Donation campaigns

We donate a part of our profit for environmental and social projects. We also help disadvantaged children in our hometown and in Africa.

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Security Task Manager

Shows detailed information about all running processes.

Network Security Task Manager

Shows all running processes on your network clients.


Create impressive text and font effects for web graphics.


Previews, prints and manages all your Windows fonts.

Visual TimeAnalyzer

Shows your working time, software and Internet use.


Our current charitable projects can be found on our We care page.



Switching to SSL

We are incrementally switching our server to SSL and are now using the https protocol. This means that all traffic between you and will be sent encoded. At the same time, we will be using a CDN, http/2 and an improved firewall to make our server twice as fast as before.



Fully automatic time tracking software

When it comes to automatically recording and analyzing certain PC events (which user spent how much time on which application), Visual TimeAnalyzer has long proven its reliability. The current version includes all enhancements of the last few months, including an improved graphic export function.



New versions of Security Task Manager and TypingCenter

To mark the new year, we are releasing two free updates. Security Task Manager now offers improved security tips and analyses of Windows 10 processes. TypingCenter is now also available in English and 6 additional languages.



Typograf is fast again

The recently released Anniversary Update for Windows 10 can seriously delay the activation and installation of fonts in Windows. This impacts all providers of font tools. However, Typograf is the first font manager that has come up with a solution. The current version maintains the customary blazing fast preview for fonts that have not been installed. Windows 10 Anniversary Edition still delays the activation of several hundred fonts, but Typograf provides an estimate of the expected short wait time. The update is free of charge.



Security Task Manager is mentioned by leading media

The new version of Security Task Manager is mentioned by leading media. ZDNet wrotes in July 2016: "Use it today for a speedy, clean desktop." TechRepublic wrotes in June 2016: "The thing that sets this application apart is that process information is displayed with an emphasis on security."



Security Task Manager now better than ever

The current version of Security Task Manager now recognizes Windows 10's Edge browser, removes indelible HSTS cookies from browsers, correctly identifies certificates from Windows 10 processes, speeds up the analysis of large files, and improves the display of text strings found in process files.



Visual TimeAnalyzer with better Internet browser tracking

The latest version of our time tracking software recognizes Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browser much better. Furthermore, the notice of the working time of the last day in the notification area of the Windows taskbar does not appear as often.



We're participating in Girls' Day

On the occasion of Girls' Day, the career exploration day for girls, we invite you to find out about IT careers in our firm. We'll show you some current software development and Internet projects, you'll learn about the requirements needed for a technical career, and have the chance to work on an actual project. Girls in the 7th grade and up can register on the official Girls' Day website. Girls' Day is a nationwide initiative aimed at acquainting girls with career choices, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Family Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Education.



Gold Application Development competency

Neuber Software has attained a Microsoft Gold Application Development competency, demonstrating a "best-in-class" ability and distinguishing itself within the top 1 percent of Microsoft's partner ecosystem.



Partnership with South Korea's Hanbat University

Representing Hanbat University in Daejon, South Korea, Professor Kwang-Joo Kim and Professor Sun-Ae Jang have signed a partnership agreement with Neuber Software. Daejon is South Korea's equivalent of Silicon Valley. The agreement also includes a provision for the training of South Korean students. This partnership came about with the assistance of the International Office of Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg.



New version of Security Task Manager

The new version of Security Task Manager can now also identify malware with unusual file extensions, the latest suspicious browser add-ons, hijacked browser search settings and redirected start pages. At the same time, components belonging to trustworthy programs/anti-virus applications/firewalls are given a "safe" rating. The new Version 2.1c now also supports Windows 10.



Member of Federal Association of medium-sized IT enterprises

We are members of the Federal Association of ICT-SMEs of Germany (BITMi). BITMi is Germany's largest trade association for mid-sized IT enterprises. It works in partnership with the Federal Economics Ministry and serves as spokesperson for 1000 IT SMEs.



