What is update.exe? Is update.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix update.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your update process
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3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Windows Service Pack Setup or Windows Essencials Media Codecs Update Service or VIRUS or product updater or REEO or Smart Update

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System or Outerinfo or MediaTickets by OIN or OIN or VIRUS or Windows Essentials Media

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com) or Teknum Systems AS (handybits.com) or MediaCodec.Org (mediacodec.org) or Avira GmbH (avira.com) or WinZip 8.1 (winzip.com) or Dragon Productions

File: update.exe

A process named update.exe appears to be part of several different programs. So many malware named itself update.exe. Please check your file.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/update.exe.html 

If you want a detailed security rating about your update.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager.

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 1292 users ask for this file. 22 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 30 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about update.exe:
its a part of windows automatic update its not dangerous but is sometimes annoying ( it takes alot of processor and memory capacity eg. when playing games,...) to turn off windows auto-update go to configuration panel and click on automatic updates there you can put it off. you can always update your windows manually by visiting the windows update site (see link)  See also: Link ut2004demofreak
FileHunter for Win 95 & 98- ver 1.03 powerful search file utility. Highly customizable. View machine language files (.EXE or .DLL) Evaluation is 100% functional FileHunter for Win 95 & 98- ver 1.03 powerful search file utility. Highly customizable. View machine language files (.EXE or .DLL) Evaluation is 100% functional
It's bloody annoying, but it does seem to be associated witht eh Service Pack updates that Microsoft release Takuhii
I rated it neutral, because its annoying. Set the time of your automatic updates to a time when your NOT awake. Right now it was just eating the crap out of my memory while i was playing No One Lives Forever. Its not malicious, but yes a virus can be named anything. if your afraid it maybe a virus, run AVG Free scan on it. To find it, just run the search program.  See also: Link Travis Crincoli
Opens internet explorer for no reason. Hogs memory, don't even know what else it's doing. It's completely killed the performance of my PC over the last few days, and when I hibernate (which is usually what I do), it turns itself back on. ck
Update.exe = trojan it connects to internet and can compromise your systems if it is able to  See also: Link stephen nielsen
I don't care how necessary it is - any process that uses that much of the CPU is a problem.
It fills up my harddrive and lags my computer =annoying Erkki
it's a trojan - kill it with System Restore! Martin
Itīs alright I suppose. even if it does eat your system resources and that it does help you in the long run `Halodude
Deals with HP printer update process. Can error for some people. Kalbintion
i have turned off the windows update and its still running in my user's profile! not in the system32 forlder! HD
File from Avira Antivir,present in the antivir dir Alex
In my case, update.exe is associated with Avira Antivir antivirus. It only pops up when scheduled. BobM
Avira Antivir Product Updater Rowdy
Its windows automatic updates. Just let it run, since thoose updates are important. If you wanna get rid of it, go to the control panel and turn automatic updates off. JJ
its not dangerous but it uses alot you processor power and memory. Its running now and my pc is very slow. Bilal Baloch
windows update linuxthefish
It's part of sunisoft's IncUpdate software and might be distributed along with other software installation Stege
when my pc is switched on and connected to the net, the windows update.exe process increases and it slows down the performance of pc. sakthi
Antivir defination update tools  See also: Link Topi
Many program use this executable for updates, including some malicious programs. but if you have Avira AntiVir installed, it a good bet that's what it is. monkeypill
part of my avira scedualed updater karnage
Avira AntiVir updater. It's updating your database of viruses. It's NOT windows update. Stu
update.exe is used for so many different apps but when running from internet temp folder, very suspect dolomite-dave
When it is running, my PC is very slow. With the program "What's my computer Doing ?" I can see that update.exe is running from Avira/Antivir desktop. The File date and install date are 1-1-1970 !! That are different dates then the the dates when I see update.exe in Explorer. So I think I must take a new antivirus program. Jary
Update.exe is made to look like a windows uodate component but it's not O.e
my disk space automatically get filled up over the night Joseph
I think it's part of Avira Antivir. It's not dangerous. ManianaHoy
this file is part of windows update, however many worms replace it with themselves. ""
Startup from shell via a virus / keylogger. If it's not from an odd directory, it is safe though. Tonttunator
This file implants my computer with "Vista AntiSpyware 2011" which tries to trick people into buying their "antispayware" by telling them their computer is under attack and infected, when really it's the malicious program Sir Kavos
I have read that it is used by many programs including malware. If it is using lots of CPU one site says it is likely to be malware. Best to check it out floaty
