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Process name: Yahoo! Messenger

Product: Yahoo! Messenger

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Company: Yahoo! (yahoo.com)

File: ypager.exe

A program associated with Yahoo! Messenger, the Yahoo! Pager runs in the background when you are logged into Yahoo! Messenger. When you receive a message or alert, Ypager displays a message and allows you to accept, deny, or simply acknowledge the message. Founded in 1994, Yahoo! Inc. primarily focuses on their internet search engine and related internet services, such as Yahoo! mail.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ypager.exe.html 
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Average user rating of ypager.exe: based on 78 votes. Read also the 87 reviews.

  • 71 users ask for this file. 30 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 14 users rated it as neutral. 11 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 19 users rated it as dangerous. 23 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ypager.exe:
it is the windows yahoo messenger client rickyt
Yahoo messenger, don't think it harms anybody!  See also: Link Hasan
It is Yahoo! Messenger  See also: Link Marc
Its a windows clinet and could be modified Freaky
This is just the main proc of the Yahoo Messenger. It is not an integrated Windows Service, so you can kill it as you please!  See also: Link KevinX
Yahoo Messenger LL_LE_DE
Connects through an insecure server to different places throughout the world Paul
I've spotted it in numerous recently installed xp systems with yahoo messenger not installed, where browsing with IE didn't work anymore, start up in safe mode - everything works again. Kill the service starting up with msconfig - all ok. try to clean the registry -next boot, no internet, all registry links back malakia
It locke my CPU up at 100% utilization - I killed the job - all was okay Bruce
It's definitely not the yahoo messenger, because it loads trojans in your system32 folder.. DIDA
Can be hijacked by a trojan - my trouble atm, because it is, and no tool finds it as yet. infected my whole network and kills DNS Resolving.... Alex
There is a adware version of it, which spreads itself throughout your local network. Look for a file calles "O" in your system32 dir. If you have this, ur infected Coo
my virusscanner find a virus on ypager its name is "backdoor.rbot.7050068B
I already installed windows and, yahoo messenger is not installed. Even when i remove its startup registry, it runs as a user or system process. I did not manage to clean it with any spyware. :(( YB
When it's running under this name Ypager.EXE, my ie is not working.. no search engines loaded and not even a single website.. when i end its process everythings works fine and i also have 2 ypager.exe running.. one with capital '.EXE' (The one giving me this problem) and the other one the normal one my yahoo messenger uses. EWSFDA
Some set a registry setting with "ypager -quiet" which caused Yahoo Messenger to open then immediately close again before I could login. Jav
It may be a malware: I have it in c:\windows\system32! Furthermore I do NOT have yahoo messenger on board! Gérard
When i close Yahoo Messenger this process disapears out of the list Laurens
I have svchost.exe in my pc and my svchost hurt ypager and now my ypager is ( ypager.exe-quiet) and also I cant enter to rooms and send file in yahoo and svchost and ypager.exe-quiet never remove in my pc I used hijakthis and many spyware but I cant remove it I install my win sometimes but it never remove after I format all my drive!!!!! now I Live in Iran and my name is Ali ALI
When open up a yahoo messenger, ypager.exe process initiates and hangs up all internet. No url works leave alone Yahoo messenger. Velivela Ram
ypager.exe access the internet using one or more unrecognized modules....this means it is "NOT" "NOT" "NOT" a safe program. tigglesa igglesa
Yahoo! Messenger is not dangerous, as long as you have it in C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger. Spy
has generated errors and will be closed by windows.You will be restart your windows sachin
enough now
It appears that someone is using it to hack my system. My CPU usage hits 100% about every 5 seconds. When I remove them from my buddies list everything went back to normal but I have to block a "remote system trying to connect thru Ypager" when I start up...Man Wake up Yahoo! pluMmet
I have a Yahoo email account, but I've never installed their messenger, and yet I see it in my registry, so it's probably bad. I never use any type of instant messaging anyway so I don't need it
When I deleted the ypager in Task Manager, my Yahoo IM session terminated. When I logged back into Yahoo IM, it returned. So, tt appears to be used by Yahoo IM. Rob
It's harmess. Be real millions of people use it. It might be a pain, but it won't hurt anything. I have been using Messy since it's inception Bryan
same problems as above...internet explorer stops working. messed up my prokect! KILL IT!!! UT_be careful
It is just a executable file that loads with yahoo msngr. It doesn't serve any purpose Anton
ypager.exe is creating errors on yahoo messenger 6  See also: Link mujahid
nothing, anything with .exe is not welcome here. Leo I Taillie
how to remove it
Yahoo Messenger
when i sign in my id . when my id opens and when the ofline messges comes from my friends and when i want to read the ofline messages so one word comes ypager.exe ( this programe is performed illiage so it will be close) after the sign of ypager my all ofline messages , my id is closed by the most hatred word ypager . this ypager made my life miserable . i want to remove this thing from it root but alas that no antivirus can kill or can remove this monster ypaer. if any one knows abut the solution of killing this damn virus ypager so please do tell me my id is [email protected] hussain
its on my computer, and I don't have yahoo instant messenger. what do I do? blah
It's very annoying, won't go after using Spybot/Nortons/NoAdware Hezekiah
To down load yahoo messenger its asks for YPAGER.exe file. collinns
if you end the ypager.exe process, it ends the yahoo instant messanger
It's Yahoo Messenger..normally. Make sure you don't have any viruses on it, and that it's actually Yahoo Messenger, and that you want to run Yahoo. Please Note, if you want to TURN OFF YAHOO MESSENGER, you can do that by going to preferences and telling it not to Automatically Log In When Windows Starts geoff
