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Process name: InstallShield Update Service Agent

Product: InstallShield Update Service

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Flexera Software (flexera.com)

File: agent.exe

The software update package for InstallShield, the function of agent.exe is to monitor the InstallShield servers and compare the most current version with yours. If there is a more current edition on the website, it will be automatically downloaded and installed. InstallShield is distributed by Flexera Software, which is headquartered in Illinois. InstallShield is designed primarily for Windows software deployment, but can also manage mobile device software as well. Macrovision acquired the rights to distribute InstallShield in 2004 and was subsequently sold to Flexera Corporation in 2008.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/agent.exe.html 
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All comments about agent.exe:
TV capture card program for scheduling TV recording times. Mark
Seems to be used to update legitimate applications John
NNTP news reader program  See also: Link Jeff
Shoretel application - memory hog brandon
Acronis Agent for Remote Backup
Maker: Dexon Software Inc.  See also: Link Orlando Paz
Installshield Update Service Agent Meta
'Agent.exe' is indeed part of the 'InstallShield Update Service Agent' by Macrovision Corporation. It is used to connect to the Internet to check for updates to certain installed programs. It is included with Corel WordPerfect Office X3. On Win XP systems it is installed in C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Update Service Ian
I found the file in C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\agent.exe. As i see it Agent.exe is a part of the InstallShield Update Service that connects your software programs to their available updates. Culd also be some kind of malware if found in folders like \system 32\. Filter57
agent.exe is necessary for a program called Dragon naturally speaking if you delete the program you will prevent Dragon NaturallySpeaking from working. However you can stop it from having Internet access by blocking it with your firewall. agent.exe could be classed as spyware as it is used to improve voice recognition by sending data home ( voice models ). P.A
Eating 98% of CPU-Necessary or not it is a pain that wastes my time I would rather check for updates myself. PhilG
all i know is that on my dell laptop its making the cpu runnin at 100% and slows down everything else to a crawl Jim
Uses up a lot of processing power and resists being killed A. Carrington
Acronis Lizenzmanager ganime
Yup it's an update manager for InstallShield.. Sarthak Khuntia
My anti-virus program (norton) seems to think that it will and does harm the computer Eli
agent.exe on my PC was installed by Interlink's WINDVD8. It steals massiv CPU power. I deleted WinDVD to fix. Jim Burgan
it keeps popping up my dragon naturally speaking 9 even if i cancel and have to end agent.exe be4 it stops James
Appears to indeed be for Macrovision, and it comes up at startup and is a pain! DaveF
This Macrovision agent.exe is leaking handles like anything, rapidly bringing my WXP into an uncontrollable state; killing it is only a temporary solution since the same process is recreated immediately Andreas Legner
Bestandteil vom Cisco SSL VPN Client sts
Hogs CPU time. REduces Microsoft Office 2000 Excel and Word to an annoying crawl. Don Hilgendorf
I know that a lot of games use installshield (midieval total war for instance). Also, on occasion it has taken up 50% of my processing power for about 10 seconds, then disappeared, then popped up again about 30 seconds later, and just kept on doing that for a long time. I'm going to try deleting it. Some China-man
I found Agent.exe in C:\Program Files\AntiVir Security Management Center Agent H-Le Quoc
Mine was taking 33% CPU I tracked it down to "Macrovision" (installshield) then searched online for macrovision agent.exe and found this link. (see link). Not worth the problem when it goes bad.  See also: Link A
this is also part of Cisco SSL VPN client Charlie
it makes my computer freeze up and run really slowly Paul
Found this in C:\Program Files\Iron Mountain\Connected BackupPC\. It appears to start or manage the backup along with AgentService.exe in the same folder. It is a CPU hog so if I stop them in the Task Manager sometimes. Bill M
located in C:\Windows\prefetch\agent.exe-10BH4BAEA.pf (42 kb) and in C:\program files\common files\install shield\update service\agent.exe (969kb) Seems harmless as comes up when not on line and in folder that seems OK Merrill Albury
Agent.exe is part of Omnipage. Spyware! Scannerboy
It is the name of the Macrovision InstallShield updater, a generic application updater agent that runs on your computer checking for updates to software installed using InstallShield Chris
