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Process name: InstallShield Update Service Update Manager or Macrovision Software Manager or Acresso Software Manager or Macrovision FLEXnet Connect Software Manager or FLEXnet Connect Software Manager or Macrovision Update Service Update Manager

Product: InstallShield Update Service or Software Manager or Roxio Media Manager or Macrovision FLEXnet Connect or Wal-Mart Music Downloads Store or Acresso Software

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Macrovision (macrovision.com) or InstallShield Software (installshield.com) or Acresso or Flexera Software or Acresso Software (flexerasoftware.com)

File: ISUSPM.exe

InstallShield is a package commonly used by software developers to allow their products to be installed easily on their customers' PCs. This process runs in the background and checks for updates to InstallShield itself -- contrast to issch.exe, which is an update service that checks for changes to programs that were installed using InstallShieldwww.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/isuspm.exe.html 

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not registered in xp registry phil paxton
InstallShield Update Service Scheduler. Automatically searches for and performs any updates to the software so you are always working with the most current version Ozan
Occasionally connects to the internet for updates, does not really let you know what it is downloading, can be somewhat annoying. I am going to remove it.
software updater  See also: Link Leo Jr
Not a danger but takes up space you can get downloads manually.
It "suddenly" appeared after Microsoft changed their updating process. It lists updates for several things I've already updated so I don't trust it. Carl
Nusence file
Installdshield Automatic Downloader, checks application installations which are made using the InstallShield software for updates. Damien Jorgensen
downloader - activates occassionally to download updates - can't see its added value james Mac
Its used to update software that uses installshield but is impossible to remove!! K1t10
Not listed in add/remove programs, reinstalls itself Bill
It seems to be a MACROVISION (M) update product. I don't have "M" on my START UP list nor in my ADD or REMOVE files. It bothers me that it comes on automatically at start up. hw huyler
the service hangs more often then it runs correctly, I am going to disable it. jeff huyler
It is part of Windows Defender - Beta2 webbcues
Installshield Update Services. It is kind of buggy, doesnt always recognize what you have installed. It doesnt get uninstalled when you uninstall the installshield product or a product that uses installshield update service technology. Use the link for the uninstaller Salim
Has issue's with Roxio Media Creator 8 Suite. EVERY time system reboots it attempts to update, even if updates are current. RHuskey
Installs without asking. Near useless, not necessary. NOTE: Users should also remove Install Driver Table Manager from XP Services list using MSCONFIG. JoeR
If configured incorrectly, will function as a trojan horse. Made it difficult to unistall Vongo (preloaded by HP on notebooks) Ted Volin
It's a third party process that just appears, without your permission, with no notice, and no uninstall. In my book it's dangerous Ken
ISUSPM.exe installed on my computer with the Paperport program. If you run it and click on the menu to see what programs it is checking for (Advanced) then you will likely see the program it came with provided it came onto your computer legitimately. You can also disable it to run at start up from the menu. steve blomme
Updater, Came with Dell Laptop for my version. jtsm
It is horrible and locks up the internet connection.
