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Process name: HpqToaster Module or HP Wireless Assistant

Product: HpqToaster Module or HP Wireless Assistant or HP Backup and Recovery or HPAsset component for HP or QLBCASL or HPAsset component for HP Active Support

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Company: Hewlett-Packard Company (hp.com)

File: HpqToaster.exe

HpqToaster.exe is a support program used by HP. It's exact function is unknown. Some adware, spyware, and virus sometimes disguise themselves as this program. It is unknown what the consequences are of stopping or removing this program.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hpqtoaster.exe.html 

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Average user rating of HpqToaster.exe: based on 45 votes. Read also the 47 reviews.

  • 1997 users ask for this file. 25 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 7 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about HpqToaster.exe:
it can call a proces atachet to yahoo IM, this process grows in bites and can block keyboard an HD i'm not sure but it seems to be dangerous to sector 0. i had to format my pc for this. Athkiel
standard file for hq dont really know what its for
Sygate Firewall blocked attempted internet connection from HpqToaster.exe to HP site. David Hamilton
HPQToaster.exe creates the volume levels popup when you use the dedicated volume keys on your hp laptop. Hence the 'popup' reference. To verify this adjust your volume with the keys to view the popup volume level, then kill or suspend the hpqpopup process and try the same again. Also its a .Net application so you could subclass its functionality if you were really curious. Doctus
Renaming the file resolves the issue. Refer Attached link.  See also: Link Vasigar
This program controls the inputs for wireless (on/off), Volume, slideshow & information from user input for buttons between the screen and KB John
when you end this process it doesn't block internet funkwithit
Might be related to HP Update, the application that attempts to provide you only the HP s/w updates needed for your system. Observed on HP tx1000 laptop running Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit. Appears in the folder [C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Shared]. It is irresponsible the HP provides no info about this file. Note that "toaster" in UNIX-land refers to a shell script that watches for security patches. Liberty Miller
HPQToaster.exe is the LightScribe Software for Disc graphic Burning. On Pc, Go to C:\Program Files\HPQ tom R
HP support thinks it's a virus or spyware. Pretty sure it can be stopped by setting the following reg keys: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Hewlett-Packard\HPQToaster\ToasterState REG_DWORD = 0x00000001 set it to 0, HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2725257036-2662075440-3978120773-1001\Software\Hewlett-Packard\HPQToaster\ToasterState REG_DWORD = 0x00000001 set it to 0. Now it no longer starts.
HP support says (8-Dec-2008): Ben, please be informed that "HpqToaster.exe" is a utility which will help the Operating System to autorun the media when inserted in the optical drive. However, some antivirus and spyware application may assume it as a malware. TIOK
Part of HP software suite - you have a HP laptop and file is located in C:\Program Files\HPQ\Shared\HpqToaster.exe Damage
Nothing except it has grown somewhat since i first spotted it. I thought it was part of the hp system files and just left it alone. It was there when i bought it .I'm going to see the seller. James Murphy
I disabled it via windows defender and since---my internet runs much smoother and quicker Ralf
this is for Hp wirless stuff BuMuHaMmaD
Not a virus OR spyware. Comes stock on most HP's. Most likely as mentioned above CD burning backgroun app or something of the sort. Safe to disable. Obersturmfuhrer
Confirmed part of nc6230 on-screen volume display. This app uses a whopping 4+MB of memory. Jams
HpqToaster.exe was not a process listed in the Task Manager window, ever, during the entire time I owned this computer (over half a year) - until some people who had hacked me before got all pissy at me again. At which point, my screen started flickering and jittering, and HpqToaster.exe showed up. I managed to delete it, along with similarly named files and my computer stopped screwing up. Until the HpqToaster.exe showed back up again in the processes list , and now it's blanking out and jittering again! thatgirl
It's something for the HP software suite. I don't see what it does, but it hasn't caused me and harm except some used memory. You could get rid of it if you want. Ryan
When I disabled it, the volume via the touchpad did not work. It's standard for newer HP computers. I checked my task manager when I first got this laptop, and noticed Hpqtoaster.exe. It sounded funny (a toaster from HP?) so I remember it. It's for the preinstalled hp software. Vanessa Lee
I was researching and came across it, then I went to HP and found out it comes with the HP Wireless Assistant. It is written that when u download the assistant it is part of the enhancement. I just think they could have done a better job labeling this especially when its going to say Publisher Unavailable...thats a red flag for a lot of people that it might be a sypware. TW
