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Process name: ANIWZCS2 launcher for Windows

Product: ANIWZCS2 Service Launcher or APC PowerChute Personal Edition or D-Link Wireless N DWA-140

Support: Help link   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Alpha Networks (alphanetworks.com) or Wireless Service

File: WZCSLDR2.exe

WZCSLDR3.exe is part of the drivers for various wireless networking cards made by Alpha Networks. This is an OEM manufacturer of wireless logic (as opposed to a company that makes end products), so your system may be using their products even if there's nothing in it with that label. Should be considered part of your drivers and left alone, or your wireless connection won't work.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wzcsldr2.exe.html 

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All comments about WZCSLDR2.exe:
A part of a D-Link Driver. (WLAN)  See also: Link Great Researcher
The file refuses to be deleted and sets itself up to launch whenever Windows starts. No idea what this file does but was able to prevent it from launching its service using msconfig. Jeff Schwager
Installed with D-LINK WLAN Scott Wilson
Belongs to D-Link-Wireless DWL-122 Adapter Software  See also: Link Lefty
This is part of the D-Link Wireless Router driver set. SmohQ
the German version of D-Link DWL-122 driver Blair Franklin
it's on my pc since I installed a wlan usb adapter fish
buggy ANIO Service loader for D-Link wireless cards and routers
Part of wi-fi driver (D-Link, Conceptronic, ...)  See also: Link Boris
conceptronic wireless file kaferlander
It's from D-Link WLAN Adapter on my computer Rene
It appeared after (perhaps immediately after) installed a conceptronic USB WIF Trev
A part of a D-Link Driver. (WLAN) alex
D-link related. Makes my CPU overheat when active!!! Support issue for d-link... Erik
Installed after I instaled D-Link GWL-122 REV A Drivers
D-link related (wireless). Makes CPU overheat when active and lots of data traffic!!! Erik
Linked to D-Link Wireless Adapter-- Occasionally takes up a lot of CPU resources. Jon
WAN Driver app came with DLink Wireless NIC, crashes often on boot however.
After uninstalling D-Link Wireless LAN software it has been removed from the system Rob Bloemer
I have 2 different wireless cards. A D-Link and an Airlink101. ANIO and AINOWCZ or similar are 2 programs which come with the wireless cards. They are parts of the wireless network protocols. Not mailicous or dangerous but buggy. dinub1
Wireless driver from Alpha Networks in Taiwan. Frequently aborts when restarting the wirelsss link, requiring full reinstall to use the wirelss USAB adapter. POS software!. Scott Dismukes
Part of DWL-132 driver appeared after instalation of driver Cartoon Khaki
d-link WAN
D-Link DWL-122 driver WLAN USB-Stick Driver Wolfgang
Why would D-Link generate an "Alpha Networks" path to the exe? Seems shady.... MSClusterguy
Par tof d-link Rob
D-Link USB wireless driver
Part of wi-fi driver (D-Link, Conceptronic, ...)
I installed drivers for a Wifi Router(D-Link DSL-604GT) and this appeared-dunno what exactl;y it does but it seems innocuos enough..as ever check the suspect files 'created' date and search your whole drive for everything else created at that exact time to shed light on the files provenance. Aethelfric
From D-Link as part of the WLAN software, process that runs as a part of the wireless service.  See also: Link Michael Singletary
I have installed a D-Link DWL-G120 WLAN Adapter. When it causes an error WLAN connection is terminated. Manual restart of wzcsldr2.exe reestablishes the WLAN-connection but on my system not for a long time. Frank
Gives WPA security to DLINK wireless cards Eric
D-Link WLAN 802.11g driverss Rhino
Stands for Windows XP "Wireless Zero Configuration ? Loader". If you don't use D-Link Setup for your wireless then you choose Windows Wireless Zero Confirugation. Which is what I'm using instead of DLink. TechNTutor
Annoying Error on each boot, only after D-Link Driver install -Jeff
i have dlink and i have this file too
? but I do have a d-link dwl-122 WLAN usb adapter mikeclag
WLAN Adapter, but can suck cpu resources... Jb1
Came with D-Link SWL-G122 USB adapter. Crashes on startup frequently. D Bliss
Comes from install of D-Link wireless adapter- doesn't appear active, not even at start up of wireless service. When turned off in task manager, it doesn't reappear until system restart. Bear
i dont like them at all seem buggy and useless andy
This program appeared when i installed my PCI card (D-Link). I do not think it is dangerous. Med
Part of D-link Driver H. Nawar
Loads with driver installation cd D-Link Airplus DWL-G122...Uninstall-Reboot-Scan hardware changes-Update driver manualy from CD-problem gone khalro
It is for D-Link Wireless Adaptor, but it starts whenever Windows Starts.. HOUSI
Its part of the Alpha Networks wlan driver installation for my pci wlan adapter from ALLNET - this causes error messages on every bootup even on my fresh XP installation. , reinstallation doesnt help, not sure if need anyway... maybe deleting is an option. There is no other version available according to ALLNET support and there is no update nor a bugfix in plan for the future.... If anyone knows a solution or found a link for a diffrent fileversion other than the buggy if your wlan adapter wont work it helps in my case to de- and reactivate my ALLNET adapter after every bootup manually under Start/networks.. if your wlan adapter wont work it helps in my case to de- and reactivate my ALLNET adapter after every bootup manually under Start/networks.. amikid
