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Process name: mcci+McciCMService or McciCMService

Product: ATT-RC Self Support Tool or BT Wireless Connection Manager or McciCMService64 or Trusteer Endpoint Protection or PhotoShelter Uploader or USB LED Badge

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Alcatel-Lucent (alcatel-lucent.com) or Motive Communications (motive.com) or Motive (alcatel-lucent.com/motive)

File: McciCMService.exe

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  • 4946 users ask for this file. 10 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 16 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about McciCMService.exe:
i got it when i installed windows defender i do not beleave it is dangrous and is esstianl for the program. vash-man
Common SDK
Part of AT&T's 2Wire Modem installation. Look for ATT-PRT22 in Add\Remove Programs and delete. Also, delete the folder "Motive" in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Motive after uninstall. None. I just found out from AT&T (4-29-09)
Invalid parameter handler invoked The original log text contained an invalid sequence. Loggervoid Unknown Exception. Loggervoid Unknown Exception. This program cannot be run in DOS mode. u8h Cjh uh Cjh S\ UVs35liDW uVu uPu fofoNfoV fo0f Unhandled unknown exception detected. File s Line d. Thread exiting. Unexpected wait result d, cannot continue. Thread starting. Component Categories Bad service request OCould not start service Could not open Service Manager Could not delete service Could not stop service Could not open service Server Filed to hand out passphrase with error code 0xX.
This is part of the Verizon software that get added when you use their support option. It sopmetimes causes a PC to lockup on shutdown with error McciAsyncEventMgrWnd not responding
It was installed when I used a BT 'One Click Fix' to setup my email account in Outlook.  See also: Link max
malware on my computer, kept redirecting to other pages  See also: Link angel
Motive software is sold to digital service providers to "personalize and unify the service experience for its customers." So Verizon must have installed it when I got their FIOS service.  See also: Link jschaefer
Component of the Motive Communications software distributed by ISPs. In my case it's used by the Verizon Help and Support Tool. It sometimes causes my PCs to pause during shutdown with error "McciAsyncEventMgrWnd not responding".  See also: Link
I got it from verizon, seems it must come with the modem installation, as with the prior at&t
its true its part of the att thing
I appeared after an ATT CSR used her remote to check out a problem with Outlook Send/Receive. (ATT did not solve the problem.) Rae
Made and distributed by Motive software to many isp's-viruses cam mask this file so check size and hash TaskMaster
McciCMService.exe is used by ISPs, including BTs broadband offering in the UK, specifically the Broadband Deskop Help application. Steve
It is from VERIZON (See the link provided by jshaefer) This little pest has caused many pesky problems and glitches since it arrived, I'll be so glad to be shed of it! Now to discover how to uninstall it or failing that, delete it.  See also: Link ilarson
Kept Popping up when I started laptop. Occasionally popped up during the day's use. I removed ATT-PR22 (add remove programs ) since I was no longer onAT&T dsl. Went to FIOS, intrestingly enough after I had switched to VZ FIOS - att also added or updated Modem software after I has switched. ra4wmsn
It's part of AT&T's DSL. I just switched DSL and back to cable , it's only present with AT&T's DSL connection Denise
Installed by AT&T Service and Support tool - AVG picked it up as a potentially unwanted program though I went ahead and allowed it. It's in the license agreement that it will be installed (mentions of Motive, Inc) Speeddymon
came with at&t modem installation. this file is absolute useless and i removed it from my startup menu. it increased my ping and jitter on my internet connection
As others have stated, it's part of AT&T\Verizon's "Self Support Tool" and "Remote Desktop". When you call for tech support and they want to remote-control your computer, this gets installed. However, you'll play hell trying to uninstall\delete all the garbage left behind especially in the registry.You don't need it. UncleRancid
This was part of the lame FiOS Home Service installation. rom88
It appeared with ATT 2WIRE installation. Provided functionality for trouble shootting computer within ATT environment. AVG rated as dangerous due to being unknown. Jacqueline Meyers
Installed as part of old BTHelpDesk ~read last part  See also: Link RobinP
Installed with ISP software when they setup your modem. Harmless. You can remove it without disturbing anything. Anonymous
Its part of At&t dsl AnGeL
