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Process name: Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements

Product: Synaptics Pointing Device Driver or Synaptics Pointing Device or IBM ThinkPad UltraNav Driver or ThinkPad UltraNav Driver or Synaptics TouchPad or Progressive Touch

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Synaptics (synaptics.com)

File: SynTPEnh.exe

SynTPEnh.exe implements a set of additional configuration options and enhancements for Synaptics touchpads, such as defining button functions and changing sensitivity. Synaptics touchpads are found on millions of laptop computers. Also SynTPLpr.exe, which provides more basic functionality for Synaptics touchpads. Both of these processes must typically be left running to ensure proper operation of the input device.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/syntpenh.exe.html 

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Average user rating of SynTPEnh.exe: based on 95 votes. Read also the 88 reviews.

  • 2576 users ask for this file. 49 users rated it as not dangerous. 13 users rated it as not so dangerous. 20 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 7 users rated it as dangerous. 12 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SynTPEnh.exe:
touchpad driver for compaq notebooks
Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements valu
Deals with a laptops built in mouse
Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements file. Laptop touch pad file.
Synaptic Touchpad Treiber
Synaptics TouchPad Enhancements Software Used for Secondary and Auxiliary Function of Synaptics TouchPads Vash_T.S.
It is constantly using 98% or more of the processor until it is killed. Mno
Compaq Notebook Touchpad Util. Some versions XP-incompatible  See also: Link Alfred Abplanalp
It grabs large amounts of CPU resources, up to 90%, for no apparent reason. Bruce Wetherall
Does use much of processing power. If able use a usb mouse and kill the process DaWuf
Agree with Mno. It uses 99% of CPU on booting up. Have to kill it to get going
deletes c drive after 4 hours Gerk Deukkler
It does seem to run away, best to uninstall it as the touch pad will still work without it. Mr. T
Shouldn't be using as much resources as Bruce Wetherall's computer is - may be a problem there. ThinkPad touchpad driver. It along iwth SynTPLpr.exe should only take about 7,500K. Killing it may disable touchpad (but not trackpoint) but don't delete it! spider
pops up and freezes everything, very annoying alex
Agree with comments about using up to 98% of resources. Stopped it running at startup using start/run/msconfig. Laptop is now flying with no apparent ill effects! Phil Bowerman
I have a compac presario laptop with a synaptics touchpad. Most of the time I use it with external keyboard, mouse and monitor. Many times I've found synTPEnh.exe to be totally hogging cpu time, blocking all other applications. I use Task Manager to end the process with no negative effects. But every time I reboot the application is loaded and eventually dominated operation. Tom Parker
its useing large amounts of cpu resourses for no apparent reason hippe
Supposed to be the process that regulates touch pads on laptops, but recently mine has been taking up 99% cpu usage. Annoying. vik
Synaptic Touchpad Driver (DELL and other)
This is the driver software to allow your touchpad to operate. It is completely safe and essential if you wish to use the touchpad. IqbalHamid
This file is not "dangerous" in any way shape or form. It drains processing power better used elsewhere if you can get ahold of a USB mouse as opposed to using the touchpad. Gerk Deukkler, it will NOT delete your C drive under any circumstances unless you have some whacked out worm of the same name, Adam
Not dangerous, came with Packard Bell laptop - no issues ever
Synaptics Touchpad Driver that screws Dells up. Uninstall it and get the latest drivers from the Dell website Phil
Consumes 99% of CPU. Need it to disable the touchpad (prefer the stick mouse on my Dell D610 and commonly accidentially hit touchpad moving my mouse, registering mouse clicks, trashing whatever I'm working on) Garry Garrett
controls my touchpad and doesn't hog cpu cycles
Enables TouchPad features (middle button on ThinkPads won't work without it); should use very little CPU if working properly; unnecessary if you use USB mouse or do not use advanced features EK
controls trackpoint scroll function, and creates dead pixels on IBM T60 laptop FoxBat
enables mainly the scrolling area on my touchpad's right side. uses some 0.3..1% of CPU resources. principally dispensible, but I'm used to the scroll function :-( r
in IE 7.0 causes all user-written words to be written backwards. In FF 2.0 constantly abuses the mouse so that nothing can be clicked or scrolled down. Annoying Igor
It brings the CPU at 99% CyBerto
Synaptic touchpad driver Chris
just saying gerk is lieing swift
After you installed the driver, system uses 99% of cpu power. After about 10 minutes system returns to normal Yeaktom
spikes CPU to 98-99% every 10 seconds or so...drops to 0% in between...most definitely does not "delete ur c drive"... Dennis
on boot up on a desktop machine it takes up 99% of the cpu until killed - I want to permanently put it out of my misery mrkortek
Uses approximately 75% of CPU power on a Dell laptop with Win 2000. Solution: Uninstall the Synaptics application. ENTER data
Not dangerous just a complete cpu hog will drag performance down get usb mouse and kill this tollstore
synaptics touch pad for dell notebook
Just chills out. No ill effects, no processor use, only 4.5k memory, but utterly useless sk
Without it running your touchpad can't do any scrolling functions. I find that eXceed X.11 server sometimes causes the mouse to hang, and the only way to get the mouse unfrozen is to kill this process.
syntpenh.exe is a process installed alongside the Synaptics touchpad for laptop computer touchpads. Provides additional configurations and support, and is essential on some machines for the functioning of this input device. This program is a non-essential system process, but should not be terminated unless suspected to be causing problems. Vincent Nunez