My machine tasks keep going into 'Not Responding' state. When I look in my active processes, Agent.exe is taking 50% of the CPU and other tasks are hung. When I end the process, everything returns to normal. I renamed the Agent.exe to Agent2.exe to prevent it from restarting and it created a new Agent.exe. I'm looking for a permanent way to kill it. By the time you read this, mine will be gone for good. Will yours? Mark
It's part of install shield made by macrovision, nothing to worry about. Peter
Harmless in responsible hands, it puts your computer at grave risk if set to communicate with a hostile site. John
Can be buggy -- After upgrading InstallShield, Agent.exe pegged the CPU of my computer and resisted attempts by me to stop the service. Supposedly according to InstallShield corporation it needed to update some data but it made my computer unusuable until advice from Filter57 helped me find it and neutralize it. It appears to be legitimate component of Installshield but acted buggy on my machine. Caution. Mike
Is the installshield update agent Crawler7
Shortel IP phone system uses this bwilson
It hangs when logging out after running update from company supplying monthly updates via Internet. I use Windows 2000 - company probably uses install for XP. I just end the task and machine logs out. Alan C.
It can be an anti-malware process on Dell computers, the problem is that sometimes it takes up all the memory when stuck against malware. if this happens, do a virus and spyware/malware check and remove anything. Safe to stop the process. I think it comes back after a month though. SgtLion
I agree it is used with Install Shield by Macrovision. I have some issues on certain boxes where the process uses upto 70% of the CPU usage and 80% bandwidth on an internet connection. I agree blocking with firewall resolves part of this issue but not all of it. Mike
Part of update service. Locate ISUSPM.exe in Common files and run it with an internet connection. Let agent.exe connect when you let this software manager check for updates. It will then show you what programs its updating which will let you know how it got installed. For me it was Sierra game demos.Clicking on settings in the manager and on one of the products and you can adjust checking for updates to manual.In the folder called ui is more information in htm files. Try about.htm. Bill
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService contains agent.exe, so if this is the one you're finding, it's normal.
All I know is the program is causing an adware to pop up wanting me to install an antivirus program and since it started showing up my laptop crashes about every 15 - 45 minutes depending on what programs i am on. the more memory intensive or graphic, the more often it crashes Spadesrun
agent.exe appears to be the InstallShield Update program. I set it to only run once a month so it doesn't get in the way all the time, since it likes to hog CPU. N
Seems to be related to InstallShield Steve
To disable it, go to your startup manager and disable ISUSPM...Thats it there, Things been driving me nuts...all is fine now... Angel Lopez
I found it in InstallShield on my PC, which is running on Vista. It tried to download updates for Roxio WinOn CD 9 Basic, ScanSoft PaperPort 11 (for a Brother all-in-one printer) and Corel Paint Shop Pro X. The interface window is faulty, not only in that you can't see everything in the window unless you hold down the left mouse button and pull it down, but the window doesn't toggle and in the German version "Datenschutz" (terms of privacy) is misspelled (Datumnschutz), making me wary. Under "Terms of use" I was redirected to the link below.  See also: Link Jim
Annoying, leaks handles, eats CPU and causes issues with virtually every program I run. Learn to update your own software and not rely on poorly programmed updaters (like my boss seems to think we should in our office) Alex
Tv capture card progrem for scheduling TV recording times. ALI
Agent.exe' is indeed part of the 'InstallShield Update Service Agent' by Macrovision Corporation. It is used to connect to the Internet to check for updates to certain installed programs madcap22
As the Macrovision component of Installshield, it's located in c:\program files\common files\installshield\updateService. When it's running, click on settings. It will show you which applications subscribe to it. Click on one of the applications. Change the settings to MANUAL, click "apply to all programs" and it shouldn't bother you any more. David Goncalves
AGENT.EXE-139A6BA6 - Looks fine, but I've been having some trouble with Rohos Mini Drive, am i being paranoid or is it a program that's left over from when I uninstalled rohos? There are no other agent.exe's in my prefetch folder though. Mabnobby
C:\Windows\prefetch\agent.exe-10BH4BAEA.pf (42 kb tom
I thought that agent.exe was a malware process, which came with the fake antimalware pc center aka pc.exe located in the program files folder as pc or pc center I think, it is installed by visiting an infected HTML webpage containing viruses Simmy