This was installed by my Motion (Blackberry} software. My version by Alcatel-Lucent, I just searched my c-drive and found it G2
it installed on my computer thru windstream brand new proccess i noticed it changed some of my internet options settings if you are using explorer this .exe is Exceptionally vulnerable 4 different scans didnt detect the virus that was causeing dos couldnt disable this after deactivating active x thru iexplorer then disableing the service and reinstalling my firewall the dos was gone still sorting out the mess apperently it was compromised after my freind visited facebook willmotil
McciCMService - believe to be part of the software that AT&T 'tech support' downloaded so they could control my PC remotely. I'll delete until they need access again. Rae, I solved my Outlook problem by making sure the server timeout was set to =2 minutes, and logging out of the Web client that was also accessing my Yahoo email. Tom
was installed by 'Fast Access' face recognition software, now removed without causing any problems. Yan
Comcast EasySolve use this Comcast
This file is also included as part of Comcast's "EasySolve" software.  See also: Link DN
46% dangerous I will remove. Mike F
Not much. I have comcast as my internet provider and also phone and cable. If I delete the add-ons that I have from alcatel-lucent will I cause any disruptions in my operating system or interuption in use of internet through comcast and using internet explorer as my internet search choice? Any input out there? Gayle S.
Name: McciCMService Filename: McciCMService.exe Command: %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Motive\McciCMService.exe Description: Added by various ISPs as part of their support software. File Location: %ProgramFiles%\Common Files\Motive\McciCMService.exe Startup Type: This startup entry is installed as a Windows service. Service Name: McciCMService Service Display Name: McciCMService HijackThis Category: O23 Entry Note: %ProgramFiles% refers to the Program Files folder. The path to this folder is C:\Program Files\ or C:\Program Files (X86)\ depending on whether the version of Windows or the program being installed is 32-bit or 64-bit.  See also: Link Billy
It is you wireless network providers file folder for whatever they installed when you signed up with them! Kevin Mark Longden
Installed ATT's troubleshooter software, shortly after uninstalled it using iObit Uninstaller because it left so many processes running. Later found pieces left behind still running! NEVER trust slimy software that sneaks into my system leaching resources & collecting who knows what data. MALWARE! Have to do a system restore now. Chris
It would not let me excess att mail I disabled and now it works. I am going to get rid of it if possible. I was not ask if I wanted this garbage frank faust
I don't like anything that allows others to remotely access my computer anytime they like and to change settings without my permission. I knee I should never have trusted my ISP. Windows was running really slow so I looked at task manager and saw an unfamiliar process running so I ended it but it restarted each time 3 times. I used ccleaner to delete the whole director and that didn't fix it because all files were rebuilt. In the end I uninstalled software from my PC. Going to do a clean install of Windows soon! This software acts just like a virus!!! NUFF SAID.
I get a pop-up asking me if I want to disable IE add-ons, offering Java - then noting I "can manage add-ons...." in Control Panel- Internet Options... where I find Alcatel Lucent publisher add-ons (21) files for what I do not know. Java was adding on 1.5 seconds, I don't know how much time Alcatel Lucent's McciCMService was adding on. I called ATT Customer Service, and was told with my home set up and the computer I had the Alcatel Lucent program enabled on that it would be okay to disable. I have and so far I have still been able to access the net. I will have to use the computer for a while to see if I notice any difference. The AT&T C.S.person said it was software used by AT&T, but the networking I used did not require it anymore (something about copper cable vs fiber optics and wireless apps).090614 RWMolinaro
It is a program that keeps showing up. and wont let me delete it. I don't know if it is safe so I will continue to try and uninstall it.
The program is a web communications tool and information resource for web com diagnostics, statistics, and associated tasks. On Windows 10 it is one of those no-cpu-load [almost] programs used by the PC manufacturer [in my case HP] that sit there on standby until triggered. It is apparently the kind of tool data com companies use frequently and add to their communications software products. I can run this PC without it with no observed problems. It takes 4KB of 64 bit memory. Talon

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