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Process name: Motive SmartBridge or SBC Self Support Tool Alerts or Verizon SmartBridge or ntl:home broadband medic alerts or TELUS eCare SmartBridge or Sympatico NetAssistant

Product: Motive System or Verizon Online Help and Support or TELUS eCare SmartBridge or Sympatico NetAssistant or SBC Self Support Tool Alerts or SBC Self Support Tool

Support: Help link [1][2]   Update link [1][2]   Uninstall tool  

Company: Motive Communications (motive.com) or Motive (alcatel-lucent.com/motive) or TELUS (telus.com) or Casema or One.Tel

File: MotiveSB.exe

This task is part of the Motive SmartBridge software product, which implements a support icon in the system tray. It is used by various Internet service providers (such as Verizon) to facilitate the troubleshooting of end user Internet connection problems. It is generally installed automatically when setting up new Internet service, but is more of a convenience for the company than for the user, and can be disabled.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/motivesb.exe.html 

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installed as part of Verizon DSL service. Probably part of Verizon Online Support Center in the systray. in Virginia
I concur as a part of Verizon On-line DSL Eastside
Also installed on Yahoo! SBC DSL mickeygk
WTF is this process still starting on boot-up for when I disabled the VOL Support Center?!
um verison like really sucks ive gotten so many viruses
i have verizon dsl, seems to be a part of the package. thanh
installed as part of NTL broadband in the UK - a nuisance, but should be harmless John
It just checks to see if theres any problems with my broadband connection.. not very well i have to say. ricecake
I got it after i installed SBC yahoo DSL warmdonuts
Makes an annoying ding sound all the time took me ages to work out what was doing it ended the service and it was fine. Was installed with BT Yahoo ADSL monitor Ray
part of dsl client connection softyware = not malicious in any way at all anti-spy.info
i use NTL broadband in the UK, ,its part of the support package.  See also: Link anonymous
This file prevents click to dvd from operating on sony computers. Ralphsherm
Messes with Outlook Express
With a mere mouse cursor over Winamp Icon, I got "Attention" sound beeping continuously til I killed sbmotive process zlot
Installed with UK NTL Broadband Medic
Monitors for notifications from ISP, does NOT send info to server. Emp
I Switched to Verizon DSL and it came up :- Lance
It caused a problem with switching identities in OE S. White
i think it does belong to verizon dsl rudy
Part of SBC DSL, Does not end during shut-down with W2K Chris_dobler
Installed a part of Yahoo SBC DSL In ohio
This comes as an error with my sbc yahoo dsl support tool software. annoying to say the the least. don't know how to fix it. tusekiaharjo
Prevents Solidworks 2004 from running mbunds
Again found to be part of NTL Broadband Medic service in UK 350Z
Got it when I switched to Verizon DSL JL
Was installed when I downloaded BT Yahoo Help (UK) JOhn
Came with Verizon DSL, I believe it is needed for the online support. IMSassy
Verizon DSL Seems to have installed it to use for updates and anoying info on things not to do. It crashes when it tries to use itself. Matt
It is a network monitoring tool (so they say), but it eats up system resources, causes pagefaults, and causes my system to hang or crash  See also: Link Kevin J.
i installed it as part of Yahoo Help and it used up all my CPU power rendering MS Office products useless! Dev fm London
I keep getting an error in my NTDR32.DLL and it's caused by motivesb
Motive SmartBridge. ... The Motive SmartBridge background task is installed with Verizon  See also: Link teek55
Telus ecare added for tech support issues tom
Installed with Verizon DSL God
Was installed with Sprint DSL/tried to uninstall but keeps popping back up Indiana Girl
Installed as part of Comcast Broadband. Sends info back to the ISP. Worthless. oser4Now
Installs as part of many ISP software packages. Supposedly does network related tasks. Takes up a good bit of memory. I disabled it on my system and had no problems. Aerotive
It's installed with Verizon Online Support Center to report to the Tech what is in your system. Did notice some interference with communications after downloading it, though. pc_tech_mobile
MotiveSB.exe is a part of TELUS eCare SmartBridge's Internet Security program(s) which also helps manage my email and internet problems.  See also: Link Richard Durkee
seems to have been installed by telus internet service dt
Installs with Verizon DSL and is extremely annoying since it won't uninstall properly and constantly sends popups. I believe it has caused some page faults and seems intent on shutting down the system
Part of Verizon MSN in El Salvador
Telus eCare
According to the Motive website,Motive is a leading provider of management software for networked products and services. Companies use Motive solutions to build intelligent automation into their networked offerings in order to eliminate or expedite various configuration, maintenance or upgrade tasks that burden operations staff or end-users. As a result, products and services with built-in Motive management capabilities are more self-managing – able to self-diagnose, self-repair, self-monitor, self-upgrade, and self-regulate, as well guide individuals through simple management steps when neces  See also: Link JKW