Update Manager /Windows Installer error msgs prevent boot completion and any other installs System hangs Stephen LaFond - Another HP Support Victim
it isnt dangerous at all it is just a installshield update manager ben petti
I see no adverse effects from blocking it's update. WarGasm
This process appears when I installed "WinDVD - Trial version" on my machine, in the same time a "Program updates" icon in the Start menu / Programs YaHa
Mine seems to have come with a Quick Time/iTunes update. It asked if I wanted automatic update checking. That must be what did it. Everytime I log in it tries to run, but tries to find a nonexistent ISUS.msi file. Only way to get rid of it is to force an End Task on the process from Windows Task Manager. dp Bethesda
I had it combined with windvd8 and when i uninstall it that macrovision updater stays and i cannot get rid of it. H
Often steals focus while at a critical point in an online game. Very annoying. ScratchMonkey
it is used by a few programs to update themselves K-red
My system has slowed to a crawl and I have determined it is this file. think I will delete as well. brenda
must be deleted to remove Vongo from HP systems grikdog
Process belongs to Macrovision, a company that is in the business of illegal copy prevention. Apparently it interpret a certain "digital pulse signal" that is included on some DVDs (and other media) as part of an 'anti-piracy' prevention initiative. Not necessary and weather disabled or enabled, doesn't seem to make ANY difference to PC operation in the slightest. (link to CNet article on the Microsoft/Macrovision agreement: tinyurl.com34mj39)  See also: Link Kel
This program installed itself when I installed the Walmart Downloads Store in Windows Media Player. If is not necessary for programs like this to install themselves without our knowledge. RickH
You can remove the InstallShield Update Manager (isuspm.exe and agent.exe) by downloading a utility from installshield's website.  See also: Link Donald Kinstler
This is the background check application for the InstallShield Update Service. It polls the servers to check for updates to other installed applications that ship with ISUS as part of the install. Applications that use it install it silently without any warning to you, so that's why it seems to suddenly appear. It can be removed but only via a 100% manual process that requires first killing the ISUSPM.exe and AGENT.exe processes, then cleaning the registry and Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService folders. Travis
macrovision corporation spyware adminONE
Uses up a great deal of resources. Slows down the whole machine. Tony R
just laggs my connection when im playing wow mark
It is a highly intrussive resource eater that does not let you know what it is doing. Forget online gamming while this baby is running. GUS
Is also installed w/Sonic RecordNow. If you use the uninstaller available on the internet, it will break RecordNow. Is really a nuisance. Even if you turn it off in control panels it will still come up occasionally. Am currently researching a way to disable it in the registry. If anyone already knows how to do this, please post. Spike
Experiencing problem in ripping a song I looked for culprits. I found ISUSPM.exe was running and using a fluctuating and high level of the CPU - about 30%. stephenp
Among the items that are installed: Update Manager (ISUSPM.exe) is an application  See also: Link FRANCIS SURROCA
showed up out of the blue, always trying to update random different programs i use each time i turn on computer, doesn't seem dangerous, just annoying true graves
Used to provide download services, but runs from startup and EATS CPU power, so I disabled it from Startup. It starts when necessary for downloads.
Completly harmles i got it with game medieval total war anyway you can freely delete it and check for program updates manualy if necesery ;)  See also: Link Jack Daniels
This excuse for software loaded itself with a legitimate product and provides no uninstall. It is a complete waste of time and is positively harmful in this instance where it has located itself on a workstation which is part of a 10,000+ international workstation network. It is just a valueless piece of annoying junk. Roy V Wilkes
Stupid. Updated files we never use, slowed down the computer with a message we couldn't delete. Annoying, but can be configured not to update anything (including itself). Will continue to pop up. Raelynn
My computer was running really slow, and agent.exe was using up most of my processing, and would restart if I ended it. ISUSPM was also running. When I ended ISUSPM, agent.exe also stopped and neither came back. Now my computer is fast again. jason
Macrovision technology is to defeat copying, so while this is sold as an "updater" it most likely is part of a copy protection scheme to validate software and disable improper copies. Is uses system resources, and gets installed without your knowledge, so therefore I consider it dangerous Rob R
Can be linked to and used to hijack the computer from other software. Removing this helped resolve problems with Vongo and other software that re-installs itself despite your wishes. Shawn
Appeared on my system after install demo "clive barker's Jericho" Jeanjean
You may be able to get a list of all programs on your system using ISUSPM services by going to macrovisions website and searching for "UpdateManager" (direct link below ).  See also: Link Randall Goodwin
A number of "freeze" events since installed with a program update. dick
It's annoying. It interacted with Photoshop CS3 and drove CPU usage to 100%, effectively disabling the computer. Had to use "End Process" from Task Manager to stop it. I finally disabled it in the Startup Menu Capt_J
Program loaded after installing reconfiguring my lap top to the factory setting. TERRY WATSON
My firewall showed ISUSPM.exe attempting to connect after I logged in to my financial institution. Could be coincidence, but that strikes me as suspicious. Boyd Ramsay
Randomly appeared December 11th. Took up 100% CPU with 6 or 8 processes of it running. Installshield WAS running, so I doubt it's dangerous going by what these people have said. Bob Heinbokel
It use's 80% of my CPU I hate it
Dangerous or not, i dont like programs that just install them self out of the blue and reinstall if uninstalled! The Dane
Noticed after installing Desktop software for Blackberry. It's part of the Roxio Crapware Greg
Installed with Roxio Media Manager 9 that came with Blackberry Desktop Manager. No uninstaller supplied coder79
was using 50 to 60% of processor time. A nuisance Dave
Just had "isuspm.exe failed to initialize properly. It will be shut down" error. Hence my visit to this site. BTW, size of my file is 221184 bytes. BrianR
Don't think it is dangerous, but I uninstalled the software that installed ISUSPM.exe and now I don't want something using 3-4Mb of my precious ram doing nothing. Rod J
I wanted it to remove ISUSPM.exe error and it did not. I am still getting the annoying message. L. Ketch
before delete istallation folder, kill issch process too. Eric
Remove it. Tracking apps.