On search for update.exe on my pc, I found that there are a number of programs that use the same name update.exe for update of their particular program. Example Windows, Spybot, avira. So this means that Update.exe can usually be a legitimate file of these good programmes. However if a Rogue programme creates a virus with the name update.exe, then it can also end up being a Rogue program. Location of the file can help to know to some extent, so search in your computer the location of this file. Personal Experience
Danger!!!!! .
On my system it was definitely part of Avira. After I allowed internet access, the Avira update started. Silentthor
Update.exe can be many different things, some things not to worry about and other times malware. You just have to figure it out.
update documents
This file lags your computer after a long while, it will say that it';s not using much, yet it is. I left my computer on for about 1 day and I couldn't even watch a video with 16 gb of RAM..Use housecall to get rid of it. Michael C
Pops up when a removable drive is inserted resulting to inconveniences. Solomon
Normally not a bad file, most programs use it to update but it can be very annoying. Find the root folder and if its part of a program on your computer, you're fine. There are also many CMD commands to stop the program if it is windows update and it wants you to restart your computer.
In my case, when it went away, I had an update for Adobe Reader ready to install. DagDayAfternoon
I have had many apparitions of "update.exe" all together. It slowed down my computer (win 7) and I was unable to stop them. Finally, I realized I had installed an add-on for Avira which could be guilty. It was true, because after having totally uninstalled and then reinstalled Avira, the process disappeared completely from my PC. Mirakindar
This program is also used by Norton Utilities. I found it in the C:\Program Files\Norton Utilities 14 folder. Ken W.
Symantec Smart Update. Update.exe is the updater for Norton Utilities File version Brian
Windows update, not harmful but annoying Alpha
it is very dangerous worm ,hackers use that to control your machine remove it as soon as you can not just with button delete mikyyyy
virus in my pc because updates. Virus
It can also be apart of GFI Languard, not harmful in this case.
It keeps crashing LCMc
Located in /Common Files/sysobject Has the firefox thumbnail and opens firefox processes. I haven't got firefox installed either... Marco Martins
its using up 50% of my cpu 24/7
Well, I'm not sure about this program. Norton keeps saying it is safe. I installed it and then came to this page. I see that many are unsure as I am. I decided to "uninstall" it. What I found out is that it is a "hidden file." I cannot find it. I'm having issues right now with CPU usage and hard drive usage. This is the last thing I need on my pc... Cathy
Cpu taken up. May be a trojan. ynot01
I have it, it has 3 programs it runs on startup, it asks to let setup.exe make changes to the hard drive, it runs another updater service and setup with a bunch of numbers, Updater service Casey
Virus! Called 'not-a-virus' from my anti-virus scan. Remove at all costs! Max
It's dangerous! You can use a anti-virus program to get rid of it. I would recommend "mcafee internet security".or adwcleaner. In my opinion. I scan my laptop with mcafee and they got rid of "windowsupdate.exe". Right
Seems not to be dangerous, but my pc is get slower work... Cureit form dr. Web wont get that like a virus Oleshka
The updater.exe is installed in one of /usr/* directory under the name "18172" containing status.cfg (1), updater.exe (614,912), and updater.xml (1,025). The content of updater.xml points to soledownload.com which is listed as malware site by handful of sources. The infected computer had Microsoft mal/spy/ware, firewall, and anti-virus updated & running (Oct 2, 2014). It was caught by old ZoneAlarm 9 firewall the said computer was running. French Bender
While update.exe can be part of a windows update process, there are a few trojains and adware that mask themselves as update.exe if there are multiple update.exe(s) running and they are taking up most of your CPU usage its probably said virus/adware/trojain.  See also: Link Erasmuss
Scam Leslie
It's not dangerous it's windows update though it seems to still run after turning it off very annoying
Neutral because it could be part of avira, win update or spybot IF it's not a malware. i recommand to set your avira update to 2h00 to 1 day, check for virus with your fav antivir and update windows manually. it should solve the cpu problem we re all here for. worked for me
It's my Avira Antivirus Updater. It's annoying as heck because it defaults to update every 2 hours. To change: Open anti-virus, go to "Configuration", select "PC Protection", Select update and change the length of time between updates. I haven't figured out how to turn auto-update off.
Is not about windows update is about antivirus data base update,if she desapear in a minit.but if not disapear after few minit's,ned to scan your computer for malware! Adrian
Linked to "Do Not Track Me" program by Abine, now I believe it is called Blur. Found by Process Explorer by Sysinternals.  See also: Link dave
in my case is avira antivirus updater. vortex1988
don't let this file update on your pc it gives you viruses zekiah
It takes a lot of CPU. Fills it to 100%. Akash
Omg, I turned off all automatic updates and it still persists, a big problem for low-end machines like mine. Benali
It feast on my RAM when i boot from standby, but it's not dangerous Sebastian
Dangerous in sense that you cant turn it off, it takes most of memory, all of a sudden pc starts lagging. Asfandyar Suleman

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