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Process name: Indexing Service filter daemon

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: cidaemon.exe

Responsible for collecting and parsing data to improve the efficiency of searching, cidaemon.exe runs as a background process in Windows when the Windows Search Indexing service is enabled. It runs continuously and monitors locations of files. When a file is needed to be found, the Windows search function returns a result much faster than if search indexing was disabled. If necessary, this process can be disabled through services.msc. Founded in 1975, Microsoft's Windows Operating System is on more than 90% of IBM Compatible PCs.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/cidaemon.exe.html 
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  • 773 users ask for this file. 57 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 19 users rated it as neutral. 19 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 16 users rated it as dangerous. 6 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about cidaemon.exe:
Microsoft Background File Indexing for faster file search Peter
I think its spyware ARow
this file acupy the cpu time in 100% of its operating range a.r.marsousi
Microsoft Windows File Indexing service filter and also for the Sharepoint Service.  See also: Link Harry Leiss
it uses to much of my processing Toto
It is part of the indexing service. As long as it is in c:\%system%\system32 you are ok (where system is your windows/winnt directory). It runs at low priority, so it is using 100% of idle processor time. There are no know viruses or spyware that make use of this service, although some pretend to be it. David Smith
To make microsoft file explorer search faster. Only takes hard time processing at the stating of the computer. To eliminate go to My Computer, [F3] and change the setting. Coloypr
It occupies a high %'age of the CPU time for me too A Dub
It is a windows file that steals a lot of resorces and i dont know very well what is good for bonham
Microsoft Background File Indexing for faster file search Alessandro Ocampo
It makes my computer run slower and every since I got rid of it my computer has had no problems Jeremy
It has been quarantined by my virus scanner mcafee 8.0 Anonymous
After that file suddenly showed up some of my files went missing just totally vanished I consider it a threat. Now I have no sound and my programs keep generating errors. Kaiyra
microsoft file indexing (can be turned on or off) HOBBS(SYSOP)
Not harmfull, process runned by svchost.exe See TaskList of svchost.exe at the bottom  See also: Link Dr. Xtravaganza
See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 899869  See also: Link Tracker
It's on Processes in Task Manager. Won't allow me to end process. Says "Access Denied" Aidan
it uses all of cpu time subh
indexer - it's harmless and you won't even notice it if you have a fast cpu and lots of mem. Mole
I think this indexing process slow's your pc Sameer
Used for faster file searching with windows. cidaemon.exe is not a virus but CiDaemon.exe is, its part of [email protected] worm so check the name macke sure it matches cidaemon.exe excatly. sam.l (Sydney)
It's another "helpful" service that comes with a price. If you have lots-o-files and perform lots-o-searches then you want it enabled. If paranoid and the disk noise "scares" you, then disable it. The Other DS
Its an indexing service to index a NTFS disc for fast file searching in windows. To stop it go to properties on each of your NTFS drives and unclick the checkbox that says "allow Indexing..." Chad
It is an indexing service for windows. It's not a necessity, nor is it important. It is, however, a buggy piece of programming, and it might actually make your computer better if you deactivate it. Melissa
Windows background service. Indexes hard drives for faster searches. Can be a little processor-intensive on older machines. Easily turned off under the hard drive's properties. Post-it man
Indexes your computer for faster searches. Slows down your computer a little to do so though. However it is not a virus not spyware. Nathan
Microsoft Background File Indexing for faster file search  See also: Link Ruban Antony
microsoft indexing process to help you run searches quicker; however, may cause your computer to run slower  See also: Link cur1
Most the time it is inacitve, but it may use one of svchost.exe processes, over 90% of the mem. for a few minutes at times if you don't have much CPU to spare. So turn the bugger off and enjoy some nerdy 'puter times! Franc-Sois D.
It's the Microsoft Content Indexing Daemon. It uses a large CPU % when the computer is idle, but should not be right-out deleted. It can be removed using MS's instructions in the link.  See also: Link IorDMUX
It is an indexing daemon that uses too many system resources, it should just be turned off zK9
See Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 899869 See also: Link GhstND
It is part of Window's indexing service. It may tie up too much of your system's resources on slower computers. It can be turned off easily from your search window.
