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Process name: Event Monitor - Supports driver extensions to NIC Driver for wireless adapters or Wireless Management Service or Intel® Wireless Management Service or Spectrum24 Event Monitor

Product: Mobile Unit Support Service or Intel® PROSet/Wireless Service or Intel® PROSet/Wireless WiFi Software or support.intel.com/support/index.htm or Intel® Network Connections or Intel® PROSet/Wireless

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Intel (intel.com) or Symbol Technologies (symbol.com)

File: S24EvMon.exe

This process is intended for operation on computers that have two Intel-chipset based networking cards or features (which is more common than you might imagine -- think of a notebook with an Ethernet port and a wireless LAN chip). It allows the two wireless network adapters to be bridged together so that both can be used at once, and in particular so you can move traffic from one card to another.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/s24evmon.exe.html 

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  • 2786 users ask for this file. 54 users rated it as not dangerous. 6 users rated it as not so dangerous. 16 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 3 users rated it as dangerous. 9 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about S24EvMon.exe:
It is installed by some games as a copy protector, could also have some spyware. It is very difficult to get rid of and requires registry changes; see link for more details.  See also: Link Jimbob
Mobile Unit Support Service
Mobile Companion for Symbol Wireless Card  See also: Link
s24evmon.exe is an application that gives access to your wireless network interface devices configurations and diagnostics. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. LaJmOn
is a wireless config file (safe) leighbobs
Event Monitor - supports driver extensions to NIC Driver for wireless adapters
This file commonly is shipped with laptops or desktops that have two intel network cards. For example the Intel PRO/Wireless 2100 LAN MiniPCI Adapter uses an Intel-developed MAC, TI/Symbol/Intel baseband chip. Likewise, s24evmon.exe allows symbol based wireless cards to bridge with 10/100baseT Ethernet cards so that you can use both at the same time. s24evmon.exe is software that will act as a bridge and will help you use both wireless and ethernet at the same time. s24evmon.exe helps when you are on ethernet and suddenly happen to also go wireless at the same time. If you dont need it remove razz
this is a very dangerous process that i found when i navigate in internet
this process did indeed come with my laptop and I will keep it going since I would like to keep switching from ethernet to wireless depending on where I am. The user who found it dangerous is definitely wrong. viper
It's totally harmless but for the fact that it sometimes crashes. Developed by Intel for use with their wireless technology.  See also: Link Sylvain
It was installed by my Toshiba aoutomated net configurator upon using two card, one ethernet and anther wireless. As nay other procces, shut down or remove is you do not need it. MTH
It's an event monitor for wireless cards  See also: Link mikem
Commonly found in Thinkpad Laptops that feature Centrino chipsets. Verified using stock factory recovery utility for T40 and T41p. Safe to turn off if you use Windows to configure your wireless cards. If you use IBM's wireless utility, leave it on or it breaks. Garlic
wireless adapter service steve I
everytime my windows starts, the program crashes and windows wants to send a report to microsoft. i dont know what cause the problem naim
Had a case where it used up 95% of CPU resources, so I killed the process, no harm that I can see from killing it, and it hasn't been back. Maybe it only gets accessed when the wireless link goes bad? JD
WLAN Andrew
This is a part of the Intel PROSET/Wireless software package for Intel Wireless Network cards. It is REQUIRED for the wireless network to work (if you use the PROSET/Wireless software), if you disable it the wireless network will shutdown immediately. Borge
I own a dell laptop with an Intel 3945 wireless network adapter. If I disable this, my wireless network disconnects and cannot be reconnected. For me, it's a critical file. It is almost constantly active while I am on my wireless network.  See also: Link Gus
Started having problems lately, likely to be this process.
I installed Intel® PROWireless 2100 LAN MiniPCI Adapters Software just to check how it was compaired with the native XP software. S24EvMon.exe is a part of this installation. Mita