Not a critical application on my laptop. Only uses about 600 kilobytes of memory. Dan
It's just...a driver for the touchpad. I disabled it then the touchpad didnt work, you can disable if you want but keep in mind you must use another mouse. Never had any issues with it...
It's simply a touchpad driver. Nothing to get your panties in a knot about. It uses about 5,000 k of memory on my comp, and with 1 gig of ram it's not too bad. Don't worry 'bout it. Amu
Got the message on Sony Vaio laptop,too.
If killed on IBM-T series the middle button scroll with touch stick does not work anymore. It takes some I/O resources and about 0.5% processor mb
dell touchpad steve
This is the driver for the Synaptic Touchpad Enhancements. If you have this on a desktop, then it is probably a virus with the same name. Safe, but a popular name that viruses duplicate H
It is constantly using 98% or more of the processor until it is killed OGEE
Have been trying to perform Windows 2000 updates but the updater would hang. Checked the task manager and SynTPEnh.exe was using up ~90% of the CPU. Killed it and updates are finally installing. I suspect that it was infected as this was a fairly unprotected system. Probably harmless in most cases but caused problems for me. Eric
consumes 5-20% cpu. under heavy load mouse freezes. T61 (Intel Dual-Core T9300, 3GB RAM, Win XP 32bit) upgrading UltraNav driver helped on thinkpad. BW
uses cpu and a large amount of memory... killing this process vastly increase machine performance (mind you a dell latitude running w2k) touch pad external and stick mice all still work quiznos
Sometimes this process starts taking 100% of a CPU on a ThinkPad T series. At this point my track pad doesn't work. The touch stick or whatever it is called still works. If I kill the process using task manager, the track pad starts working again. I have ThinkPad UltraNav Driver installed. Jay
I disabled it but my touchpad still works fine in Fujitsu S7110. Macy
Runs with touchpad. Thought this has been said it seemt to cause no damage. Nor does it steal any large amounts of ram Pudding
Came with Asus Eee PC. Using 1-4% CPU mostly for me. When killed, can no longer mouse-wheel scroll by dragging two fingers across the trackpad, but apart from that (and possibly other features I don't use) the trackpad still controls the mouse OK. Drew Noakes
It is used for scrolling and secondary features on a Synaptics touchpad for laptops. It should not run at 90% or more if running correctly. Only problem with it is it crashes every once and a while and in order to use scroll features it has to be reactivated. JHoff
This process takes up to 100% of the CPU. I recommend not installing it in the first place!!! A beast! Scandicrafts
use barely any cpu or memry. most of the time it's on 1 or 2% usage, and only 1mb of memory Anthony
If it running, my computer canīt connect to internet. When I shut it down, my computer connect in half a second! Doomista
It is a driver for the touchpad for laptops. Ravi
Synaptic touch pad enhancements. Runs in the notification area and displays touchpad gestures.  See also: Link Wayne
1372 kb ram jow
The driver is broken and can become hung in a loop where it will consume all the CPU. It can be killed and this always works for me. James
seems to be a touchpad enhancement element on my asus G73JW laptop Sgartlan
Uses unreasonable CPU and 143MB of RAM!! KILLED it on my Asus K53E-BBR1 laptop. Touchpad still works, lost scroll feature on side of touchpad. I didnt use it anyways. Very happy once I end-task on it. MrData-Pasadena-CA
it's true about useing CPU just delete it and you won't have to think when it's gonna lose control! krle
same here with MrData-Pasadena-CA. killed it, and fan rampage and cpu heating are gone. it could be infected with some malware I think feo-tr
uses up to 25% cpu, on a 4 thread dualcore cpu : slows down everything, need to be killed. , even after updating it's still glitched. probably badly optimized fo my system (alienware laptop) tgum
If you value your touchpad, don't mess with anything labled as Synaptic. The newest versions allow for multi-touch pinch-to-zoom features, and it only uses 1 mb of Random Access Memory (yes, I felt like typing out the whole name :P) Leviathan
I found a PF-file named SYNTPENH.EXE-183D6069.pf In map C:\Windows\Prefetch It takes 18 kb. I dont Know if it is a virus or something. Im using Windows Xp on a Eee Pc laptop. Saber
Went crazy one time... Restarted my PC Zvilich
hogging cpu. asus laptop. closed process in task manager, no ill effects other than zoom not working. Amy
It eats up a good 6% of cpu sometimes and causes lower end machines to lag a little. It lets you scroll and zoom with the touchpad, as well as some other features Jamin
It says on my webroot cleaning program that its a memory leakage problem then also my computer is running very hard Cheri
With my Lenovo E335 I face the folling problemm: CPU usage is ok at 1% when touching the red Trackpoint only, this soars to 17% when touching the touchpad. CPU usage is soaring to 49% when touchpad function is diabled but touched accidentially. I use the newest driver available (currently its Murdock the German
not dangerous... but sometimes freezes!!!!!!!!! mooooooo :(
it took 1,5GB RAM!! i had to kill it Ario
Just a program
It's a touch pad driver process Sai charan
Synaptics touchpad service
?? Comodo keeps blocking it from accessing memory Rodent
Appears to be wasting memory space. Mouse users uninstall. Hannah
Can't agree with others, only uses .2MB of RAM and no CPU.  See also: Link Leo
Not a bug or a virus, just a giant resource hog. Sucks up 45% or better of my CPU whenever I start laptop. If you have this problem and don't require anything fancy of your laptop's built-in mouse (like pinch-to-zoom or special page-down scrolling) you can get away with deleting the program without noticeable loss of functionality. (after deleting you will have to restart laptop by holding down power button, as deletion will temporarily freeze your cursor. You didn't break it! Touchpad will work fine again after reboot.)
Norton blocks it from accessing process data "Unauthorized access" for "uistub.exe" - one of Norton's processes Michael

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