Compatible with Windows 10

Compatible with Windows 8

Compatible with Windows 7

Typograf / Update

  • Registered users of Typograf 5.x can download the latest version and install it over the old one for free.
  • Registered users of Typograf 4.x can buy the latest version at a special update price of $14.95.

Version History

Typograf 5.2c for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Windows Server (November 2016)

  • Faster preview of non-installed fonts (even on Windows 10 Anniversary Update)
  • Enabling fonts is still delayed by the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (note is displayed)
  • Correct names of fonts enabled by Quick Access / Desktop Shortcut
  • Improved font comparison with Panose

Typograf 5.2 for Windows 10, 8, 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (October 2015)

  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Enabling and disabling of fonts made persistent after logoff
  • Folder change dialog with display of font count in selected folder
  • Correction of an error involving folder shifts in font management
  • Removal of the 500-font shortcuts limitation in font groups
  • Correction of errors affecting quick access to font groups

Typograf 5.1.5 for Windows 8, 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (2014)

  • runs on Windows 8.1

Typograf 5.1.4 for Windows 8, 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (February 2013)

  • runs on Windows 8

Typograf 5.1.2 for Windows 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (June 2012)

  • further improvements

Typograf 5.1 for Windows 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (January 2012)

  • charmap with intelligent unicode search
  • duplicate search results with multiple selection
  • improved analysis of kerning pairs
  • copying of font informations improved
  • displaying of Unicode characters in the sample text
  • only the characters actually existing in a font are displayed

Typograf 5.0 for Windows 7,Vista,XP, Windows Server (November 2011)

  • complete support for Windows 7 (32 bit/64 bit)
  • complete support for OpenType
  • new Unicode charmap
  • optimized for network environments
  • all network users have access to the same font Sets
  • pdf and xps export
  • improved font search
  • new manual, help file and online documentation
  • more font information (e.g. designer, website)
  • body text view
  • selectable font and background color for zoom and body text
  • foreign keyboard layouts included
  • anti-aliased database preview images
  • fixed bugs
    - activating of type 1 fonts
    - (un)installing opentype/truetype fonts

Typograf 4.8f for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP (July 2002)

  • Windows XP support
  • Cooperation with EuroCheck
  • Fixed bugs

Typograf 4.08 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 (September 2001)

  • duplex printer supported
  • shortcut for fontgroups and data base on desktop or autorun
  • uninstall keeps fontgroups and data base
  • Fixed bugs
    - type-1 metrik and kernig errors in Windows 2000
    - export of font groups
    - SerialNumber error

Typograf 4.08 for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000 (May 2000)

  • Displaying of installed fonts in Windows 2000
  • Check whether previewed fonts already exist on PC
  • 4 column print with arbitrary text
  • Elimination of type 1 fonts errors in Windows 98
    - when adding to data base
    - when displaying the properties dialog

Typograf 4.07 for Windows 95/98/NT (November 1999)

  • Readme files listed as font properties
  • Search dialog box always on top
  • Corrections for comparison handling, file size sorting
  • Elimination of bugs occurring rare:
    - "Out of index" after Typograf start
    - Integer error message at viewing character map

Typograf 4.05 for Windows 95/98/NT (November 1998)

  • Fixed bugs:
    - Access Violation after creating new fontgroup folder
    - Problems with displaying bad fonts
    - Problems with displaying fonts with an unicode name

Typograf 4.04 for Windows 95/98/NT (March 1998)

  • Font installation includes advanced options
  • Directory tree dialog recognize CD-ROM exchange
  • Fixed a bug that was causing a Range check error if viewing unicode fonts
  • Bug when font smoothing (MS Plus Pack) activated was fixed
  • Bug fixed: "registration error" when first starting
  • Correct print of sample page

Typograf 4.03 for Windows 95/98/NT (January 1998)

  • Displaying additional text of selected font
  • Home and End keys work correctly
  • Safety mode: Typograf starts by clicking the icon and pressing the Shift key
  • Fixed bugs: Printig without spaces

Typograf 4.02 for Windows 95/98/NT (December 1997)

  • Fixed bugs:
    - registered version switched to the shareware version
    - Button size too big

Typograf 4.01 for Windows 95/98/NT (November 1997)

  • Better Type 1 support in Windows NT
  • Order of printing fonts in accordance with sorting of displaying fonts
  • Fixed bug: Error while decoding manual

Typograf 4.0 for Windows 95/98/NT (August 1997)

  • Searching fonts and duplicates
  • Sorting fonts by file, name, family, size, copyright, width, ...
  • Editing fonts (name, family, ...)
  • Selecting and copying several fonts inside the database
  • Export fonts from the database
  • Favorites and History of viewed directories
  • Uninstall
  • <font name> Tag for viewing and printing fonts
  • Unlock the software by using registration key
  • Free minor updates

Typograf 3.0 for Windows 95/98/NT (1997)

  • First English version of the best German font manager