Security Task Manager 2.0 (pre-release version)

Please feel free to test our pre-release version of Security Task Manager and write us your opinion. Please don't install the pre-release version on a computer with a registered full version of Security Task Manager.


10/14/2014 relaunch

Our new font search engine offers a complete listing of all Windows and Mac fonts available on the Web either free or for purchase. has worked with font distributors including Monotype, Bitstream and FontShop to make this list available to the public.



Discount for every goal scored in the World Cup final

Wow! Our German national team has beat Brazil 7-1 and Argentina 1-0. To celebrate, we're giving a discount of $5 on our top selling Security Task Manager for every goal that Germany had scored in the final during the month of July.



McAfee and Norton Secured Seal

Our websites have been awarded the Norton Secured Seal and the Certified McAfee Secure Site Seal of approval. These designations confirm that our pages do not contain any malware, spam, destructive Java Script, URL redirections or iFrames. We will henceforth ensure the security of of our software and our websites through intensive daily security scans and tests performed by outside experts.


04/16/2014 at 15

In 1998, our online service became the first search utility for legal free fonts on the Web. Today, has established collaboration with all the major font dealers such as Monotype, MyFonts and FontShop and is now probably the major source of typefaces for personal and professional use.



Neuber Software celebrated its 20th anniversary

In December 2013 Neuber Software GmbH celebrated 20 years of existence. To mark this milestone, on December 20 we launched a major promotion in co-operation with the computer magazine CHIP.




You find further news about us on Google+, just see



FontTwister on Mac and Linux

Now FontTwister runs on Mac and Linux computers using Crossover software.



Top 1% of supporters

Neuber Software is now in the top 1% of supporters for the year 2013. is a non-profit organization that makes it possible to support people in developing countries through microcredits. Since 2007, we and Kiva have regularly made interest-free funds available. The concept of microfinancing is based on the ideas of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, who showed in Bangladesh how microcredits offer significant advantages over other forms of financial support.



Visual TimeAnalyzer 2.0 released

Visual TimeAnalyzer has a brand-new design. The streamlined software automatically tracks your working time, software and Internet use. Visual TimeAnalyzer offers a comprehensive time tracking the way it ought to be.



Passed Microsoft tests for Windows 8 compatibility

Typograf, FontTwister and Visual TimeAnalyzer and Security Task Manager have passed Microsoft-designed tests for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7. The Windows 8 logo ensures compatibility with Windows 8, both 64-bit and 32-bit editions.



Microsoft Partner certification

We have been certified by Microsoft as a Silver Application Development Competency Partner. This designation is the result of an evaluation of our products, staff and expertise, as well as a customer survey.



Security Task Manager for Windows 8

Security Task Manager is compatible with Windows 8 now. The latest version starts up faster and comes with better descriptions for drivers, minor adaptations and bugfixes.



PC On/Off Time with time values

The freeware PC On/Off Time now shows the exact login and log off times when you move the mouse over the working time chart. So you find out exactly how long you, your children or your employees were on the computer - without requiring any prior installation.


09/01/2012 Relaunch

We have completely revised our website and added useful features. Our redesigned font seach engine allows users direct access to one of the industry's largest font database - and has been doing so since 1998.



Typograf 5.1.2

Typograf 5.1.2 for Windows 7/Vista/XP has improved support for OpenType and Unicode.



New version of UserMonitor

UserMonitor 1.8 ensures that teachers, instructors or administrators have an overview of their network. The new version works better on Windows 7/Vista.



The most modern font manager for Windows 7

Typograf 5 is one of the most powerful OpenType font managers for Windows 7. The new version runs under Windows 7/Vista/XP and is optimized for network environments. Thus, for example all the network users have access to the same font Sets without a Typograf installation on their computers. Also new: body text view, PDF and XPS export, designer and URL information, a new Unicode charmap, etc.



