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Process name: Realtek Sound Manager or Avance Sound Manager or Avance Sound Effect Manager

Product: Realtek Sound Manager or Realtek HD Sound Manager or Avance Sound Manager or Avance Sound Effect Manager v

Company: Realtek Semiconductor (realtek.com.tw) or Avance Logic (avance.com)

File: soundman.exe

This process implements Realtek's Sound Manager system tray utility, which is installed on systems along with the drivers for certain Realtek soundcards and integrated sound logic chips. Like many system tray utilities, it provides a convenient interface to change the settings of the associated hardware, and also lets you manage the function of the various input and output lines on your sound card (such as audio in, microphone and so forth.)www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/soundman.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

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  • 1643 users ask for this file. 54 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 10 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 9 users rated it as dangerous. 7 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about soundman.exe:
File gives acess to AC'97 Audio configuration/codecs(Realtek)  See also: Link Minion
It gives option for sound configuration.. a cind of driver QWP
Driver for sound Config. No problems Arlas
Sound Codec Manager - Allows you to administer your sound settings  See also: Link James Addyman
Realtek Sound Manager Basiclife
Its Realteck sound effects program, u can disable it if not used the tray icon Cesar
I have a file which keeps popping up called soundmon.exe is this the same as soundman etcetc mike1
Driver based on Realtek AC'97 Audio Chip - Not Dangerous Nwt_lazaro
Part of Realtek package - sound effects/sound card config. Probably worth keeping Richard Creighton
driver realtek
A website called LAFN (Los Angeles Free Network) has a, very long, list of registry startup programs.
good kathkath
I've deleted this registry in order to remove Sound Effect Manager from my PC, but it's still there, any ideas? Abelone
Realtek Soundcard drive-not spyware squid
it's sounds like a super hero to me, but spider man is much better Renron
Soundkarte program von Realek/Programme de carte son integre Realtek/Program from Realtek integrated sound card. FatalError
Mike1 Soundmon.exe is a trojan virus duelpersonalities
sounds like this is related to the MOBO sound system
sound effect manager
Part of the Realtek AC97 setup Steve G
realtek sound card executable file.. damien
Part of Realtek. It provides an icon in the system tray to give quick access to the sound card settings. Useless process - disable it. -
it's a sound manager with very cool effects while playing mp3's El Locote
Manages RealTek sound codec. It's part of the driver!!! Absolutely safe. spazzy
RealTek OnBoard sound manager - found most commonly on mobo's with onboard sound (but only if the onboard sound is made by Realtek) LW90210
Realtek Sound Manager  See also: Link
it appears and have to be removed Virus raj kumar
definitely a virus  See also: Link jane doe
could be an alias for worm "randon.av"
soundman.exe could be a worm - the W32.Spybot.ANDM worm can copy itself as soundsman.exe ; check Symantecs website. Discovered 1/5/2007  See also: Link CathyB
soundman.exe as part of the Realtek AC97 setup is a P.O.S., it seems that sometimes you can remove it from the registry to prevent startup and still have working sound, while other times your left without any sound and the Windows options under sound are unusable while the sound device reports to be working properly, so, it's hit and miss, it's really sad that such worthless garbage is bundled so tightly with drivers. Matt
Soundmanager Steve
the only process all the time on my system, that is not digitally signed kriss
My system locked up with system resources all tied up with iexplorer.exe only thing was i had no ie windows open. When i terminated it in task manager, it imediately spawned another instance again consuming large resources. When i disabled my network card, the activity stopped. It was in the windows/system32 folder 3,072kb. It had added it's self to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software/microsoft/windows/run key. It was easy enough to remove it from the start up queue from the msconfig command, reboot, and disable the file. If i were creating a malacious software, i would name it something common abp
Stands for Audio Codec '97, is a standard audiocodec used by intel. Absolutely safe. Valter
SoundMan.exe = Realtek Sound Effect Manager. It's non-essential and not critical to your audio driver. See Link and Expand Question 15.  See also: Link TrenchFOOT.net
Sound effects = equalizer, karaoke, echo, reverb, pitch shift etc by Realtek very safe, but not suppoerted now. Bill
not virus Known
Realtek Sound Card Driver Shivam
It is a Realtek Sound Manager from the Realtek AC97 and HD Audio Codec.  See also: Link Angeluz_Villaluz
soundmanager for realtek sound jethro
If you dont have Realtek AC'97 Audio that SOUNDMAN.EXE can be a virus and if you have Realtek AC'97 Audio leave it where it is until you uninstal Realtek AC'97 Audio V1Ru2
I-Worm Stration can attach itself to this program Kim-Duthie
Object: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Purble Place\PurblePlace.exe Threat: Win32/Virut.NBP virus Information: RTL 8100C 5710751
Part of Realtek AC'97 process MarRen23
Safe (from Realtek), but non-essential - only places an icon on systray. Mik
Ac97 Sound Card Driver Impossible
Soundman.exe is most likely not a virus as it is used to manage sound on Realtek ACxx Audio. InvoxiPlayGames

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