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Process name: iPodService Module or iPod Service

Product: iTunes or iPod for Windows or iPod Service or iPodService Module or HijackThis or ZyGoVideo

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Apple Computer (apple.com) or Apple (apple.com)

File: iPodService.exe

This service is set up as part of Apple's iTunes music software at install time. It performs various support functions, mainly related to ensuring effective data communications between the iTunes software and any iPods connected to the computer. While not a system-essential process, it is required for proper functioning of iTunes itself.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ipodservice.exe.html 

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Apple stuff
comes with itunes ram eater
Comes installed with iTunes thedude
Generates many page faults when not even needed. On my Win2K system, it had generated 902,780 when mcshield, a real resource hog, had only generated 557,728. iTunes had not even been opened this session. Kevin Harris
3.1 MB of memory is nothing to worry about
Comes with iTunes
Helps check for ipod when conected and starts the sync Oliver
makes windows pop up when i play games eats up net bandwidth jared
My Task Manager showed more than 62 million page faults for this executable. I've never used it and don't recall when it was installed. I'm on a work machine. slackmaster
only needet if you have an IPod, otherway delete it ;o) mirrakor
Considering I don't have an iPod or any music software on my computer at work (or even a soundcard), it's existence in running processes is highly suspect! Mahalie
i would like my 5mb to go towards something else. br!an
I have a TASCAM US-122 USB Sound interface and this process causes pops and clicks during playback Zim
ram stealer foreverrer
More useless start-up crap to eat up resources. Thanks, Apple!
Ram hog sometimes. Sometime it uses no resources. Other times it drains resources. Even when iTunes has never been run. Annoying. SuperGeek
I test with IIS a lot, so I don't use MS Media Player, since it is IE browser based. I use ITunes as delta background for system development. DSL is consistent in streaming with it, those radio stations that I get, and it is MAC intuitive, better than MS. ed
slows down computer. eats up memory. patrick
Apple free resource-eater :) I dont recommend to keep it enabled if you dont have Apple iPod Hardware devices, to disable it do "Start run cmd.exe" and type in command line "sc config iPodService start= disabled". Thats all.  See also: Link Name
Tried to hide file; was reinstalled. I don't own an iPod. Bill
useless and should be disable for non ipod users
With out an Ipod, it is just another useless apple product. But it is over-all not harmless. Ragman
its a complete waste of space if you dont have an ipod ! spazzy squirrel
memory does not bother me that much as number of page faults dennis lee
Generates many page faults when not even needed. On my Win2K system, it had generated 902, 780 when mcshield, a real resource hog, had only generated 557,728. iTunes had not even been opened this session. None
For Sync with iPod AFP
keeps starting itunes app when not wanted Mick_S
This program detects the conection of your iPod. If you remove it your iPod will no more be detected by the system. So, unfortunately if you love your iPod, you must accept this Apple crap. Martin
It slows the computer down so much! Ron
WinXP Pro Registry key for this file is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\Userdata\S-1-5-18\Components\E141724DB89E22. The usual path is C:\Program files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe. There is also a reference to the file in the registry for programs that run at startup/ Login. The registry entry is located at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. I feel that any program with a path that includes both "install" and " User Data" ;runs in the backgound and requires registry editing to disable is suspicious.
Seems like a waste if you don't have an iPod ... Turn off by going to (on WinXP) Control Panel Administrative Tools Services. Find iPodService.exe, double click on it. Stop the service and change Startup type to Disabled.  See also: Link James Skemp
needs to be disabled for non ipod people. it eats ram and on win2k it is, excluding this program, impossible to close anubis
Slows down my connection too much. I never authorized it's installation. I don't have an I-Pod and won't ever now. I think it installed itself when I upgraded my free version of Windows Media Player. Not harmful, just not necessary for me. Jason
It's an unnecessary service that causes a huge amount of page faults. If you just use itunes as a player on your PC, it is not necessary to have Ipodservices.exe running. only an itunes user
I was able to rename the file, and then create a directory (folder) with the name ipodservice.exe. That stops this crufty junk from loading. Dude
I dont even have an ipod and its using 3.5mb! I only use i-tunes to store my cds. Col
Automatically launched with iTunes. Auto reinstalled when Itunes is launched el Nicorse
It is part of iTunes and is completely harmless Mark
Cannot be terminated with Task manager. Comes with iTunes. It's a background process. Don't worry about it.  See also: Link Anonymous
It comes with iTunes, it sits there eating RAM - I can't kill it with CTRL+ALT+DEL though :/ hm
Useless unless u have an iPod, i had one but it broke lol. Can be disabled
Causes issues with Visual Studio.NET on our developer machines. Hogs ram. DC
Stop it in the task manager when iTunes.exe doesn't run. Blandine Catastrophe, Colmar, France
Thanks for disable protocols Ellen
Harmless but eats up your system memory, GG apple.
