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Process name: hpgs2wnf

Product: Share2Web

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Company: Hewlett-Packard (hp.com)

File: hpgs2wnf.exe

A component of the Share2Web software available on HP PCs, hpgs2wnf.exe runs as a background process to facilitate image sharing. Share2Web synchronizes photos to cloud based accounts based on preset configuration settings. As long as hpgs2wnf.exe is running in conjunction with associated dll's, your images will automatically be uploaded to your selected account as you import them from external media. Based in Palo Alto, California, HP has been the world's leading PC manufacturer since 2007.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/hpgs2wnf.exe.html 
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  • 326 users ask for this file. 9 users rated it as not dangerous. 8 users rated it as neutral. One user rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about hpgs2wnf.exe:
It's a Hewlett Packard Share to Web module, a part of a program that allows a user to share photos online.  See also: Link Fernando N
hpgs2wnf seems to be associated with a mini mp3 player
Part of HP Share to the Web Bill Pfaffenhauser
HewlettPackard Share to Web
hpgs2wnf.exe is a part of Hewlett Packard's share-to-web, an application which allows for the transferral of images to Internet communities. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this comes down to user preference Scott
Came loaded on my HP Officejet software. Seemed to slow PC Down. Vegas Mike
HP's little-used share to web service; not currently bundled with HP products (because of all the headaches it caused!), but don't mess with it unless it's giving you problems. I deleted it one time and ended up reinstalling my HP scanner and HP printer, and caused some damage that was only repaired with a system restore. Just live with it!! Mike
We use it in our business network to share the printer. J˙lio CÚsar
came with software for hp camera, used to share pictures online Indi
This allows you to use Hewelett Packard's software, which is for sharing pictures and digital media over the internet. This product is called share2web  See also: Link tiomno
HP Share-to-Web Icon auf dem Desktop, braucht kein Mensch, kann man meist Řber Systemsteuerung-Software-Name der HP Software-─ndern-Benutzerdefiniert herausnehmen Daniel
Very Poor software from HP, they have canned for good!
Running in my task manager. why? What does share-to-web mean? I think my pc is being controlled by a remote user, can this be how? My computer was hijacked a few months ago and I brought it to a pc repair place. They wiped out my hardrive but saved my photos, word and publisher files and some music. I had stumbled across a live txt chat on my pc...ppl chatting right in front of my eyes...code txt and a bunch of different user ids. Please help. My computer was left overnight where it may have been installed with something to monitor me. Ex boyfriend or ex boss...I dont know that much HELP shadowallikatt
HP software

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