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Process name: RelevantKnowledge

Product: RelevantKnowledge

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: comScore (comScore.com)

File: rlvknlg.exe

Described by some as spyware, this application is a background process that monitors your online activity and reports back to a server for data collection purposes. Relevant Knowledge databases this information for market research. While it is not directly beneficial to the consumer, it is not truly spyware since it is not malicious in nature and they are not using the information to direct targeted ads to you. Relevant Knowledge also packages this application with direct applications to participate in market research. Relevant Knowledge is a division of comScore, an internet analytics company founded in 1999.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/rlvknlg.exe.html 
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  • 773 users ask for this file. 4 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 28 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 109 users rated it as dangerous. 12 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about rlvknlg.exe:
This file showed up in a list of commands in the Windows Task Manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del). I may not know which files are supposed to be active, but this one definitely caught my attention as something new/different. It's scary. Kaaizer
This is a spyware from Comscore.com, nearly impossible to get it off you PC once it's attached to your system. Contact Comscore @ 703-438-2000, it is a high security risk, make them tell you how to remove it. See their client list on their website, and you'll know where you picked it up. They are everywhere!!  See also: Link Sophia
removal Erin
its a spyware using your full internet speed and its from AOL "delate it from regedit" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run). rlvknlg.exe spy ware killer
This exe has somehow meshed in with my network config. When i try 2 quarantine it, my wireless adapter cant establish its dedicated IP. Can anyone post on how 2 remove? Nate
When i am on the internet no matter what browser i am using rlvknlkg.exe makes other processes use every bit of spare CPU power stop its process my computer runs almost normal i got it from downloading AIM
It is spyware. I discovered it in taskmanager because it came up whenever i logged on, and i didn't like the look of it, so i researched it. I kept ending the process, but that did not solve the problem. If you have windows xp, go into my docs, etc. and hit search, all files and folders,and type in rlvknlg. In advanced options, tick all boxes, and then search. it should come up with the file, and might have an icon displaying a computer with a red "M" on the screen. Delete it, and also remove it from your recycle bin. Luna
remove this if you have it john
there is almost no way to delete this file spyware programs dont find it or anything, but look how much it uses of your computers processing power Zach
to delet just find it in C:\windows\system32 then end its process in the processes window in windows task manager then drag the file into delet bin and it should go with out a problem =3 Matt Grudewicz
It's a pain to get rid of as killing it spawns 5 instances (on my machine anyway). Took a safe-mode reboot to finally get rid of the damned thing, then I had to fix my TCP/IP stack. Basiclife
for my opinion this file is dangerous its collecting some info so its a spyware and should be deleted Mike
Yes this file may well cripple the network (see link below) - its a network proxy. However this file may have ist own "add/remove programs" entry under "Relevant Knowledge"- in which case it can be safely removed that way.  See also: Link pete
I removed it from registry settings, killed the process and deleted the exe Greg
File was eating processor and locking internet explorer. Killed it okay from task manager. Found it in \windows\system32. In properties (right click) it identified itself as from Relevant Knowledge; deleting it did no harm to system. Couldn't find it listed in any of the startup places. pete
harmful to internet speed g0rd0n
All I know is after I removed it my laptop runs like crap, everything takes twice as long to load up and the internet runs insanly slow now.... delete at own risk apparently Randall
