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Process name: Logitech SetPoint Event Manager UNICODE or Logitech SetPoint Event Manager or Logitech EventMgr

Product: Logitech SetPoint or Productivity Software Common Files or Nero 7 Ultra Edition or Logitech SetPoint Event Manager (UNICODE) or Pinnacle MPEG Realtime Codec or Battlefield Heroes

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Company: Logitech (logitech.com)

File: SetPoint.exe

This process implements Logitech's SetPoint utility, which is a unified driver and device configuration program for the company's various mouse and other pointer products. In addition to providing hardware driver support, it permits options such as reassigning mouse buttons, adjusting scroll wheel operation, changing mouse sensitivity, and setting up special settings for individual applications.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/setpoint.exe.html 

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Users Opinions

Average user rating of SetPoint.exe: based on 61 votes. Read also the 50 reviews.

  • 2465 users ask for this file. 34 users rated it as not dangerous. 5 users rated it as not so dangerous. 15 users rated it as neutral. 6 users rated it as little bit dangerous. One user rated it as dangerous. 5 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about SetPoint.exe:
used by logitech wireless keyboard and/or mouse software
It is in the System32 folder. It communicates with a server on the net. Karl
Used for custom settings for Logitech mouse and keyboards armour
It modifies the Logitech Mice and keyboards. It is not at all dangerous.  See also: Link Michael Monzon
If it's in System32 it's dangerous, if it's in C:/Program etc.. it's the Logitech keyboard/mouse driver and therefor perfectly safe DutchDude
This is the fefualt Logitech mouse/keybored configuration utility its communiction to the net is set by the user, its to update the Logitech devices you have plugged in.  See also: Link Robert Ketron
I have to have it to use my logitech LX 700 kb & mouse Max Walker
Normal location: \Program Files\Logitech\SetPoint Kender
logitech software & treiber ( maus / tastatur )
The original SetPoint.exe (along with KHALMNPR.exe) is the program file for the Logitech Keyboard and Mouse application, which enables you to set the dpi rate for your mouse or to remap your mouse buttons. Normally if you exit the application on the system tray, these 2 exe will disappear from the Task Manager as well. Although if it's in the System32 folder, it's dangerous and should be checked immediately. IC_Draconis
for Logitech mouse and keyboard settings. Not dangerous Olcay Misirlioglu
disabled it in taskmanager and both my keyboard and mouse still work. logitech disabler
Causes my left arrow key to get stuck causing weird things to happen. Charles
I have not installed it and my mouse works fine, logitech mouse, Should I install it?  See also: Link Dave
Installs With Logitech Keyboard/Mouse
Multiple instances most likely to occur after an automatic update. Wobbly
Logitech mouse + tastatur driver  See also: Link W 1 c K e D
Can be infected and cause word processing/internet apps to flicker and fonts to change sizes microbaker
Logitech support for programmable keys and mouse functions. Joerg
This software maps the function keys on my keyboard, it also will check for updates if allowed tJ
SetPoint is Logitechs customization utility for KB and mouse. Allows keyboard and mouse shortcuts to be modified. However there are known spy and malware programs which use this name as well. Check location like others have stated. IT SHOULD NEVER BE OUTSIDE OF SETPOINT FOLDER  See also: Link Parawiss
Logitech gaming mouse driver
not an virus , if its in an logitech file bujutzu
it's only a driver for cordless logitech keyboards and it search for updates, no risk if you buy your logitech desktop by legal way ;) Marvin Fischenich
It gives me a "Program not responding" everytime I try to shut down my computer, so I have to press "execute program" thru alt+ctrl+del everytime befor I shut down my computer.
driver for logitech  See also: Link Aleksandar
Creates a restore point on first boot of the day or every 24 hours  See also: Link Sue
thought it was neede for my bluetth mouse but works fine turned off and computer is a bit faster now Carla
Had the setpoint.exe error on start-up. Uninstalled logitec setpoint using control panel and it fixed the problem. B
It has only happened twice in a few months, but the 4 key on the number pad sometimes gets stuck. I even unplug the existing keyboard and the key is seen by the OS as depressed. Ending this process caused the issue to dissappear immediately. killswitch
Causes my left arrow key to get stuck, too. Bug, not security issue. Erik
setpoint is the hotkey customization s/w that logitech uses to set keys and adjust settings for their specific mice and keyboards. it works in conjunction with khalmnpr.exe to determine which keybd/mse set you have and what specific buttons can be customized, Ben M
logitech mouse and keyboard drivers example g5 and 915 Whisper
Most of it is in C:\Program Files\Logitech\Setpoint, other sites said that the location may determine how dangerous it is. _rick
Consistently messes with my keyboard (causing it to do odd things) and mouse. Only hinders my computers effectiveness.
It makes the "size" of my fonts and icons cycle very fast, making my computer hard to use until I kill it in task manager. Pymx
It is the Logitech driver for the Logitech mice, horizontal  See also: Link Wilfrid
I just returned Logitech mouse and key board. Very poor designof harware and software..No more Logitech products for me...!! The key board did not come with a caps lock indicator light..piece of crap..!! HARI
This and The logitech event manager causes my left arrow key to report as depressed. I kill the app and it goes back to normal Anthony
i agree with "microbaker". my pc WAS infected exactly same symptoms. try to locate the setpoint.exe, delete and weinstall logitech's original one. clausi
It's harmless - download the installer file from Logitech and reinstall it. Game over. gullybogan
win7 x64 prevents MS Mappoint from running Luke
Fights with Malwarebytes security software, causes computer to freeze up. Mouse & keyboard work without it, you jut lose fancy features. mennikatz
It anticipates my cursor placement where obvious as in checking an okay button. Eh Yeahbut
Yes, it's Logitech's file, in C:\Progr... folder. But: why do it want to listen to the Net? I stopped this behavior through the (Comodo) Firewall. In my opinion, mouse driver must drive a mouse, not send data about me to Logitech (and who else yet...?). Lajos
@mennikatz - i have been getting the BSOD periodically. I run Malwarebytes so i decided to uninstall setpoint.exe. i will update this if the BSOD stops signcarver
Found this process connecting to a company called Search Guide inc. If Logitech can't use it's own servers to communicate with it's own processes then something is shady and its a liability to have on my PC, i didnt give them permission to send my info to a third party.
Unless it's a virus replicating the program, Setpoint is Logitech's normal software that a user has installed on his or her computer. C
Logitech Mousedriver Gaming Notification
If it's the correct Logitech driver, it's not only not dangerous, but it is usually necessary. I'm more interested in knowing whether it needs to be in the Startup queue. Don't really need mouse or keyboard until after boot is complete. Any thoughts? Jim

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