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Process name: Logitech KHAL Main Process or Logitech Hardware Abstraction Layer or Logicool KHAL Main Process or KhalInstallWrapper

Product: Logitech SetPoint or KhalInstallWrapper or Productivity Software Common Files or Logitech KHAL Main Process or Logicool SetPoint or KhalSetup

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Company: Logitech (logitech.com) or Logicool

File: KHALMNPR.exe

khalmnpr.exe is a background process that is installed on your system when you set up certain Logitech products, such as their wireless keyboards and mice. It enables full configuration and diagnostics for these products. This program should be considered part of the driver package, and thus not touched under normal circumstances.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/khalmnpr.exe.html 

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  • 3158 users ask for this file. 120 users rated it as not dangerous. 14 users rated it as not so dangerous. 16 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 4 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about KHALMNPR.exe:
I Got it serval day before, and I can't remove it.In trouble:( linyihua
installed by setpoint for the mx1000, mouse software from logitech. not sure if the mouse will work without it. Mike
It's logitech mouse or/and keyboard driver. Keep this file, you need it to run correctly your logitech hardware. Startoad
logitech cordless
For Logitech Mouse and or Keyboard Too much memory typical logitech, but other than that if you want to use alternate functions you need this to be activated T-Man
Main part of the Logitech Mouze ware MX100 MX510 MX 518 and so on  See also: Link Rob1337
Part of the logitec drivers for keyboards and mouses Josef Schneider
comes whit my Logitech MX900 Bluetooth. Dont know if it works whitout it DFjSWE
installed logitech drivers for mx518 mem0.o
Logitech Mouse Driver JigSaw
Installed logitech 518 gaming mouse, setpoint uses it  See also: Link Rono
logitech mouse driver
when you close the proces only the standard buttons of the mouse will work. also part of the logitech mediaplay mouse Lander
If you want horizontal scroll with logitect mouse you have to install Setpoint 32MB files, Logitech what is wrong with a couple of drivers for a mouse. Mouse will work without install , but no Horiz scroll. Hecta
Part of a Logitech keyboard pack Morbius
I though it was a virus, found out it was only Logitech's software , so don't worry! Angel-SL
Hardware Abstraction Layer - Used by many devices No Danger HotRod
This is part of the Logitech drivers and is not dangerous. You dont nered to install the drivers to use the keyboard or mouse, as stated earlier it allows you to use the extra buttons and program them too. Chernobyl
It comes with Logitech mice and keyboards. Safe to end through process viewer. Kiel
This will is a part of logitech drivers, do not end this task or else your mous or keyboard my not function the way it should. Justin
Probably it is for Lgitech cordless mouse. It sometimes spend almost 100% of CPU power of my PC system, and it make the system slmost halt!
Logitech saves your mouse sensitivity seperately from the Microsoft built in one. Since they together are used to determine the final sensitivity, KAHLMNPR.exe just sets the Microsoft mouse value to zero.  See also: Link IamGav
its from logitech SetPoint bjorn
I removed the executable because it took 100% CPU power, even if I did nothing .... Gerhard
MX 1000 Laser maus treiber
I ended the process in task manger and setpoint couldn't close itself. BenUK
logitech driver...to much cpu after waking up my laptop from stand by (nearly 100%) dedspy
logitech wire less joystick and mouse creles
too many details in "properties" to be a virus. Also camewith a logitec mouse Guy
logitech setpoint Peppe
Logitech MX 518 Driver. Got 2 of it and checked the programm code. harmless.. denist
Part of the Logitech KB/Mouse program Setpoint. It seems to have some kind of problem where it occasionally uses 100% CPU usage. When that happens I have to terminate it. MitchellO
it screwd my whole PC resources barely watch vids barely play games and takes 3000 years to boot to Windows XP screw Logitech Fei
used for Logitech's wireless mouse control
Logitech Mouse Driver OBrian www.2b5.dk
It is from logitech Chris
Logitech MX 518 uses it Noobface
Logitech SetPoint Driver. Not dangerous. WRonX
Logitech Driver
Installed with Logitech MX5000 Keyboard and Mouse CoBoL
logitech mouse driver, G5 uses it  See also: Link blitzen
Logitech mouse works fine but like someone said, no alternate functions work Michael
recently installed drivers for Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard Dmitry
This is the driver for the logitech cordless Keyboard and Mouse. They will work without, but some functions will be inactive. e.g. the side scroll option on the mouse wheel will not work and the shortcuts on the keyboard will not function. Saint N
logitech g5 driver software Jack-Bauer
Installed with logitech 518 gaming mouse KHLAMNPR.EXE
logitech mx518 mousedriver.
Its main problem is that it uses a lot of CPU so my fans ran faster then normal. You can end it and your logitech stuff will still work.
its from logitech (mouse driver software package) shelly
It 's a file from the Logitech Setpoint driver set noorman
This is a file used for my wireless G7 Logitech
I guess it's part of my logitech bluetooth mouse and Keyboard, but it seems to slow my pc down. after I end the process in the task manager everything runs better. BillerDude
