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Process name: WMI or Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: unsecapp.exe

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  • 6140 users ask for this file. 22 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 19 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 13 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about unsecapp.exe:
Task Manager Daniel Avrukin
normally a bone-fide windows process/file.  See also: Link ck
on my machine, it does nothing but waste memory.. I'd rather just be rid of it, as ending the process does not cause any system errors. R. C.
Relevent Knowledge uses this program to get online. Disabling Relevant Knowledge stopped it from starting. Spaztech
Part of Windows Media Edition Jonathan
I saw unsecapp.exe for the first time in my task manager AFTER I installed Ad-Aware. I ended the process & nothing happened. It was taking up too much procesing power. men
Since installing version 8, and now updated to 8.2.3, I notice that whenever I enable Ad-Aware it (or Windows XP SP3) invokes a Windows (application or program) process named unsecapp.exe The best Microsoft explanation that I have found, thus far, states that "The Unsecapp.exe application is used to send results back to a client in a process that may not have permissions to be a DCOM service." Jean
It looks like a back door to unsecured appartment: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa392289%28v=vs.85%29.aspx Alex
got two error messages from ad aware stating that it had to shut down. System crashed blue screen. this time when i got the error the first time i quit everything i was running to do a bit of diagnostics and found unsecapp in task manager. ended the program and nothing has happened. thanks for your help brian
Process Explorer verifies this as a genuine Microsoft file (XP SP3) and PC Pitstop verifies that it is "a process found on Microsoft Windows server and workstation suites which offers support towards compatibility issues". PCPitstop offers verification MD5 hashes to help determine if the file is legitimate. Mine runs all the time, using only 2MB of my 4GB of RAM. It passes triple AV scans and spyware scans, so I'm not worried.  See also: Link Iman Oldgeek
Secure program, part of Windows WMI subsistem. Unsecapp is part of the system WMI provider interface structure. It is a Sink (callback validator) to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application running in different processes. WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation, enables software developers to write scripts and programs for the management or querying of devices, user accounts, Windows services, running programs, networking, and many other internal technical aspects of Windows. This particular task, UNSECAPP.EXE, is started by Windows when a program needs to use WMI programming - it provides programs with a conduit (sink) to receive from Windows the results of their WMI queries and commands. Leave alone - if this program is running it is because Windows started it automatically in order to support a program that is using WMI. To go more deep in knowing it's use, go to this link: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/10539/Making-WMI-Queries-In-C  See also: Link Bert It 64
Showed up after installing uTorrent. Then, several incidents of Windows Explorer crashing. Restarts & registry cleaning needed after each time using uTorrent. Still not sure if this process pertains to issues... LiLetea
I have no idea what this is! I installed "SweetIm" And it appeard after that. No clue
This needs to be running if you use Windows Firewall On Win XP SP3 ver 2002
crashes my computer all the time fred dick
I suspect it slows down my computer, have to investigate it further. Gary K.
program called relevant knowledge uses it !!! sends back info to host server .. used for market research  See also: Link andy
Completely harmless afaik, just taking up memory not doing anything. Appeared after I installed some Adware but probably not related as this is a Microsoft file. Rossy
Spaztech is right. It started because of virus Relevent Knowledge. ExecZero
tricksters programme allouicious grand saisit
After a year or so of Win7, this file appeared on my TaskManager today. After some research, including this page, I have ended the process. I'm still here. I did, yesterday run CCleaner free, but upgraded to current. In the process I inadvertently hit dowload CCleaner Pro FREE TRIAL, and installed. At the same time I ended the unescapp.exe file, I noticed that CCleaner had auto started with boot, which I normally keep OFF. I'm now assuming the unescapp.exe is started with CCleaner PRO. I have never seen that file with the FREE version. Willys
I've done some research on this one, a lot of sources said: "this program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated. " I did terminate it and so far nothing bad has happened, in the contrary, it made my pc run less slow. Mauri.
This file was downloaded while I was taking a supposed "United States Department of State" survey about passport services. I received a request to take the survey via snail mail. Not certain why they downloaded it nor how.. Fritz
Just big brother's backdoor into your computer. Move along, nothing to see here jrod
unsecapp.exe (when linked to Cleaner 4.13.4693) runs when CCleaner is started and Monitoring is enabled in Options. Tony
Just noticed it in task manager and it consistently loads now at every system boot (I haven't installed anything new). Physically deleting it from the system folder does nothing .. it just gets re-written back into the folder. Spooky. Rick B.
