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Process name: Registry Monitor or AutoDetector or Installation Monitor or Advanced SystemCare or resident module or Texis Program

Product: Registry Monitor or eRecovery or Ulead AutoDetector or Acer Empowering Technology or ZoneAlarm Security Suite or forteManager

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: PixArt Imaging Incorporation (pixart.com.tw) or acer (acer.com) or Ulead Systems (ulead.com) or Innovative Solutions http://www.innovative-sol.com or OLYMPUS IMAGING CORP (olympus.com) or NeoSoft Tools

File: Monitor.exe

Monitor.exe comes installed as part of the Operating System and works in tandem with the hardware manager. It keeps track of the all hardware including hard-disk, memory, network traffic on a real-time basis to enable administrators to take constructive steps for a smooth running of the host. This is mainly required on the servers where which are accessed by many hosts.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/monitor.exe.html 

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  • 3659 users ask for this file. 47 users rated it as not dangerous. 9 users rated it as not so dangerous. 11 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 10 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about Monitor.exe:
Is part from the UPS software. Gensen
Acer eRecovery service  See also: Link radan
It was actually serv-U running on port 442 so I stopped the process, renamed the file, rebooted and now windows won't start. Damn! JackAss
ACER program
it's an auto install process that installs drivers automatically, such as ethernet cords
If it is C:\Acer\Empowering Technology\eRecovery\Monitor.exe, then it is mostly harmless. But it is known to misbehave if the D: partition is removed.  See also: Link Simon
If this file is runned from location "C:\WINDOWS\system32\ZoneLabs\avsys", (Monitor.exe) it's ok. It's a part of new ZoneAlarm V 7.x firewall, I think. Not harmful! Spybot didn't recognize that file as any kind of spyware aso. Ad-Aware didn't either recognize this file as spyware aso. Knowledge is power!
if you get rid of it it will get messed up. it is aces erecovery service good program
From the new zonealarm anti virus update i think
Come with my acer laptop
was pre installed on my new acer laptop
It's a part of the new Ver 7 ZoneLabs Security Suite Steve
Its from anti virus most likely zonealarm if u have it
If you have Ulead PhotoImpact, it detects DCF compliant camera or memory card. You can turn it off or disable by right-clicking on the icon. Cheryl
If the file is in C:\Program Files\Ulead, then it's one of their programs that's running. Most likely the Memory Card monitor. DaFyre
appears to be a zone alarm proces,but also ulead george ardelean
YES, it is a letal spyware
Listed as serious rootkit. Fake IP address on outgoing. Probably placed by Black Ice in Washingtonn D.C.or End The Osscupation.org website. BEWARE. Robert Ricketson
I know this file comes with LeapFrog software. I don't know what it does but it's been there ever since the install. It came from the disk so I KNOW it's not dangerous. PiperK1980
Belongs to LeapFrog Connect, error at boot, uninstalled, all okay. ElGusher
If found in C:\program files\LG Soft India\forteManager, then it's part of LG's forteManager to manage the LCD monitor settings Dave
It does not let Autodesk trial version software from getting installed Juri
part of Genius web-cam drivers and utility sw cicika
mine is part of "C:\WINDOWS\PixArt\PAC7302\Monitor.exe". Dont know what it does, but I dont like it on my startup... cuts
used for Leapster 2 software when plugging it in to your computer..found in Leapster software folder Berni
It could be from PixArt Imaging Incorporation with the following path: C:\Windows\PixArt\Pac207\Monitor.exe. This is a Registry Monitor for a PC Camera.  See also: Link Zidamon
program by Philips DontiL
Was installed after installed an hp video impression 2 not dangerous from PixArt Imaging j30a1accordex
Webcam software PCLine Camer@ Keir
it came from my webcam driver software. ran
when in C:\Program Files\LeapFrog\LeapFrog Connect\ it is used for the leapfrog connect software for leapfrog toys. Brian Hoffman
On my computer it is part of the Leapfrog Child Console. It monitors when the device is connected via USB. getrealbubba
It's Webcam of Trust with parameters _ go to regedit : search PixArt Mariel
ZoneAlarm quarantines the monitor.ex file of Chameleon Start-Up Manager but ZA has no info on the file itself. Their TechSupport lists it as suspect DougS
monitor.exe is a module for Autodesk Backburner, located at "Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\Backburner"  See also: Link Logan
Webcam software PCLine Camer@ if at C:\Windows\PixArt\.. Remember you installed a USB Camera or something? Bing the manufacture. They seem okay :) Others say its related to Acer thingi, so good then too I guess. But do you need it ? Make that judgement based on the resources if you want to save or not. Varuna
