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Process name: Client Foundation

Product: BroadJump Client Foundation or Able2Extract Professional or 2004 WPC Enhancements

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: BroadJump (motive.com)

File: CFD.exe

This program, called the BroadJump Client Foundation, is a support/troubleshooting module that is used by various Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to enable technicians to install updates and fix problems with your Internet connection. There are some reports that this program may collect personal information or serve ads, though they are not verified. You may need this program in order for your Internet connection to function properly.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cfd.exe.html 

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  • 1058 users ask for this file. 19 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 12 users rated it as neutral. 13 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about CFD.exe:
I suppose it came when I loaded broadband software from AOL Rob
This file is related with Bellsouth and Broadjump Software for DSL Connection Michael Manuel
Installed as part of my SBCYahoo DSL connection software
I got it when i installed sbc yahoo dsl I think cesar
Don't Friggen know, I never had SBCyahoo DSL...ever...I have Roadrunner Cable connection, yet this .exe still pops up...wierd?....I have no clue about this process... Raven
yep michaels right Justen
This program was running in background and taking 99% of memory. Every time I stopped it, the program relaunched. I had not idea what it was doing, deleted it from the system Joe
Just had to re-install my operating system after some spyware attacked me...this appeared just b4 the system failure when I installed ntl broadband. Higgy
SBC Yahoo installs it with their DSL package. Some folks think it is Spyware and my WinTasks program says it is, but SBC insists it is necessary for connection calibration. I have mine blocked by my Zone Alarm firewall so it can't access the internet. John
dsl spyware
came with my sbcyahoo dsl package, i usually quit the program and i denied it access from my zonealarm. it doesnt really seem to do anything...but, you never know
It loaded onto my XP system when I installed Bellsouth DSL from the CD. As soon as I start up my McAfee says "Program trying to access the internet"...yup! it's cfd.exe . I don't want xs programs running that benefit others' agendas for ads, etc. I'm deleting it! Bill
It's used by multiple ISPs, used as a DSL Spyware as the last post, another way to gain information on their users, delete it or block it in your application level firewall. Stevo
I don't know which program put cfd.exe on my computer, but I blocked it on McAffee just in case. Everything works just fine without it. Rhonda
It monitors your broadband connection for errors. Auto fixes isp errors.  See also: Link macca=gb
My XP was freezing on me every day, sometimes even every minute. I try EZ antivirus and right away it detected CFD.exe as a virus and removed it, and since then my PC works like a champ. I no more connect through SBC DSL connection package, I connect manually it is fast and unbelievably faster. Cam
I installed SBC Yahoo! DSL on my XP computer and was subsequently unable to log in for more than a brief moment to my computer. During that brief moment, I managed to open up a text file that was on my desktop, which somehow halted the process that kicked me off into a blank desktop with only the background picture. I then ran System Restore from the Start menu (Accessories/System Tools) to restore to a point in time before I installed SBC Yahoo! DSL. This process evidently did not clean up CFP.exe, which McAfee spotted immediately and, upon reading the posts on this page, I blocked it. Christopher
Credits.Txt in Broadjump/ClientFoundation folder states, this product is distributed with Macromedia's Flash Player Software. I have no idea what it does.
This is a spyware/connection monitoring software that was bundled in when your broadband software was installed, it can be safely removed by going to add/remove programs "BroadJump\Client Foundation" your broadband connection will not be effected by removing this software. I have added a link to the EULA to reaffirm this. Steve
came with DSL; I denied access, seems ok Angela
It does come with SWBell DSL. CFD.exe is not a spyware and is not used for advertising purposes, it is used to check your system settings and also network settings associated with your computer. However, McAfee is now detecting it as adware... Maybe because it is logging connectivity? Or, it could be that this filename can be used by dangerous spyware and adware programs to mislead us. Anyways, you should be able to remove it through control panel or use the link below to download a program to help you remove it. Just make sure you really want to remove it - you might later need it.  See also: Link Diana
I didn't know I had cdf.exe until I installed Eztrust. I always chose the option to deny access. I installed Eztrust because I had Pop-ups that were cascading upon each other. I am very finicky about applications or .exe's if I don't understand their purpose. I find all of your suggestions extremely helpful. Sharper
I found the source of the file it was installed from the RoadRunner installation CD, and ended up in the RoadRunner subdirectory under Program Files. The Broadjump software was removed through the Control Panel Add/Remove Programs. My resources moved from 37-65% to 97-99% after the CFP.exe was removed. Halsey
I know nothing about this except for what the kind folks above mentioned. Everything was freezing on me, saw in my CPU that it was this slowing things up, found you guys, and agree 100% that this was the problem. Just wanted to say thanks! Karen
Came in when I went onto NTL Broadband. Has soemthing to do with its on-line support Graeme
I was playing freecell and my cursor locked. Looked at processes and CFD.exe was using up all my mips. I had read about it before, so I deleted it. Voila! System took off like lightening again. Pat Hunter
CDF.exe was installed with my bellsouth dsl, I blocked it with zone alarm and everything seems to run fine. I think im going to delete it from the startup list. Jason
Description: BroadJump Client Foundation. Broadband troubleshooting software installed by various companies. Not required and you can remove it via Add/Remove programs - pcreview.co.uk  See also: Link KP
