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Process name: Hewlett-Packard Printer Monitor

Product: HP Photosmart

Company: Hewlett-Packard (hp.com)

File: hphmon06.exe

This process manages HP Printers for media. The process runs in the system tray and monitors for when a memory card is inserted into an HP printer. When a memory card is detected, the HP Photosmart software automatically initiates. Photosmart is a native HP photo suite that allows you to import, export, sort, and even upload photos and videos. Based in Palo Alto, California, HP has been the world's leading PC manufacturer since 2007.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hphmon06.exe.html 
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All comments about hphmon06.exe:
I uninstalled all that HP photo, PSC, etc., crap that they put on a new machine. When done & I rebooted it shows that hphmon)6.exe needs hpzjrd01.dll to load "the application". I think I can just delete hphmon06.exe and will be problem free. Quien sabe??? seppa
while restarting the comp this comes about prabhu
something to do with HP Cameras or Printers aqua
it just keep poppiing up when i open computer
its one of the hp photosmart file (you right-click the file, then properties, then summary...). first I remove it from starting at registry when window start, then my hp psc 2400 wouldn't work, even I uninstall and reinstall with all the utilities drivers they provide at the hp home page! Final end up with format the PC reinstall winxp & everything, to just be able to install the printer to get it work. But then the hphmon06.exe error comes up again! So maybe contact the hp support for help is a better approach TT
Its an HP PhotoSmart Device Camera, Printer or Scanner Device File Kapil
It monitors the status of HP photosmart printer Jay
I'm having the same problem BOB
HP PSC File that monitors the activities on the HP All-in-one and stores in he log file with same name in the system32 folder Udayakumar Sree
I use "Code Stuff Starter" and disabled it. It hasnt caused me any problems on my HP machine. crazeebob2000
its just a file related to photosmart printer from HP karthik
download the update form hp.com
Mcfee pgreener
I searched for 'Photosmart' because my printer is not a Photoshmart printer...anyways, a file folder came up, so I clicked on it, then went ti "Uninstall." Basically, all it did was clean up a few things that I wasn't using, including hphmon06.exe. Hope that helps! Drew Tucker
It has to do with HP Cameras, printer, and scanner. It's extra garbage added to your computer. I personally dont like it. I had a problem with my SD Card, it would not load to the computer. So i disabled hpmon06 from sys config, now i have no problem. Sam Z
HP - they spy on themselves, and they install a bunch of junk on your computer. I uninstalled (because it was always running, screwing up my games by sending me back to the desktop), now I'm having computer problems. Grr! Matt
If you gets issues with this file after installing som HP equetment, have a look here  See also: Link Morten Bojer
When i was working for HP support i wrote a program to fix the issue. The fix can be found here http://mbojer.dk/viewtopic.php?t=16  See also: Link Morten Bojer
Hp printer like stated above for use if they are photo smart like mine is :P.
When uninstalling several other HP-drivers this file was left over and caused an error display at startup, however, the photosmart uninstallation (mentioned above) solved this problem. In my case the uninstallation was located in the start menu, under: -- HP -- Photosmart 320,370,7400,8100,8400 Series Arand
i would say if you have anything from HP then just leave it alone I removed it once from my pc cause I thought it was useless but I had to completely format my pc just to get my printer back up and running but
takes up lot of cpu on my HP while idling ilia anikin
I renamed the file 'ahphmon06.exe and have no more trouble with error messages. L. Chittenden
go here for instructions from hp  See also: Link Michelle

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