this program is a page fault generator. It hit more then a million pagefaults within a few hours. Remove it from your system djp
more annoying than anything else. just disabled it Cow
problematic on XP. More Apple junk Gas
Automatically install when I-tune is installed, need to remove it in two places in "Registry" if you don't need it. It eats up your physical ram which usually cost $$ to buy more of. If other program follow this trend and make it harder to remove the 'fat' from the lean 'meat'. The computer will likely suffer stroke. This file is not necessary if you don't have iPod. Paul
Itunes 6 application will restart the service if you have disabled it in Control Panel Services. If you put C:\Program files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe into a folder of the same name, the folder is opened when you start Itunes 6. SO, Itunes 6 must be simply executing C:\Program files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe There are two options to rid of this program: ol li 1.) Rename the exe to something totally different. Itunes will look for iPodService.exe and not find it. OR li 2) Copy a "do nothing" exectuable over iPodService.exe. Itunes will still find the exe, and the exe will do nothing. /ol Nick
Itunes player  See also: Link Somethief
Used to download mp3's to the iPod  See also: Link Damien
Not only for iPod, it is for QuickTime as well. If not installed, you may not be able to watch *.mov files or other video on web sites that specificly call for QuickTime. If you must remove it, you should use the "Add / Remove Programs" tool to do so properly. DJ
The process belongs to Apple's iTunes software. It can be disabled within iTunes in preferences. The process enables iTunes to interface your media library across a network. Jerod
IPod synchronization (is installed with Apple's iTunes)
Installed on a PC where no ipod were connected is suspect to me... I think some spyware are using that ID to hide. Installed in C:\Program Files\iPod\ without my consent Jango
You gotta know that an ipod basically WORKS without installing any driver (just like a usb harddrive), therfore this process is NOT needed. iTunes installs it so it can open automatically when you plug the ipod in (and sync, if that option is on). Disabling the service = open iTune yourself (which is good). Kev
here's what i did: deleted ipod folder, disabled in services.msc, then i used that registry location in post listing here and rebooted
Leecher background monitoring task by Apple Computers
Go into the control panel and then to services. Find the ipodservice service and stop it. Then disable it so it won't run again. Only do this if you don't have an ipod. On XP use msconfig to disable the service. Bren
It came (unwanted) with QuickTime. Changed my explore.exe process to iprocess.exe wtf Frank U
Ipod related... However any program that can not be removed from normal mesures from auto startup is malware.
Comes installed with iTunes. Not needed if you don't use an iPod, so disable it. Location: C:\Program Files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe Anon
Bundled with Quick Time - You are unable to uninstall it without also killing QT. See http://forums.invisionpower.com/lofiversion/index.php/t192531.html for better information on how to disable it so it ""should not"" cause problems. ~Dakota  See also: Link Dakota
just rename it C:\Program Files\iPod\bin if you don't have an iPod, that works fine
GAMERS BEWARE! ipodservice.exe comes with itunes, but leaves port 2078 WIDE OPEN during games like CounterStrike (all Steam Powered games) and other onliners. Search for this file, then remove it from your task manager, then delete it. Thanks. Tom Mead (Now working on Linux)
slows down everything apple crap jeffro
Frickin' obnoxious. Should only appear if you mark that you have an iPod. Faith
You iPod will work with this service disabled. run-- services.msc-- iPod service-- disable, however... if you have to worry about 3 MB of RAM maybe this little program isn't your main concern. In fact, I'm sure of it. Get off teh internet right now and go get some RAM or a new computer. Seriously... Modern
Maybe unspy pc modified this process. ipodservice.exe changed my DNS lookup in Internet Explorer to some 85.xxx IP address and used to redirect me to an EXTRA SPECIAL offer everytime I clicked a link. Definitively malware. The redirecting stopped when I killed the process ipodservice.exe. BTW: Isnīt it ituneshelper.exe that comes from Apple and not ipodservice.exe? Deload
Win XP SP2 - Used Windows Task Manager End Process to stop it's execution. Ran quicktime *.mov's for me just fine. Did not reload after running quicktime movies. This thing eats up ram when it's not being used. That's a BAD thing. I have over 100 applications installed on my laptop, and if every one of them installed a couple memory resident pieces even when they were not running the machine would grind to a halt. This is NOT a feature, it's a BUG. IMO. Russ
if its from itunes, its just a ram eater. Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, and to Services. You'll see it under Services and you can disable it. B
Stop complaining about it. If you don't have an iPod go to Services (Start Run services.msc) and disable it. It's completely harmless.
