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Process name: Adobe Acrobat Reader

Product: Adobe Reader

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Adobe Systems (adobe.com)

File: AcroRd32.exe

The primary executable of Adobe Acrobat Reader, this application allows you to open and view Portable Document Format (PDF) files. This program is free for download through the Adobe web site, but does not give you the ability to edit or alter your PDF documents. Adobe offers the full version of Adobe Acrobat for a fee, which includes the ability to edit PDF files. Located in San Jose, California, Adobe was founded in 1982. Adobe applications focus on creative products for both consumers and businesses.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/acrord32.exe.html 
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Adobes Acrobat Reader is used to view PDF Documents. That process seems to be necessary for the browser plugin. That plugin shows a PDF Document in a browser windows after you click a corresponding link.  See also: Link Matthias
This program causes near total instability in version 6.0. Many peope don't notice it, but once you launch it, closing the application still leaves the process running. Every time you run it again, it eats up resources until your system locks up and you have to reboot. I'd call that dangerous, since it's a sure formula for data loss. Michael Spurlock
I've open multiple PDFs and closed then down and dont get memory/heap leaks so i reckon Michael Spurlock has some other problem with IE. Col
Necessary for PDF files to run from the internet. If you have CPU problems with this file, it's no the problem. It's being interfered with by other programs trying to access the same CPU pins at the exact same time. This will happen with all programs at least once. It's something that NanoTubes will oneday eliminate because each program will have its own electron routing through the CPU. (NanoTubes will take up much less space, therefore we will be able to use much higher freqencies without taking up space and creating so much heat.) James Cox
AcroRd32.exe is loaded when your browser opens a pdf, however when you close the pdf the process keeps on running in the background. This is supposedly to make subsequent pdf loads a bit quicker. The process uses around 30meg of RAM and some people report increasing memory usage. If you have no pdf's open, go to Task Manager and 'End Process' to get rid of it. It is not essential and not particularly dangerous - but can be a pain. Nik Colman
Adobe Acrobat Reader (do otwierania dokumentów pdf)  See also: Link mariusz
download AcroRd.exe
For the most part it's ok, but every now and then it seems to start churning in the background at random eating up 50% of the cpu on a 3.2ghz processor Anti Spy King
Web instructions to stop the display of PDF in browser don't work Linda Kestner
After viewing a PDF file, if the process stays in memory (which it does unless you kill it in Task Manager) you run the high risk of it locking up your entire computer. I have had my machine lock up dozens of times because of this. I know because AcroRd32.exe is at 99% of CPU usage when my PC locks up. I can kill the process, but then the problem cascades to all of my other processes, each taking up 99% of the CPU until it is killed. The only way to deal with this after it starts is to quickly kill all programs and reboot before your machine locks up. This bug has existed for months. Eric
It is a totally useless program after I upgraded it from version 5 to version 6.01. Now I can't even access it.
Just updated to their newest version. Constantly have problems with the thing when I shut down. Dwwin.exe trys to activate when acro is fucking up while the computer is shutting down and makes a pain out of it. Pollo Jack
Good design! http://cliupfni.com/rpvc/rwsp.html http://cmnljgcg.com/fedn/xndi.html  See also: Link Monica
Runs when .pdf file is opened in IE. Does not terminate when document is closed. Hangs when MS Windows XP is trying to shut down or re-start. As mentioned, could possibly create an unstable environment.
You can turn this "memory-eater" off by opening the AcroRd32.exe and then choosing Edit and then preferences and then choosing from the categories: the internet and then checking the "Allow fast web view" and "Allow speculative downloading in the background" boxes off. Jari Ahtiainen
Its surely useless, disable it :) Yhdis
did not load pdf
It is part of Adobe Acrobat. Not a Trojan, just poorly written code that can eat up 95% of CPU and often time can NOT be deleted through Task Manager as the message "The operation could not be completed. Binnding handle invalid" or similar will appear. You just have to close any open browser, reboot and hopefully not loose any data. Chris D.
It is part of Adobe Acrobat. Not a Trojan, just poorly written code that can eat up 95% of CPU and often times can NOT be deleted through Task Manager. This is because the message "The operation could not be completed. Binnding handle is invalid" or similar will appear. You just have to close any open browser windows, reboot and hopefully not loose any data. Chris D.
I'm using Acrobat Reader 7.0. The AcroRd32.exe process eats up to 30MB of the memory. I followed the instruction at http://www.allscoop.com/tools/acrord32-exe/ and it works. Now the AcroRd32.exe only exist in the list of processes when I open a pdf file. Hope that will help others. Amin
This locks me up every time. J
In preferences, uncheck "display pdf in browser" Gary
Suddenly my browser almost quit working altogether. I barely made it to task manager but when I did I saw AcroRd32.exe eating up my memory faster than I could blink. I hadnt even been on or viewd a PDF during my session. After reading all the feed back on this site, I went back to task manager and it had eaten up twice as much. I deleted the Mother or I should say closed it. All was well after wards ss
It's the process for adobe reader, there's nothing malicious about it.
It was running at about 90k for some reason. Adobe is not even my default PDF view so I don't really understand why it was running at all. Definitely slowed things down. I closed Mozilla where I was viewing a couple of PDF files and AcroRd32.exe stopped running. Just kinda wierd Chris
this program has turned into bloated garbage- use a free alternative until Adobe fixes the tremendous issues with this software negativequity
Well i'm using COMODO internet security and it keeps saying its a typical bufferoverflow attack sean
unknown software exception
Adobe used to be a nice small and efficient reader. Like so many other software vendors, they believe bigger is better, and using up your resources to make their product work better at the expense of your overall performance is the best approach. I for one do not. This "run and stay resident" module should at least be an option a user could turn off. MJ
Viruses and malware can use AcroRd32.exe to do their thing. You won't even have to click on anything. AcroRd32.exe will automatically help install the offending programs. John
Version 8, often triggers a buffer overflow detection with Sophos AV René
It is Adobe Reader.
When ever I open any PDF file I get the error message: manual.pdf Adobe Reader: AcroAd.exe-Application Erroe. The instructions at 0x07000609c reference memory at 0x00000014. The memory could not be read. Click O. K. to terminate program. Then the PDF document freezes up. James J.
Jari Ahtiainen is right. found this setting and it cured the problem thanks ie in adobe got to edit, preferences, internet, uncheck allow fast view and uncheck allow speculative downloading Paul
Once again, Jari Ahtiainen'a advice was excellent. I would never had suspected Adobe Reader for creating this problem. Now I can even listen to streaming radio :-) Thanks! Krister
Has been causing crashes on my Vista for ages ! Maki
This AcroRd32.exe process eats up 50% of the CPU time and problem is it cascades to all of my other processes but it's back to normal after i end this AcroRd32.exe process. James
When it hogs memory, delete from Windows Task Manager jerlo
Eats resources, end process in task manager if not reading PDFs Arbee
open the file PDF
nothing, appears to be interferring with my Adobe files and should be deleted.... Richard Undderwood
100% CPU!!!
Lot, lots of memory (Still not a virus) Razor
A damned nuisance!

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