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Prozess Name: Updater Application

Produkt: Browser Hijacker

Firma: eUniverse.com Inc.

Datei: wupdater.exe


"wupdater.exe" hat mit Windows Update nichts zu tun. Es ist Spyware, die von einem Programm wie Ad-Aware oder Spybot entdeckt und entfernt werden sollte. Sie sollten sie entfernen. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/wupdater.exe.html 

Wenn Sie die Datei wupdater.exe nicht entfernen können (weil Sie diese nicht finden können oder diese in Benutzung ist), downloaden Sie Security Task Manager. Dieses Programm kann den Prozess beenden, die Datei löschen, oder alle sicherheitsrelevanten Information über diese Datei und alle anderen Hintergrundprozesse auflisten.

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Kommentare über wupdater.exe:
maybe used with AVG anit-virus or N-CASE spyware  Siehe auch: Link Franky
linked to John North
NOT associated with AVG! It's eUniverse. I have no idea where the other person got that idea, I use AVG with no problem./  Siehe auch: Link Danny Dale
Blunded undisclosed install. Browser Hijacker. Auto update. Track browser use. May cause system instability. aka eUniverse  Siehe auch: Link Parsifal
Looks like a gigh risk piece of spyware accourding to GIANT AntiSpyware:  Siehe auch: Link Jim Bones
Associated with Aol, get it from their IM, E-Mail, and their sub-program "Wal-Mart Connect". TRUST ME. Nicky M
Doesn't allow me to run setup.exe files and updates. Asdrúbal Sanabria Solano
Very dangerous. Invades your privacy. Comes with IncrediFind Search BHO Utility. I have been having trouble removing this, although I HAVE identified what it is. Any help would be appreciated. InsecureStix
is an attractant for more dangerouse spyware - Get rid of it NOW! Bob
I got with theme download, undisclosed bundle, wanted to install some freeware stuff, i declined, it then wanted to connect, which firewall prompted me, to which i also declined, install failed at that point, just cleaned right now with Spybot S&D, also had association with Freeze, i wanted the KC Chiefs theme, which found out was bad!  Siehe auch: Link Matthew
Hijacked my browser along with 3 other spyware programmes. Nick
This is spyware. Seann
it stops me from downloading some software joe
The exe hangs my iexpolrer every time. As soon a you kill it in the Task Manager every thing working fine again. Mojo
My own software does not start if wudater is running. DigiMode
It stinks, it invaded two of my computers, I got it from AOL and it slowed down both computers. Cynthia
found it in windows/prefetch by using windows search look in hidden areas and by text in file instead of file name. drag the containing file into the C:\ path and delete with command prompt also delete all .pf files and text files cotaining the name of the file then restart and see if u got it all. check w task manager.
slows the setup process. seems related to spyware Abigaba Herbert
Browser hijacker, it updates automatically without knowledge or consent of user. Eliza
my application softwares can't open because of this especially pagemaker Marcelino Tan
used damn much of my resources  Siehe auch: Link zentaurus
It kept my add/remove programs from working Barb
malware virus, pwn it with ad-aware or something  Siehe auch: Link JayRd7
Messed my PC up it made simple things like run not work and when u open internet explorer it loads more processes, If you have got this file i recommend you to Spyware Scan,Anti-Virus Scan,Trojan Scan cause my PC was clean soon as i got this it messed up. Recommend Spyware Doctor or Adware SE Nathan Kent
Microsoft's Use interface, (UI), used to view and explore windows. Nbordeau
This file eat much of your resources. waduba
I consider it definitely as malware. Xiaogang Guo
Its an microsoft service, wich updates the OS David Schrempf
Very hard to remove Dugba
It added 20 copies of itself to Windows Firewall and hijacked my old Windows XP. TL;DR: It is bad. Austin
Eats up the computer. Clean it with Spybot joh
This is known as a RAT or Remote Administrative Tool; a Trojan installed on your computer which gives the hacker full access to your entire computer, settings, files, and more. Scan this with Spybot Search and Destroy, as its not damaging, but invades your personal Computer.  Siehe auch: Link JesusOfDC
Update about wupdater.exe for Window 7. The malware/spyware stucks Internet Explorer and FireFox browsers. Google Chrome is more safe for some protections but also compromised. The malware stucks also Second Life viewers. wupdater.exe is a malware by White Sea Media (do not visit the web page of it). The malware is allocated in: C:\Users\*name of user*\AppData\Local\Temp\wupdater.exe. The antivirus Avira Control Center does not find it as virus. You must put the exe file in quarantine but it is still in the unknow folder of registry. The subfolder Run, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is not findable. Davide
When you give CONFIRM program turns - I do not know what it is, anyway, the process of "live", but after an hour it will prompt you to re-confirmed when you reject you again after about an hour invite you to a patch / confirmed by demented + certainly will not be safe for deletion "wupdater.exe" after a while again restores a file is there again! Jarda

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