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Process name: RealPlayer

Product: RealPlayer Cloud

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: RealNetworks (realnetworks.com)

File: realplay.exe

Formerly RealPlayer, realplay.exe is now RealPlayer Cloud. An executable, this process stores and retrieves video and audio files from cloud storage. If minimized, it continues to run as a background process and can be reopened through the Windows System Tray. Introduced in 1995 as an audio player, RealPlayer currently plays nearly all types of recordable audio and video media.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/realplay.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of realplay.exe: based on 21 votes. Read also the 17 reviews.

  • 326 users ask for this file. 2 users rated it as not dangerous. 3 users rated it as not so dangerous. 4 users rated it as neutral. 7 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 5 users rated it as dangerous. 2 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about realplay.exe:
Apparently not a risk  See also: Link Ezol
seems to automatically arise when running real player. ogunlade
Realplay.exe is adware. Pop-ups offering products such as mp3 players will occur in the form of the Real Player message center even if the program is not running mpalmiero
this take more cpu usage shahul hameed
this take more cpu usage. Any body can tell me why this player while playing take more cpu usage some times my cpu occupied more than 90% i have celeron 3.3ghz processor. kuality2006
I'm guessing its linked to Real Player since I have real player :)  See also: Link Tyrone
it make your PC in high CPU Usage, beware zakumo
It is a process used for Real Player. It is not a virus/adware/malware, but after playing CounterStrike: Source for about an hour it uses up between 1GB to 1.5GB of memory out of my 2GB total physical memory, which causes my system to be non-functional. This is a huge bug. JoshGriffin
it prevents me to open music from Real Player, showing a window asking for a diskette Fulvio
It sometime uses about 1 gHz of my CPU and makes my browser crash. rocketman0739
It is a major resource hog. Get rid of it asap! Groengoen
CPU is on 100% because of this. Sometimes my laptop turns off itself. I think this s... is the problem. girl
It seems that there is some error with Realplayer that causes it to in some cases randomly spike you CPU and eat up massive resources. Not sure what causes it.
It's part of RealPlayer. It has some irritating processing leak or something. My Quad core processor is sitting at 25% all the time because of this. Try updating RealPlayer to the most recent version. HexZyle
Is sometimes listed twice in Windows Task Mgr. suspicious! crabby
This is an adware (similar to a virus), if it takes up a large percentage of your CPU, I strongly recommend you ask whichever anti-virus program you are using to move it to the virus vault. Naughty shrink
Eats up huge amounts of CPU memory, even when I'm not using it. Considering removing the program. Had the worse time working on my computer while this thing hogged up memory. Lisa

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