I never had an iPod, never did anything to do with iTunes yet this runs on my system and so does iTunesHelper.exe - maybe some spyware uses the same name?? Sohel
This is used by iTunes to detect ypur iPod. In %iPod Firmware Folder%\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe and should not exist if you did not install the iPod firmware updater to your computer. max.diems+neuber
iTunes service
Itunes software package cd/Ipod connection watcher benszoko
Generates thousands of page faults - kills performance
I disabled the service, and now I get DCOM errors on startup. How can I fix this?
Using itunes allows this service to override admin settings - very bad! JJ Persaud
This file is ascociated with iTunes and manages the iPod when connected or docked to the PC . this file is not at all dangerous. but it is a resource hog. if you would like more memory, simply end the process. although this has not been tested, iTunes may not detect your iPod when it is docked or connected to your computer. Mediarocker - IT Administrator
It really hogs resources Paul
If you can see your iPod in explorer, but not in iTunes, then iPodService is at fault. To fix, eject your iPod, quit iTunes, Ctrl-alt-del- end iPodService.exe, restart iTunes, and finally plug in your iPod. Heck, I have a batch file to do the "sc config.." thing every time. pen_sq
Needed for your iPod  See also: Link I pod
Loaded during X-mas to help daughters use new iPods, never used it since, would like for it to be an icon in the taskbar with a "preferences" or "disable" button or have same "disable" button in Start folder. Its poor marketing and programming on Apple's part to have something be a nuisance and that is so user unfriendly to turn off. SpoilerDad
not needed but isn't dangerous, if you don't have iTunes get rid of the service Dr. Daniel
i tred renaming it, and after starting itunes again my cpu went crazy (100%) for a while, then ipodservice.exe reappeared before itunes would start. I checked the ipod\bin folder and it was back there along with the renamed one. Any fixes for this argus
Sometimes causes a few stunts (not severe), since I do not own an iPod, I just stopped and disabled it (but for some reason, it keeps getting back into running lines!). This service probably is of some use but is only necessary when you really need it. Jamie McGlynn
Apart of iTunes, this process detects if an iPod is presently connected to a computer. This process comes along with iTunes and typicaly draws memory like the iTunes Helper Process. This file is not dangerous, but a minor neusance. Mediarocker543
This program would not work on windows 2000 SP3, just don't ever wasted your time of downloading, but if you need to run this program only works on Windows 2000 SP4 and DirecX9 carefull. edgar
Most backgroung progs have startup stuff in the HKLM..run key of the registry. You normally have to end the process (using a windows message close/exit etc) and *then* edit the startup key in the registry (otherwise the prog may re-add the key once you remove it). Recommend free utility from Mangolab for identifying/stopping & removing background processes.  See also: Link Sandy Badger
if u dont have an ipod it does nothing except eating your ram Jawahar
As far as I can ascertain, all is good. I haven't tried disabling it or what have you, as no problems have arisen on this PC. Period. So it's harmless, it uses some RAM and I could disable it...but I got about 500MB of RAM unused atm..at least. So why worry? If you got a problem with it / don't have an iPod - disable! =] [ VX ]
It runs Ipod Service which I Don't even have and that It does Slow you down when playing online games !  See also: Link PiczoGame
Not only for iPod, it is for QuickTime as well.
Ive tried to delete ipodservice.exe, but then iTunes won't work. Funny enough, they say at their website you can just delete it if you dont have an ipod, but you can't. It wont let iTunes work without it, so it might be spyware. Tash
iPodservice.exe is used by iTunes to interact with your iPod. It can be used to retrieve information such as the iPod's name, version, and provides necessary information to upgrade and other tasks.
