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Process name: HP Framework Component Manager Service

Product: hp coretech (COmponent REuse TECHnology)

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Hewlett-Packard Company (hp.com)

File: hpcmpmgr.exe

The name "Component Manager" makes this process seem much more impressive than it really is -- it's just a program that contacts the Internet periodically to check for software updates on certain Hewlett Packard computers. It is not necessary for system operation, and many users consider these sorts of "update checking" routines to be a waste of system resources.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hpcmpmgr.exe.html 

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  • 728 users ask for this file. 29 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 13 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about hpcmpmgr.exe:
HP Printer software. Oliver Dutta
its a printer driver for hp printers.  See also: Link hp-spoc agent.
if youre reading this its because it won't die on system shutdown... it is fairly safe to delete... your printer should keep working as usual.  See also: Link nameless hp spoc agent
It is not found in "Search" or "Find", but shows up when shutting down. Arthur
HP Printer software  See also: Link Georg
HP Framework Component Manager Service
connects to the internet to updates drivers for hp products.  See also: Link Atila
It appears as a running program every time I shut down. And it del;ays the shut down process.
When we logoff, restart and shut down the system it will appear. when u again enter to computer it will shows the not proper shut down screen senthilkumar.v
It seems to lauch a program periodicaly, quarantine it. Not spyware/mallware, but irritating Marcel
searches for HP driver updates. could be useful, but uses memory. john
hp upd8 licensed program (Spy Bot.), Mine wakes up every 15 min for few seconds, like it is tracking what I do. Joe
A monitor for HP printers & products.  See also: Link Robert
Link on HP website to resolve this issue  See also: Link Mike
not much, my computer always has a trouble ending this task whenever it shuts down so i looked it up Shawn
download to report error Audey Schurman
hpcoretech JOHN FREITAS
There seem to be 2 files with this name. One of the files has to do with my hewlett packard printer software, but the other is a prefetch? file. It shows up when I do a search and when I shut down. It does seem to track.
Whenever I shut down, it pops up a window saying it is closing all programs even when there are no programs open. When you choose to skip this operation, the error for "program not responding" comes up. Anonymous
Annoying. It calls upon 2 other programs called hptskmgr.exe and HPOSM.exe. It is these child programs that you see coming up on screen. I have now disable the hpcmpmgr.exe in msconfig. Ricky
Usually involved when windows crashes! dont know when it was installed. I would like to get rid of it. Doesnt show in the remowe sw list. Can it be done manually in WExplorer? Henrik
irritating, runs every 15 mins my machine, I disabled it Scott
slows computer shutdown dramatically a real pain
shut down problems mike
Found hpcmpmgr.exe.FEE16BBD.CBZC in C:\Program Files\overland]overland.cab Charles Breeze
It always caused my computer to hang when shutting down. Chad
HP Printer Driver file that comes corrupt due to conflicts with another device, which is why it often fails to close properly when you ShutDown your computer. Install the patch by clicking the 'Link' to fix the problem.  See also: Link Dave M
On my computer, it appears as a no-name application in the task bar every 15 min, and last about 1 second. Sometimes its annoying, so I just delete the process. Joe P
Causes an empty task bar entry to flash on the screen and briefly take keyboard focus. Very annoying, exp when using a full screen app like a directx game. don
prevents a "restart from occuring, as this program doe snot shut down like other programs. YOu must kill it manually befor ethe restart can complete. Patty Richardson
Runs every 15 minutes disabling screen saver. If screen saver is set for 15 mins or more it will never invoke. Dangerous if you use screensaver passwords as your unit will not be protected. Rob
hpcmpmgr.exe is used with HP Software Update to keep your HP peripherals current with the latest software and drivers. Zoo
update drivers & software for HP printers  See also: Link Matt W
Causes also MS Flightsim 2004 to a state "Paused". Very frustrating. Therefore I will remove this app. Only could trace its name etc with System Safety Monitor (SSM)  See also: Link Paul
i always get an error thats titled: "windows - no disk" then it says "there is no disk in the drive. please insert disk into drive." this happens at various times, forinstance when i open and close itunes, sometimes when i start up my computer it never stops coming up. when i go to log off user and log in again (which usually fixes it), it always says hpcmpmgr.exe not responding. i suspenct it has something to do with the problem. sorry if some of this doesn't makes sense im kind of in another place  See also: Link smizzack