it appears to be some spy software i just found it and it is using resources for my computer i discovered it in sytem32 folder maybe i can erase it there but i am not sure yet Rex
rlvknlg.exe is a process belonging to RelevantKnowledge Adware. This process should be removed to ensure your personal privacy JK
Near impossible pfft all u have to do is end theprocess in task manager, have the system32 file open and delete the .exe after u end the proccess and vbefore it satrts again, also make sure to use safe mode if you wanna stop the proccess from loading int eh first place, (f8) anyway do start/run/regedit and search for rlvknlg and then delete ANY entries you find, after that reboot and thank adam green for helpin u out lol:P Adam schmeen
interferes with shutdown and standby on xp sp2 Si
I went into the redistry and deleted it and instantly, my browser is behaving better and pages loading fast!! Scott
just check out this link, im guesing just deleting the file should be ok...was very helpful in teling where the file is so i didnt have to search for it  See also: Link green
I noticed that file when Skype told me that it wants to access it Jannis
My computer was running VERY slow.. this is the only new process running other than i normally have. one word. BAD BAD BAD BAD
Really dangerous. it consumes all the resources you have on your compute. anonymous
slows down your UPC almost 50%, and is HARD to get off Creepy_guy_in_your_bacement
this messes with your processes big time to remove locate the exe file rename the .exe to anything then delete the proccess when it tries to rerun the process it cant find the exe file to run. (ps to rename.exe go to tools folder options then view and untick hide extensions for known file types rob the whizz kid brown
it's soooo easy to detect, system32... it's sitting there like a fat lump eating your Memory... just delet it it's bad news Mahoney
I got it after Windows Update ?? and the first Thing was that Skype pops up a notice that the prozess wants to touch my kontactlist. I delete it Mueller
it's a trojan that sends info Ahel
Will kill Internet Explorer and WinDVD. Just removed it by (a) renaming the .exe to .ex1, (b) restart computer, (c) delete ex1 Mike
Is blocked by spyware search anbd destroy bobcom
Bad...remove it either with something like Counterspy or manually. Once you remove it your computer may not be able to access the Internet. Search for LSPFIX and download this free fix...
Locked up my PC Caleb
I found it in program files after my Norton AV stopped it every 5min or so from starting. I renamed the .exe and deleted it. All good so far... Mezcal
Took my speed down to nothing, and couldn't just delete it, even after ending the processes, it said that I needed permission to continue. Maleware bytes got rid of it, though. Johann
it is trojan peter
I actually found this executable in C:\Program Files\RelevantKnowledge\ which is weird since i didnt install any such thing, i just deleted it right away, after ending the process though Mora
Wow, I had this program and it actually shut down my website once or twice when I was logged in to the dedicated server.. delete it and everything is happy. Steve
Noticed it randomly when skype said it wanted to connect, i shrugge dit off and 24hours later i had a heart attack when my pc ground to a halt, this is the only new file on my pc so DELETE IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Rage Against Spyware!
its a keylogger Nate
It modifes the Vista firewall policy Ron Coffee
It stopped me from even launching any browser. This thing is bad for sure. I'm so glad that it was on my virtual machine. I removed it simply by going to add & remove programs Roger More
I found the relevant knowledge file in my program files folder. I deleted everything in the folder except for a rxlg.dll that won't allow it. how do I get rid of the dll? Also I can not find any evidence of relevant knowledge under run or runonce in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\ orHKEY_LOCAL_CURRENT _USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\
das programm hat ich schon mal auf dem pc und nu wieder das ladet sich mit irgendwie runter meisstens durch solche seiten wie torrent.to(ein tipp: lieber livestreams gucken ist legal und ungefährlich ;p . )löscht das ding weil es blockiert auch manchmal spiele usw. ist 100% tödlich für den pc ist ja nicht nur ne spyware nur getarnt als eine!! pandoraner .
