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Process name: Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller or Broadcom or BCM 802.11g Network Adapter Wireless Network Tray Applet or Wireless Network Tray Applet or Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Tray Applet or DW WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller

Product: Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Controller or Broadcom or BCM 802.11g Network Adapter Wireless Network Tray Applet or Wireless Network Tray Applet or Dell Wireless WLAN Card Wireless Network Tray Applet or DW WLAN Card Utility

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Dell (dell.com) or Broadcom (broadcom.com) or Dell Computer (dell.com) or Belkin (belkin.com) or BT Voyager or Motorola (motorola.com)

File: bcmwltry.exe

bcmwltry.exe is part of the drivers of the Broadcom Wireless Network Tray Applet and is required to enable the 802.11g/a/g on the host. This comes bundled with the Wireless LAN adaptor and occupies the system tray. It is used to configure the settings of the adaptor including the IP address, gateway and DNS.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/bcmwltry.exe.html 

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All comments about bcmwltry.exe:
bcmwltry.exe is BroadCom's Wireless Network Tray Applet. It runs if you are on a wireless (802.11a/b/g) network. It is located in "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\" on Windows 95/98/ME, "C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\" on Windows NT/2000 and "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\" on Windows XP. doodle
wireless Dell for truemobile Locke
well, somewhat related to wireless networking James Bean
how i download thid file. it is jump on the screen all the time shlomo
Belkin Wirless Adapter - Very harmless!! Shaun
Used for Dell true mobile Chris
will not go away--like a virus-cant get rid of it j. fawcett
rnus for most wireless connections/networks whats wrong with that ? pcbob
Belcan Wire card support
BroadCom's Wireless Network Tray Applet. Harmless.
Broadcom Wireless application Liam
it's bugging the crap out of my because a dialog box keeps popping up and I cannot get it to go away. Shannon
Acer Notebook use this
It is very annoying as I just got rid of it myself. It appeared after I had tried to connect to a Belkin wireless network. I tried to use Registry Mechanic but to no avail I still had the problem. I finally restored my computer to one week ago. Start menu, Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore . Problem solved. . Elaine
Broadcon's Wireless Utility - without it you can't set your wireless connection or card's settings  See also: Link =DS=
Dell Wireless Driver / Software Martin Pulfer
Its only the task that your wireless system is running - It cant be turned off until your wireless is. Jimmy
BCM 802.11g Network Adapter Wireless Network Tray Applet  See also: Link Hil Ton
Under some conditions it seems to use a significant percentage of CPU capacity. This can be avoided by disabling the radio when not in use. z
I installed the missing mfc71.dll file and the meassage went away. It seems harmless just anoying having it pop up all the time. Marc
Napster removes mfc71.dll from c:/windows/system32 directory. Simply copy and replace and it's fixed. starman
Stop the wireless service and it goes
It locks up my PC whenever I go wireless. Terry
Nothing more than Belkin's Wireless card Support Applet. No bigs at all! Jesse
Wireless Network tool. Required & harmless. Vekkul
Linksys Wireless-G installed this exe when I installed the wireless transmitter Swissmiss
Well after I downloaded Roxio EMC 9 Suite bcmwltry.exe error came up and wouldn;t go away. But after much research I found that it was because I had wireless PCI adapter on my computor. To fix this all you have to do is reinstall your softwear for the wireless adapter. Reboot your computer and it should be gone. God Bless. Vickie Covino SC
Runs on my Dell D400 nb Ed_P
When I was unable to buy norton at costco I purchased a copy of McAfee Total Protection 2007. While loading it on my laptop which runs wireless I had a pop up that said bcmwltyr.exe was conflicting with one specific part of McAfee (Wireless?). I had the choice to have McAfee ignore or I could delete this .exe file, I choose to delete it. That's what brought me to this site to double check what I deleted as I am finding that it now takes me 4 minutes to log in as opposed to approx. 1 & 1/2 min's when I had Norton AV. Ken
Keeps accessing registry many times every second when active. Stops when disable wireless network connections using Windows Ctrl Panel Network-Connections. Using laptop switch or Fn-Key to enable/disable wireless works directly on the hardware, and Windows doesn't know about it, so even with wireless disabled from laptop switch, this process is still continously searching for networks and such. steve8pi
It was installed on my Dell by Cingular's wireless pc-card software, error messages began after I uninstalled the software and junked the card (their Edge Network is about 9600 baud, worse than rural dialup) larrym
Broadcom Wireless System Tray utility; runs in the system tray and gives the user access to diagnostics about the PC's wireless connection. It's not required and can be disabled if it causes problems. Andrew
i downloaded a driver update for the Dell Wirelesss 1490 Dual band Mini-card Matt Simon
Eats Memory, increases Page Faults rapidly, inexpectedly shuts down! It wont go away! Norman
Wireless Network Process. Won't bother anything. John
we need this to run broadcom wireless Marcelo
I checked my C:/windows/system32 directory & it is there, so copying it to there does not make it go away FL