Just change the file to: Khalmnpr.ex_ .works great!
It is a process installed with Logitech Mouse drivers. However, you can disable it in msconfig, and still have full use of your mouse. I have a Logitech MBJ58 Optical Mouse, have it disabled and the mouse works fine, all buttons and the whell included. So turn it off, unless you need more functions than the basic necessities. But you can still set all of the mouse options without it. Ytsejam777
Why can't Logitech name it something that makes more sense. Like mouseassist.exe or mousetool.exe or Logmousething.exe what the crap does KHALMNPR.exe stand for? Dave
this file if rem oved as said many times will change the functions of most logitech hardware IE mouse jeyboards even cams. Robert
SetPoint will start this process anyway so any individual entry for KHALMNPR.EXE can be removed to possibly increase boot speed. Look for it under the Startup tab of msconfig. Wobbly
When I Stopped the process the buttons of my G5 Mouse did'nt work anymore, Don't be so afraid for an unknown file! ;) BomaZ
Got it when I installed my G5 Logitach mouse. Used to let my logitech software control DPI setting instead of windows. seePyou
It's Logitech Software Jere
yes it is from logitech and i dont know too, if u gonna need it...it isnt dangerous ;) andy
Chillax its part of the awesome mouse you got. STFU...
This program keeps resetting user mouse profiles; if you are not using setpoint to control profiles, it should be disabled from running by deleting or renaming the corresponding registry entry under key : HKLM\software\microsoft\cwindows\currentversion\run TheNobes
Comes with Logitech Setpoint Software. Doesn't use CPU cycles at all and I use all the features inc. sensitivity changes for games Loverat
Logitech's buggy mouse software. Mouse will run much better without it (more control and precision) but not at all properly in some games. Mugga
Crummy Logitech software didn't remove this when I uninstalled the product (for a V450) Tom
logitech/dell bluetooth keyboard/mouse. logitech setpoint main process. MSL
mx3200 keyboard/mouse drivers Andy
Installed with my Logitech G5 mouse. It is needed for the extra functions for the mouse. namely the SetPoint software drivers so you use more buttons, different ways to scroll, etc. If you bought this mouse and disable this then you wasted alot of money by not being able to access its many features. jmantu
HID-software, not dangerous. mfyr
Associated w/ driver for Logitech mouse (using MX610 Laser Cordless) James
It is used by Logitech's Mouse MX1000
logitech g5 cn
This is associated with Logitech's wireless desktop GordL
Will mess with your mouse sensitivity if installed with generic PS/2 mouse. Citydragon
Logitech Internet Laser Cordless 1500 driver/set point, doesn't bother me!
logitech driver
Logitech mouse driver Shadow
It's a part of SetPoint for blue tooth mouse and/or keyboard. If I let it run during Windows XP startup, the Win XP startup sound quits immediately after it starts. :( Irina
logitech setpointer file BrainBug
Logitech mouse driver, Logitech MX™ Revolution users it.  See also: Link pajkson
It's controlling additional keys and feautures of Logitech mice. SerBull
It's for my Locitech Trackball Mouse. Without it, my system won't remember that I've set my mouse up as left-handed (switch left and right buttons). It's ok until I reboot without SetPoint, then it defaults to right-handed. However, now that I've re-installed this software, my Logitech Quick Cam won't respond to left/right/up/down commands, and gives me an error if I try to use the Zoom function, in the Control Panel program camcpl.cpl
It is harmless. it is allways something else there is causing the problems. Pande
Logitech Mouse driver. The parent process - Logitech SetPoint. Its usage of RAM is about 2.6mb gif
Big memory hog but programs are not necessary for mouse/keyboard to run. Windows still recognizes them. I uninstalled programs because it slowed my pc A LOT and pc works fine now. MIKE L
There's one in \Windows. There's one in \PF\CF\Logitech\KHAL. That one is more up-to-date and disappears immediately if you run it manually. The one in Windows does not. In Registry the \Run key points to the one in Windows (by not specifying a path, thus relying on your %PATH% env variable). Odd since everything else "Logitech" in the registry is fully-pathed to its specific location. I suspect the one appearing in \Windows is a virus. Not exactly uncommon to "hide" a virus by spoofing and masking another "legitimate" file. Greg
It is not required to run the mouse but is required to use setpoint software to enable differant profiles for differant games. Also without it you may not be able to use custom speed settings and may only be able to select the factory 3 speeds instead of the user determined 5 speeds Will
Its a Software from Logitech, its come from SetPoint, You have a new mouse? you have the g5? than its not a problem and not dangerous  See also: Link Liketisplitt
Installed with each separate installation of Logitech keyboad and mouse . . . two instances were running, one interferring with other. They were NOT removed when I uninstalled SetPoint (Logitech) - reverting to more basic trackball . . Albert
Essential component of all versions of Logitech SetPoint driver software, which controls customization of Logitech mouse buttons/functions. SetPoint (and, hence, mouse buttons/functions) may fail to function if this process is ended. Safe.  See also: Link Norbert
Logitech. Fully safe Tom
logitech g5 driver software PhoenixOrg
Necessary for extra buttons of logitech mices. Claudius