Freezes Vista installations. Start in safe-mode and do a search for the executable (may take a while, like mine) and remove it. If you can't find it, google 'sysinternals autoruns' and download the program in the first result. Using it, try to find and remove the executable's entry. Good luck if you can't find it! Declan
Bad File, try to remove at all cost but be careful when editing the registry, I also found this at C:\Program Files\RelevantKnowledge\ Franco
"RelevantKnowledge monitors your Internet surfing, by routing your Internet activities through their service and logging information about the web pages that you visit and the actions that you take, such as the purchases and transactions you make." www.RelevantKnowledge.com, diese Firme übermittelt ihre software im Verbund mit anderer "gratis software" der User wird hier bei dazu aufgefordert persönliche Daten zu übermitteln. Unter Vista kann die damit installierte software zu System abstürzen führen. Weitere Informationen unter dem Link:  See also: Link Sven
it just slows your computer down so much withouth warming . i didnt know how to delete it so whenever my computer slowed down i closed it from the task manager iggy
Locked up my PC. After Deinstallation,manual removing the data and deleting of registry entries conected to this file the problem was solved. Ivan
start run -- type: "regedit" go to search and type "rlvknlg", (on my pc) 8-9 items apeard, delete them all, now it is removed (y) fabrice
Fix it by deliting system32! it will eat ur internets! Desudesudesudesdues
Found in C:\Program Files\RelevantKnowledge, Spyware that monitors internet ussage, potentially very dangerious Kim
Really bad adware. Hooks onto your reg keys, program files and runs an .exe that eats up your memory and gives you a pop up.  See also: Link Jenny
hangs the system kazuksho
2010-JAN VERSION: 1.3.324.349 (Build 324.349) Company: TMRG, Inc. - Installed by Firefox AddIn update. bob
My computer runs about 5 times faster with it gone. Thank you Mc Afee :) Destroy it at all costs Lorcan
I noticed it when I started Windows. Not only that, but I got a ton of cannot start dll errors after my startup sound (theme from Klonoa if anyone cares) finished so I knew something was off. Shane of the Sound
more files, encrypted in the register, dont be found on viruscanners, use sohisticated programs to kill it maikel
rlvknlg.exe is a Relevant knowledge software its harmfull but not worth installing my advice remove it from your pc Digital404
eats up memory and scans all traffic daniel
Three months after you delete rvlknlg.exe, you can only use your laptop in safe mode or it will freeze at startup. CRAP! Beware: Norton 360 does not catch this virus. A.J.
Took me a while to get rid of it, i ended the process but soon realized that it would immediately start up again. I had to end the process about 20 times before i was able to delete the files Robert
Absolut gefährlich!!!  See also: Link Heinke
Doesn't let me delete the files in the folder RelevantKnowledge
Slows down my computer! TP
RelevantKnowledge software, provided by TMRG, Inc., a comScore, Inc. company John
It slowed down my computer. Person
malwarebytes is effective at blocking & quarantining it every time it attempts to execute but it keeps trying untill it is removed crispy
I uninstalled Relevant Knowledge via Add/Remove programs, and have not had an issue since Rhubarb
it does eat computers memory and steals information. Samu
stole my memory resource and slow down my PC speed satriyo
removal Rlvknlg.exe  See also: Link Daniel
this can be simply uninstaled from add or remove progrms Andreywtzw
slows down your computer like crazy.. found it in "C:\Program Files\RelevantKnowledge" deleted the files, my comp runs so fast now.. :D C.T.
It is used by ad companies to check what you do so it can give you related ads. also used for popup windows on the internet wunderwaff
slows a computer. i remove this by using malwarebytes  See also: Link ivan
Its a pain in the ass I dont even know what the real purpose of it was mike
This gobbles processor power. You cannot delete rlvknlg.exe while it is running and when I ended the process it would restart immediately before I could delete it. Found it in /Program Files/Relevant Knowledge so they don't try to hide it; it even put its icon in the task bar! However, I could rename it, then end the process, then delete it and everything else in the same folder except for a .dll file which is impossible to delete but I did rename it. Also searched for it in REGEDIT and deleted it there. All OK now. Richard Shorter
I got rid of it with fileassassin.  See also: Link Nick
It slows down my computer, eats my ram,and I can't end the process nor can I find the program in C:\windows or C:\Windows\system32 Negative.
It eats up a lot of CPU. My pc can take half a minute to read one keyboard stroke. Must remove it.
remove the virus manually. if using win7, then open up task manager and check the process. see f there is rls*** rlv** and an unsecapp process. right click on the rlv process and select open file location. move the folder to desktop, near the recycle bin for fast drag delete. now uninstall any torrent/illegal acquired program or a download from an unsafe website. then open resource monitor and suspend the three processes. and disable it. go to control panel and uninstall programs remove its directory.then delete it. it worked for me. s.a.m.
Can't delete .dll files. My fps in League of Legends is so low because of this. Computer is runing so slow Alex
Removed it by uninstalling Relevant Knowledge program V.F.
