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Process name: Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: Drwtsn32.exe

A background process included in Microsoft Windows, the Dr Watson Postmortem Debugger is an error logger. It monitors for program crashes, and uses all processes and messages leading up to and subsequent to the crash for reporting purposes. This aplication was first included with Windows XP, and has been packaged with every subsequent version of Windows. Founded in 1975, Microsoft's flagship product is the Windows operating system, which is installed on over 90% of workstations worldwide.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/drwtsn32.exe.html 
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Safe - launches when an application thats part of the OS fails
DRWTSN32.exe is used to gather debug information when a program crashes. It creates a log file in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\DrWatson\drwatsn32.log  See also: Link I love to Dump
ate up my resources till computer crashed, second time I stopped it in the task manager A Name
it doesnt let any application work kevin
starts everytime XP boots and uses 90 % CPU + reserves more and more mem. File is ca. 47 k, when removed it always comes back. David
This is the Dr. Watson Postmortem Debugger application. Do NOT turn this off  See also: Link berensflame
For the last few days i have been noticing that my DR watson post mortem debugger has been encounternig errors like i was watching movies and it would pop up i fid it anoying and should be checked immeditaly for viruses Duke Raster
Dr. Watson for Windows is a program error debugger that gathers information about your computer  See also: Link sedam
I've NEVER had Dr. Watson installed on my system but this file came from somewhere and its trying to connect to the internet. James
WindowsTask Manager show me as operator and not the system also i found a log file in the C:\windows\Crypto\
This file has done what "A Name" said, just ate up everything and made my comp crash. What is this thing?? Galaky
not much at all Galaky
wreaks havoc on computer, can't right-click on desktop or add new file folders. Can't remove program, must wipe hard drive & start over, grrrr. reluctant IT
It consumed nearly all system resources. In the task manager there were more than 1200 processes running and most of them were drwtsn32.exe. Dave
When I start computer a message appears that Dr.Watson has detected an error. When I clik to report I am informed that I must be on line but the sign on window is not functional. It blocks all programs. jglenn32
i have just found two versions of drwtsn32.exe in system32 folder , one was 45k in length the other was 23k long i have deleted the 23k file napysak
It stops me from viewing pictures and movies. I have to close it in task manager, then it closes the folder and files I was trying to view. When I go back to try again, DrWatson32 again freezes my computer and I continue the cycle of shutting it off, trying to view files, it closing all open applications, etc. Ed
Nothing except that its not computer friendly slhvirgo30
drwtsn32.exe. blocks my pc every time I click the right button from a file on the desktop Bigongo
drwtsn32.exe mostly runs when i am trying to open some windows media files, may be becuz some files or corrupted when this happns explorer shuts down and is restarted again, it only happns with certain wma files. Latz
DO NOT remove this application...it's an essential process Lionhead
is not dangerous in itself, but if it crashes then usually it is linked to another spyware or adware software Brandon
It's an insufferable wannabe busybody symptom of DCS* that starts up when some other app is crashing, just so it can crash too. On the rare occasion that it doesn't crash, it will provoke MyCrudSoft's web site to open and blame the crash on some application that wasn't even running, or may not even be installed on your PC, just to pass the buck. *DCS = Disobedient Computer Syndrome, in which your PC will hunt down any piddly little excuse to do anything other than the task you're trying to accomplish.  See also: Link Downstrike
All it really does, from what I've seen is devour CPU usage.. but I cant remove it "Access Denied" and whatnot.... UnrealFox
It uses up a lot of my memory and causes almost every program i use to close for no particular reason Emko
it gets in the way and i think its a virus, because i never seen it before now it pops up with an error, and i just closed it out and explorer.exe started working again so theres something wrong with this prog jj
Your pc needs maintenance like your body,drwtsn32.exe is like your body immune system,which prevents you from crashing, little learning is dangerous thing, goto www.microsoft.com  See also: Link isinpt
Just some stupid Micro$oft debugging program. Whoever named it is sick, but no problems here. If it really takes all your cpu, either your processor sucks, or its been reinstalled by a virus/trojan/backdoor. InfamousMyzt
program conflict both versions V8matey
I deleted it and my XP laptop seems to be running better. It shut down my system when accessing "my documents" when it was installed. Tramtrammertrau
If it screws up it creates this white box in the middle of the screen and does not do anything.
