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Process name: nTitles PSIService

Product: ProtexisLicensing or Corel Painter X or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo or Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo XI or CorelDRAW Graphics Suite or WordPerfect Office

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Company: Protexis (protexis.com) or Corel (corel.com)

File: PSIService.exe

PSIService.exe is part of copy-protection software from Protexis. This program is installed by various software programs, and prevents you from making unauthorized copies of these programs. If you stop or remove this program software that requires this program will no longer work.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/psiservice.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of PSIService.exe: based on 58 votes. Read also the 58 reviews.

  • 3659 users ask for this file. 24 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about PSIService.exe:
Comes with iTunes Kick Astronaut
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3
Paint Shop Pro file Larry
says its coral x paint shop but coral should be the maker not this protexis name
its a tracker program
Installed by WordPerfect Office X3 seen to be needed, I disable the file and got error: 38 when I tried to run WPO! John
PSIService is running since I've installed Corel PSP XI Joao
may be related to licensing regarding certain installed programs  See also: Link John
Flexnet Licensing Service
ProtexisLicensing Service. Nonessential - questionable but not malware. Installed to enforce copy protection with Apple iTunes and many Corel applications (WordPerfect, CorelDraw Graphics Suite, PaintShop Pro, WinDVD9)  See also: Link Chris Withers
came with corel (either/both paintshoppro/coreldraw) terence
Slowed my pc down to the point that I cannot use it Randy
2 computers. 1 with corel paint shop pro, and one i checked before installing paint shop pro and there it is. dcmodder
If PSIService.exe is located in a subfolder of C:\Windows then the security rating is 50% dangerous. File size is 174,656 bytes (77% of all occurrence), 177,704 bytes. The program is not visible. File PSIService.exe is digitally signed. The file is not a Windows core file. It can change the behavior of other programs or manipulate other programs. PSIService.exe is able to record inputs.  See also: Link hans
it's a part of Paint Shop Pro software Orion
Installs with Corel Software as antipiracy method. You can kill with task manager. If you disable it however your Corel software wont launch and will give you an "Error:38" It's hamless but why doest it have to be on all the time? A: Corel Sucks! CRZ
I have uninstalled Corel paint shop Pro, but this file (and it's process) still in my system. Jack
Software security  See also: Link Rizal
Needed for license verification in Corel Paint Shop Pro Thomas
Installed by WordPerfect Office X4 - apparently needed
interferes with attempts to use security software
Like Thomas said it's for License Verification...you idiot.You could have easily googled it and found out.Theirs also a proper way of removing it without affecting your PURCHASED Corel products. Anyway I'm not going to post my link on how to remove b/c your a noob. Wilbert
It is ProtexisLicensing- part of the Protexis copy protection and license management software- it is a license verifying service installed with certain software, and also protects the software from being illegally copied. Although typically installed with Corel software, I had it appear after having to verify proof of student status eligibilty in order to obtain a (huge, btw) discount on my purchase of Adobe CS4 Design Suite Premium. Christie Bella
Used for licensing other software (like Corel), but will not be uninstalled when software will be uninstalled. For more information follow link, or go to Protexis-page (http://www.protexis.com/support/support_PSIService.htm#link16)  See also: Link Roland
its from Coral x4 Ken
CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 Quang
Possible related to Safari browser from Apple. Munklefish
corel paintshop pro photo xii
Comes from Corel Paint Shop Pro 11.2 or higher. Without this file runing in Background the PSP will not work. Until now it did not try to connect with internet. Anyway I hate it. Corel Sucks !! Martin
Used by all Corel Products, got it with WinDVD MarkD
This sureli comes on installing Corel. not harmful, and for lisencing issues!! Abhijith S Dev
Licence software for various installed programs and applications. It is not always removed when the program is removed. Tracks and logs personal information and activity. runs quietly in the background sending collected information to outside source. No security sig. If disabled or removed you can not run the program it installed with (ie. Paint shop pro, correl draw... etc) Rather than running on the program start, it runs on system startup and continues running in the background. soulution: don't buy software from a company that can't write their own copy protection software. baratacus
I got it with PShpPro XII and WinDVD. It's very irritating. Took me 4 mths to decide that it was the source to a lot of BSODs. Had to uninstall the Corel programs as the Error could not be repaired. Impossible (for me) to uninstall PSI, so I had to kill the Services. The BSODs stopped. And I'll never buy anything from Corel again. I should like to know which programs use PSI. Does it come with Photoshop too? RMO
Comes with Corel Painter 12, required to have the software run, This is why Corel sucks I hate having crap like this run in the background. GW
Even if uninstall all Corel and related products, it stays and run in the background. Very persistent! Neildulog
Got it from Corel Painter Sketch Pad that came free with my tablet. Floreum
Seems it is part of Corel PaintShop Photo Pro X3. I put it as neutral instead of no threat because that is all I know about it. I do not know if it calls home with usage tracking or not, so it will not get a safe from me until I know fully qhat it does. David D
Appeared after installing CorelDRAW X5 Trial.
It is the licencing component of some software. Dean
I got it with Corel WinDVD and [email protected]
Only appeared after installing Corel (ULEAD) vIDEOsTUDIO 12. Matt Ureman
That is for Corel programs. Unohope
mine came with corel windvd SG
This file is on when my Windows safety mode is active, it is goes off when Windows is turned to its normal state. It is a spy. I have not on my computer COREL software or related to it. I did not ask for it. When my Windows is in normal mode, I can not see this protexis file, it appears only, when my Windows is in safe mode in the Program Files Petre
Corel PaintShop Pro X5  See also: Link Alex
after an enormous researching i concluded that it's not harmfull... it just use a portion of PC memory... it's belongs to Corel Co. as antipiracy software.. that's it... if we disable it, Corel doesn't load and shows (error 38) and we can't even resintall or unisntall Corel... leave it or crack it... that's all folks !! ;-) Fernando
everytime I kill it I get a popup from windows saying it encountered a critical error and it will shut down : Shitan
Just uninstalled Corel PSP and the files were disabled and removed. Also disabled the files first and found the only difference was when you closed psp it poped up a window with advertising in it. Re enabled it and the advertising went away. dragonmstr
Installed with Corel software as part of their anti-piracy scheme. I don't object, but with they would have put it in a directory with the Corel name so it was clear. I'll look to make certain it isn't left behind if I should have the need (or desire) to uninstall WordPerfect X6 suite. System Mechanic located it on a normal scan and asked if I wanted to turn it off. Ron
Slows down computer at star up Pete
Came with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, but is not needed for running the registered application. Left a suspect file C:\ProgramData\Protexis\KGyGaAvL.sys, which seems clean according to Avira and Spybot S&D. Ralf
Yeah not that heavy program.Its a corel draw file Waleed
Paintshop Pro related Ray
Slows system down - I do not have any corel programs on my system.....it must have been installed through Apple I-Tunes.  See also: Link NJTeddy
Related to license verification for Corel Products. Valid Signature, valid certificate. You can find the executable file in "c:\program files\common files\protexis\license service". Work with a service called: "Corel License Validation Service V2, Powered by arvato" (name in task manager list of services: PSI_SVC_2) Rick
Correl Word Perfect, part of. I use X4 Paul
It also forces ads to pop up when the application that installed it, is not. This makes it ad-ware at best. Screen shot : https://gyazo.com/9144b93ad4bb197a18e740309782ade2 Mark LDS
Not dangerous, Corel winDVD KOS762

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