safe to delete isidro
InstallShield creates installation tools that thousands of software vendors use to distribute software to you, their customers. About 80% of the Windows installations built in the world are built with InstallShield software, so most of the applications you install on your home computer use an InstallShield product.  See also: Link CraigP
It is a time comsuming malicious software with potential to be very dangerous. If I sent this in an email it would be concidered a virus and I would be subject to prosecution. Glenn
The uninstaller doesn't seem to work on my computer. Software Manager won't show me the "settings" page. I deleted the system permissions to execute it, I hope that works... Gambit
My version constantly opens Windows Installer in the middle of everything, forcing you to keep the Task Manager open to end the process. More annoying than anything threatening. Assuming it is actually malware, because it tries to open Corel Photo Album, and Dell Online Data Safe, and makes the computer behave in a way it is not supposed to. John
Fairly certain that this program prevented me from opening any program via the Windows Data Execution Prevention. Scott G
Serves a non-essential duty and is wasteful and annoying Jim
It seems to own my computer. I am forced to share time with it as it slows down operations and when terminated in Task Manager it restarts in about 5 minutes. The fan kicks up and the watts used for ISUSPM ar not worth what ever it is trying to do. Phil H
Tried to eliminate, but finally used RegCure, Manage Startup, ISUSPM Startup and disabled it. Warren Crawford
It is a useless program which takes about 3-4 MBs of RAM Crazykiller
Intrusive software. Does not inform you of its install as part of the installer for whatever it is packed with (in my case, Roxio Media Creator 9). No uninstaller provided. Slimey software that is developed and distributed by an organization that does not care about its end users. As it is an update manager, it is ironic that the software is designed in such a a way that prevents dilligent users from configuring their machines to their liking. Ryan
Came with Blackberry Desktop Manager Bill
It installs itself sneakily and can't be removed. I'd call it malware. All it does in my case is frequently try and check for updates _to itself_. That's the only thing it has listed as 'things to check for updates for', as I uninstalled the one other application it updated (mode setting utility for a monitor I no longer use). Very annoying. pete
It is an ennoying executer, in fact, as others have confirmed above (thank you!), installed by the Blackberry desktop using the Roxio Media Manager. As the Blackberry desktop is a crap-interface, I must say I inherited this ennoying pop up with my Blackberry. The ISUSPM.EXE is trying to update the Roxia Media Manager but does not find the updates nor can it gather the info from my PC. A Nightmare. Is now searching for help tp uninstall nad in this process I came to this site. Regards  See also: Link JSN
it goes as agent.exe in zone alarm. i've denied it permission. also found a 'diagnose connection problems' as a new add-on. don't know if it's macrovision, but i disabled. chris healy
it slowed down my computer so much i couldnt do anything, i felt like i was using a 386 on a dial up connection. Goddamn thing! i had to search out all isuspm files and delete them. i think i am rid of it. I do have blackberry desktop but i really dont even know how or why it just appeared one day. Who ever designed this should rot in hell, i dont know how he sleeps at night. F'in Victim
macrovision flexnet connect software updater DB
NOT essential for Windows, eats memory & CPU recources. May interact with other programs (My case it was Acrobat) The program itself ISUSPM.exe installed itself with Blackberry Desktop Manager as part of Roxio media crap as noted it is a Macrovision installshield update program and as you can see it's a big pain find to get rid of. Ziggy
Associated with Epson printer update. esource hog that makes my computer run hotter. Disable it for normal operations. Time_runner
It got loaded on XP Pro with Roxio crap & is a pain Pat OBrien
This file coupled with agent.exe are part of Macrovision update software, now Flexera Software. It is essential to have these files so that windows will get history of windows updates AND updates of other programs automatically. That said, these files are a pain in the cpu, causing my CPU to run at 60-70%. When I need capacity, I disable only ISUSPM.exe by quitting the process in windows task manager XP. CPU utilization drops to less than 5%. Tippy -- layman's experience-
Seems to be connected to Macrovision. I used Code Stuff Starter to delete it from the registry Joe
Came with Quick Time - Blackberry Desktop Manager - Roxio
it is a software updater for Roxio software like the cd burner that ships with HP laptops. There should be no reason for this to start automatic and do this as a hidden process..! kai r schantz