its an error of broadcom.... delete the file at SYSTEM 32,it will sove the problem
Eats memory until I shut it down and it restarts. Then it's OK Tommy
Not dangerous, but eats memory. Its a wireless component. Not needed if you use Windows wireless. Also need to end the service ' brand WLAN tray service' in services.msc Stijn Janssen
It has a memory leak. Makes about 1000 page faults per second and will eventually fill virtual memory and crash the machine. Don't know why Broadcom would not release a fix. alatari
It keeps causing my Windows Media Player to skip during playback of songs. It seems to cause periodic spikes in CPU usage (perhaps as it is searching for a network?) Nalaka
Had the same issue system wouldnt boot up not even in safe made would still give me same error. Remove wireless card and unstalled the software from safemode for card and it let me into windows. Juan_A
It steadily increases Page Faults (Commit Charge), until the computer freezes entirely and must be restarted. Can it be removed with no harm done to the computer? Max
Dell Wireless.. BUT continually eats virtual memory. Restarts if killed. I usually suspend it with process explorer Le Grand Poup
prob started after running uniblue speed-up my pc jack h
watched it eat up 3GB of RAM on an i7 processor machine till it crashes (out of memory). diabled in msconfig and all is good. why woudl dell unleash a rogue exe on it's laptops like that?  See also: Link Jeff
yup, its in c:/windows/system32 select it, when the error comes up, click to terminate and quickly press delete before the error pops up again. empty you recycle bin and the problem is fixed. juicy
On a HP ProoBook 6545b, running Windows 7 (x64) this process seems to eat up all available memory. Pretty much confirms other findings of memory leak Kristian P
evental fatal memory leak on Dell hardware 1. I have pinned about a 2.4 GB per hour memory leak to some kind of code problem within BCMWLTRY on a 64Bit OS Dell Studio 17 laptop. I strongly suspect the same problem occurs with wireless card within a 32 bit Dell Vostro. The cumulative page faults added by BCMWLTRY to the commit charges of a 64 bit OS will crash the computer when the accumulate exceeds the current sum of the RAMM plus vitual Memory allocation. You can delay thos crashes by increasing your virtual memory maximum size. I have not been able to Kill the BCMWLTRY program using MS Process Explorer, but have been able to sus Millerd1
I agree that it seems to eat up memory, and cause warnings about low or out of memory to pop up. There may be a backup copy in the "prefetch" folder, with a different extension, that may automatically retore the file or process if it is deleted or stopped. Tyburn RR
I'm able to run a Linksys Wireless-G USB adaptor after deleting the file in the "system32" folder and the "backup" in the "prefetch" folder. Tyburn RR
The same as jack wrote: "prob started after running uniblue speed-up my pc " it totally destroyed everything. there were more and more bcmwltry.exe opened when i wanted to open something. only a new install of windows helped. reboot didn't help. ze
Safe as far as malware goes, but does occasionally have a memory leak which will quickly eat up your memory. Exiting (from processes tab in Windows Task Manager or the like) seems to fix the problem for me. Otherwise harmless. skycaptain95
it is on my dell inspiron 8600 and annoying!!!! -- constant pop-up's that steals attention (Dell A,B/G 1450 card I believe is model) mike
process belong to Broadcom Wireless Tray Utility. I am running Uniblue software and everything is working fine. Bobby Biss
this is just a dell utility for yer wireless card. totally harmless. kind of junkware in my opinion. does seem to be a bit unnecessary and uses precious resources. stef
After installing Bitdefender Total Security 2012, it would always label it as a potentially malicious file. I went into safe mode and deleted it. Nothing seems to be wrong at all, but it;s still in the recycling bin just in case it needs to be restored. Zach Waka
its related to a belkin router
I was running my Magic Jack phone every day on an unprotected Dell laptop and next time I restarted bcmwltry.exe pop up stated could not load and starting in Safe mode it ran extremely slow and could not do anything. After a few minutes tried to reboot and laptop could no longer find the Hard Drive at all! U
Caused 10 minute shutdown on windows XP pro Ant
shows up as risky during my nod 32 search and I deleted the wireless lan and had to recover it so my computer could access the web, so I was searching to see what this file is because it was highlighted in red on my Nod 32 scan. Nod32 found 2 issues, all my icons are hidden, and files locked. I have a virus Program data MiswcacyhifUS.exe which is a variant of Win32/Kryptic.AGKE trojan which NOD 32 found and cleaned. I now have to find out what I can do to unlock all my filles. says I had a video hardware error.....still searching for the resolution. ldm
As Millerd1 said; If your running a Dell Studio laptop. DELETE THIS FILE. This is a known issue that Dell refuses to repair. Will eat your memory and burn up your processor from it trying to work so hard. Process had my cpu running at 109 degrees when it usually runs around 80 degress, and fan runs ALL THE TIME. J Badger
It is part of the Dell wireless controller by Broadcom. I deinstalled Symantec Anti Virus and found that the MFC71.DLL became missing. BCMWLTRY.EXE kept telling me that it couldn't find MFC71.DLL. I reinstalled the driver for the Dell Wireless card and the problem went away. JimC
Comodo antivirus/firewall blocked it when it tried to run on my last start-up. Un-kown file, - run or block

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