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Process name: PrismXL Service or Track-It! Deploy Service or Numara Deploy Service

Product: PrismXL Software Family or New Boundary Software Family or Track-It! Software Family or Perfect Companion for Windows or RK Launcher iVista Leopard or Noesis HL2 Character Design

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: New Boundary Technologies (newboundary.com) or Lanovation or Intuit (intuit.com) or Blue Ocean Software or Numara Software (numarasoftware.com)

File: prismxl.sys

This is a system program associated with wireless adapters from Globespan Virata (now part of Conexant). This is an OEM chip manufacturer, so you won't find these names in your local retail store, but they are used in many different computers and discrete wireless products. This should be considered part of your device drivers and left alone.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/prismxl.sys.html 

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  • 2846 users ask for this file. 14 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 17 users rated it as neutral. 9 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 9 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about prismxl.sys:
It seems to be part of software that maintains and updates PC's. **** *****
Part of Prism Deploy Software Deployment software  See also: Link
Commonly found with legit corporate software deployments. eexlebots
This is part of a product called Prism Deploy. - See link to developer.  See also: Link
Can be used to rapidly exploit a single vulnerable computer and spread vulnerabilities across a network.
It is a software deployment package. Acceptable on a corporate or business PC, no reason to need it on a home machine. See link for company specialising in spyware removal.  See also: Link Chris Biltcliffe
Part of remote management-- could conceivably be used to spy on or take control of another computer  See also: Link Parker
Prismxl.sys or prismxl.sys.exe on my PC is from New Boundary Technologies Joe Copia
Not much
Installed by comp manufact. or other to help with updates, but could be point of vulnerability. Set to manual, or disable and reenable as needed. aplatac
Gateway uses the PrismXL service at the factory to install applications. It can be disabled.  See also: Link
Software Installer used by Gateway (and perhaps others) for software maintenace on remote computers kEN h
Factory installed software loader.  See also: Link Jim Policke
If you have an eMachine or Gateway PC, your PC model was setup by some bonehead who didn't do their job properly... Click link for removal instructions...  See also: Link Keith Levey
Remote install tool - probably part of Gateway update framework - no thanks! JT
The file is from New Boundary Technologies. It seems it's for Deployment purpose Shawn
Few ppl will have the legitamate Prism Deploy software on their machine. Most of the time it is the virus which makes many programs unstable or uninstallable and hijacks the machine for mallicious purposes. Will D.
Came installed on my Gateway computer Richard Frey
This is used by gateway when doing installs on new computers. after you have the new computer it is safe to disable the service in the services.msc  See also: Link Jim C. Gateway IT Tech.
i own a gateway myself and ive called the service line (twice) in the whole year an a haf and over the line the girl said that the program is ther fault for puting it on their but they require that to help over the internet by acessing ur computer by that software so they can checkout ur files desktop all of it to help with any problems and one of my friends said it might be possible for a hacker to acess it also. but by itself its harmless. so if u own a gateway (they rock, check the site!!) leave it be. (alone)  See also: Link aceangel A1
Used to track physical location and usage of computers - immediately identifies serial number and owner when perusing Gateway website  See also: Link Gateway Employee
PrismXL, oobeflagnetscape0, rss_upd, and ShowWnd are residual from factory installation of software on Gateway computers and are safe to leave or remove.  See also: Link Brian
this is a path or archive for technical support for service of your computers heipers wilkins ortiz
This is also Used By GameTapô  See also: Link Reaper
It seems to be part of Prism Deployment Software suite, but I do not have that software installed on my PC so why is this service installed? Douglas
This comes with a new eMachine, but not needed after setup. Joe
Factory installed software loader which can also be used to update a PC also it may be used to monitor PC's and manipulate installed software IT CAN BE USED REMOTELY  See also: Link PC Freak
This was on my new gateway and no adverse affects felt from quarantining it. "Gateway uses the PrismXL service at the factory to install applications. It can be disabled." -kEN h Daniel
Its on my Computer, completely Harmless. Cigma
Not needed, should be deleted. Can probably be used to hack your PC. Styx
Identification program that uses very little system resources. Not Malicious.
i disabled the file and so far nothing different happened, so i guess its safe to do so if ur worried that u might get hacked Nelogawa
gate program..not needed for daily use..ok to delete Doug Demers
Same thing will does Patrice
not gateway...we make up our own image and this manage
Keith Levey (see above) is exactly right. I emailed Prism, and a tech support rep gave me the information that Keith includes above. I followed his directions for removing the Prism process (not just disabling it) and the removal worked just fine. I think that any program related to remote access is or will become a security threat. I get irked anyway having useless stuff cluttering the place. Thanks, Keith. Lune Keltkar
This file is a government spy program, gateway and emachines have it named PrismXL, It works in conjunction with another gov spybot named ciadv yep homeland security. It goes by other names depending on brand. ;-)  See also: Link Maxwell Notsosmart
My PC started acting slow, Legitimate install's didn't install properly, i.e.; Printer, Scanner, reinstallation of same trying to figure it out. Went to PCPitstop, and checked into it. It said Trojan's, Worm's, backdoor Trojan's... Tom Barnes
Was getting random error messages ("url is not valid" etc) when opening folders in Windows Explorer, quarantined this and it went away. PD
apparently comes on emachines gateway at factory and should have been removed  See also: Link Dr Zen
Appears to be on Gateway and eMachine systems for something they do when they build it and isn't really needed afterwards, here is the link at gateway support with easy shut down instructions.  See also: Link Casual Dave
My pc was acting strangely, had network issues then 10-15 viruses/trojans/etc. tried to install in one day. I don't remember having this program appear in tasks before that, so I took the precaution of removing it. Thanks for the advice and instructions! Aleksandra
it's a updater installed by gateway and is on all gateway comp. anlso if you go to gateway and update drivers and you ask gateway to scan your comp. they will install pc pitstop to do the scan there is no harm it either items you can turn the service off or disable it or delete it but if you go back to gateway and have your comp. scaned they will down load the pc pitstop again go to gaateway and ask for your self i have made a call to there tech suppert and ask so i know what they are.the prismxl is a software loading tool used by gateway to instll your operating system and other goodies
This file will give you AIDS Joe House
Was completely slowing my system. Never seen it until my computer came back from law enforcement as they have been traking an old friend who used my system. bubbles
Seems to have come with my Paradigit PC... unless a virus installed it and changed the install date/time :/ Ben
HP/Compaq/Gateway/eMachines all use the PRISMXL - In-house it is used to deploy software and gather diagnostic info. Once the PC is at your house it can be used VIA REMOTE to access your PC.  See also: Link Mannard

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