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Process name: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver

Company: Intel (intel.com)

File: igfxtray.exe

The Graphics Accelerator Helper Module by Intel is shipped along with Windows drivers for Intel and nVidia graphics cards and is installed as part of their Graphics Media Accelerator Driver. It displays an icon in the system notification tray in Microsoft Windows operating systems which provides convenient user access to the Intel Graphics configuration and diagnostic application. If you want a detailed security rating about your igfxtray.exe (and all other running background processes) read the following user opinions, and download the free trial version of Security Task Manager. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/igfxtray.exe.html 

Note: Any malware can be named anything - so you should check where the files of the running processes are located on your disk. If a "non-Microsoft" .exe file is located in the C:\Windows or C:\Windows\System32 folder, then there is a high risk for a virus, spyware, trojan or worm infection! Check it out!

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  • 9260 users ask for this file. 91 users rated it as not dangerous. 7 users rated it as not so dangerous. 22 users rated it as neutral. 8 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 13 users rated it as dangerous. 8 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about igfxtray.exe:
Intel Integrated Display Adapter component -- System Tray Applet facilitating display adjustments Vic Van Vroom
Shows a tray icon of your intel graphics driver
Intel Graphics Driver
Has to do with an Intel Display Adapter, harmless
Morons just remove it, it is unecessary.
Intel Graphics Tray process. Most Intel motherboards with integrated video made after 1999 have this program as part of its "driver installation" package. This is what enables simple resolution changes (right click Desktop Graphics Modes 1280x1024 @ 32bpp - 70 hz etc) The genuine version of this file is completely harmless, but it's not necessary for video card function with an Intel motherboard, as I stated earlier. Obsidian Eternus
When i Installed the windows XP professional, that system will getting automatic restart. shivaram.K
COULD be a trojan (cf french link)  See also: Link
Its not dangerous... bob heinbokel
it is ok to let it here. Edmond
Intel Integrated Display Adapter
It is harmless remove it.
intel extreme graphics  See also: Link samsaid
Symantec says it could be a Backdoor Trojan if it is in C:\Winnt\System32\Dhcp directory.  See also: Link
Intel Graphics Tray. It's perfectly fine. Kisara
its more annoying than dangerous, on EVERY start-up it causes a window saying could not open igfxtray when i never tried to open it in the 1st place Mystique
On windows startup this exe file tries regularly to connect to crl.microsoft.com on port 80. Not sure what it's sending Matt
It is a harmless process..displays an icon in the Icon Tray for the graphics device
Not dangerous. Just another process to take up more resources. igfxtray.exe is a process which allows you to access the Intel Graphics configuration and diagnostic application for the Intel 810 series graphics chipset. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use via the desktop tray.  See also: Link WELL SPOKEN IT PERSON
Not harmless it is removable without any problems zafar
Used for Intel display. Not dangerous. No need to remove it. Tyler Menezes
Spygate Firewall notified me of 'Attempted Hijacking' by ifxftray.exe in WINNT System32. Upon checking logs I noticed it continually trying to connect to an IP I then traced to The Netherlands (I'm in US). I blocked this IP range on my firewall and the following the day it began reporting to a different IP. Blocked that one and now it is trying to connect even to a different one. Tried to delete it - coulnd't. Started in Safe Mode, deleted the file, then used regedt32 to delete all associated registries for this file. daKing
I just got a new computer with Windows Vista and periodically my screen goes black and then in the bottom of my start up task bar it says that it has recovered from a critical error. I don't know what igfx is but it's annoying! Debbie
Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver trecool999
It always crashes when i shut down and interferes with quite a few things, annoying but harmless Shmoe IV
I think any process will slowdown the boot up of Windows. If it is an uselss (or rarely be used) program, then disable it at regiter would be a smart way. jack
not dangerous on my system. T-LAMMMMMM
it is ok. igfxtray.exe is a process which allows you to access the Intel Graphics configuration and diagnostic application for the Intel 810 series graphics chipset. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use via the desktop tray. Tinel
It's harmless - you people should research or educate yourselves before saying it's "harmful" or "bad" cause there ARE people out there who's only source of info about these things is threads like this - and they rely on us for accurate information - not speculation I.T. Professional
Users with video outputs, S-video etc. should not disable this
I am not sure, I had Intel Extr.Graf. card in my previous laptop, but now I have ATI mobility and still this process. Any advice? Gabrosh
it's not dangerous but absolutely unnecessary JRog