I had 3,200 drwtsn32.ece processes open, choking the CPU. I think it may be related to psyme virus. I don't have Dr Watson installed. Gary
creates an error log using ALL of C: freespace
Download HiJackThis (search it with yahoo). Open HiJackThis and click Scan and save log file. Copy and paste the log file to www.HiJackThis.de and it will say if you have ANY unsafe or unneeded files in your registry and help you get rid of them. My Email is down below if you need help with hijackthis.  See also: Link Jesse R (ImCanadianEh15)
sometimes when i work in certain maps my windows freezes and a window opens that say that drwtsn32.exe must be shut down, when i open taskman i can close it down, after that there is a "shutdown" like if i shutdown explorer.exe but it reloads almost instant and then i can use windows like always even though all the windows has bin closed. i recently changed name on the file in system32 and windows works...
Everytime i see this on my processes and i try to play music etc, it makes my explorer unresponsive, along with most other things, its very annoying.
Dr.Watson is now blocking me from being able to look at other link/sites/pages.Please help me disable/get rid of it,Please Help.ThankYou,Arjun*:323-302-2922. myspace.com/arjuna_aattore Arjuna(Chance) AAttore(Smith)
drwtsn is a windows application which consumes all my memory and slows down my computer stathu
This is from windows help, so i guess drwtsn.exe is NOT a virus, but it can be sometimes anoying: "Dr. Watson (Drwtsn32.exe) is installed in your system folder when you set up Windows. The default options are set the first time Dr. Watson runs, which can be either when a program error occurs or when you start Dr. Watson yourself." Sasha
only ever see it if I have overload CPU Vaclav
It hogs system resources, auto executes itself for no reason (multiple times) and causes my explorer.exe to crash. As well as many of my PC games. Chris
I think it may interfere with The Sims. Naomi
Closing it tends to make my computer shut down, I'd leave it alone, if it starts acting up, run some anti-virus, anti-spyware, etc. Eric Gould
Drwtsn writes down some system information in the moment of a crash. What else it does, i donīt know, i think it sends the Info to MS. I think it wouldnīt really be necessary for the system but normally it does no harm. Though it has some problems with some xvid codecs. So if itīs crashing, while u try to watch some movie, try to uninstall your xvid-codec. Andris
Dr. Watson for Windows is a program error debugger that gathers information about your computer haa
It uses up a huge amount of memory i stopped the process and did not have any adverse affects after that Peter J F
Haven't seen it in the task manager before, now it pops up, takes over 200mbs of ram and 75%+ cpu, got on my nerves. Windows has been getting on my nerves for ever since i started using it...Installed ubuntu yesterday and am a lot happier now. asser
Not a dangerous process. Windows process that starts up when another program crashes. If it's overusing system resources it can usually be sorted with a good registry fixing utility. Some spyware can disguise itself as drwtsn32 but don't get worried if it only shows up when another program crashes, that process is most likely a genuine windows process nt
It seems to be essential as i have only noticed it when internet explorer stops responding. However, it has started doing this an awful lot when it never did before. So maybe it is dr watson causing this.
