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Prozess Name: Internet Optimizer



Datei: optimize.exe


"Optimize.exe" ist ein Wählprogramm für Inhalt für Erwachsene, das Nummern wählt, die spezifisch für pornografische Webseiten sind. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/optimize.exe.html 
"Optimize.exe" kann auch zu einem Internet-Verbindungs-Optimierer gehören.
Sie müssen die Eigenschaften und den vollständigen Pfad der Datei überprüfen, um entscheiden zu können, ob sie schädlich ist oder nicht.

Um mehr über optimize.exe und alle anderen im Hintergrund laufenden Programme zu erfahren, können Sie Security Task Manager benutzen.

Beachte: Jedes gefährliche Programm kann sich sonstwie nennen - deshalb sollten Sie überprüfen, wo sich die Dateien der laufenden Prozesse auf der Festplatte befinden. Befindet sich eine "nicht-Microsoft" .exe Datei im Ordner C:\Windows oder C:\Windows\System32, so ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit hoch, dass es sich um einen Virus oder Spyware handelt! Überprüfen Sie es hier.

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Kommentare über optimize.exe:
Optimize.exe is a virus.The icon is a round funny face like a moon.It won't optimize anything.The virus name is W32 Downloader.Dyfuca.Use F-Prot from dos to get rid of it or else don't open this virus hidden as an exe file.
muss gefährlich sein !!!
Cant be deleted as normal programs
Optimize.exe is SPYWARE... It is very dangerous, it changes your computer by advertising, Notice any unexplainable popups? Optimize is that explanation. Use Ad-aware 6 PE to successfully remove it, and then clear your C:/windows/TEMP folder...... Optimize sucks...Spyware should be ILLEGAL! Jimmy
Win32/Rbot.ABO Trojaner
Was loaded onto my system without knowledge or consent. I believe by scripts on a webpage that opened through a DSO exploit. Brought with it DyFuCa, powersave, VX2, sidesearch, and 180solutions. All in one fell swoop. Killed all of them with Spybot, Ad-aware, and McAfee. Set McAfee to scan for possible unwanted programs. Philip
Ist ein Internet-Dialer
Es ist Gefährlich und schlau. Ich habe es immer wieder und wieder auf dem Rechner. Ich habe keine Chance. Michael
it came with talktalk internet provider 1meg broadband also installed as soon as i connect (even after removing) in process's are Windows add tools,DYFUCA,POWERSCAN,IST BAR.SLOTCH,LSPLIST,SHOP AT HOME all this with talktalk in the uk mr bones
Loaded w/o consent, definate spyware XPMaster
Was loaded onto my system without knowledge or consent from www.emp3world.com. Got powersave, sidesearch, 180solutions, too. Also got a lot of new bookmarks into my favorites and c:\xnqxr.exe (6144 Bytes). I identified all installed files by last modification date (all files within sysdate + 2 minutes), deleted them under plain dos, removed exenames from the run section in the registry. These all seems to be trojans / spyware. Don't know what xnqxr.exe does. All other exefiles on my systems are unchanged, so it doesn't seem to be a virus. Googled for xnqxr.exe, but found nothing... Martin
Generell: Optimizer=danger Hunger
Optimizer can be installed by an OCX. So if u click ok to install some junk from a site, or numerous other ways. Regardless it sucks when it just installs itself on your computer when you are looking for articles on physics. GRRR
Found it trying to access the internet stopped by McAfee Personal Firewall. Loaded without my knowledge, so I suspect a script from a web page did it. McAfee VirusScan does a good job of deleting it and its entries in the registry. Jack
So far I've found out it needs to die badly. My aunt's dial-up was working smoothly for about 4 days, then all of a sudden, it's like the system hit a brick wall. Pages don't load and many features of XP don't work. For example, I can't open up the task manager under the admin's name because pop-up message tells me that the system's admin disabled that feature, yet Chris
It's a spyware/trojan. It was installed during the Win2k Service Pack Update(!) together with other trojans: W32.spybot.worm (winole.exe, mueehd.exe), AdwareIST.bar (IST Toolbar), Dowloader.trojan (winfix17.exe). If u set up a new system, make sure firewall runs b4 windows update or it's a pain in the.. :o) To kill optimizer it has to be uninstalled (preferences, software), then reboot, shut down the process, login as admin (not local user) and kill it under local user where it hides. me2
Optimize.exe is a virus.The icon is a round funny face like a moon. Search your hard disk for the file, Use task manager to kill the process, then delete the file. Use ZoneAlarm to catch it tryin go to access the internet.. LegionUK
Spionagesoftware GF
It self installed in my system along with "media pass" "sah agent" and other very suspicious processes... after rebooting in safe mode and running a complete virus scan it seems to have been removed but I still have problems with it's "cousins"... It appears in "Add/remove programms" but can't be uninstalled like that myself
Kann das gesamte System lahm legen Admin (Oberhausen)
I had not only the optimize.exe file but I had ISTbar.exe too. Optimize wasn't so difficult to remove. ISTbar,exe is a very nasty file. I couldn't remove the file with Adaware first before I discovered the file kgcnjc.exe. I ended the processes kgcnjc.exe first, optimize,exe, powerscan and last istsvc.exe. After that ADaware removed all harmfull files which were responsible for this misery. Gerco Eikelenboom
Diese Datei habe ich auch und es ist ein Trojaner. LÖSCHEN! Al
There are 2 versions of this file! (RTFA!!) The dangerous Dyfuca version which I had like Philip above... and a *maybe* legit speed optimizer from the same people who make Download Accelerator Plus. Still undecided as to whether DAP itself is spyware or not! BigB
im not sure where it came from but it comes with a trojan dropper and dler 1 called optimize (dyfuca) mediaaccesspk.exe and 1 more its a ebil file i dont care if its dangerious or not its getting off my cpu Annoyed and ticked off
i just got rid of it, i hope, i had it for about 30 minutes on my machine and i am pretty good about keeping my computer clean, mine came from attempting to open media player it prompted me to install some software which i at first ended the install process, then my curiosity got the best of me, thought i could find out where its coming from so i kind of deliberetly installed it, but i ran hijack this and adaware, but disconnected from my high speed connection first then ended process from the hijack this config menu, and deleted the directory c:/programfiles/internet_optimizer/ that did it insane
virus wprde ich sagen....schwer wegzubekommen sehr schwer lol
Trojan Robert
spyware  Siehe auch: Link wurm
optimizer.exe is difficult to remove, i've removed it 3x's thru ez virus and thru safe mode and still can't get rid of it. Looking to clean the reg. keys it infests. Word to the wise, always look at ur running processes, and if u see something you don't know what it is, run a google search on it, like example regseeker.exe is running, so goto google and in search box type regseeker.exe and it will list sites that will define the processer to c if it is not a crucial process or if it is a virus etc. regseeker.exe is a registry cleaner, so it's safe. just used as a example process to look up Brian O.
Optimize.exe wird in Verbindung mit bundle_cdt1006.exe im Ordner C:\Temp installiert. Bundle_cdt1006.exe läuft im Hintergrund und kann über den Task-Manager abgebrochen werden. Danach lassen sich beide Dateien (Optimize.exe und Bundle_cdt1006.exe) auf DOS-Ebene löschen. Die Programme haben bei mir bisher noch keine Schäden angerichtet, tauchen jedoch immer wieder auf und werden von meinem Virusblocker erkannt. Dieter
It got me too through a media player codec. It ended up in sending me to microsoft webpage for spyaxe download. I nailed it for good with Spyware Nuker. Still ... a fresh install of Windows and all other stuff, followed by a Ghost image is the best solution - I think :-) Chris

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