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Prozess Name: bridge Spyware Module

Produkt: flingstone.com

Firma: Flingstone Bridge

Datei: bridge.dll


"Bridge.dll" wird von Spyware-Programmen installiert (BHO). www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/bridge.dll.html 
Lösche die "Bridge.dll" (C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files\bridge.dll) UND DIE "Bridge.ini". Dazu Windows ev. im abgesicherten Modus starten [F8 Taste bei Hochfahren drücken.].). Danach "Start" -> "ausführen" "Regedit" eingeben und nach "Bridge" suchen und alle Einträge löschen.

Wenn Sie die Datei bridge.dll nicht entfernen können (weil Sie diese nicht finden können oder diese in Benutzung ist), downloaden Sie Security Task Manager. Dieses Programm kann den Prozess beenden, die Datei löschen, oder alle sicherheitsrelevanten Information über diese Datei und alle anderen Hintergrundprozesse auflisten.

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Kommentare über bridge.dll:
From google that its a spy program but after removing it ,people get error when they restart the computer that Bridge.dll not found  Siehe auch: Link
HijackThis finds it and can remove it  Siehe auch: Link joarc
trojan horse virus
i came to know when i had error message while starting sam
Here's a super tip - Just sort your windows system32 and drivers directory according to date and the most recent files are on top. Simply delete the files of the last four or five days and you'll be surprised how all the problems vanish. Delete in safemode though. Lysander
i ran adaware and it couldnt delete the file until i restarted since the program was running at the time of the scan but when it did get deleted upon restart, i got the erroe msg that C:\.......bridge.dll could not be found. I ran msconfig and i took it out of startup trey
eveything you type on the keyboard, will be sent to a remote computer and stored!!! i talked to mcafee about it...
Spyware, use HiJackThis to remove the registry key, restart and then manually delete Brain
Can be removed with Ad-Aware 6. If there is error message during start up after removing it, see the link to find out how to remove those error  Siehe auch: Link Gross
"Danach "Start" - "ausführen" "Regedit" eingeben und nach "Bridge" suchen und alle Einträge löschen" - das scheint mir gefährlich, es erden zuviele Einträge gelöscht, wird einfach "bridge" eingegeben - das System würde geschrottet Ruebe
think it came with "home search assistant" godaryl
AdAware removed the file but not the reg load Stephen R
Bridge.dll file relateted to spyware flingstone bridge. zero
is a trojan horse that brings malaware to your pc and other executables from sites  Siehe auch: Link david valenzuela dapsito.com
Hijackes IE browser, used CWS Shreeder to remove it. Ozzi
Spyware - but a persistant one! Akira
It's Pain in the ass Podgee
Found during adware search Jack
its spyware or adware file lasdaf,dkgfmskjgnjskfg
I removed it with AdAware but needed to edit the registry for bridge.ini and bridge,dll. There were about 3 instances of it I removed from the registry and I haven't had the missing file error message at startup again. Hemlock
Go in Regedit and remove the key of Bridge... Stargrid
It's DEFINITELY a "spyware" program. Al Cooper
this is a natural spyware, we're going to debug the file now and find exactly how it works SunBlessed
Diese Datei ist eine hartnäckige Verzweigung, es reicht nicht, wenn man die .dll löscht!  Siehe auch: Link mauriceGREEN
It's annoying. Run regedit and delete any instances from the registry and see if this helps. Dave
i deleted it and now whenever i log in its like windows cannot find this file hunta
Lässt sich Deinstallieren mit:rundll32.exe "C:\WINDOWS\system32\bridge.dll",Uninstall
Due to this file, My mouse's cursor is automatically changed to rectangular shape when i am online download jv16 powertools from www.macecraft.com and remove bridge.dll from windows permanently. Rajib Roy
it's definitely a spyware. celani
I think for those who has the problem where windows says it can´t find the file, all you have to do is remove it from the "automatic start" program list. Then there should be no problems Kmohr
sitting @ C:\WINDOWS\system32\bridge.dll to remove without any hassle take any txt file rename @ bridge.dll and copy it to c:\windows\system32\ also uncheck in msconfig- startup HE3r0
Deleted it, had the problem, made a reg to get it all better again, and am now living the good life. Torchy
Don't know how dangerous this is, therefore gave it a 5 (better safe than sorry. Needs removal from HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run, remova any entries that refer to Bridge.dll The Groovy Dude
this is just a file normally instaled by programs like download accelorator slayer
That is surely a spyware. Because the user was not able to see his list of Printers also. Remove it from the list in Starup Items in MSCONFIG. Delete the corresponding Registry Enties for BRIDGE and reboot the system. Jinish
Keylogger i think oreo
Started with rundll. Makes it hurd to turn off, because it hangs... Maniac
norton found it but couldn't delete it. I moved it to different folder, logged off, then deleted it myself. cerdd
Dangerous-trojan horse. I had this and it was detected off of AVG-deleted it and Windows could not find the file but the message went away after removing registry values. jeeves555
it shows a dialog saying couldent find the file on startup Tomahawk
HiJackThis? Don't use that program.. it opened a trojan for me. Also, any malware thats a .DLL is dangerous, taking into the fact that they can *control* programs. Xavier
Detected as Worm by Computer Associate ezAntivirus Syrion
Boot into Safe Mode, open msconfig and delete bridge.dll then open C:\Windows\system32 and delete bridge.dll and bridge.ini then remove Registry keys relating to bridge.dll If you run Win95-98-ME you should also check C:\Windows\system32 and remove any references to bridge.dll from system.ini and win.ini. Then reboot OUT of SAFE MODE.
it does not let save files on word files Rina
this file comes in the bundle package of BEST OFFERS, which you get in certain free programs such as, for instance: "KAZAA"
free hold em calculator program
play free online holdem
It re-creates the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run folder and it looks like HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run-. I just deleted the folder and removed it from msconfig Startup and everything works fine now. Tiger420
its a trojan horse... LProd

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