nags on my resources and want let me run any programs or even go through my computer.....=\......this program or so called dr watson is a virus that doesnt need to be on xp quickness
nothing, but it shouldn't start up at start up..That would mean your having an error at start up Smokin Joe No nothing
I would like to know if to try to remove it or leave it alone. If i am to leave it alone how do i get it to behave, this thing messes up my system every time i try to view a DIVX or AVI file. Fedup
randomly it makes the computer slow and then suddenly "Drwtson32.exe has crashed" ,on the odd occasion my computer will blue screen right after Andrew
on my machine, it messes with explorer.exe and causes all kinds of problems so and so
I have 2 of these processes, dont know what to do. didnt even install it, all i got was some error crap ryan
The (uninfected) drwtsn32.exe is not dangerous, but it is also not essential. Those with the "crashing movie/image folder" try 1) disable preview 2) uninstall crappy video codecs (esp. "packs"), it's usually those that crash but show up as explorer crashing since explorer asks them to generate a preview. Disabling or deleting dr.watson will only make it harder to identify how programs really fail - generally if you don't to resolve your crash with MS support or are capable of identifying problematic DLLs out of such a log yourself, you don't "need" dr. watson.  See also: Link f
Well.... i have Drwtson i noticed it comes up alot if i get a virus.. And im thinking it is a virus right now i know its a windows core file but its a stupid program i got a top of the line Gaming computer with a 3.2 ghz quadcore cpu and it slows it down with 4 gb ram and 1 tg hard drive.... dont understand but it makes thinks slow i cant even move a song and explorer is like freezing... i close drwtsn out processes and my comp is like abullet... so if you all want help look in good How to get rid of dr.wtsn.exe and delete it outa system 32
i saw a new textdokument on my computer and when i opened it i got a warning that drwtsn32.exe needed to be shut down and then my pc freezed for a min and then was just working fine. I got two drwtsn32.exe running, one at almost 8000kb and one at almost 3000kb. Havent noticed any change on the computer or slow down. So im not relly sure about this but i just wanted to give my info to be of some help :) Erlend
mine is reporting errors occaisionaly for certain folders (lit.2or3) on an external drive. at other times when there has been no crash for at least halg an hr it try to acess system memory and the internet.
Knocks me off the internet and won't let me back on unless I restart my computer Barb
its a debugger for windows = though sometimes i see 3-4 drwatsons in processes ._. ?? Dr Moon
as others have said, it's a windows app which will autorun when certain other apps crash (usually video related I think). it can hog resources so that if you try to just reopen the crashed program it is more likely to crash again and then you have another drwtsn running as a result of that. then you're in this cycle of crashes. if this happens then just walk away for a while, come back, and end process on any drwtsn processes still running then you should be fine. you should generally have no need and no desire to get rid of the drwtsn32.exe entirely.
like many have said, it is a program debugger that gives crash analysis to microsoft, it comes preinstalled on windows XP and cannot be removed, it will simply re-create itself. IF you are having trouble with it, run sfc -scannow from command, or run a windows repair. Alex
This "Dr" is about as worthless as a real doctor, which is to say that its a complete waste of your time and money unless you happen to be bleeding to death. Someone needs to figure out how to remove this thing. It just gets in the way. Raltar Creed
From what I can tell, it's a perfectly valid, though old, error reporter program there for users and those who fix the users problems. Not a virus unless overwritten, and probably not extrememly usefull unless you are known to make your computer crash. Haha.  See also: Link Fate
Dr Watson Post Mortem debugger runs when a program crashes. lol768
Runs without my permission, unconfigurable, so its got to go. What toremove it
i find that it auses the problems i get. example.. internet explorer stops responding.. then encounters an error and needs to close.. i go into task manager and end all the dr watson processes.. and my internet works again.. Sarah
This process initiates with the system defrag PowerHouse
drwtsn32.exe is continusely running using cpu perfo.... it is running and going off running and goind off in sec.'s in background prr
It is Windows. Windows is made by Microsoft. 'Nuff said.
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308538 it says dr watson is a debugger for xp so mayb thats y it starts up when explorer crashed.the process ran for me 2 when i had a problem with a program called "Peer Guardian"(when it stopped responding)  See also: Link AK47
Kept freezing up my laptop-- stopping it in Task Manager got things back to normal. Turned out to be running from a USB drive containing an older XP installation-- not the one I had booted from.