Time tracking software updated

Visual TimeAnalyzer better supports Google's Chrome browser and PC On/Off Time now shows standby times.



Improved Security Task Manager

Security Task Manager has continuously been extended and adjusted. The latest version has improved 64 bit apps and tray icons analysis, among others.



We have attained Microsoft silver competencies

We were awarded the status of Microsoft Silver ISV Competency after passing the required Microsoft skills assessments and providing regular verifiable customer references. With this award, Microsoft confirms that our business is reliable and at experienced working with Microsoft technologies.



Passed Microsoft tests for Windows 7 compatibility

FontTwister, Visual TimeAnalyzer and Security Task Manager passed Microsoft designed tests for compatibility and reliability on Windows 7. The Windows 7 logo ensures compatibility with Windows 7, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Furthermore, our software meet privacy standards set forth by the Anti-Spyware Coalition.



New: Visual TimeAnalyzer and Security Task Manager

Visual TimeAnalyzer and Security Task Manager were optimized for Windows 7 (32/64 bit) and have a new manual and a HTML help. The Update is free: Simply install the new version over the existing one.



New versions of FontTwister and RapidKey

FontTwister and RapidKey were optimized for Windows 7 and have a new manual and a HTML help. The Update is free: Simply install the new version over the existing one.



New partner program

Our new Affiliate program has launched. Now you earn 35% of the sale. All you need to do is to join our Affiliate program and put a special link on your website.



Our donation campaigns

We donate a part of our profit for environmental and social projects. We also support disadvantaged children in our hometown and in Africa. See our German Weblog.
In August 2009 we plant 200 sycamore maple trees on an acreage that was hit by the storm "Kyrill". All in all the storm "Kyrill" destroyed 200.000 solid cubic meters of spruce wood in the Oberharz region.



Svchost Process Analyzer

The free Svchost Process Analyzer checks all svchost instances. So it is easy to discover svchost worms like the infamous Conficker worm.



Network Security Task Manager

Network Security Task Manager is more than a remote Task Manager for networked computers. The software detects malware that traditional signature-based security solutions do not recognise.



100% Renewable Energy for our computers and web servers

We are committed to being a positive contributor to the environment. We do our part by using 100% Renewable Energy for our computers and web servers and by riding bikes to work.



Visual TimeAnalyzer for Windows Vista

Visual TimeAnalyzer works better under Windows Vista.



PayPal as new payment method

Now we accept PayPal payment. Customers can now select PayPal as payment method in the order process when they order our software online.



Windows Vista Roadmap

FontTwister, RapidKey, Visual TimeAnalyzer (Vista version now available) already runs on Windows Vista. Security Task Manager for Vista comes soon. Please check the update page from time to time. Note: Windows Vista doesn't show the help file with all programs at present. Typograf for Windows Vista comes 2008.



Arabic version released

Security Task Manager is now available in Arabic language spoken in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, U.A.E., Yemen, Sudan, ....



New web design

We developed a new web site layout to improve usability and navigation together with Softidentity.



Distribution agreement with P&A Japan

One of the major distributors in Japan - P&A Tokyo - distributes and supports the Japanese version of Security Task Manager.



UserMonitor for 3 pc's

An UserMonitor license for three computers is now available.



Cooperation with Uniblue

We work together with Uniblue. So we can offer system and security tools completing our software products.



Top Download Picks of 2005

The Washington Post and PC World ask What was the best shareware of 2005? and select Security Task Manager as Top Download Picks of 2005



Cooperation with Spyware Doctor

We work together with PC Tools. While Security Task Manager finds active malware (in computer memory), Spyware Doctor detects and removes sleeping threat on hard disk.



Testing partnership with Microsoft

Microsoft select Security Task Manager for its world-wide Windows Compatibility Testing Program. So the Window's Core Development team verifies further Windows versions (z.B. Windows Vista) with Security Task Manager.



10 years Neuber Software

Former news about Neuber Software company are only available in German language.

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