spyware, i use zonealarm and block it for logging on the internet. i if i didnt block it, then many pop-ups would kill be. EVERY! BLOCK IT
Installs with SBC DSL software. Connects to internet on its own. Disable in Zone Alarm/Firewall to stop it from reporting. Uses up a bit of RAM. Katrina
i use to use ntl's tv.phone and broadband using a setup topbox, when i did this i never had this file running. When i ended my phone and tv then gave back my topbox an engineer came and installed a broadband modem gave me a setup cd n fled. Once i set up my new broadband via the modem-this file turned up. On my start up cd there was broadband, a broadband medic n netguard anti virus program. I think this file is related to the broadband medic program. It is certainly a broadband file. Sandie
Freezing up, cpu usage 100%, kicked off, BUT IN ADDITION TO whenever I allow zone alarm to let cfd.exe run instead of denying it... My computer would have sporatic clicking like there was a phantom using my computer with me?.
Bundled with ATT SBCYahoo! DSL, Panda Antivirus and a number of others block internet connections made with Broadjump Client Foundation (cfd.exe). Apparently, Antivirus, Malware, Spyware, etc., considers this to be an unnecessary risk to your computer and software environment. As it seems to be an unmonitered communication to and from the internet and hidden while running, it may be an unnecesssary threat in so far as the user doesn't run the application, ie-automated. It doesn't seem that tech support from your ISP needs to have it installed on your computer to determine connection problem Jason
I spent weeks trying to figure this out !! I even asked the tech's at RR they told me they never heard of it .!!! UNBElievable! I did block it on EZ Firewall and it and all other resources improved the same as Halsey's . D ROW
It is part of Broadjump client managment. It is the trouble shooting software installed with some DSL packages  See also: Link Kevin
From McAfee 10/01/06 BroadJump DSL Client Foundation The BroadJump DSL Client Foundation program is provided by your Internet service provider (ISP). This program automates many different tasks, such as automated updates, as well as anti-virus and line-condition testing. This program is also used before a high-speed install is ordered, in order to pre-qualify a person based upon distance and line condition. While its exact functions differ from ISP to ISP, these functions are often viewed as beneficial. If you block the BroadJump client from communicating, these functions will not work properl  See also: Link C Lo
CFD also uses other programs and links through the Dynamic links Library to access the internet. I have had 46 instances of this. Similarly to your comments I don't know what it was doing either but, once removed everything has speeded back up again. I too believe that it appears to have come from the NTL broadband installation CD Mufty
Remove It or Block Access w/ZoneAlarm, etc. Max Moss
spybot n nod32 ok'd it, running ok james c
I used add/remove programs to delete the CFD.exe file... then did a search to see it was removed and i found CFD.EXE-01772012.pf any thoughts on why this wasn't there before? Dudeman
scanned with multiple virus scanners  See also: Link zebbedee
All I know is that for months after getting DSL installed, the computer would freeze up on me. I'm going to deny access to see if that clears up the freezing problem. Thanks Eric
From my ntl driver cd J
Remove it in Add/Remove Prog. It is not a vital program, it will not damage your computer if it is removed. Harmful if left installed, unless you like people taking information about your viewing habits and what files you have on your computer. After you uninstall, go to Search, type cfd.exe, and delete the file it left behind. Also, people you DO NOT need that crappy SBC software to connect to the internet!! J-rav
Bundled with ATT SBCYahoo! DSL, Look at your FOLDER - C:\Program Files\BroadJump\Client Foundation for "license.txt" It also has an uninstall statement, "To uninstall CFD.exe, or any other applications installed by this Software on your computer, please follow standard un-installation procedures for your operating system.."
As soon as I disabled cfd.exe in msconfig utility, bootup was MUCH faster and all log ons are faster too. I have also noticed that since this program has been running, I very frequently get spam from a sender utilizing a name that I have recently typed into the computer while on line. Hmmmmmm. I'll let you know if this peculiar habit ceases now. Oh, since I disabled this gem, I get popups telling me that msconfig wants to run EVERY TIME the computer boots up! At least I get to say "NO". But one wonders if this is so the charming makers of cfd.exe can set their program to start auto again. Rick Major
It also comes as part of the Virgin installtion package. I don't think it causes any problems in my case but I have now blocked it anyway just to be safe. Alan
This file could be part of Comodo Firewall Steve
The main application of the Comodo Firewall Pro  See also: Link Loricatus
cfp = comodo firewall pro - securitysoftware  See also: Link malu
CFP is Comodo Firewall Pro JW Finch
This is the Comodo Firewall Pro. Check through msconfig from run on start menu. jhp
I know after it was gone I was able to record music again. RC
It's an essential part of COMODO Anti Virus & Firewall User 42
Slows down my computer with this task running its a virus apparnetly none of my mates have it with COMODO James
Its basically a form of spyware that DSL and other internet companies use to monitor what you visit... basically them getting more out of you than you know. Zairs
I was supporting a customer whose machine suddenly started freezing and running very slowly. Uninstalling Broadcom Suite (and related Broadcom programs) resolved the issue, and did not affect their Comcast connection.
The trouble with this software is that when you have the original, unmalwared version of cfd.exe it does function as described by some greenlighters here, as an autofix and connection manager for many ISP's broadband connections. However, malware of many breeds will call themselves cfd.exe, delete the original and start communicating masquerading as the ISP's program... many can even "take over" the original and all it's data and connectivity, which becomes a powerful tool for botmanagers when it's running on a high spec machine with a fast fibreoptic broadband connection. Jim Aitken

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