drwtsn32.exe must be a virus. Coz it does mre harm than good. It has neva proven itself usefull 2 me. It only start poping up after i switch nvidia gpu to ati and when the error shows up that catalyst control centre needs .netframework 2.0 to run than this Dr. Watson window pops up and freezes my pc than i hav 2 ctrl+alt+del to close drwtsn32.exe in taskmanager. kris
It is a nuisance that has recently appeared on my system, freezes everything up (including the task manager) once a day, necessitating a reboot. Just one of those annoying Windows bugbears that should have been rewritten years ago. petercol
It's used as system maintainance. Srimanta
It lags the com. TX
Another posting annotated as Microft Support says it describes a Dr Watson for Windows programmer debugger tool included in Win XP and that it is essential; however, I am running Win7, not Win XP. Jack Hunt
It has real danger on windows XP service pack 3. When there's error on explorer, this program tries to terminate and close itself and computer freeze. This is not doctor watson, it's virus-making watson. Anyways, because of this i couldn't start my computer and had reinstalled my windows XP for many times.  See also: Link ImFast - korean programmer
When Windows Explorer crashes, it's followed by drwtsn crashing. My system hangs until I can go into ctrl-alt-del and end it. Sometimes I have to delete dumpprep (sp?) to regain control of my system. Wiindows is an inferior product. Cynthia
It stops mine system Tiger
Yeah very nice. First the explorer crashes and shortly after drwtsn32.exe crashes. jarze
Dr. Watson for Windows is a program error debugger that gathers information about your computer when an error (or user-mode fault) occurs with a program. Technical support groups can use the information that Dr. Watson obtains and logs to diagnose a program error. When an error is detected, Dr. Watson creates a text file (Drwtsn32.log) that can be delivered to support personnel by the method they prefer. You also have the option of creating a crash dump file, which is a binary file that a programmer can load into a debugger. Note Windows XP also provides an Error Reporting service that monit  See also: Link ajasnls
helps sovle problems with windows usually unseen but tends to be when explorer crashs due to system being worked to hard bored
As others have noted, drwtsn32.exe is Dr Watson, a debugger that runs when a program crashes. In the 30 years I've been using PCs, I've never had a technician ask for the log it creates. And for those of us still using XP, Microsoft won't provide support anyway. I don't think it's part of the info sent to MS when your system crashes (if you let it), but evenif it was, I doubt that MS is using any resoures to analyze XP problems. I know it's there, just usually ignore it. Only reason I thought of it this time is because N360 is suspicious a & blocked it, which made me suspicious because it Mike
Microsoft error debugger Khaled
hi everyone. this file is a microsoft file AND a trojan, heres how to check if you have the TROJAN: look up drwtsn in the SYSTEM32 FOLDER in your computer, if 1 comes up in system32/*anyfolder*, its legit, IF TWO COPIES come up, its illegit and MUST BE REMOVED STRAIGHT AWAY. delete the drwtsn exe file thats NOT in a folder within the system32,if it doesent let you, you must end drwtsn.exe from the processes tab after pressing ctrl-alt-delete. you should then be able to remove the file. reboot your computer, if problem persists, delete the other file and remove ALL TRACES eg. recylce bin Your computer genious
Windows error debugger, totally safe. Doctor Watson
It damages documents in my useful folders. Chathurana Gunaseekara
i had "drwtsn32.exe-application error",remove it by disable,with link in see also. another error:"dwwin.exe-error aplication"that solve by re update windows to servicepack3  See also: Link mohammad
Makes my Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine crash every so often. And also it ended some needed Svchost.exe processes. But other than that there's nothing else. Hate for Sherlock
Every time I close my system I get this 'dwrtsn 32' message saying that it has tried to access the system but found that the system was closing down. It then takes several tweaks,pressing of delete buttons etc.,etc., to close the system down. I have had an operator from a national computer engineer company to look at it but he was unable to do anything about it. Chris A.H.
Check the pins of your hardisk, see if one or more is broken Don
it was worst the same me, it's very annoying for screen freeze when use USB/CD/DVD, I find deleted to 'drwtsn32.exe' YcB
this file is a known copy virus if theres another location of the file instead of the windows32 folder you should delete it now just so you know because thats the whole reason why its dangerious:) sidsayian
"neutral" as in it's a part of windows but as one guy stated before me, there's a virus with this name too. if you have more than one then congratulations, you're now an owner of a virus. I have one in the system32 folder, can't delete it, can't end the program, can't do anything with it on my own. ( PS. the one in the drwtsn folder is the legit one.) Cyst
I found this file in c\windows\prefetch and is visable. I don't know what to think dave
DrWtson.exe is a harmless windows program used for analysing files.  See also: Link

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