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Process name: IntelliPoint

Product: Microsoft Intellimouse

Support: Help link   Update link   Uninstall tool  

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: ipoint.exe

A driver for Microsoft's Intellimouse lineup, IntelliPoint includes a user interface that allows you to configure your mouse settings. IPoint.exe runs as a background process and services the mouse. If you disable the process, the mouse will function as a standard mouse and any settings you made through the IntelliPoint interface will not be in effect. Intellimouse is a line of mice that was introduced by Microsoft in 1997 and were the first mice on the market to have a scroll bar and web-browsing buttons.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ipoint.exe.html 
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  • 2552 users ask for this file. 33 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. 5 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 6 users rated it as dangerous. One user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ipoint.exe:
Microsoft IntelliPoint comes with your microsoft mouse pelle
this is a file from microsoft to aid the optical wireless mouse johnnywad
Microsoft Intellipoint mouse software Matthew
It is used for the Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000
Mouse software for Microsoft mouses Zomgie
Used for Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 Beth
Comes with Microsoft Mouse software ParadoX
HARMLESS ~ Used for MS Trackball
Came with Sidewinder Mouse
Microsoft Wireless Laser Mouse/Keyboard 6000 Kenny
Has been linked to BSOD when using SQL Server 2005 Ryan
Microsoft mouse software; it can cause issues when undocking or redocking a computer.
i have a virus with this one, as soon as i kill the process the malware stops. It starts to move my cursor, it presses A,S,D,W keys (gaming commands) and clicks right and left mouse buttons... uninstall rodolfo
The Intellipoint driver for the wireless mouse The_Rock
Driver for Microsoft mouse. AleCtronic
I *always* stop ipoint.exe in taskmgr to save mem, about 22MB bbithead
I have a virus from this. fadfasfsf
Microsoft mouse software. Annoyance: When removing a CD/DVD, it prompts that there is no cd in the drive. pressing abort, cancel and retry do nothing. Phillip
Program for using microsoft mouse. @ rodolfo, you have set macro/gaming toggle on, and you have pressed those keys. Every time you left click, it runs that macro Oksu
It moves my cursor, presses a,d keys, attempts to delete my files, etc does random things. Very annoying. Bruce
MS Intellimouse and its SUCKS the LIFE out of RAM! Earl
it is an utilitary for mouse Horioka
ipoint.exe is Microsofts IntelliPoint, a Driver Software for Microsoft Mouses, not necessary, but useful. Smokey
Commands which CD are to be placed in the CD-Player. Harald
Microsoft intellipoint. Kill it if you don't use a microsoft mouse. Oscar
should be relate to my brand new MS mouse Vitor
strange things happened on my pc - input from keybuffer was repeated, keystrokes where done as if from a ghost or remote controller. when i stop iPoint.exe, its all gone. Uninstall! dexter
My mouse is moving around automaticall! I got rid of this and it stopped. It is part of microsoft mouse and keyboard center. There must be a bug in the coding, so I got rid of it for now. If you don't want to delete ipoint.exe, you can rename it to ipoint.exeX or somthing like that to keep it from running.  See also: Link Smitty
Not dangerous Microsoft mouse software Bob smith
Controls my cursor, clicks with left button randomly and tries to save files from the internet. Mata the pro
Its a Mouse driver that Windows installs Shane
mine bugged out and started clicking/typing randomly zed
It's a part of Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center. You can kill it if you don't own a Microsoft Mouse. Erman Sayın
Harmless, used for allocating special commands for microsoft mice/keyboards to programmable keys. fkrgm
I have MS Wheel mouse Optical USB. Eats up memory and causes mouse to run around screen with no input. I disabled it knowing Malewarebytes did not find it to be of any danger. William
I have a microsoft mouse and decided to take the update once it was plugged in. Never had an issue with it but it is a process hog rus
i forced it to quit, and my microsoft mouse continued to work blaine
can make the mouse not work very well if it's not a "microsoft mouse" and Windiws detects it as such Jordan
might cause some unexpected delay from right click jo
Logitech mouse
good to have but uses lots of ram jaw
Just a MS mouse driver. Nothing serious. Tomas
Software for Microsoft mouse
Mouse driver for Microsoft products. If your cursor is moving randomly it is because you have set up a macro to do that for you; not the executables fault Ed
if it randomly keypresses things its probably cause of a virus not iPoint and iType. Tehcatninja
Ipoint and itype are both microsoft "products" that come with microsoft certified mice and is not linked to any type of virus. Ninja

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