It is about controlling the graphic displayer slavic
It runs a tray icon. It is used for quick access to video features. Donna Stone
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, its totally harmless. Kevin
It shows in the Startup tab on my WinXP System Configuration Utility (MSCONFIG). But I don't see any tray-icon as some have metioned here. I am using the on-board Intel 82865G Graphics Controller - Driver Version ddas-eden
I tested my new computer with Windows Vista on PCPitstop and had a very high CPU rate. I also had been having problems with my internet crashing daily. On Task Manager I saw igfxsrvc.exe had a high CPU. On another forum I learned that this is caused by igfxpers.exe getting stuck in some kind of continual loop. I can't find igfxper.exe in my registry. I read that it is usually hidden in igfxtray.exe. I'm trying to delete it completely from my system. When I disable igfxpers.exe in Task Manager, it fixes the problem immediately - until the next day when it starts up again! Argh! nranger7
original file is safe, but unnecessary. could be trojan. removed fine with fileassassin
I've been annoyed by this for about 2 weeks now but I downloaded the graphics adapter from my motherboard makers site. Today I binned the graphics accelerator and downloaded the same driver from Intel and problem is gone. Third party download seems to have been my problem, windows couldn't authenticate it every time it started Rob
startup windows pradip
igfxTray Module by Intel Corporation
Just another process to take up more resources. igfxtray.exe is a process which allows you to access the Intel Graphics configuration and diagnostic application for the Intel 810 series graphics chipset. This program is a non-essential system process, and is installed for ease of use via the desktop tray As matt says
All I know is I removed it from my msconfig startup and it started taking forever for my LAN adapter to kick in (forever = 60 seconds). Put it back and it take about 6 seconds for the LAN adapter to kick in now. This helps me open the browser fast after startup so that I can clock in for work. T-weezy
To stop igfxtray.exe: start # Run... # msconfig # OK # Startup (TAB) # UNTICK 'igfxtray'  See also: Link
It's genuine Intel. It allows quick resolution changes, automatic resolution changes when connecting another monitor, display rotation, and a few more obscure changes. You can usually (not always) live without it, but if you use any of its features, you want to keep it. It supports hotkeys for these functions as well as the optional tray icon. Chainsaw
igfxTray.exe - IF IT HAS A CAPITAL T, it is a worm, check the link  See also: Link concerned
McAfee VirusScan killed it with the following info: "c:\Documents and Settings\ User \Start Menu\Programs\Startup\igfxtray.exe Generic.dx!uoi(Trojan)", but after that, I lost the tray icon whatsoever. Complete search of the system didn't show it anywhere else, either. I am using a notebook with dual-screen setup, so was using it all the time. NB
igfxtray.exe is a file which can be used for diagnostics on specific graphics chips. The file location is also listed below, and should always be verified as spyware writers will often use the same named file or like named files and just locate them elsewhere in attempts to fool you. This igfxtray.exe file goes by the name Intel Grpahics Accelerator and sets various options on the Intel graphics chips. This may also appear in your system startup. This file is considered safe and is not considered spyware or adware related.*  See also: Link RAJVEER TEJUSWI
igfxTray is an Intel Graphics driver. If your computer has an Intel processor, you will probably see this in your startup. I would recommend leaving it there. No, it is not necessary. No, it will not affect your computer to disable it. But the amount of resources taken up by it is rather small, and unless you really need to squeeze every drop of performance out of your computer, I'd recommend just leaving it there. IT Guy
Onboard Graphics driver admin software. Without it running, some software collapse, for example Word of Warcraft Billy
harmless intel graphic device tool
I had a warning during bootup on my Vista machine, "fatal error: no language found". After a lot of screwing around I discovered that igfxtray was the cause. Not directly however. When I changed the boot order (I made it load later), the problem stopped. Michael Redbourn
Intel(R) Common User Interface (Installed with graphic card drivers with Intel chipsets)  See also: Link Owningy0u
Harmless, Can be used as a virus, Trojan but very rare, nothing major. takes up between 4,000 and 5,000k in task manager Sleepy
It is located at your C:\documents and settings\username\start menu\programs\startup folder, being completely invisible (not related to "show hidden files" option, just invisible, not even DOS can see it), but windows search for files shows it. Seems like this process, being invisible in task manager as well, launches several copies of svchost.exe. It stole my passwords from several accounts on social networks. This is a dangerous file, remove it ASAP and replace with any folder named after file, so that it won't appear again. myname