Very annoying. Can't be disdabled in Quicktime. One of the complete useless processes shown in Taskmanager. Bert
none of these fixes seemed to work so I finally created a new text file "C:\Program files\iPod\bin\iPodService.exe" and renamed the real one to "C:\Program files\iPod\bin\iPodService_.exe". This seems to work. I can see in Sysinternals Process Explorer that iTunes.exe has stopped opening iPodService scott
Opens itunes when ipod is plugged in, not harmful but can be a ram eater Chris
I've designed a way to stop ipodservice.exe and ituneshelper for good. First close iTunes and then kill the ipodservice and ituneshelper tasks in the task manager. Then go to where your ipodservice.exe files is (usually c:\program files\ipod\bin) and highlight the ipodservice.exe file and press F2 so that it's in rename mode. Hit Ctrl-C so that you've copied the name. Now delete the file (shift-delete) so that it doesn't go into the recycle bin. Then go into your c:\windows\system32 folder and copy net.exe and paste it into your ipodservice folder. Then rename it to iPodService.exe. DD
Atrocious process user, the REASON why Ipod's suck is for the need of proprietary programs and services. thats why i bought a much better Creative Zen vision M :D D.R.
Process used with iPod
Stupid ram eater get rid of it! Go to add/remove programs and delete ipod updater. =) Siddhartha
iPodService.exe is a Windows executable which allows iTunes (win) to interface correctly with iPods.  See also: Link Mark
i disabled it at startup, plugged my ipod in and nothing happened (normally my itunes will open up automatically). so i think what this thing does is that it starts up when windows starts, searches for an ipod and when it finds one, opens up itunes so it can automatically sync with your ipod. when i went in manually into itunes, it started to sync automatically. i was also able to eject it and keep it charging without the itunes. it's not harmless and there's no point getting rid of it (i read that it just keeps reinstating itself) but i will keep it from disabling in my startup anyways. jeannie
Apparantly, you're not allowed to update your iPod without it :( blust
an unneeded service written by sub-par programmers. asdf
this service hogs cpu - it isn't a ram issue, nor a virus - disable it via admin tools magilla
The problem with malware, spyware, and bad programming is not that each individual program causes a catastrophic system slowdown, it is the combined tax on the system that creates serious issues. This program is poorly designed, hard to get rid of (for the average user) and not needed for a large portion of the people who seem to have it. Because of this, it is not only something to worry about, but something that should be removed with the utmost haste. If I let every little 'harmless' 3Mb program run, I'd have no memory left because there are thousands of them! Every little bit helps.
service that allows iTunes to sync with your iPod
One of three processes that iTunes keeps running, if you're not using an iPod or the iTunes store they are undesirable, yet cannot be deactivated. The only way is to deinstall iTunes. The other two processes are iTunesHelper.exe and mDNSResponder.exe Dan
eats up memory and processes
security risk low: program for linking IPod to PC and syncing your mp3 files to Ipod. A very "high" invasive level though, turning it off in services doesn't work and I HATE companies that don't allow consumer the RIGHT of configuration, that and itunes is packed with Quicktime Player (another invasive piece of junk) - annoys the hell of out me with all the .dll wanting to inject itself into every bloody process, Itunesregistry, ituneskeyboardcompatibility, itunes this that and the other. I'm chucking my Ipod in the bin and reconverting those files that apple surgury on my precious mp3s!!! Rotten Apple
Used to link PC to iPod. Not dangerous but annoying to TURN OFF. Turn off iTunes helper through msconfig (Start, run, "msconfig", startup tab) and iPodService.exe can prevented from running by saving a blank Notepad file as iPodService.exe in same folder (C:\Program Files\iPod\bin) and renaming original sth else such as iPodService.doc. When you need to sync up ur iPod it is easily undone but STOPS it from running on ur PC when ur not syncing. Hope it helps someone:-) Lykoris
slows down explorer.exe and other prodrams dennis
It is used for transferring files from itunes to ipod, u can stop it, it starts up again clarkeish
2 versions exist. One is included with iTunes. The other is Malware. If the part labeled "pod" is in all caps, it's mailware. If its "Pod", it's Apple. PC Tech
If you simply go into windows services and either disable it or make it a manual start-up, itunes will re-enable it and ipodservice.exe and it will continue to start-up and run next time you startup your itunes, and this lame leach-app will continue to run even after you close itunes. Want to disable it al together? Download this no-nag, free software called CodeStuff Starter. Go into it's services tab, find ipodservice.exe, (it will probably show as currently running), right click it, select "Explore Service Registry key" and under "permissions" DENY all, especially SOFTAWARE OWNER,  See also: Link helper-hater
Only needed if you have an ipod so that iTunes will open. Otherwise it's a useless process that runs at startup. You can't disable the service using msconfig or services. iTunes will restart it next time you use the program and set it to manual. It will run every time you open iTunes and keep running even if you close iTunes. You have to end process with the task manager (ctrl/alt/delete). If you delete, rename, replace the file iTunes will reinstall the service. joemama1969
Needed to sync up with iPod. Useless if you don't own one. Cesar
The most harmless software on my pc = i've never seen it use any memory at all, then again, i wouldnt mind anyway. i do have an ipod, and without the process the auto sync and detection of the ipod doesnt take place. Good look - Disable if u dnt have a ipod as there is obviously no point u keeping it :^) freerider
its a waste when you don't like MP3 music Roger Daltry
To disable go to the iTunes main folder, find iTunes.exe, make a fresh new shortcut. Make sure iTunes is closed and iPodService.exe is disabled, and then delete the iPod folder in Program Files. Launch the new shortcut and you'll see that iTunes launches without iPodService.exe. joemama1969
apple should have a class action law suit filed against it! this is malware on my W2K machine! why should i have to go through this struggle to get rid of a memory hog that i did not ask for or agree to install! +ID
it wastes ram
SAFE SAFE. Only leave it open if you have an iPod though. Otherwise, close and quarinteen. Non iPod users wont need this.