Part of Blitzz WLANmon that comes with the Blitzz BWI715 WLAN card Benjamin Bloomfield
Installed with D=Link drivers for DWL-G510 card. John Mulligan
This is a harmless exec file comes with D-link wireless driver Maani
I have a D-Link USB Stick, too. bernibaerchen
It bothers me. Each time I boot my computer, there it is with it's warning. I need to get rid of it once and for all. Vinnie
D-Link DWL-G122 Rev C1 Adapter chnd
It's Safe its to od with the D-Link di-624 wireless router and to do with the WLAN croc_22
Came alive now the day after installing a WLAN-card from Netgear Niitit
dlink user - file is ok ben
Comes with D-Link wireless NIC software. Buggy shit, often crashes during boot. Sucks CPU if you have a low-powered PC. I believe it's originally intended for Win16. However, the alternative, Microsoft Wireless Zero Configurator is even worse.  See also: Link Martin
Also used with the Blitzz BW1715 PCI Wireless Adapter Dave
Installed with D-Link DWL-G650 (PCMCIA) Wlan Card Fox
I bought the d link usb wireless adapter and have constant problems with it. Very frequently i get the windows error message, and have to restart the app. VERY ANNOYING joe
Well, it looks like I agree with those saying that it is a part of D-Link software. I've got it almost the same time when I installed my D-Link USB Adapter. Ilja Astahovs
my d-link stopped working after 3 months on windows vista. uninstalled d-link went to linksys and still get error message. think it is more nuisance than anything else mike
occurred when I installed my D-Link wireless card Brian
Belongs to Dlink Wireless Adaptor Helpdesq
I used to have same problem as amikid. Because I deleted csrss.exe from C:\WINDOWS\system32\dllcache b/c I though it was harmful, when I put csrss.exe back in folder, WLAN would connect with no problems at startup. Grimraper
It eats up HUGE amounts of Non-Page Memory Pool and will eventually cause the PC to crash when the pool is exausted. I stopped it from starting when the PC boots. Greg Kreis
Pointless disable it or remove with msconfig, you can still use the USB wireless to accses the web, pointless resource wasting process if you ask me Butthead
DLink WiFi driver (part) Kuba
Appears after installing D-Link DWL-122 Wireless USB Adapter (A discontinued product)  See also: Link Hermann Rösch
Buggy DLINK WLAN Software. Software hangs my machine on each reboot after a few minutes. Software is in 2 parts, 1 Part as a Service and 1 Part in Run Programs in Registry. Disabled the Driver under Services and the system became stable, Disabled the software from starting in the Run section of the registry, and system stayed stable. Wireless Card is still active and works fine from my experience.! Rino - Network Manager
Runs great without...(windows) Installed drivers from Wildpackets -- much better ruby_booby
Windows Zero Configuration Service-used for wireless adaptors John Matthews
Part of the D-Link WLAN driver Reinhold A.
It comes with D-LINK ... Barry
System resource hog. Taken 6% in task mgr. Ended task system sped up a lot amlitnod
In MSCONFIG you can un-select this program from loading at start-up. Doesn't affect my wireless connection to my router. Art Dutton
I also used to get this process using 100% of my CPU. I found 2 solutions: a) use the windows network configuration tool and not the Dlink one and disable the D-link tool startup (msconfig - uncheck the entryC:\Program Files\D-Link\Wireless G WUA-1340\AirGCFG.exe). I didn't test it for more than 20 hours but i didn't get the error. - b) or disable the windows service WZC (Wireless Zero Configuration)goto Start -- Run -- type services.msc and press OK -- Scroll down to Wireless Zero Configuration (it'll be at the bottom), right-click and select Properties -- Click Stop. In this case arnaud
D-Link DWL-G122 related driver
Somehow, this made my box crash every time I enabled my dlink dwl-g510. Don't ask me why. Different drivers are working now. FinalDoom
This error seems to be congruent with another one(in my case at least): aircfg.exe entry point not found error, i'm not sure if they're related but there is a solution for that error on this site, maybe it will help. Meatball
came with my Dlink WiFi usb adaptor and causes no real problems Ringo
This file isn't needed in Windows XP, seems to cause problems in Vista. Best disable it and use the built in Windows stuff. Jordan
I can definitly agree, it is installed with D-Link Products. I Installed D=Link DWL-G510 card, since there, thiss app and AirGCFG.exe are new processes. Alex.
using msconfig, and remove the ANIWZCS2 launcher, works.... phil
If you have a D-link WUA 2340, you need this file running. If you are experiencing loss of signal, it is because you have two copies running. This happens with XP when you are logged in as administrator and have not logged out as a user - like when you use the switch user function. You need to use taskmanager to end one of the processes. If you are logged in as administrator, you can see both processes, If logged in as a (restricted) user, you can only see the copy that the user started. Just end that copy. Luckydog