cidaemon.exe is an indexing service which catalogues files for faster file searches. This is done from time to time (generally when the system is idle) for faster results. Raajaram Krishnamoorthy
Indexing Service - No harm, but not necessary either Dan
It is just for faster searches. Anonymous
Correct if I'm wrong but, as long as I know, this service is used only when needed and then turned off by the system. Note that sometimes it shows a certain value at the CPU field, and sometimes don't. David
search, files or folders, change preferences, with index services, No, do not enable.. tommyt
MS file indexing service OKiDoki
You can't just end the process..you have to go into services and stop/disable the Indexing Service. If it's a webserver, you don't need it running anyway.. Steve
its like the genuine XTC the afterpcdmp
When I'm working with the computer, cidaemon.exe cpu usage is low. However, it went up to 100% after 5 min idling and causing my mother board to heat up to 61 deg C and causing sudden and violent shut down. xra989
File Indexing, Surely it is not dangerous even it occupy 100% Ganesh
MS Indexing service - Used for fast searching - databases - mysql - sql - so on ParentTechnology.com
Usually the file is the indexing service. Like most of the services it can be hooked by malware, so if you want to disable it you can always use the services control panel to disable it. See KB920685 for one example exploit.  See also: Link tB
after doing a search in XP, you can choose to activate indexing, Indexing is Not Essinetial, but it help make searching faster Arrolis
service will start after you open windows explorer. your computer will be slow Amly
it is not dangerous if you have like 8gb of ram, and an fx62 or higher, but if your like the rest of us, then open the search window, goto change preferences, goto with indexing service, and select no dont enable indexing service. it wont bother u any time soon. Yami aka Antichrist
it takes 50% or more cpu usage Ajay
It is an indexing service by Microsoft but it is not neccessary . I never liked it, my computer can live without it. But you can't delete it. You computer will be alive if you do manage to delete it. it slows down your computer and not everyone has 1gb of RAM to suffice your needs. Tea
This is annoying when it randomly starts and uses 80-90% cpu. I notice it as I have one of those new Intel D processors and fans!  See also: Link John (programmer)
Indexes file on your hard drive, so that when you search for files, the results appear much much faster. This program only runs when your computer is idle, therefore it occupies as much cpu power as possible, but only while idle (that is, when you are not in front of your computer, when you are not using it). Therefore, it should not be slowing down your computer whatsoever (maybe a little while this service is stopping, after you come back to your computer, but in general, it will not) Rob
I think you won't have anyproblem until your computer 's CPU have been used up to 100 by this service MrBoong
It is an indexing service for windows. if you disable it it will enable more cpu but at the cost of HD speed. another nathan
It indexes your files for faster searching. To disable right click C and uncheck "allow indexing" in properties. Milliamp
It is not a virus & suposedly not Spyware but on the other hand it is spying on you by indexing every file, program & registration number on your computer & sending the data to Microsoft. In effect it is Microsoft Autherised Spyware, how else do they catch all those software pirates every year. If you have a good (non windows) firewall (Zone Alarm) just deny it internet access & set it to remember the settings for next time it trys to sneakily give away all your personal PC information to Microsoft. They wouldnt admit to it but it but they COULD sell the info gathered to other companies Not a Microsoft Fan
regardless of whether it uses IDLE cpu or not. it still thrashes the shit out of your hard drive. go on, show me a way to make it use idle I/O instead of slowing down my system to a dog with hard drive thrashing and ill be impressed. matt
It is a legitimate indexing service that is part of Microsoft. that can slow down the computer. Microsoft has a page explaining how to turn it off. See support.microsoft.com/kb/899869  See also: Link Arthur
cpu means Cideamon.exe Plus Uforever  See also: Link Lartz
it takes my lot of CPU n i am not able to work plz tell the the rite way to remove dis stupid file. Amit
It appears to me sometimes every 30 seconds, and it is very disgusting... if you have the same problem go to Start - Search - Change Preferences - Without index server and press disable index server. My windows it is in spanish so I don't know exactly the same words that are goinna appear to you, but anyways it's something like that. Shleper
used in the search function to find files or folders can be turned on and off use "START- SEARCH files folders Marc
It is a pain. Not harmful but its 100% clamp makes it not required. Background service my arse. MS should remind if that fact. The Zook
NOT Dangerous!! It is indexing specified locations which can be removed by going to the Indexing Service Snap-In in the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) each CiDaemon.exe process is an Indexing catalog which can be deleted but when their configured correctly they make a noticable difference in the speed of navigating your PC  See also: Link UTB_Pro456
While the executable has a tendency to bring your PC to a halt, this is not spyware or malware, and is in place by design.  See also: Link Brent Pabst
it's a virus not so dangeraus you can terminate him but it will be activated after a short time sometimes he slows down my comp  See also: Link Tedi
I have a toshiba laptop and every time that program runs it uses 5-15% cpu and my battery stops working Tyler
It makes my prossesser so hot, and makes my computer slow, realy, i had to disable it. Dglaser
spend 50% of the CPU mosral
there is no way to erase it, it keeps coming back Roger Belanger
Microsoft Background File Indexing for faster file search Homer J.