comes with my new HP 210 net book & see Doctus above. day one , its there and its NOT a viruse from HP. sorry jerry , lic. STM user. adv. user.
It came stock on the laptop, I know that for sure because I always check the background programs of my computers when I first run them. It just seems to sit there eating up RAM, but its perfectly safe to disable. I haven't bothered deleting it yet though I disable it so much I probably should Afriend
I have it too and its not preinstalled as I did a clean format and fresh install... its poss from an HP driver that I installed. Alan
It is part of the HP quick launch buttons...\program files\hewlett-packard\shared Russ M
Process that is part of HP Quick Launch Buttons suite that controls the windows popups that appear when you use quicklaunch buttons/utils  See also: Link Neil Sheridan
if you have hp computer or laptor OR you installed lightscribe it can be safely terminated but it will just reaper
its a help program to update hp laptops  See also: Link Lars A
HpqToaster Module is the program manages the pop-ups related to Quick Launch buttons, HP Wireless assistant It is a Windows mini-app that works with HP hardware to control volume, sound tone, etc. I work at HP  See also: Link Not Mark Hurd
its hp software that make the hp compter run like it's supposed to, your idiots if you disable it  See also: Link HpqToaster.exe
No idea what this HpqToaster process does, but I have two exact HP Mini's, one with Ubuntu Linux which doesn't have the process naturally. Outside of having to install a wireless driver, the hardware works just fine in every detail with the Xp Home Mini with the questionable process. Also the Xp Mini is virgin, so it's surely a HP installed process of some sort. If the process gets pwned later is another matter entirely of course. It's always a good choice to Ghost or make System Restore Disks for any new box right off before doing anything. spongebob
HpqToaster Module is the program manages the pop-ups related to Quick Launch buttons, HP Wireless assistant and SmartCard manager (not sure about the smart card manager).  See also: Link Saile
data miner collecting users information of usage it could appear anywhere it moves around will
Part of HP. Has to do with the DVD burner (hence "toaster"). Probably sends info to HP for data mining purposes. Almost all software does this. Blitzken
Came with my HP laptop DV9500.. Doesn't Really affect my laptop, just eating my process. Iagan
It makes the notification show up when you press buttons. I don't know why HP would name it something so stupid. HPNotifications or something would have been better... Adam
It spawns the following when I press the volume mute hotkey on my HP laptop, which, probably not coincidentally, is the same time and duration an icon pops up letting me know I pressed the mute button...: "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\Shared\hpCaslNotification.exe" " hpNotification ProgressBar Percentage 80 /Percentage LeftIconPath C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\\Icons\Mute.ico /LeftIconPath RightIconPath C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\\Icons\Mute.ico /RightIconPath /ProgressBar /hpNotification " MicroGuy
"toaster" is the generally accepted programming term for little windows that pop up (like bread in a toaster) this is the HP pop-up process for their special keys (like volume and mute)
The HPqToaster.exe file is an executable file used by HP Wireless assistant. When you press the wireless button on your laptop it helps Wireless assistant to display fancy slow message on you desktop just above the tray icons to inform you about the status of WLAN. Even if you kill this process, each time you press the Wireless switch on your laptop it will execute this file "HPqToaster.exe" to help the Wireless assitant to display the WLAN status (ON or OFF). It is installed by the HP wireless assitant installation program in the folder C:\Program Files\HPQ\Shared\HPqToaster.exe. I just found out this info myself as there was no accurate info on the net. Satyendra
This file is harmless. Its for operating the CD drive and Wireless buttons. chick8ed
Screen notification of mute, etc.. Not essential. From Hp. Mik
It Keeps Popping Up requesting that I should sena an error report to microsoft and then It shuts down my antivirus program Joe Shearer
If located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Shared it is ok.  See also: Link Zenvidia
i use my pc from a non admin acct. very often, i get the UAC pop up asking to run HPtoaster.exe i always disallow, i just looked in C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\Shared and it's not in there, this tells me that it is not a legitimate program. if i find it, i'll post here about it. Ivie-G8
HP laptop volume control  See also: Link mike
Been using my DV6500 for years when this program suddenly showed up, seen using Process Explorer. I deleted it. Robert
"Toast" showed up in my task manager. It is not HpqToaster.exe I will be researching for more info. A search of my computer files did not find anything named "Toast"

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