I found this on my computer when I opened Skype and it said "rlvknlg.exe" wanted to access my Skype. I clicked no and then went searching for the file and found out I had this Relevant Knowledge stuff on my computer. I removed it using add/remove programs and it worked. It didn't seem to do anything bad, not to my computer at least. Stormy
I uninstall it from Program & features of my win 7, rename the file, end the process, and viola! my pc is fast again Arief
hey, i somehow got this program 2 days ago and i know what speed my comp usually runs at so i opened up taskmanager processes and was constantly ending the process to no avail. After reading this i went to add/remove programs and the uninstall seemed to work fine *fingers crossed* and now i can tell a huge jump in speed, thanks for all the help! C.G.
Consumes 78% of quad Q6600 on Win7 64. Respawns after terminated. Seemed to install at same time as VideoInspector from KC Softwares.  See also: Link Aeneas
I notice that some programs which should be easy to remove using uninstaller cannot be uninstalled because of other spyware on the computer that works behind the scenes. Free antispyware programs can be used to remove the spyware and the uninstall the genuine programs. One such example is relevant knowledge software that is a genuine program and is installed with user's permission but then sometimes become difficult to remove because of other spyware. Michal123
Relevantknowledge is not a virus. It is a genuine software. If you find it annoying, you can uninstall it from control panel. You can read more about this software on their website relevantknowledge.com  See also: Link Michal123
I have seen people complaining about it but honestly speaking it's not a virus. The software is used to measure online activity. I also thought it to be a virus initially but then found their website relevantknowledge.com. I did not have any problem in uninstalling it. jonejan98
Its deleting windows files and try to copy other peopple usually it try send him self on skype or on messenger or on some chat place and every time when you start windows it destroy files jani
It's spyware used by other companies to find out what you are looking at on the internet and the relevant knowledge people sell the information on what you're searching; in my view things that spy on what you look at without your permission should be illegal! Conor
I think spyware is not the right term becasuse software is installed with user's knowledge and permission and can be removed easily using uninstall program from the control panel. It's not malicious. It is just a program that gathers some information about user's browsing habits. It is a genuine piece of software. jonejan98
I got it on development VM with 0 new programs installation and 0 browsing, so it must use sort of worm/zero-day vulnerability spreading mechanism. Very bad. Howewer easy to destroy - rename "Program files/relevant knowledge" folder to "111". Reboot. Delete the folder. osty
eats lots of CPU power. Jacob
Disassemble its control by Unlocker+Malwarebytes midmaestro
goes in and sneaks on all your files and spreads adware everywhere. AVG reports it as a virus and it is located in more places than program files. can have detrimental effects on system. Dave
This is a rogue internet security virus. It runs on start up and can affect other files on your computer ex; firefox, this virus tracks information from internet browsers and is capable of sending passwords, credit card numbers, email addresses, and sites you visited to whoever wrote the virus or third parties. You should remove this immediately.  See also: Link Expert
Warning, This is a TROJAN. I had this on my computer but then removed it. I had a "trojan remover" program that could confirm that this was a trojan. Pick
it is definately a virus, it slows down PC performance Gne V.
Caused a clients workstation to freeze every 2-3 minutes. Frank Chezenko
One of souces is ChrisTV Lite, choose "Decline" during install, and no problem:)
Eats CPU usage, monitors your internet activity, slows watching online videos jeremy
I noticed my CPU usage was almost always nearly at 100% so I checked my running processes and I found it. I tried deleting it, but it came back. So I renamed it, stopped the process using task manager, and then deleted it. Deleting it reduced my average CPU usage all the way down to 30% and made my computer a LOT faster. I recommend deleting it as soon as possible. Oscar T.G.
This is an extrmemly dangerous program. G-effect
The program wanted to have access for my Skype program. I denied it.
Without my knowledge installed on my Computer. Alfred
Jacked my cpu up to 99% and had to reboot to uninstall it. s.a.m's solution up there worked for me for windows 7, but this is definitely dangerous as I have no idea where it came from. Only that it was harming my pc. Erik
easy to get off though, not been running since taken off. do NOT need to be an admin to get if off! l
hogs a lot of memory had to remove "rlls.dll" from system32, "RelevantKnowledge" from Program Files, and the Registry Key from HKLM\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\WINDOWS NT\CURRENT\VERSION\WINLOGON\NOTIFY\RelevantKnowledge  See also: Link Moe
Spies on everything you do Drew

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