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Process name: SCSI Access for ProShow Gold

Product: ProShow Gold or ProShow Producer or CompuPic Pro or ProShow

Support: Help link   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Eastman Kodak Company (kodak.com)

File: ScsiAccess.exe

This process is used by the Kodak product ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer to give root access to SCSI device drivers. Kodak introduced the ProShow products in 2002 to create professional slide shows and presentations with ease. Scsiaccess.exe is a high risk file due to the fact that it is commonly replaced with a functioning malicious file of the same name, giving high level access to outside users. Eastman Kodak is located in Rochester, New York, but incorporated in New Jersey.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/scsiaccess.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

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  • 734 users ask for this file. 23 users rated it as not dangerous. 4 users rated it as not so dangerous. 9 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ScsiAccess.exe:
Interface program for SCSI emulation (mostly used for scanners, but also ASPI driver for CD/DVD burner software) chompie
Driver used by CompuPic pro. dom
Installed C:\Windows\System32 by Alcohol 120% - Required pham
Installed with ProShow Gold - Required
Alcohol 120% driver
Not sure what i would have installed to get this. Maybe digital camera? col
To remove scsiaccess.exe - 1. Start Run CMD 2. CD C:\Progra~1\Photodex\CompuPicPro (or whatever directory scsiaccess.exe resides in) 3. scsiaccess -remove phlogiston
we were forced into having it when we needed to download the kodak digital camera onto the computer but were never told about it before or after download. saxx
it is part of a cd the comes with a digital camera emem
Installed with Phodex.com's Compupic Pro Fred Norwood
for Alcohol 120%. Not bad 2tima
it has blank for compnay and description which is why i checked it ahref
Installed by CompuPic Pro wattafak
belongs 2 Compupic pro
I have the file in D:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32 dir. I never installed ALCHOOL 120%. I have installed the software KodaK EasyShare for the Digital Camera CX 6200. Gianfranco
ASPI - aspi4.cab
Kodak\EasyShareSetup\ASPI\aspi4.cab came with the camera's CD (EasyShare DX7300) dates about 2/4/2003 8:22am. got installed in c:\WINDOWS\system32. trys to chat with ladvapi32.dll compiled using MSc/c++V11 177KB 181312bytes Alan
Comes with ProShow (various versions) Dreyer
It is a .exe in the Photodex Program-directory of CompuPic. My WintasksPro 5 tells me: It is an executable for the Alcohol Software's CD/DVD writing application Alcohol 120%. It is an essential process needed in order for this applicatio to work. Godfried Hombergen
Installed in c:\windows\system32 but client machine does not contain Alcohol software. Was running as a service and would shutdown services.exe Naviathan
This file is for the Kodac software. Not a threat. Josh
It will be first installed when you connect a Webcam/Digitalcamera to any USB Port. I Remember also it'll be installed when installing Skype from version 3.xxx Bullenkloete
Came with the Kodak digicam me
Installed by Kodak EasyShare Cameras and possibly Kodak Picture CDs sir_mud
Installed with ProShow Gold mau
Installe with ProShow Producer ciumflex
Installed with ProShow
Installed with ProShow Gold
Installed by ProShow Gold, not dangerous Pino
No special activity detected with o without scsiacces.exe process running Enrique Mendoza Eskola
Installed by ProShow Gold in C:\Program Files\Photodex\ProShowGold\ScsiAccess.exe crosshair
Installed with ProShow Gold - Required
installed with proshow gold amedeo
Installed with Kodak Easyshare for digital cameras, runs as a service. Martyro
Installed with ProShow Premiere, consumes some RAM. Rafael Guimar„es
Comes with ProShow Produce Klein

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