Conflicts with Might & Magic VI through VIII.
I confirm the TASCAM 122 incompatibility. guitarjoe
Build up of similar background apps can ruin system performance. Small memory hog, otherwise don't sweat it if you enjoy using itunes.
related to ITunes install-any file that runs in the background on startup should only be essential, this attitude is why Vista can't run on 1GB RAM efficiently. Win2K shipped with 256MB and requires 750MB for "normal use, XP at lease 1GB, for Vista I rec. 2 GB...ridiculous amount of RAM Tidy Man
iPodService.exe startup service linked to itunes. To prevent from loading at startup on XP Pro, proceed as flws: 1. run, type msconfig 2. services tab, untick Bonjour Service, untick iPod Service boxes. Startup tab: untick iTunesHelper and qttask boxes. Click OK, restart CPU. Tick lower left box on notification pop-up, OK. This will get rid off these unnecessary memory eaters. Obviously, any time you activate the iTunes player, the iPodservice will restart. layaguara
This is an obnoxious service for one who likes to control the memory that is stolen from any resources. I am opting for the removal and blocking of the file in any way I can. Otherwise, it's not dangerous but I just don't own an iPod! STOP IT APPLE!!!! Wartickler
A work around to stop it from running: copy and past another exe file into the C:\Program Files\iPod\bin folder (i use the volume control sndvol32.exe fronm the C:\WINDOWS\system32\ folder) Delete the iPodservice.exe file and rename sndvol32.exe to ipodservice.exe. Now everytime u start iTunes the volume control opens but the iPodservice does not vynbos
Audio complications if using an external audio card....simply delete programs ipod ....then open itunes check the don't show this warning again box and click no.. LunarCamel
this service caused my quad core vista machine to 'lock up' for about 2 to 4 seconds once or twice per minute. Stopping the service cured it completely. I don't have an ipod! Kevin Adam
Part of iTunes; uses 4MB RAM jrd
I have never had an iPod, and I have no plans to own one. It slows loads times and hogs resource. To stop it loading with iTunes I have resorted to renaming "iPodService.exe" to "iPodService.exe.noload" "iPodService.dll" to "iPodService.dll.noload" Using Notepad to create two (empty) text files "iPodService.exe" and "iPodService.dll" which have the right name, so iTunes doesn't try a reinstall. iTunes loads a heck of a lot faster.  See also: Link Archullus
If you don't have an iPod you can disable this service. But if you have an iPod and don't want the service running all the time got the service console and put it from automatic to manual. Whenever you open iTunes, the service will be started and your iPod will be recognized and synchronized. Pat
Part of the iTunes package. Doesn't consumer much resources, but it seem to be polling the USB bus constantly, as well as causing page faults. Mike
made my CPU jump up and down, computer become useless cho
related to itunes
It's a piece of crap installed by iTunes that trolls the USB ports, hogs resources, and causes a shitload of page faults. Apparently, if you do what Archullus does, it will leave you alone. Austin
chews up my laptop battery life even without itunes running mrben859
It needed not only for iPod but for iPhone too miar
takes up more than 20 GB of my hard drive that is a lot but i have no ideas it does good to me nooble
Comes with ITunes. Eloise
Unlock icloud Nobin
it comes with itunes Tommy

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