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Typograf / Registered user area

Welcome to the Typograf support center. Registered Typograf users find beautiful fonts, nice backgrounds and further font programs in this area.


Just download and unzip the font files into a new folder. Then run Typograf and preview the fonts.

  Here you can download  
  beautiful fonts on the web.  
  Simply click the package  
  you want to install.  

Fonts (see all)


Do you search for a font? Enter the font name here and you will find it!


  • What is new in Typograf 5.0?
  • Manual for Typograf [PDF | 2.2 MB | 60 pages]
  • Software Font Twister creates distorted 3D fonts with texture and drop shadow
  • The free IE/Firefox/Chrome tool WhatFont shows what font is used on a web page.
  • Freeware FontRenamer renames TrueType font files to the real name of the font, e.g. arialbi.ttf to Arial Bold Italic.ttf
  • Freeware EuroCheck check your computer whether it supports the Euro sign.

Typograf backgrounds

Just download and unzip the files into a new folder. Then run Typograf and click the Options button. Click the Colors tab and then the Open Folder button to select a new background picture.

  Classic or extreme - here you find some  
  nice textures. You can use these images  
  as fillings for text and background.  

Textures for text and background surface (see all)

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Update info service

We will inform you as soon as a new Typograf version will be available. Then you can download the update. The update is free of charge for all future minor updates.

When you register Typograf you receive a password. You need that password for access to Typograf internet resources.