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Process name: PRISM Profiles Server Module

Product: PRISM Wireless LAN

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Conexant Systems (conexant.com)

File: PRISMSVR.exe

A driver process for Prism enabled network cards, this process runs in the background and services wireless network interface controllers. Prism is a specially enabled chipset known for packet capture applications. PRISMSVR.exe gives you an enhanced set of configuration options. Since the process runs in the background, the interface can be accessed by clicking the icon in the system tray. Independently branched off of a separate company, Conexant became a semiconductor company in 1999. They produce a variety of chipsets for various applications, including the Prism line.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/prismsvr.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of PRISMSVR.exe: based on 37 votes. Read also the 38 reviews.

  • 545 users ask for this file. 18 users rated it as not dangerous. 14 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about PRISMSVR.exe:
This gets installed when using a Dell truemobile 1300 WLAN wireless card. Daniel B.
can makes a system hang by cpu-load, I removed it and WLAN still works Michael
part of dlink. seems to freeze windows xp sp2 at random times Kevin
This process also relates to the 3com OfficeConnect Wireless Utility Paul K.
Used for various Wireless LAN cards. Now maintained by Conexant who make the chipset.  See also: Link Aaron Lawrence
It is also part of T-Sinus 154 data II driver prog. Error msg. says PRISM Profiles Server Module has encountered a problem... - if so, then router access is inhibited. Verena H.
Showed up in msconfig after installing SBC DSL & 2Wire Home Portal 1800 HG Wireless Modem/Router on my Windows XP SP2 system. Jerry L.
Same results as Michael (Kevin is correct IMHO) Brother Payne
Part of Dell Mobile Wireless Jim C.
for some reason i'm getting an error on start up from prismsvr.exe, but my wireless still works fine so doesn't seem to be essential Rafe
Can be delted BUT only if you have the backup software just incase it stuffs up joseph
is a program for ANY wireless adapter connected joseph
is prismsvr.exe related to bearshare ? Jez
Comes with the ST120G wireless USB adapter - it is called: PRISM profiles server module - only taking CPU and during time seems to slow down all processing - indeed, when killed, does not affect wireless communicating at all. I really do not know the purpose. Not documented either. Jos Klein Velderman
This is also a part of US Robotics WLAN set. Seems to give BSOD's at the most unoppertunate times. DiSiLLUSiON
It seems to be related to Dells USB wireless, no desktop icons under a active directory setting. Tom
Part of Dlink DWL-G120 software Solkre
file is part of the 2Wire Home Portal 1800 HG install Alan T
Installed in startup by SBC-Yahoo DSL software for 2Wire Wireless modem Roger
failed on startup on Dell XPS400 pc with USB wireless lan (1450) card...lan works without it. steve
If it's from Conexant my speculation is that it is got spyware since it seems to serve no actual purpose. The real purpose is to send your data coming through the wireless modem to got via Rockwell any time it's desired. They do this with Bestdata Rockwell Conexant chipsets too. Yes they do.
Shows up after installation of SBC/Yahoo highspeed internet JoshDestardi
Like Alan T. says, but prismsvr is really only used by the 2wire wireless lan card utility. prismsvr will be loaded automatically by the utility when it is started, so it doesn't need to be loaded at system startup. Otherwise all wireless networking will work fine without it Billyray
Was installed with SBC-Yahoo wireless networking on both an XP and a Win 98 SE machine. I stopped the process permanently on the Win 98 SE machine with no effect at all on the wireless networking capabilities. This yielded a 2% gain in system resources according to system monitor. Billyray
came with 3com WLAN USB adapter; freezes my winXP SP1 randomly; after removal everything is still up and running Raik
Showed up in msconfig after installing SBC DSL & 2Wire Home Portal 1800 HG Wireless Modem/Router on my Windows XP SP2 system. Michael D.
Included in 2Wire Home Portal 1800 HG install and removal by ToolBarCop does not effect networking ability. Larry W.
Have installed both Dell and 3COM wireless cards, so could have come from either. Never spotted it as a process before, however killing it does not affect wireless. Seemed to be using a lot of CPU when killed Alan Y
this appeared after installing an Inventel UR054g (R01) USB wireless receiver. Now XP hangs occasionally but this could be related to me uninstalling avast anti-virus as well. John
redundant program for 2wire wireless if you run Windows XP; 2Wire tech support told me to uninstall and system runs fine Nils
On my Dell Latitude 800, on boot up, I get an application error from PRISMSVR.EXE and I close the application. I am using a 2wire link card which seems to work just fine. John W.
belongs to Speedtouch 121G wireless USB monitor. Can be stopped from running without consequences for internetconnection. Marchel Konniger
Installed Speedtouch ST120G wireless USB adapter. Everything fine. Afterwards installed Agnitum Security Suite Pro RC. And now I got an error from PRISMSVR at startup. But as stated by others everything seems to works fine. Eric-Jan
Component used in combination with wireless receivers like Speedtouch 120G. Not dangerous. Probably not necessary when you have enabled zero wireless configuration service in Windows jlshdfs
its part of sbc\at&t installation to get dsl service to run. Keeping it from running under windows 98 can cause connection problems. some firewalls can promt you as to what to do when it is running. Suggestion: allow.
I don't have wireless and it still showed up Colin
Its Needed To Run Wireless Configuration Josh B
causes 2wire wireless network card to work after installing then in my cases causes it to start thowing out SYNC_SENT's when trying to use IE or Firefox browsers. When this happens normal http traffic is halted. This is when using XP. May happen on other OS's. You can see this when you first connect up by going to a CMD (Dos box) and typing "netstat -p TCP 5"

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