It is not necessary for Persistence to run at startup. It is usually run infrequently and can be started manually if needed by clicking StartMenu Control Panel Adjust Screen Resolution (in Appearance and Personalization) Advanced Settings (on the Display Settings /Monitor tab) the Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver! It is associated with the Common User Interface module for Intel graphics cards. It is perfectly okay and totally SAFE to disable igfxtray.exe and DELETE it from the list of programs that start automatically at Windows logon and boot time  See also: Link StarLight Dreamwalker
kokotina to je, odjebat to zo systemu vy skurvysyni Michal
Intel Graphics system tray button. No need to end process, though can be ended without problem.
this file is run to 1 sec this is file are virus protection file
That proccess from Inel video adapter David
it came with intel graphics chipset drivers.... Its safe.. Arpit
This file always appears when i open my computer Vaibhav
Webroot took it out saying it was a Trojan. Zach
it is a valid file but trogans commonly mask themselves as igfxtray.exe so delete it and if it comes back its a trogan lucas
There is a windows driver update to stop the pop up window appearing at boot up. Hope this helps Eddie
for WinXP SP3 x86, it will show in start-up menu if you install driver for VGA Intel G31/ G41 or above. akulah VIKYO, VIKYLOVEVINA
IGFXTRAY.exe is VGA controller for Intel Graphic Acceleration Chip in your motherboard. It is a system file (Chipset Driver) or say, Intel Graphics Controller/ VGA monitoring program and is not a Virus (comes with motherboard CD or DVD). Some Other Viruses or programs can replace this file as a virus .However, the igfxpers.exe program by Intel (which executes the igfxtray.exe ) can detect the original igfxtray.exe file and notifies you on the desktop that the file has become corrupted. Dhananjay Baraik
just the controller, remove it if u disturbed nico
If you don't like use msconfig to remove it from startup. How to: 1. Press WinKey* and R 2. Click on 'Boot' 3. Search for igfxtray.exe 4. Uncheck igfxtray.exe 5. Click 'OK' Gw
.Intel graphics tray process.Completely safe. Nothing to worry about
It's not dangerous but absolutely unnecessary. Shows a tray icon of your intel graphics driver. PAWEŁ
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator Driver bluewolph
it is just an unnessesory file that adds the intel graphix icon on the bottom right tray .. but i wont bother to remove it as it takes just 3-4 mb of ur ram on startup !! J3e7_bAn3rje3
It is not dangerous till it infected by Virus. premanand
not a dangerous file.. if you want to test it,start your computer in safe mode (warning not all computers can do this or do not do exactly what you want so pls dont try it , or if you realy will do this ...check this on microsoft.com) the files in your explorer are the files of your computer whitout any other programs ...only windows files (no viruses). Jimmy
Intel Graphics tray icon. If you don't need it you can disable it without any problems. Mario
There's two other programs that are also harmless, but there's no difference with or without them, so you might as well disable them from startup. (Actually, one might be for "fluid" brightness changing) Vorpike
Eh, just disable it. It doesn't really do anything but waste CPU cycles and throw a thingy in your system tray. But it's not harmful or anything. Melody
Part of the Intel graphics software/driver. Not sure what the process takes care of, all I know is that Intel needs to improve their graphics software/driver. Simply uses too many system resources when you consider it purpose. Jordan
its Nvidia. if u dont know anything about graphics, then do your research
it should be there only don't do anything not a Trojan or virus Nirav Dave
Harmless but constantly encounters system errors that may effect PC performance a tiny bit. Just remove it. Tom
Shows a tray icon for easily accessing Intel Graphics Driver settings. It is completely safe however if you do not change your graphics driver settings often (like once every week or so) then you can safely disable it. PaintNinja
normaly it not dangerous but if sometime this program use 100% of your cpu it a a Trojan Generic KDV 792778 that say it intel graphics accelerator  See also: Link philippe
If you do not use the intel graphics then disable it David
its from intel no risk at all adel
Safe file if you have intel graphics scott
It is not dangerous nor essential for the full functionality of your PC! Aaron
Safe Diego
only needed for quick access to graphic functionalities/modifications. shouldn't delete or modify it but not needed to be run all the time - so it can be safely removed from starting with windows (use regedit for this) Siva
its tries to shut my pc off every time i end it Seth
It is another program that works to update your system. I have disabled it on all my computers and have had no adverse effects. You can also disable WebClient without any adverse effects. Kathie
While it's not necessary, it doesn't use many resources. It also allows me to change the gamma and other useful features. It also automatically changes the color temperature to a more natural one. Nathan
CPU Hog. It takes an entire processor. What a waste. Matt
It is the application that allows you to communicate to the graphics chip without using windows---
AVAST is blocking the program from executing jhay
This igfxtray is destryoing my computer and I dont know if its a spyware or trojan Pipi
Unnecessary Intel graphics driver - just disable from startup menu in MSCONFIG DAVE
Don't worry its just to help your computer

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