A rather nasty addition I got off of an adult game. It was installed to C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\. When it was run, it would shut down a number of my startup processes (including drivers run by executables & my virus protections) and delete them as startup entries. It would also create a startup entry for itself after shutting down your defenses. The only way to get those startup entries back on the computer was to shutdown isuspm.exe, uninstall & reinstall each program. WonderGamer
Nasty had it once long while got again Bill Man
InstallShield Update manager. Came with Paperport. Caused CPU to go skyrocket. lhuser
Blackberry installs it.. It's Roxio Media Mananger which manages Roxio Hard Drive Watcher 9. I went to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ISUSPM.cpl and right clicked it, then deleted it. Wikipedia - Malware (also: scumware), short for malicious software, is software designed to secretly access a computer system without the owner's informed consent. justinb6003
Comes with MINITAB, I really hate this program as it slows my PC after I try to place an USB disk, it slows it to the point that takes more than 10 minutes to load anything a pissed user
Hangs up internet connection. When i ended this process the internet continued to work properly DB
BS installed by paperport 12 - sucks proc power - but cant get rid of it because then paperport is re-launching install process odm973
acts as adware, runs invisibly, cannot easily uninstall, contains serious security holes, does not ask permission before installing itself thus fills every definition of malware. Jimmy Wales
installs with dragon naturally speaking and periodically interrupts you with 'special offers' dragon user
This file was installed along with Acresso "Updater" when we installed nuance PDF reader. A dirty trick to install crap like this without allowing end-users to opt out. I hear it trying to "phone home"constantly; but my firewall is blocking it. Tired of INVASIVE JERKS
InstallShield Update Service Scheduler. Automatically searches for and performs any updates to software so you are always working with the most current version. omnipage among others installs it chago
It appeared after installing Blackberry Desktop airportbum
ISUSPM.exe is part of the FlexNet Connect product sold by FLEXERA Software (use to be Acresso Software). Flexera Software products offer solutions for software licensing, software entitlement, software installation, application packaging and software compliance ISUSPM.exe is a "Common Software Manager" used by many companies, Microsoft, IBM, AMD, to manage installation, upgrades, and numerous other distribution related tasks On my system the process shows up with Dragon Naturally Speaking v 11 (C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\11) It is reported to gather data such as OS, browser, time zone and language data from end user machines.  See also: Link BigJohn
It appears that Adobe Connect web sharing service may use or may have installed this  See also: Link Steve
Win 7 it installed in c:/programdata/flexnet/connect from dragoon naturally speaking which uses it to send advertising and updates to users. Did a regedit of run found it listed there. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run azwildbill
Sucks up all computer memory at start-up on XP. I have let it run a few times and it ran for several days before I did and end process action. KGJ
AVG detects ISUSPM.exe and considers it a threat. It doesn't seem to done my computer any harm,but,like many contributers here, I'd rather not have too many "nanny" programs running. Microsoft is bad enough. Zed Too
Installed without Admin permission by Vodafone broadband lite shop Mar 2012. Activates across every software selection by operator on XP OS. Bad news if you are working against the clock. Should be classified as illegal Malware. Roddy
Is installed by programs without permission, because it was used by the programmer as an installer. Then the program will interupt and ask for discs, etc, to force a user to correct or buy software. It can function as Adware if the programs it "updates" want. bob johnson
It is very annoying, always showing up whne i turn on my computer Sarah
Looks pretty bad. Have client's dell laptop. RKill stopped isuspm.exe. Found uninstall program on Flexera Software's web site (see link). Ran the uninstaller but it left the program files in place. Renamed the .exe to .ex1 in case it was "needed" later. System seems much faster now.  See also: Link Pjbeee
You dont need it for any process as experienced I.T Tech Support You can just disable it Tech Support
It installs without user's knowledge, has no working uninstaller and can only be removed with in-depth IT-knowledge. Fortunately, it does no harm. TO UNINSTALL, start looking for ISUSPM.exe and delete the whole directory (unlock files as necessary), remove the files from system start via msconfig and remove all registry entries (there are a lot!) related to these files and the directory. Ralf