C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\agent.exe used to update backup professional
This software is abusively slow. It is indeed part of InstallShield but it literally stops all productivity for an undetermined amount of time, and would NOT let me kill it. I ended up cutting the power. After starting up, I renamed the software to agent2.exe such that I can find it at a later date but won't have to deal with it starting up on its own. Mike
I install the'agent.exe' with "Clive Barker's Jericho", it's update program for this game. Paco
When installing Crystal reports on my dell laptop this stopped the installation Lee
My agent.exe is a Macrovision file and came onto my computer with the "media manager" element of "blackberry desktop" It checks for updates for "critical " updates and "important" updates schedule that can be set to daily, weekly or manual (in manual, it doesn't check until you run the program yourself). The program is in the control panel and is called "Software updates" and has a Macrovision icon. When you open it, it will do an immediate scan for updates to Roxio programs on your computer. Then you can go into settings to switch to manual or change the times for automatic updates. Frank
It's a CPU hog. The ISUS update program seems to run rampage and renegade, stalling out the cpu and causing hair loss. I've done two things, first, task manager and ISUS process-end process. Same with agent.exe. I also ran msconfig, and unchecked the ISUS box for start up. Hope this helps. relmes
It's also the file name of a Cisco Unity system phone agent Eric
Put on my computer by "JS:FakeAV-CN" which was caught from redirected search engine links on Google Or Bing, Installs to C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\PC. No idea what its doing but eradicated anyway. It seems to be for some crap software called Privacy Center. This a Rogue program and is unsafe just get rid! Alan Dixon
Had to rename the executable to keep it from wasting constant 30% CPU (killing it just re=spawns as mentioned above). Swaney
CPU hog, i'd rather have my programs out of date than having it running Ricardo
On my machine, "agent.exe" resides in: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Acronis\Agent\Agent.exe" (size of 1.869.640 Bytes). So I assume it to be part of Acronis Backup, and due to the fact tat it acts as a server program, it's probably used as counterpart to an existing Acronis server to find/contact my computer on the networ. Mike
If it resides in C:\Program Files\Shoreline Communications\ShoreWare Client\ it is harmless. Shoretel phone system software.  See also: Link Scott
It's also Clam AV's Windows agent  See also: Link Laughsend
It gobbles up the Desktop Heap, causing slowdown and eventual catastrophic failure Lawrence
vpn microsoft
it opens windows installer 1211
macrovision installshield app - nuisance - it can be blocked by description in link - running control panel app and setting to manual. Another easy way is to rename the folder \BLOCKED-installshield where the exe files are located. The app in my case was used to check on Roxio updates - and on XP it stalled my pc - using 30% cpu.  See also: Link ray hines
Seems to be part of PaperPort. Renaming caused infinite loop attempting to re-install. Remove PaperPort, problem solved. Found in C:/Program Files/Common Files/Installshield/UpdateServices Jon Gritton
This is a broad spectrum update tool used by Microsoft and other companies as a means to automatically search for updates for programs. It is NOT necessary to keep this running. If you wish to disable from startup, go to your startup control panel and disable ISUS. Additionally, all runfiles are potentially victimized by this, viruses (some nasty in nature) will pretend to be legitimate agent.exe processes, when they are not. Best to check the origin, and make sure to have a good anti-virus, there's a few bad bugs going around that initialize unauthorized installs via browser redirects, some requiring serious measures to be taken if allowed to fester. MgueComps
It's been on my computer for years but it doesn't show up in any folders justagirl
Very annoying. Come out every time I run visual studio. Shame of Macrovision Corporation! LiShiMing
when i download diablo 3, agent.exe pops up. i closed it and diablo 3 stopped downloading, so blizzard must be using it? Ralle
Agent.exe activated when diablo 3 began downloading a patch. It created a websearch for bits of information to help update the game however the IPv4 loopback is causing a slow download rate.Try Diablo 3 and check your network resource moniter Aussie Bloke
diablo 3 fails install with agent error. d3man
When i started diablo III updater Malwarebytes detected agent sending to 2 addressess in China and trying different ports as they were blocked. Not so sure Diablo is so safe after being hacked.