The current version seems to have a memory leak as I have had to kill it several times after finding it has eaten up over 500MB of my memory. CG
Uses no cpu, but occupies copious amounts of ram - up to 200mb, that is almost 50% of my total ram... can't be good zZz
Took up about 95 meg of memory so killed the process Dargno
s24evmon.exe is an application that gives access to your wireless network interface devices configurations and diagnostics. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Eolo
Occupies a lot of memory. Right now it is using 75Mb in my Toshiba laptop ferArias
The version on my LT has a memory leak, Memory use goes upto 800MB over 3days if left running :( , Killed it and all is good, but can't switch network till reboot. Kim
I have a DELL Inspiron6000 Laptop, many time I find this task occuping 99% of processor resources. The name in Services list is "Spectrum24 Even Monitor" and in case you need to stop it requires "WLNKEEPER" service to be stopped also. Since I don't use wireless service, I just switched that to Manual Start in the service list. Abubaker
Event Monitor - Supports driver extensions to NIC Driver for wireless adapters.  See also: Link Maxime
got in on my notebook for using WLAN Security WPA2 AES. Unfortunately is constantly eats up memory when WLAN is not active. This forces me to reboot after a while - uncool. Jörch
This program installed when I bought an Intel Mini-PCI 2200bg wireless card. I got the driver from the link below (where to get the latest Intel Drivers). Seems harmless, but I have not tried to kill the process, as it appears necessary for WiFi.  See also: Link Joe
comes Intel Wireless Drivers Pete
If u have intel wireless adapter with whom u connect to router net, it is intel's process, its ok, but it eats cpu, u can kill it still u can browse net zakir
it runs on my computer after I installed everything that comes with Intel PROset/Wireless. I don't really know what it does but its using about 100 mb of my memory :S
used as a part of the program EveMon. This program was developed to keep track of a training program for your characters in the Eve-online game Needa3
Used by Intel Pro Set software. If you kill it you may get problem connecting to a wireless lan ("No card found message"). So if you use wireless lan throught your Intel card, don't kill it. On my computer, it sometimes take a lot of ram so I have to restart the Intel pro set service to get some more ram from it...
Im with JD This file has a great memory leak in it. If I leave my computer on for a couple days it starts useing over 100 megs of ram. Jonathan
Thanks for the informative and considered post Razz. Definately need it. Running Acer laptop Sometimes sharing dial up connection wireless + lan = need. That Scenario did not work with the service disabled. Using 250K mem. & 00 CPU. sushyu
Often takes about 100MB of memory, not a problem to kill thgx
Part of the Intel WLAN driver suite. Version has a memory leak and can eat up 100MB in couple of hours. sch
Not using significant CPU resources, but it's currently using 510MB of RAM.. That can't be good. John
comes with Inel PROWireless
Service/Application for Intel (Centrino) Wireless Chipsets
Exactly as JD, 95% of CPU, started when I gave wrong information to log in to my wireless network. I use Intel Proset Wireless Card Software Ale
Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network Connection
process supplied by intel to support intel wireless network adapters. It is rather harmless, but it does use a bit of ram. There is a process called S24EvMom.exe (notice the "m" instead of "n") that is malicious that is out there to look like this one. D
wireless link - for sony notebook Chris
Crapware - this comes pre-installed on my dell laptop. At the moment, it's sucking down 653MB of actual memory! (not virtual). This stuff is crap, and I usually turn off all of those services (Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless*) unless I'm switching wireless networks. Daniel
Is an INTEL file. Marco
Mostly comes in laptops with intel network card. This is wireless(wi-fi)/bluetooth connection program for network, don't mix-up with bluetooth file-sharing. You can safely disable it if you dont have wireless Network connection. Angko
This might be a benign process, but it's definitely a RAM hog! Was occupying over 24M last I checked. Bob
C:\Program Files\Intel\Wireless\Bin\S24EvMon.exe = Wireless Management Service for Intel(R) PROSet/Wireless