I downloaded a roxio 30 day trial and I`ve had the trial for much longer than that I suspect if I use the ISUSPM.exe update the will void the roxio trial or worse my rule of thumb any update or popup like java update or such I ignore them if something becomes so outdated it ceases to work simply go to said site and retrieve the update safely. don`t fix what aint broke. like grandpaw said. I say dangerous because I`ve been stupid and its just not worth the risk native applaichain american
runs at startup, then makes itself invisible. No respectable software should do that. Joaren
It doesn't seem to anything good and is suspect for error creation. A J Risser
It occurred in my running programs after I installed and used Driver Genius Professional Edition. So I think DG activated it to automatically update the drivers. Jos G
as others have said, it is used to monitor for updates after installs of certain programs "so companies can keep in touch with their customers" per their site. lol. just click on this link and they provide link to remove it from the registry to prevent automatic operation but leave the file in case you try to update from within the offending programs that installed it. takes 30 seconds max!  See also: Link William
I have a rootkit killer application and it took out things from the registry I didn't even know where there. It was even looking for the ISUSPM.exe (which I had previously renamed .ex1 as suggested before). Whether used by many S/W packages doesn't count if it gives you grief. It was put by Dragon (11).  See also: Link LaoziSailor
i am summarizing all the comments into this one. "it runs at startup, then makes itself invisible. No respectable software should do that." "cannot easily uninstall, ... does not ask permission before installing thus fills every definition of malware." the fix: (i am running xp) run regedit, navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and deleted the key ISUSPM in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet\Connect\11 make each of agent, dwusplay, isdm, issch, and isuspm a null file, then hid and write protected them. i used notepad's 'save as' option with save as type 'all files' to overwrite them. open a command window: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\FLEXnet\Connect\11 attrib +h +r +s isuspm.exe for each of the offending applications. delete the contents of windows/prefetch, where you'll find the only copy of isuspm.exe note: you may have to do this under safe mode if you get an 'access denied' error message note: i used this same process to get rid of the annoying java update popups. the only way to get rid of jusched and jucheck, as unchecking the update checkbox is futile. hope that helped.
This is a memory hog. It is resource intensive. It is spyware. Nuance bundles it with Paperport and other products. If you are a registered owner of Nuance Products complain to them. I believe it is spyware looking for hot software. There are better ways of forcing purchase than this BS Randy Skubbydue
windows installer keeps launching it over and over. We end task it and it comes right back. We had WinDVD and it did not uninstall clean! ARRRGGHHhhhhhhhh
Totally intrusive scanning of all my running software and annoyingly pops up with messages on what supposedly needs updating. Is this a way of Flexera trying to penetrate the Software Asset Management market in a sneaky way perhaps? MaDhAtT3R
It comes packaged with many products. It isn't necessary to the application only an updater for Nuance software. I wouldn't leave it because it is just another program taking up resources. rick
The Macrovision Installshield Update Service installed via a CorelDraw application on my laptop. I was only able to remove the complete folder using the "Unlocker" freeware, and then ran a registry cleaner which deleted about 350 associated entries. Corel still runs and can be updated manually via its help bar, once it is started. What gets installed without my permission, I consider malware. Gerrit
I did get Nuance PaperPort 12 so it likely installed with that. Based on my poking around, it is probably harmless except for taking up some space & memory, which is enough reason to delete it, or at least disable it (I prefer SysInternals' "AutoRuns" for that). BTW, if you also have Nuance PaperPort, I'd recommend checking out that SysInternals' "AutoRuns" I mentioned. Also installed by Nuance and run at logon is: IndexSearch, PaperPort PTD, PDF5 Registry Controller, PDFHook, besides ISUPM and agent. Then there's the service PDFProFiltSrvPP. All that combined probably takes a lot of space!  See also: Link WiiGame2000
ANY software that installs without permission, runs without permission, and tries to hide itself is malware. End of story.If this software is so behign, why doesn't it advertise its existence and installation? llsee
Not consistent.Indicates an update is needed when it is not. Sa
This file appears to be a part of Dragon Speak, from Nuance.  See also: Link Ken - Inet7.com

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