MS search facilities are rubbish.Terminally slow and unnecessarily obtrusive. Its a shame Dave Cutler didn't introduce some VMS concepts here. I'd shut this down every time - no one searches enough to use indexing. Jack Mc Hammer
particularly obsolete windows program, pegging you at 100% cpu you can't exit. disable indexing for all your drives by right clicking. also turn off indexing in search companion, preferences. use a free or low cost indexing program they are much better drd
My desktop computer is fried. it totally freezes up after clicking on any icon for anything. Norton Rescue Boot indicated "cidaemon.exe made 250 modifications to your computer". I can't even log on to the internet to properly install Norton. This is dangerous, and in my opinion, IT MUST BE PART OF A WORM OR VIRUS. My desktop is now trash, as I can;t get as far as disabling it. Malanie
it uses all of processer time zjm
Its a file indexer. I dont nomally notice its impact but it causes Skype to produce very choppy audio (or no audio at all). Tricky
File Indexing for faster file search for Windows  See also: Link vimal patel
My computer is new but cidaemon.exe still takes up 50% of my CPU and i didnt use to have it until some time ago. When i looked on the "processes" in tskmanager there are two cidaemon.exes running so i dont know if one of them is a virus. I've scanned it with norton(even though norton fails)but it says its not a virus. Aeron
As the friend said, It is MS utility than will be not friendly to the user, when It was not usable I disabled... Samuel
It keeps my H.D. active even when Iam trying to let it sit idle . It slows down my PC in every aspect of its performance ,I disabled it by removing the check mark in the properties for my H.D. C and also went to administrator tools services and disabled it there ! Nick
it is for indexing system files Dinesh
c:\program files\rapitdit\cidaemon.exe It was installed without my knowledge. A virus for sure. Arek
Search indexing service. Turn it off using services.msc and setting the indexing service to disabled. Instant speed boost. Nick
Norton warned me about its high CPU usage.I started my computer in SAFE MODE windows files , found it in system 32 and deleted it. I'll think about restoring it with changes later. minnesotabongo
Don't know what does it actually do. But it puts overload on my CPU. I hate it. Ankit
It takes too much of the CPU resources. neswest
Index service kojong
I uninstalled Windows Search 4, problem solved Frank
It keeps the CPU occupied and doesnt allow any other (heavy) programs to run. Pausing it when I need max CPU performance and restarting it when I am working on not CPU intensive programs does the trick. Arun Jingade Seetharamrao
To resolve the issue, turn off the Indexing service. To turn off the Indexing service, follow these steps: Justine
it is not 'background - daemon' anymore if it start to mess with overall pc speed! it is annoyance!
Cidaemon.exe is from the file indexing service. On my computer indexing was stalled and Cadeaon running at 50% ish all the time. I changed the settings in Computer Management and stopped and started in the indexing service a few times in computer management and the problem resolved itself. Jeremy
Its windows Service  See also: Link Kalu
cidaemon.exe would not let me update adobe reader or download a newer version until I stopped the process.
My CIDEAMON.EXE file runs some times to 100% of CPU. Also, after first time I saw this problem, Some of my processes has not any "User Name" in the "Task Manager". Anyway, After a while I saw some trojans attacks. Finally, they forced me to reboot. After reboot, viruses do not show themselves but I think they Installed and will run as soon as they can. Amir
Not dangerous, but it insists on completing its tasks before allowing the computer to download updates - at least on my machine Doug of the North
Cause This issue can occur if the Indexing service is running on the computer. The Indexing service uses the Cidaemon.exe process to index files. The Cidaemon.exe process builds and updates the Index catalog. Additionally, the Cidaemon.exe process typically uses lots of pagefile space and lots of CPU time. Back to the top Give Feedback RESOLUTIONTo resolve the issue, turn off the Indexing service. To turn off the Indexing service, follow these steps: 1.Double-click My Computer, point to Explorer Bar on the View menu, and then click Search. 2.Click Change preferences, and then click Without Indexing Service. 3.Click No, do not enable Indexing Service, and then click OK.  See also: Link Ebrahiem AlGindy
My systems goes to hang stage , because of cidaemon.exe is showing 43,176 k memory usage and 99 cpu usage in task manager Mavi
Occasionally locks folders and makes them unable to delete or rename. Using the SysInternals (now MS) command handle.exe can reveal when the indexing process has latched onto a particular folder. PaulJ
it's installed at %AppData%\Local\Temp\iswizard05\cidaemon.exe Looks like some kind of trojan, I don't know. Looks like it has something to do with BitCoinMiner-CA. Diogo
It appears to be using 50% CPU time and might be causing problems with Outlook emails (such as blank messages).
Windows indexing - not a virus/trojan or anything related to one. Desktops its a pain, on file servers, quite handy. Gavin
slows down the PC... eats 50% of CPU. gsr

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