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Prozess Name: www.mx-targeting.com

Produkt: mxtarget

Firma: Twaintech Adware

Datei: mxtarget.dll


"twaintec.dll" ist Teil des Twaintech-Adware-Programms. Vom Entwickler: "Twain-Tech ist ein Softwareentwicklungsunternehmen. Wir haben eine Reihe von Anwendungen für die Anzeigen-Zielgruppenadressierung wie "Twain-Tech.dll" entwickelt, die Inserenten helfen, gezielte Anzeigen zu übermitteln. Zusätzlich zu unserer Software-Entwicklung bieten wir den Vertragshändlers unserer Software auch bestimmte Unterstützungsdienste an. Drittanbieter lizenzieren und setzen unsere Software ab, normalerweise als Teil Ihrer Förderung kostenloser Software oder kostenlosen Inhalts. Als Teil jeglicher Lizenzierung unserer Software, verpflichtet Twain-Tech alle Vertragshändler, die Anwesenheit unserer Software bekanntzugeben und den Kunden Zugriff auf die von Twain-Tech gelieferten Datenschutzrichtlinien zu geben." www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/mxtarget.dll.html 

Wenn Sie die Datei mxtarget.dll nicht entfernen können (weil Sie diese nicht finden können oder diese in Benutzung ist), downloaden Sie Security Task Manager. Dieses Programm kann den Prozess beenden, die Datei löschen, oder alle sicherheitsrelevanten Information über diese Datei und alle anderen Hintergrundprozesse auflisten.

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Kommentare über mxtarget.dll:
Remove it. A program for Twain-Tech adware  Siehe auch: Link David Canova
It sends many ad pop-ups, delete it asap. Wes
hijacks browser and lots of popups  Siehe auch: Link
Pops up crap in the taskbar, probably sends info off somewhere.
enlentece tu conexion con muchos pop ups Alfredo
This program is very dangerous. NUKE IT! Martin Dutton
can't be deleted, adds popups and IE so-called helper bar Julien
Get rid of it, pops all kinds of stuff
hangs ad Aware during scan karl t
I've created a fix for this spyware, as Norton and Adaware could not do it. The file is triggerd by visiting a site, the file PreInsmt.exe is produced, and auto generates cab files with the same infected files in case anti-spyware gets it. The software adds about 40 registry entries, and once fully running steals control of your clipboard. This in my opinion is the dangerous part.  Siehe auch: Link Clock.
Was persistant, had to run Ad-Aware a few times and reboot to remove it. Spyware shows up as "VX2". This file was found in c:\winnt DM
Difficult to get rid of AdWare - Honest software Manufacturers dont make their software difficult to remove Charlie
screws up cut and paste operations. If I find the guy that wrote it, I will kill him.
It sends lots of URLs to the clipboard without the user's knowledge or consent  Siehe auch: Link Chris Thornton / www.clipmate.com
It's horrible. Pop-ups each time you browse; where did it come from? Renae
The pop-ups interrupt other active processes when activating Michael
could not delete, but renamed it...killed twain-tech off cdb
Annoying & you cant get rid of it. Should be illegal dianne
Keeps duplicating, It's a DLL, cannot delete it. Nick A
Please BOYCOTT all mxTarget announcers. Tom
once i disabled it, pop-up ads stopped. John Lalande
delete it and the darn thing comes back Hayley Jones
slows pc down, annoying as hell
Affects the Copy & Paste Genki Dave
bad browser hijack Bernhard
Norton wont remove! I found a way John Gadd
Very annoying pest program, thanks Clock for the removal program Grant Cheng
would like to sue the company! mokong
Affects the Copy & Paste - search your reg & delete any entry. Dll sits in c:\windows Vishal B
It may be intended as adware, but it caused problems with IE, printing, and digital photos. Tried LOTS of things (incl XP repair). But the only thing that worked was running Spybot in 'immunize' mode took care of it. Please donate, I did. Adam
This was the most annoying file that made it to my system..thanks everyone for the support in getting rid of this terror file!! jon...coroner
Löschen!!! DLL verursacht nervige Pop-Ups wie ilead oder xlime offeroptimizer. Jonny
i used ad aware and this file was gone, but it just keeps returning!
It will kill your computer making pop ups coming all the time. Kill this dll. Vineet Dewan
Alters google searches and downloads other spyware Jonas Steger
Very difficult to remove. Repeatedly reinstalls itself. Navillusb
People must shearch too for mpkunke.exe processes. This install the mxtarget.dll in every initialization. Igor
I agree. BOYCOTT nowww!! Replicate as a virus inside your computer. Igor
Webroot Spyware Sweeper removes it, but it doesn't stop it coming back :o( Ann
Pain in the Ass but solution is to delete all entries of MXTARGET and delete MXTARGET.DLL from whereever for me it was in WINNT folder. AJ
allows CWS .Hijack ABOUT:BLANK , allows viruses to enter..ie "W32.AGOBOT.RL" napalm300

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