham Hill
When I disable this applet my screen-saver works fine. Jim Kelley
Looked up 'ehrecvr' which is a Windows Media program necessary for watching live tv. This is in the same folder (C:\WINDOWS\ehome) and claims to be a part of Windows XP and a Media Center Applet JonDoe3k
etray.exe is microsoft product, however can be manipulated with spyware and malware chance
I have had problems with my screensaver activating whenever ehtray is running. This program loads in the MSconfig section. You can disable it (uncheck)in MSCONFIG mode. This program does load whenever you activate Media Center. When you close Media Center you can goto Task manager and end the ehhome.exe task. Then your screensaver will work again Harry
It is absolutely the cause of my screen saver and monitor auto turn off problems. It took me hours to figure this out and I went one at a time enabling startup items until I ruled them all out but this. I have a microsoft wireless mouse and keyboard as well as XP media center on an HP m7277c  See also: Link Kevin Day
With ehtray.exe running my screensaver will not activate. Weldon
Is a Microsoft MCE application, but is unknown whether it is essential. MC seems to run OK without starting up during bootup. This file prevents the activation of the screen saver/monitor off functions while my notebook pc (HP dv9000 series) is docked to the HP xb3000 expansion base station. chinnman
If you have MS wireless keyboard and mouse, you will have conflicts with ehtray re: your screensaver. De-activate ehtray and your screensaver problems will disappear. S Miller
ehtray.exe basically keeps your computer in a constant non-idle state so that Media Center functions like watching TV does not get interrupted when your idle watching it. That is why screensavers and energy saving monitor modes do not activate. MS needs to set it up so that ehtray only turns on when Media Center is on. TCampbell76
When connecting cell phone as modem the phone's port cannot be opened (regardless of which port it is on). Removing ehtray.exe stopped the problem. I found this by trial and error using msconfig. Noel Tulley
Whenever ehtray is enabled under msconfig/startup there is a soft but high piched frequency noise that occours. If it's disabled and the computer is restarted, the noise does not occur until you activate Windows Media Center. Matt
I had a "AGOBOT-KU" described shown in Spybot... I had Spybot remove it. It didn't show anywhere else. My Vista shows the ehtray in " Run-" and not "Run" . A.Bathos
It prevents screensaver/powersaver from running on my HP m7674n media center pc. I have wireless keyboard and mouse (which is apparently part of the problem). If I use msconfig to turn it off, screensaver/powersaver work fine. Rick Schaeffer
part of MCE 2005, allowing use of micosoft remote control to control media processes. all processes i've seen on my computer starting with "eh..." belong to Media Center Edition of XP Pro Oliver Heinrich
makes my external hard drive run excessively geekoftheweek
Its Windows XP media centre (Enabels you to watch TV) and Windows Vista (Enables you to watch TV) Media Centre Maniac
Once I disabled it my screensaver and monitor worked properly with this on my monitor would not wake up
ehtray allows access to ms messenger from within media center, it (and ms messenger) are not required unless you want to be able to use ms messenger.
ehtray.exe displays the green bar volume indicators on a windows media center system Alagarath
According to microsoft it is not an essentual software to run...not that I trust microsoft Nathan gray
Can be problem when it is coming up errors. Disabling from the startup should fix the problem RK
When i disable it on my vista the sleep mode start to run fine again.
this file was located in c/windows/ehome folder, which is a app installed to allow playing demos and buying downloading games Rich Musick
It's exactly like Oliver described. Completely safe Geoff
When startup, sometimes the spybot s&d will ask for allow change for ehtray.exe, everytime this thing appear, my connection is unable to access, i have to restart my system to get my connection back WC
if you disable it in the start up program of msconfig, your screensave will come back to life Greg C
Doesn't harm my computer before or after killing the process. Shane
Turning off the ehtray.exe process in XP Media Center Edition disables the keyboard volume control. Mpy
For HTPC essential Joe
For error messages: If you've changed the drive letter of your "Recorded TV" folder, ehtray.exe will give errors until you correct it in Media Center (Setup-TV-Recordings) C.L.
Tray bar process for the Microsoft Media Center. (Desktop Audio Volume Indicator and Remote Control)  See also: Link Raymond
Like Alagarath says... Among other things, it does appear to control the on-screen volume display on my HPDV6000/MediaCtr. I removed it from Startup resulting in no on-screen display. I read Alagarath's post here, re-added this exe at start-up, and my on-screen works again. I also see from these posts the cause of the screensaver freezes. J.C.
Shows an On-Screen Volume Display (Green Bar). For/from XP Media Center Edition. Non-essential and can be removed. Raymond
From what I have read about it online after visiting many sites via Google Search, I came to conslusion that it IS SAFE & not harmful to your PC in anyway! It is also a part of Windows Media Center. There is no reason to remove it or disable it. Also, if you disable it- most of the time the "Volume Control Buttons" on your Keyboard will be Disabled. My Norton 360- 2011 Pro. rates it as a "Green Level" SAFE File & says that Millions+ of users have this file on their computers & it is NOT a risk at all. The link I attached to the "Link" field goes to Google & is a search for "ehtray.exe".  See also: Link Greg G
Trojan-GameThief.Win32.Nilage.ipj has infected ehtray.exe Pat
My computer started back up on its own after i put it in sleep mode just short of exactly 2am. went to check the running processes and ehtray.exe was using the processor on and off for around 20sec then terminated itself. Not sure what I just witnessed but it seems suspect... Sean R
With windows xp being taken off of support, it can easily act as a front for malware to take over. The Malware kept on exiting avira, and using Ehtray and dumprep as a front to remove my avira antivirus and disable msconfig. When I went into safe mode to see what processes were new, ehtray and dumprep were at the top of my start up processes for no reason. I disabled both and low and behold, my avira started working again after I reset the computer. I just need to upgrade into a higher windows and be done with it. Casey
It isn't dangerous. If you are user of the HP t3725.tr desktop computer; do not close this task. Buttons of the keyboard which is on the top right will have better visuals for information (volume level etc.) when you press these buttons. (sorry for English...) HP USER

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