Blizzard uses it. For games and all their updating occasionally it will run to clean up the patches and optimize the game folder. Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, Starcraft. It does take up a significant amount or resources, usually about half. Grandnagus
Easeus ToDo Backup Agent steve m
Installshield, Macrovision. Was maxing out my physical memory, crashing whatever was running. Searched in Windows Explorer for ISUSPM as recommended above; found it was trying to update a FedEx printing program I had already uninstalled (finished deleting/shredding remaining components of FedEx with SlimCleaner) and a Roxio program I don't use (changed to manual update).
Several instances are found in Program Files (X86)EasEUS ToDo back-up and have been there since I installed this programme several years ago. They do no harm as far as I know. Alver
Easeus Todo Backup Steve
Battle.net Update Agent - Improvment of Starcraft 2 Installation! David
Why have a virus resident in your pc where it can be detected? Agent exe runs all the time, regenerates upon a process kill, does nothing if not connected to internet. After internet connection, pulls in remotely resident virus as svchost.exe and that sucks up 100% of CPU, is not detected by usual antivirus or anti malware. Nasty. Watch for it to be benign when not connected to internet. Robert
Caused my other computer to seize up and now it is working on my current computer. I think it was installed with Roxio Creator DVD Edition version 7. Since I can't figure out how to stop it from starting on its own I will attempt to rename the agent.exe to bad_agent.exe and see if that helps. Agent.exe is a problem and it has done this to me twice. I am not sure if it was installed with Roxio or Dragon Naturally speaking, I will need to research this. Bill Michael
It's an Immunet 3.0 Agent
World of Warcraft says I need to download a a patch to play. Downloader says I am up to date. Forum tech help says I need to make sure agent.exe*32 is not still running. It is. Turns itself back on if I end process. To better understand read these steps 100 times. Now note my nervous breakdown.  See also: Link Charlie
blizzard agent totaly official and clean
Lots of RAT programs install themselves and quickly use a process called "InsallAgent.exe" usually it is unsafe, if the process is run under your PC name e.c /user/nick chances are it's malware. nick
for people who plays blizzard games it running in background to keep updates and any errrors.
If you have installed a Game from a company called Blizzard your ''Agent.exe'' should look something like this: Example: C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.5065\Agent.exe or C:\ProgramData\Battle.net\Agent\Agent.5050\Agent.exe Etc. If your Agent.exe does NOT come from Battle.net application/Battle.net Folder, pleease download a Antivirus program and check the file with it or go to a site like: https://www.virustotal.com/en/ Upload and scan the file in question, the file will be scanned by most of the Anti-Virus programs available, This file is NOT dangerous! Notes: If you have installed a Game from a company called Blizzard. you will also be prompted to install a programm called ''Battle.net Launcher.''. This program is used to log into your Battle.net account, to Install/Shop/Buy Blizzard games, to keep track of all your Blizzard games and keeps them up to date, e.g searches for game patches and any updates. Agent.exe is the updater for the Battle.net application itself, it does not update any games but the Battle.net Luncher itself. It is not dangerous as long as you keep all your software up to date and use a Firewall and Anti-Virus program to prevent Hackers/Viruses from abusing or manipulating this application to harm your system or to steal your Data.  See also: Link Mia Dolcissima

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