Installs with D-Link WLAN drivers. NOT Dangerous, but DOES self-install when the CD plugs and plays, meaning you have no choice about where its files end up Spudddd
Not a security threat, however can have adverse effect on the machine. It is a driver component for D-Link wireless products, required to start a connection, but safe to kill after connection is made. It will often chew up 100% CPU if left to idle in XP. Software Security Technician
D-Link DWL-122 USB Wlan eszköz telepitette, semmi para MuchACHO79
DWL-G122 ** Related to D-Link Wireless Adapter ** Mark Burningham
Installed by D-Link USB WiFi adapter. Alice
It comes with the D-Link USB-Stick and sometimes it sucks up to 50% of my dual core CPU with Windows XP pro. It's easy to delete from the task manager but then the WLAN failes after a while. I start it again and it works for a while well. Suddenly it sucks the power again. Very annoying shit program. Rudi
D-link dongle...Zéro config...webcam
D-Link DWL-G510. After some time in internet it takes 50% of CPU power !!! Hubson
Its actaully a process that stops windows from interferring or configuring your wirless network. Its not a virus but a vailid process if your having problems take a look at your security on your PC or update your PC or the adpater! Jim AOL Tech Network Manager
It's from D-link, if you have any program related to that .  See also: Link DeathKnight
Is used by wireless networks, wireless NICs, or wireless routers. This is NOT exclusive to D-Link & seems it may not be needed or necessary for internet connections. I Never had a D-Link routr. I have an Airlink101 wireless router & still receive that error on occasion. I am still able to connect to the interenet even after that service failed to start. Dimples
I have disabled this file by renaming it (*.000) and after restart my conceptronic wireless card works no problem. ANIWZCSDS.exe still starts up freom the same folder but causes no problem Ad Rem
If you re running windows XP with service pack 3 then make sure you are running the most updated driver for your d-link NIC, otherwise you may get an error on windows startup about WZCSLDR2.exe Robbo
Disabled this via MSCONFIG together with AirGCFG.exe which needed cancellation every time after SP3 update. No problems yet. GinaJ
I can confirm that it is not needed by D-link wireless once there is a connection Peter
D-Link Wireless Lan file. This file should not be removed from the car boot entry. For this connection failure may occur. I hope that I could help you. Tarek
I thought i was unsafe but a bit of research proves that this is part of the D-Link driver on your computer so its safe. Danny
Throughput on my D-Link N USB adapter dropped by 50% when I killed the program. Rebooting fixed it. Possibly allows dual-channel WiFi N operation? Rich
Used with D-Line Devices Danny
ITS PART OF D-LINK WIRELESS...  See also: Link woodrow
It installs with d-link drivers  See also: Link Daniel
I seems to be linked to D-Link wireless adapter. I do have on plugged into my computer Dragos
D LINK's website does not know what wzcsldr2.his is a VIRUS disguisedd int and installed on your WIRELESS network so it broadcass its streams! Check DLINK's website - don't follow the OK recommendations that it is "needed" ABS
after freshing installation of my pc,i install the Dlink adapter(DWL-G630).since then everytime at startup the programm shows.how can i find a way to stops it .its annonying. Adekunle Oluwasegun Yemi
For wireless LAN  See also: Link Chris
I get a message "apsInitialize could not be located in the dynamic link library wlanapi.dill. Just don't know how I can get rid of it. Very annoying every time I start up my XP. Jan
Its installed with my DLINK wirelress set, its a two parter and only needed if use Dlink software for PoE (default windows) The Big Man
D-Link WLAN Treiber usw. T
WZCSLDR2.exe is part of the "D-Link Wireless Connection Manager" . My WDA-2320 wifi card works fine without it although the Connection Manager loses some functionality. I have noticed this process has problems especially when it is running and you are playing a video game as it begins with about 110 "handles" and after playing the game and returning to Windows XP Pro I have seen it build to well over 1000 handles and keeps growing as I watch it. I usually delete it in Task Manager, Latest drivers from D-Link don't solve the problem. Deighv
Mine creates a wierd tray icon I can't close or see name. Goes away when I close this program. D-link no help yet. Disabled in MSCONFIG-STARTUP. Everything still working fine. Program hasn't reappeared in task manager...so far! Latest D-link drivers no help. Larry
It is used for dual frequency WLAN adapters (D-Link 3000, etc.). Also, if you open the config file for your adapter you will see that it is a config file for 20+ brand name WLAN adapters. You can edit the config file with Notepad, Notepad2, or Notepad++ to eliminate it from being installed. Gaerbyl-30 yrs MS/Windows Tech
Appeared after installing a D-Link DWA-182 Wireless adapter to my PC Ego

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