ITS NOT A VIRUS this is the setpoitn software that runs your logitech cordless mouse if you disable it then it will eat system resources because setpoint cant run without it and cripples the whole program ALAN
part of Logitec Sharepoint Mouse and Keyboard-Software Georg
This is used in logitech mouse drivers, make sure on msconfig it is located in the Program Files\Logitech Folder though! Removing this if its the valid Logitech program will stop your mouse's "extra" buttons or "binded" functions from working!  See also: Link MinuteDesigns
for Logitech wireless keyboard & mouse
This element prevents my appraisal software to recieve updates. Everett
khalmnpr.exe loads twice in my msconfig. It is not available for removal from Control Panel. A search of the desktop cannot find the executable file which should have been removed when I uninstalled Logitech a few months ago. I have disabled it at startup although I believe its presence in msconfig is simply a registry entry error. It may be essential for some users of Logitech hardware, but it is not for me. James Fuller
Logitech driver juju
Logitech Mouse fdm
installed with logitech ex 100, allows keyboard hotkeys luke904
Runs My Logitech EX100 mouse & keyboard. If you wan't to use the special features on your keyboard and mouse, I suggest you leave it alone. You will loose your FN key and all the other FN functions if you uninstall it. Just go to Logitech.com and look under support. I have the Quickcam Pro 9000, it doesn't effect it in any way. Dennis
For Logitech Mouse; personally I think it's a bunch of crap. It's supposed to be for special functions. i.e., I have the V220 cordless, I can change the wheel to perform other functions (copy, paste, etc.) but it usually doesn't work, so I'm thinking of unchecking it in msconfig. Mish
This thing causes that my screen switches off directly after the windows turns on. Slovakia
I have 5 copies of it C:\windows 2 in C:\program files... 2 in c:\windows/system32 Ken B
Logitech's Driver File Brett
I didn't notice that it was there until after I installed my G9 Laser Mouse. I'm running setpoint also. chokfulla
My computer was minimizing windows and opening browsers when I pressed the blank key. AFter having disabled this process it worked as normal again. lax
It is a memory hog and start-up baggage & for what? Recommend uninstalling carlcampbell
If it causes problems, click Start, Run, Type "msconfig", Click "OK", Click "Startup" tab, Uncheck the box next to it on the list, click "Apply", Click "OK", Restart Computer. Sir. Sanity
Mouse sporatically wacky. Might be Khalmnpr.exe causing this. DB
It should be enabled if you want to use the extra functions of the Logitech product Gary
I think this is file that is connected with Logitech wireless mouse macros
been using pc for a long period of time but khalmnpr.exe as appeared only ones thus its a spy ware. why one in ten pc with same specs, os etc. disable or remove it Zweink
logitech driver cordless Ciccio
Driver Mouse Logitech bamzzz
Logitech Driver And
Logitech software for 'extra' functions on their keyboard
Installed with Logitech Setpoint. Not harmful. Petrah
Logitech Mouse Driver Helper d4rK
This driver is used for logitech products, such as mice/keyboard ect.. i use this with my g700 mice for profile settings. very useful for gaming :), simple remove from add/remove programs C-BO
Seems connected with Setpoint but tends to conflict with Setpoint whatever it is because I loose my forward and back buttons all the time. :( I'd say get rid of it. Lee
It's part of my Logitech MX815 mouse drivers, called Logitech Unifying Software. It's a SetPoint tool for this style of gaming mouse. I've had no trouble with it at all, and I game at 1800dpi all the time. Mines in the red color from Target, and I've had it for 5 years now - great mouse. LNS-Front242-T3
This process is Logitech's mouse sensitivity monitor. When you enable Logitech's own sensitivity management, this process is required. This will allow you to change sensitivity on a per program level using their profile manager inside SetPoint.  See also: Link Naveen Kumar Singh
That driver causes sometimes an APPCRASH after waking up the computer from sleep. After that crash mouse looses the special buttons. Latest version, today is 2013-09-04 FrankFlorida
If this is part of setpoint, why did it only start utilising resources after 9 months of being installed, I have a Corsair mouse now, and this has started to use 10% of CPU and its an * core at 4100Mhz, thats a lot of resource for a horizontal scroll. I figure its a watcher, but It wont uninstall.... Bigweasle
Setpoint. Comes with Logitech Wireless mousepad and keyboard! LaKris
installed with logitech, my bluetooth mouse works fine without it
Had problem with MSFT mouse pointer settings constantly being reset whenever restarting. Disabled this file to prevent conflict between MSFT and Logitech settings.  See also: Link Vince
I have a Logitech M500 mouse, this is the process that lets me use the side buttons & wheel tilt. Sean
It's part of the software for the wireless mouse series produced by Logitech. Mouse wont work without it.
Came with Logitech Mouse Driver Brian
Perhaps useful if you want battery info and caps lock icons on screen - but any software that shows network activity from a HID should be closely watched on updates and when not asked for. A pc user
All I have is a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920. My keyboard and mouse are NOT made by Logitech. I did not notice this startup file after I installed my webcam months ago. Diana

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