Every 15 minutes in launches then disapears. A network service (svchost.exe) becomes very active at this time. When I attempt to do a screen capture it is diabled unitl just as the process closes. This infers that screen capture is busy and therfore hptsmgr.exe is capturing your screen and broadcasting it to the internet. Besides the hpcoretech folder there is a folder "C:Program files\Overland\Overland.cab" which contains an hptskmgr.exe. Once hptskmgr.exe is stopped computer performance improved dramatically. Because hptskmgr.exe disapears after running it does not always show up in Hijack. David
It is a computer component manager application. Anonymous
HP has an updated HPCMPMGR  See also: Link John
It is used by HP to find ugraded drivers on the internet for HP products. If a problem, can be disabled in the Startup section after using "msconfig" Dave T. Hero
same as joe p every 15mins opens for 1sec just long enough to turn off screen saver klow
HP should keep making hardware, leaving software production to people who can do it. User
Defintely not the most well built program.
It runs fine for days then suddenly consumes 100% of the system cpu, only way to fix this is to use Task Manager to kill it, the patch DOES NOT FIX THIS PROBLEM !! SOBrien
Runs every couple of minutes. Does not show up in Windows Rask Manager except when it is running - usually only for about 10 seconds. For that 10 seconds keyboard, mouse and programs halt functining. Very annoying. Since it only appears in Windows Task Manager when it is running and input devices are disables, ir cannot be removed. Gary
Slowly kills monitors because it quickly pops up a window every 15 minutes thus de-activating the screen saver so cannot keep PC on permanently Paul
hpcmpmgr is launched in the registry. It launches other programs such as hptskmgr which causes the refocus and interruption of screensavers and full screen programs. I communicated with hp and they say to rename or delete the hptskmgr. I just removed the registry start menu run for it. Charles
On my computer this program was added by HP to the System Configuration Utility, which activates this file on startup. After half a year this file crashed restarting itself every second which was very annoying. Finaly at every new session I had a promt saying that the was a error. After that I removed the file form SCU typing "msconfig" in "Run" in "Start". X-LEO
HP update manager for HP devices Ioannis Orf
HP Component Manager Brent
HP Component Manager
HP Component Manager - HP bloatware GARBAGE. Kills my screensaver and drops me to the desktop when gaming. Disable it by going into the registry. Just search for hpcmpmgr.exe - you should find it in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Run. Just delete the entry and it will never start up again. If you want to check for updates periodically, just set a shortcut to "hpcmpmgr.exe" and run it manually. Brent
Not dangerous, however it can cause problems. This process is used by several HP products. It is the main proces for the HP Component Manager, it is non-essential, but is still important. See the link for better information. (Recomended) Justin
It causes problems with IE 7, when I start it takes forever to load a homepage and it will not load until I CTRL-ALT-DLT and end it from memory. Angry HP printer owner
It's HP AiO Component. It isn't the cause of svchost.exe's activities: it's the network scanner. GV
This will fix your Hpcmpmgr prob.....  See also: Link Xan_ups
Printer will not print from Dell computer. Will not copy period. Wastes paper and say to check print cartridge. Betty J. Sunday
Its not dangerous unless you use screen saver as password protection. Its a program that checks for HP photo printer updates. Just use msconfig to disable it from startup it wont stop your printer from working. or you can use spybot search and distroy advance settings and go to system startup then look for it there and disable it then restart your pc. Tony
its search for driver update on the internet  See also: Link Nightmar3 aka Peter
Requires to be taskilled, annoying monitor from HP Bob
Hp Printer Software, Can stall on system shutdown. Part of the HP Software Update Package. Genesisx
Updates HP software by connecting to servers, can be removed without harming computer.
this error massage appear on my desktop when I turn on my computer like for 20-24 times this same message untill I click on it 20-25 times and then it stops. Viva
I know it locked up my harddrive,light stayed solid all the time. Jeff
Can be 100% safely removed from being "autorun" during Win StartUps! Use msconfig.exe to do so, or if you really know how to edit the Win Registry, disable it from there, using the search facility! That's an EXPERT opinion, enough said!!! Mpampos Apo Orounta!
It is very annoying, her is the official HP fix, going to try it today.  See also: Link Ricky Hewitt
Stops Screensaver from running. Security issue when Screensaverpassword is set. iivel
Careful checks suggest this file can fail very long (about 11 hr) flights in MS Flight Simulator X, and perhaps FS9 also. Ian Macdonald

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