ypager.exe has generated erorrs :/ and well be Closed By windows!! i dont know what is this, but it is not a dangerous lolz well now! i remove windows :P Than try maybe allright :P i`m SohaiL from pakistan :P
Yahoo. -_-
This is the executable for Yahoo! Instant Messenger. It is completely *HARMLESS* -- it is not "malware" of any kind.  See also: Link Shadowtech
This is the Yahoo! Messenger process. If you are worried about it being harmful, simply don't install Yahoo! Toolbar or Messenger on your computer. Stormbow
has generated errors and will be closed by windows.You will be restart your windows Aman Taneja
c:/Program files/Yahoo!/MSVCR71.DLLessenger/M Christine Chin2000
make sure you are download it directly from yahoo.com  See also: Link TT
This program as a key logger and can register any input, including passwords. I should it imagine its possible for hackers to use the keylogger ablitys of this software to compromise your compter
Zone Alarm detects my ypager (scanned for virus but not there) to be trying to monitor my mouse and keystrokes. Isn't it weird Yahoo? Terawatt
bag pula in yahoo serpico
this program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down
safe if oringinal, though they are modified versions that are dangerus, most of the time its safe Torin
it is trying to log onto the internet all the time without my permission or approval. I didn't reolize what was doing it untill I got a firewall set up and found this program being blocked more than 37 times in the first 5 minutes!!! I am worried that I have put myself at risk now. I will be doing further research adn will probly find a way to delete it from my system. Even though I use yahoo IM. It is NOT a friendly program. Andromeda
Yahoo IM. Use GAIM instead. Infurnus
try to connect to yahoo messenger but i can n ot get in pam
If you use yahoo messanger,its okay to leave it. John
ypager.exe - the main process belonging to the Yahoo IM application, an Internet messaging program. A non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is user preference VJ
My messenger doesn't work because it can't find YPAGER.exe How can i download it? REDNIC DARIAN
Not able to open Yahoo Messager Inspite of downloading it 5 times. No short cut appears on the desktop. DP Daniel
apparently when i used ms.config to clear out a lot of junk and with the registry it continues to tell me i'm missing a component and no longer may use the messenger. that is fine also, you know if you just use a router with a double fire wall that keeps a lot of hackers out. I did not say all for some are so hip. the more junk the more problems Raffi Denson
it switches off my Yahoo messenger, its a nuisance, I don't need it honebanda
Normally Yahoo messenger, but if multiples appear or you do not have Yahoo! Messenger installed, killit.  See also: Link Kisara
because of ypager.exe my yahoo is not opening what i do for it
Yahoo Messenger helper exe, can be stopped/disabled safely Andy
that is really yahoo messanger, try shutting it down your system will back to normal again .. i dont know ypager take up so much cpu usage Mbeeee
I have been bothered by this constantly popping up from a worm warning from Symantec or Norton Anti-Virus Software. If you run this Software..Open and go to 'Options Tab' the on the left select 'Instant Messenger Then untick the checking by Yahoo. Appy and close. This I believe stops the annoying option 'permiting' ever moment' or Blocking. I believe Yahoo is using this to check if the user is active. Could be a setting thing. Don't think its being used malicously.
It is the service for Yahoo Messengerr located in C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger Maur
every time i sign in or out of yahoo i get a ypager error... ~~~brighteyes~~~
i want to fix voice in chat ahmed
ypager.exe is the main process belonging to the Yahoo Instant Messenger application, an Internet messaging program. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference emilio
u give it ram it will take it yahoo have had a lot of porbs. So i say the ypage.exe is 50/50 good and bad for you.  See also: Link
this is very interesting and i would like to down load yahoo messenger . Mobeena
I found out that my ypager.exe was trying to find out my mouse movements and keyboard presses. When I typed something it appeared after a slight delay as if it was my mouse and keyboard moves were getting recorded somewhere. I installed ZONE ALARM. Restarted the machine and on starting ypager.exe immediately got the message that ypager was trying to get keyboard presses and mouse clicks, which it usually does. What we do not know is that whether it records even when we are not using the chat client. If so, and if it then sends everything somewhere on it's own, it'sDOOM for the ecommerce indus. Rajesh Bhansali
there are a lot of bugs and yahoo dosent pay attetion .they made it why wont they fix it. lizzard
it is 4 yahoo instant messenger jonni
i want to download developer's download network plugins, so to get started (as what the instruction is), i downloaded SDK, unfortunately, ypager.exe does not exist, i have to find the path or else request will be denied.
If you don't think you have Yahoo Messenger, but do have this program, it may come with ATT or SBC brand of DSL, since Yahoo co-operated with them. Not neccessary, but not likely to be harmful unless masquerading or in conflict; takes up some resources automatically Jeff
Zone alarm warning would pop up that this program is able to log keystrokes, etc. I deny it using Zone Alarm and then yahoo messenger continues to open. If it is such an integral part of yahoo messenger how come it was not denied altogether? george
yahoo messenger 4 chat atef
It is the exe for yahoo messenger. But if you have a good firewall you do not need to let it act as a server or accept connections from the net.
Zona Alarm probably wants us to alert that Ypager.exe is able to get keyboard presses and mouse movement. Obviously that is essential for it to function. For those who are suspicious about it they can block it.  See also: Link Webmaster
Yahoo Messenger
need to no what to do to get on the net
yahoo messenger waheed
Depending on the process, it can be in your startup (start run msconfig startup) and be malicious, a keylogger. You can move it from there and disable it. Stuff like that is why I don't use Yahoo! messenger. It is always full of bugs that aren't updated. Captain Hooker
Users please use AVG Free basic protection, it's a trojan back door, please remove it! I will post info tomorrow  See also: Link Kyle Moore
blocking uninstalling programmes david edwards

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