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Prozess Name: www.clickalchemy.com


Firma: ClickAlchemy

Datei: alchem.exe


"alchem.exe" ist eine Adware-Komponente von www.clickalchemy.com. www.neuber.com/taskmanager/deutsch/prozess/alchem.exe.html 
Sie beobachtet Ihr Browser-Verhalten und schickt Informationen an ihre Server zurück. Sie sollten sie vom Start entfernen.

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  • 3 Anwender fragten nach dieser Datei. 2 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als neutral. 5 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als etwas gefährlich. 18 Anwender bewerteten den Prozess als gefährlich. 4 Anwender bewerteten diese nicht ("keine Angabe").

Kommentare über alchem.exe:
Adware.ClickAlchemy is a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that connects to various adware sites and download ads.  Siehe auch: Link
It affection network in sending and receiving singals , mainly it transfers through TCP/IP Protocal venky
This file and its components are from the transponder twaintech.dll installs  Siehe auch: Link webhelper
Found in registry: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. Often found in combination with other adware, such as jixor.exe and a modified msbb.exe Hans
determined to contain a virus - Downloader.Agent.AS - by AVG antivirus. Dave
I can
The latest version of mcAfee can find and remove it Jarod
Norton Antivirus detects it, but can't delete it. It can quarantine it though. I deleted it from the registry.
Antivir Personal Edition plus Ad Aware Se can detectc and remove this file, but when removed it constantly comes back in the same place in documents and settings catalogue Artur
This file is a current risk to users, giving them countless ad's, it is registered as a security risk (Ad-Ware) and is picked up by most virus scanners. Dan Gainsborough
Delete it - fast ! Beaver
it's a virus and im having to remove it manually avg wont fix it
Sophos Anti-virus software says it is a trojan and has denied access to this file. Stan Harden
Shows as Downloader.Agent.AS in AVG. I was forced to remove it manually step by step because AVG couldn't remove the file by itself.
i had to remove it in safe mode Ian Martinez
Ah! can't remove it! I got this from stardocK! Ian

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