I thank Bert IT 64 and think that is correct information. However, I never saw UNSECAPP.EXE running (on my XP SP3 sysytem) until recently. WMI itself makes me crazy wreaking havoc with two of my apps. And I cannot think of any program that would need wmi or unsecapp at startup. SO - I shut it down and am left in peace, and my favorite apps run with no glitches. The system continues is unperturbed by its absence. Kell
Somehow this file seems related to a problem I have developed where out of the blue "remote desktop access" has started being activated (in spite of the fact that I disabled it completely in services and that other place they tell you to). one or two dll.exe's pop up & run, then taskeng.exe then when I check the status of my connection my ip add has changed from 192.168.2. to xx.3 or xx.4 or xx.5 ( number increases everytime I disconnect from internet and reconnect). I noticed this when I started looking at "details" in my "status" (right-clicking " SSID connection".just out of curiosity~~) I thought the last number in the ip add indicated how many devices were connected to my computer---I have only the modem, wireless router and computer connected, so the connection address is normally When it started changing to ..1.3, ..1.4, or ..1.5 it really confused me. Then again, I''m only computer semi-literate--know a few things thru trial and error... but I understand very little of the programming OR mechanics of it all. Anyway, when I kept seeing 'unsecapp.exe' pop up I checked my connection status and sure enough, the last digit has gone up to ,3, 4, or higher. I *think* this means other devices are somehow connected to my computer or my internet connection. It's a puzzle... But my gut doesn't trust the unsecapp.exe file for the reasons above. This last attempt to stop whateveris going on was to change the remote desktop logon allowed in properties in Services to local instead of network, so dunno ...I'm back to a connection at least for now. Balboa
unsecapp.exe is not dangerous "WMI, Windows Management Instrumentation, enables software developers to write scripts and programs for the management or querying of devices, user accounts, Windows services, running programs, networking, and many other internal technical aspects of Windows" Leave alone! - if this program is running it is because Windows Vista started it automatically in order to support a program that is using WMI.  See also: Link Matu
It's really weird. The description looks like it's a virus as sync is spelt incorrectly
Just downloaded some widows live drivers Joona
This is Windows process. It doing totally nothing just eat your memory
"Sink to receive asynchronous callbacks for WMI client application" That is the description for the file on windows 8.1 I have my firewall block its access to the internet. Now I don't get those annoying update reminders. Kade Aosta
i just saw this on my computer today. its using wayyy to much processing power. i can't even play games without it making them crash. erica
I found this in my task manager whilst i was constantly trying to remove rightsurf. it is always busy and i didnt trust it. i suspect that rightsurf is using it to reappear time after time. time will tell.....
security task manager says it takes lots of disk space up. going to try shutting it out. amc
Read the MS article. The REAL .exe (NB top of page) is a secure feature of Windows, allowing programs win. management interaction, indirectly.  See also: Link Lewis
Unsecapp.exe is called when running a script (WScript.exe) to detect the insertion of a USB stick or disk in a PC. The following VBScript code will call Unsecapp.exe after execution -------------------------------------- hostName = "." : On Error Resume Next Set objSink = WScript.CreateObject("WbemScripting.SWbemSink", "Sink_") Set objWMI = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & hostName & "\root\cimv2") objWMI.ExecNotificationQueryAsync objSink, "Select * From __InstanceCreationEvent Within 1 Where " & _ "TargetInstance Isa 'Win32_DiskDrive' And TargetInstance.InterfaceType = 'USB'" Do : WScript.Sleep 50 : Loop : Sub Sink_OnObjectReady(A, Z) WScript.Sleep 4000 'code goes here, ( What happens when a USB device is connected ) 'for example : msgbox "You have connected a USB disk" End Sub --------------------------------------- You can end the process Unsecapp.exe without problems via Task Manager Sweet
It is using roughly 25% of CPU resource constantly (on pulsing manner). On laptop it forces the fan to spin on higher speed. Also running on battery this lowers the autonomy from several hours to just 1-2 hours. Chavdar

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