part of Chameleon Startup Manager (trusted) bob
when in PIXART it came with webcam, it will slow down Windows7 File Explorer. On my PC it adds about 2 seconds per click. Very annoying. But easy to remove with regedit JohnH
Is not Dangerous bob
Comes as part of a webcam driver. Should be safe to close to install programs such as Autodesk. Jaymé
Virus!  See also: Link Max Müller
Monitor.exe with filesize 312 KB (319 488 bytes) in C:\Windows\PixArt\Pac207 is (normally) a harmless application polling the registry to better be able to use your webcam. It was installed with my webcam which is a Labtec Webcam 1200.  See also: Link Thor
this service caused my pc to lock durring boot, black screen with mouse pointer aafter windows 7 update. Ian
mine is part of: "C:\Windows\PixArt\PAC7311\Monitor.exe" Manufacturer: "PixArt Imaging Incorporation" it's a harmless application installed by my "Trust webcam". RAM Memory usage is about 580K.. Dyon
Mine is in C:\WINDOWS\PixArt\PAC207 Tamaño del archivo: 319488 Bytes MD5: 72334f906c2e2b002cdd2ff9022fd957 SHA1: 4023029dbbcbea003ebeb6a350ee882473909de4 See Jotti multiscanner virus report: http://is.gd/VyikVN  See also: Link Don Pirulero
A part of an UPS software. höö
avast picked it up and placed it in the sandbox. greg
WebCam driver Alexey Vladimirov
This file is installed automatically if you have any Genius webcam. I used CCleaner and went to Tools/Start up and checked by right clickinng on it and then selected "Open containing folder" and it takes you to the folder where there's a couple of frames or video filters that your webcam uses. rBok6
I found it in the leapfrog folder on my computer
it's part of IObit adavanced system care ultimate. I have it installed in my computer anthony
On my Mobo Monitor.exe is part of Advanced SystemCare from IObit. Totally harmless app.  See also: Link rev
When I searched my computer for monitor.exe file, it turned up in my folder for Advanced SystemCare. I just monitors your cpu usage ect. and can be killed in the settings area of Advanced SystemCare so it won't start up anymore.  See also: Link zombie
This file is a part of Advance SystemCare 6. It runs as a windows process with logged in user account's privileges. you can found it in C:\Program Files\iobit\advanced systemcare 6\monitor.exe. See also  See also: Link RAZA
not a virus kk
it's a virus! it comes with jh1.exe. Very dangerous. it eats my computer's memory and paralyzed my computer!
It's the CPU/RAM % block somewhere on your screen if you're using Advanced systemcare. Timo
I don't have iObit and it has permissions to administrators and cannot be removed
It can also be a part of "Natec Genesis Gamin Gear" keyboard software. Monitor.exe and osd.exe.  See also: Link Kitsune
Found it installed after I installed a web-cam driver. File signed by pixart.TW, (camera manufacturers) but actually downloaded from a link supplied by microsoft trouble shooter. Bill
it was installed by my Genius camera SW jospen
the leapfrog software also installs Monitor.exe which can stop XP from logging out or shutting down / rebooting, running msconfig.exe and removing this from the startup should fix things. Also using the task manager to kill the task allows XP to perform as normal. Brendan
Found this file in C:\ along with wget.exe, monitorsvc.exe, and DirectControl.exe---very suspicious to me because, in my opinion, there should not be any executables in the root of C: with the exception of autoexec.bat or similar (files that are par of windows boot). There were also no file details in properties re: version, name, copyright, filename, etc. Chris
This appeared when I installed a USB VGA camera DC-6120. Seems harmless enough but, is in processes with no applications running. PixArt was also installed and that is bad! Riss
It's integrated with a webcam, mostly. I believe there's more than one file under this name. The one I have is for a Lenovo laptop. Webcam.
Comes with your webcam, however it can slow down your PC a lot... Cvolton
I got a mouse from Etekcity called the Scroll X1. Within it is a small disc, kinda' like a Nintendo Gamecube disc if you're old enough to know what that is anymore. Anyway, it held the Driver Software in this tiny disc; I installed it and the program for it is "monitor.exe" if you are running a 64-bit operating system it will show "monitor.exe*32" so if you have an Etekcity Scroll X1 mouse this is part of its Driver software, it is not required; and can be deleted if you want to.  See also: Link Wolfie
it is part of the application for running a gaming keyboard which is owned by tecknet  See also: Link tori
For me, I realized this was "Android Device Monitor" from Android Studio.
could be from advanced system care alfred

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