After frequent hibernations and startups without a restart, the S24EvMon.exe process could consume a lot of memory. Sometimes the process peaks almost 600Mb even with the Wifi hardware switch OFF. Probably necessary, but a little annoying process Aryan
I have an Intel PROWireless installed on my pc Finwe
This proc helps maintain the Wifi connection on your computer. When you disable it you loose the ablility to see Wifi networks. If you are using Wifi don't turn it off. If you do turn it off you will need to restart your computer to turn it back on. Jason
I did not have it before I started having problems... eric
I have Intel PROSet/Wireless 3945ABG, and use the supplied software for my wireless (not the XP built-in). Barnendu Goswami
It launches cmd.exe and ipconfig.exe every 2 seconds and eats up all the CPU indirectly. Bob Binns
Have to kill process to get K!TV running. Zolmeier
Network Process (laptops) Lori
process was 40 meg in size -- biggest process when I checked because my machine was swapping Earl
its form the intel wireless card anonymous
Accessory service for Intel Wireless Adaptors. Not needed if using MS Windows zero wireless copnfiguration David Lumley
bugger all but it certainly screwed with my LT - running 100% cpu for ages b4 I killed its process & still working ok beanz
O yeah, running on my acer aspire 17'' laptop, withe the intel pro wifi card installed, it is the first process to eat up my memory, and slows down all aplications, every time I think something is wrong, When I kill the s24evmon and it goes back to normal... crash0510
I have version 10.5.1.x so I suppose it;'s not a memory eater (noticed it on filemon and made me wonder what it is). I have Intel wireless on my laptop and filesize is 946176 bytes so I think its safe to leave it on..  See also: Link darkfire
It's associated with Intel ProSET Wireless adapters/management. Has a memory leak, after a few days, it's eating 211Mb of RAM.
causes my hard drive to thrash every 2 or 3 seconds. I have an HP laptop with an intel wireless card. I stopped the process which immediately stopped the thrashing. I don't know what issues will crop up with it off but will try running with out it.
The leak is caused by windows interaction with the app...not the app itself. Needed for wireless connectivity. Right click on your connection icon, and choose 'repair' to dump it's cache, and restart it without rebooting or killing the process.
It is running even though my wireless is disabled which I find worrying ?! Any suggestions. I do have intel wireless, but I don't want it to run unless I'm using it. Joolz
It has a memory leak. I kill the process in task manager with no detrimental effect to my WiFi connection. However, I'm not using bluetooth, just ethernet. rperlot
System files. Who rated it as dangerous is stupid idiot Mr. Correct
I turned it off, my machine still runs perfectly fine. I am using windows to configure my wireless networks, so I do not need this intel service. Feng
if it is consuming your processes, reinstal or repair your Intel driver ain't-no-thang
Wireless device activation monitor in Intel Based Laptops. Monitors for wireless network connections. If you turn this off.... 1. You will need to manually connect wireless, or specify particular network in the settings. 2. You will not be notified when new or open wireless networks are available. 3. the pop-up warning window that wireless networking is activated will not appear. THIS IS A NEEDED PROCESS. ........ Intel PROSet/Wireless Software 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x  See also: Link I am not a Geek
Just noticed this, but looks harmless. Does not take up any CPU and it has a fairly small memory footprint 700k  See also: Link Don Carson
It is indeed causing memory leakage. To clean the situation, you just have to kill the process (from task manager), then restart the service "Intel PROSet/Wireless Service" from the Services application - this will give you a clean new version of s24evmon. Andrea
It is harmless. If you suspect it, please check all the other processes running first and just go by process of elimination. Modern Zen Architecture
S24EvMon.exe is linked to the wifi profile when it dies it drops all information about the connection Chris
its the intel proset/wireless service. It has a major memory leak. Just close it wireless will be fine it just wont connect the same you must do it manualy Hunter
Well!It is part of interl wifi binary files! I bblocked it by firewall and nothing happened! Firewall reported me that this file is about to changing registery! Arash
When s24evmon runs, cmd.exe runs ipconfig.exe (every few seconds) Ronald Chappell

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