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Process name: PowerCinema Resident Program for Dell or CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program or PCMService MFC Application

Product: PCM2Launcher Application or Cyberlink PowerCinema or CyberLink PowerCinema or Acer Empowering Technology or PCMService Application or MediaDirect

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Company: CyberLink (gocyberlink.com)

File: PCMService.exe

This is a component of the PowerCinema program from CyberLink, which is a media center program often used for displaying videos. This software often comes preinstalled on big-name computers, such as those from Dell, and the process will typically start automatically at boot time. In some cases it can cause interference with other programs, and it can be disabled from within the program.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/pcmservice.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of PCMService.exe: based on 45 votes. Read also the 36 reviews.

  • 1802 users ask for this file. 18 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about PCMService.exe:
It's the resident program for the Power Cinema feature. This usually comes already installed on certain media-based PC's, like Packard Bell's. It simply discovers the USB infra-red reciever and then relays the signals into the program. Risker
Power cinema related, but it constantly checking files
On my Dell Computor at purchase--I removed it--on my firewall program--it keeps returning and I block Maisie Sinclair
On my Dell dimension : disables the "display window content while moving" feature at boot time = removed it !
Installed by default on some computers for PowerCinema. Mine checks the hdd for a file that doesnt exist twice every second so I have consistent hdd activity. L
Comes installed on Dell laptops Strider
Cyber Link "Home Cinema" sicher Night Hawk
it take up a lot of CPU resources consistently on my system now; however that was not always the case Phantom
came on my dell and it chews up about half my memory and is constantly having page faults. Blocked it with my firewall. Rant
PowerCinema process. Can be killed without harm
On a new Inspiron I just bought, it lauches a new thread every 10 seconds. I had almost 2000 threads on this process at once. Vasyly
Not malware, but chewed up huge resources (way too many handles and threads) on my system until it began causing other programs to crash. Came installed on my Dell laptop, part of MediaDirect and related to Cyberlink Power Cinema. Uninstalled MediaDirect, and my laptop's happy again. vty
Dell MediaDirect, you can remove it if you want, and if you choose to manually install your own laptop and not use the preinstalled OS then you can simply not install it. danielp
It's not a virus, but it is a memory hog. I'm running an Apache web server, MySQL database, Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Dreamweaver (all known resource intensive programs) and PCMService is always the most resource hungry application according to Task Manager. Lefty
I noticed nothing was running on my PC yet CPU usage was way up. So I googled PCMservice.exe and found your very useful comments. I will attempt to remove it. Anne
Mine leaks memory, like 100s of MBs. CyberDirect Tech Support said it's not necessary unless you use remote control features of PowerCinema (Dell MediaDirect). Cory Snavely
when this file is run from startup, no screensaver will run and the computer will not shut down automaticaly to hibernate or standby. Nancy Jackson
Eating a lot of memory (256+ Mb) so i disabled it. Erik
six months after using my Dell Inspirason Laptop I experienced lagging/delayed keystrokes. Uncheking PCMservice solved the problem. I rate this application as dangerous.
After BIOS update to Inspiron Laptop, caused erratic keyboard response Earl
on my Dell Innspiron 1520 it appears to cause unacceptable delays in echoing keystrokes. I have had to disable it using msconfig Badger
This file causes delayed typing response. Disabling it via MSCONFIG confirmed that it was the culprit. Luis Perez - Billing Info Tech
this process has problems with huwai 220 usb modem (dell xps 1330), took me hours to find out.... daniel
Cyberlink PowerCinema BushRaider UK
PCMService.exe caused frequent keyboard pauses. It is a pile of crap, so I removed it from startup via msconfig. Contact Dell and Cyberlink and complain please. Vance
Very bad, i too had slow typing response with this file. I disabled it and now my typing response is just too good. Raman Shakya
every time i start my laptop Acer it appears a mesage from this file saying that isn't posible to initiate the aplication because it's missing the DDRAW.dll, and i don't know what to do Soraia
Go to [Start] [Run] Open: msconfig [Startup] and uncheck PCMService. You need to be in Administrative mode to make this change. You may get an error even if you have Administrative rights. Ignore the error and select [restart]. After the restart you may encounter a nag screen about the change you made. Ignore the screen for a moment and test your input devices. If everything seems OK go back to the nag screen and check the 'don't notify me again' box. Finish up and do another restart. Everything should be like a normal laptop now.  See also: Link watsizname
used in dell media direct also
CyberLink PowerCinema (PCMService.exe) came with my Dell Inspiron 1420. Not really sure what it does. After a few years it started causing very noticeable and annoying keyboard delays. I disabled it and they went away. It feels good to be able to type fast again. Typer
Glad i found this page. removed Media Direct and my typing has improved. petro
Something appears to cause text to jump up and insert into paragraphs. Its an entirely infuriating problem on my Del Vostro. I useda program called Autoruns which can be downloaded from Microsoft which allows you to uncheck PCMService.- that helped the delayed typing problem but not the text-jumping. I'm entirely frustrated with Del ever having installede some wacky program that causes this. I'll never, ever, buy a Del again. Hickson
It uses resources such that other programs don't respond.
I uninstalled MEdia Direct after my DELL XPS M1210 laptop became really slow, including typing delays in Outlook. PCMservice was eating most of the CPU resource: the issues went away right after uninstall. JACPAF
It definitely slows typing response. Disable it as it affect Word, Outlook and Excel or any other typing required application. 430merc
While it isn't essential, it can be useful. However, it also runs without regard for anything else and is a pain to get it to stop or release resources when you are trying to do major work on your computer. I found it radically slowed the system and made it hard to install or upgrade other software because it hogged the CPU resources. It isn't dangerous in the sense that it does bad things maliciously, it is merely an uncontrolled and non-essential program. Paula Popper

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