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We care

Actions are stronger than words

A part of our earnings goes to fund charitable and community projects on the Internet and in the environment.

Total contributions to date: 12,736.00 EUR

another $15,000 for

We help
Neuber Software is one of the
Top 1% of supporters
we care

We give a small donation to (January 2017)


Tree Sponsorship in Halle

We are participating in the city of Halle's Tree Sponsorship program, to ensure that our city will continue to be one of the greenest in Germany. We are contributing EUR 250 ($280). Together with other contributions, this will go towards planting four elm trees on the Mühlrain. (May 2016)


We help people who need life-changing health care

We have been supporters of since 2013. This non-profit organization helps people in all parts of the world who need life-changing medical treatment but cannot afford it. (March 2015)


We've joined the Club of 1000

We have become members of the Club of 1000, a volunteer organization supporting leisure activities for young soccer players, and we are contributing 200 Euros toward the rehabilitation of a playing field in the north of Halle. (May 2014)


Action: Kinderherzkammer

We have donated 200 Euros to the Kinderherzkammer (Children's Heart Chamber) organization, founded in 2003 by pediatric nurses and parents of children suffering from heart disease. This group provides help and companionship to the affected children and their families. It finances regular appearances by clowns and age-appropriate leisure activities during inpatient stays. (December 2013)


Action: Flood Assistance

We have been helping by filling sandbags and contributing to the cleanup effort since the flood. Halle on the Saale was struck with the worst flooding in 400 years. The city of Halle has set up a fund to receive donations, in case you would like to help. (June 2013)


Top 1% of supporters

Neuber Software is now in the top 1% of supporters . is a non-profit organization that makes it possible to support people in developing countries through microcredits. Since 2007, we and Kiva have regularly made interest-free funds available. The concept of microfinancing is based on the ideas of Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, who showed in Bangladesh how microcredits offer significant advantages over other forms of financial support. (May 2013)


Action: Regional contributions

We contribute 100 EUR to the service organization "Goldberg" for the advancement of disadvantaged persons, and 20 children's life vests for a day-care center (February 2013)


Action: Our software for the visually impaired or disadvantaged

At regular intervals, we provide our keyboarding tutorial "Der Schreibtrainer" free of charge to schools for the blind and visually impaired, as well as to other disabled persons. The total value of these contributions in already in the mid-4-digit range. To this sum, we're now adding another 1000 Euros (September 2012)


Action: Winter collection

The recent cold wave has prompted us to start a collection of winter apparel. Several crates with warm clothes have already been provided to the low-income clothing store in Halle (February 2012)


Action: Children's Day

We have donated 400 EUR to develop new table tennis players and to support the Saxony-Anhalt championship. As in other cases, neither we nor our family members belong to the groups in question, nor do we derive any benefits as the result of our contributions (June 2011)


Action: 500 oak and beech trees

Together with we are now planting 250 oak trees and 250 beech trees in Halle on one hectare of fallow land in the Nietleben district. Says Michael Bahr from "This is amazing! We are unbelievably happy, since these trees don't exactly come cheap." (January 2011)


Action: Wikipedia & FFII

We are donating 100 EUR each to Wikipedia and to the Association for a Free Information Infrastructure to keep the Internet free now and in the future. (December 2010)


Action: Elbe Riparian Forest

The WWF plants indigenous trees on over 400 sq. m. of riparian forest along the middle Elbe. (July 2010)


Action: Hard of hearing

We contribute 1000 EUR to the Center for the Hard of Hearing in Halle, which is about to move into its new building, and to the German Sports Association for the Deaf. (January 2010)


Action: 200 trees

We are planting 200 sycamore trees in the Ruebeland area of the upper Harz Mountains to reforest land damaged by the Hurricane Kyrill in 2007. This puts us among the top contributors recognized by (August 2009)


Action: Sumatra tigers

We donate 300 EUR to the WWF to help protect the last of the Sumatra tigers. (December 2008)


Action: Toys for disabled children

We donate 400 EUR for toys for Early Support of Life Assistance in Halle. This organization is a member of the federal union and the Saxony-Anhalt association of Life Assistance for the Mentally and Multiply Disabled. (September 2008)


Action: KAHUZA e.V.

We contribute 400 EUR to KAHUZA, which helps poor and needy children, as well as children who have been victims of violence. (September 2008)


Action: Wikipedia

We contribute 200 EUR to Wikipedia promotes free access to all of human knowledge. (August 2008)



For each comment that you leave on our Windows process page, we will donate one dollar to This money is used to support families and small businesses principally in developing countries through so-called microfinancing.


Action: patentfrei

We donate 250 EUR to an initiative of small and midsized German enterprises that advocate against the patenting of computer programs. (November 2007)


Action: Luther Foundation

We donate 1000 EUR to the Luther Foundation. This non-profit foundation promotes scientific work at the IAPP of the Technical University of Dresden. (January 2007)


Action: Tree planting

Together with Halle's Acting Mayor Dr. Klaus Rauen, we plant 5 linden trees in the Anniversary Grove as part of Halle's 1200th Anniversary. (mid-2005)


Action: Peissnitzhaus e.V.

We donate 200 EUR to the Peissnitzhaus e.V. (mid-2005)


Action: Planet Children

We donate 750 EUR to the "Union for the Support of Children with Cancer". (late 2005)


Action: Early Childhood Support

We donate 770 EUR for facilities needed by various charitable programs for children (mid-2005). We donate another 350 EUR in 2006.


Previous actions

By 2004, we had spent a 4-digit sum to support Doctors Without Borders, for the victims of flooding on the Oder River, for the "Light into the Dark" telethon, and for various other causes.


Continuing Actions

We support the education of our godchild in Mali with 30 EUR contribution each month.

We donate 100 EUR each year to the European Organization FFII, which promotes the neutrality and the open structure of the Internet.



In the name of children and the organizers of these activities, we would like to thank all of our customers, because it is only your use of our software that makes all of these charitable and Internet projects possible.

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