If you go to the Motive website, It will tell you what they do. By the looks of it, MotiveSB.exe may not be dangerous at all. If you don't think it's harmless, Configure you firewall to deni MotiveSB.exe internet access.  See also: Link JKW
Installed by sympatico (Toronto) broad-band support. It slowed down Visual Foxpro to a crawl and sometimes crashed it. Used MS Antispyware to remove it. S Yadav
came with SBC Yahoo! DSL, Had to reinstall evrything on my computer, did not grant it internet access and so far no problems Anise
It screws up SOny click to DVD, stopping the DVD from being written. No problem for me when deleted michael leacock
Zone Alarm reports that it attempts to monitor keyboard and mouse. Jeff Martens
Will transmit 80+ items of system data to server
I wasn't sure so I blocked it with my Norton anonymous
it records your keystrokes......
Caused erratic behavior on my system and was unable to load some software from cd. Disabed it in Msconfig. Steve
Got it with Verizon DSL. It's a nuisance. Marc
I have Verizon® DSL too J.R. Sanford
Installed with SBC DSL, so I disabled it! James
I dunno where I got it from. But i can't delete it, and it gives me popups...stupid popups. : juice box
Removed it using msconfig, have not have any other issues with it since Jon
verizon dsl help and support
Appear in some cases every 5 seconds, very annoying. It doesnt matter what I tell my firewall it keeps popping up. Mickey
I work for Verizon Online DSL Technical Support as a TSA. This program is totally not needed. It is part of our support center software. You can stop this from running by unselecting it from the startup config. Start== Run== msconfig== uncheck Motivesb and Verizon. Hope this helps!  See also: Link haqthat
motivesb.exe is a process by AT&T which allows a user to submit files to the Internet for support. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling this is down to user preference (My Tip: Your DSL will still work if you disable this. To disable, go to run type in msconfig) Minh
its a remote data gathering tool for verizon dsl and other ISPs' tech's to use in troubleshooting issues between server side and client side hardware. Vztek
When loaded, this file DEFINITELY slows down my IBM thinkpad schteppi
messed with Outlook express kimg
up-dated Zone Alarm 23 Nov 05 identified MotiveSB.exe [within ntl broadband medic] monitoring key strokes in Outlook, just after Outlook failed to connect to mail server. Denied it access. Checked pedigree of motiveSB.exe. Checked mail again - instant, fantastically speedy connection.Things like this really piss me off because it means I should enquire/complain to ntl Help [but they won't, will they?]Will rely on Zone Alarm to surpress the nast wee ***** annie
Part of Verizon DSL Installation process  See also: Link Seth Cox
Got it when installed Bell Sympatico DSL service Sylvain Lepage
I found it after installing MSIE 7.0, I had Sympatico NetAssistant installed previously. Removed NetAssistant (totally useless anyway) and error disappeared Todd Wesley Johnson
Just contacted with SBC Yahoo! DSL and they say it's part of the Self Support Tool.And they suggest to reinstall the Self Support Tool. lahan
wonder if this is the culprit that makes system unstable whenever I use explorer
it comes with bt yahoo help i just uninstalled help to get rid of it vinny
It gives me this error at startup: "Smartbridge Alerts MotiveSB.exe - entry Point not found, The Procedure Entry Point GetProcessImageFileNameW could not be found in the dynamic link library PSAPI.DLL" chris
Only what's on this board. MotiveSB.exe = 11,152K in my task manager. mairez
Causes everything in DVD Shrink to load real, real slow (40-50 seconds). Took a while to figure motivesb.exe was the culprit. Seems DVD Shrink is the only program that is affected by motiveSB as far as I can tell. Disabled motivesb through msconfig. Real annoying. kec
http://www.birdforum.net/showthread.php?t=59608  See also: Link AB
Seems to have come with verison DSL software 13dogs
Go to there website for more information, supposed to help us customers with stuff. Click on your provider and see how they use it.  See also: Link in Florida
This is a by product of DSL instsallation, i.e. Verizon, SBC, At&t etc. I completely agree with Minh and haqthat , The file is not needed and slows your system down. Use MSConfig as haqthat suggests if you wish to rid yourself of this bureaucratic addition. timdek
When I installed DSL service from Bell Canada I also installed Net Assistant from the install disk's utillities folder. I believe that was the source of MotiveSB.exe on my system. When I decided to run a pitstop check on my system they recommended to check out this file as a source for posible poor performance. I have not had any other problems with it. I run windows 98 but I have a feeling that this software probably causes less problems under XP. Anyways I add a link from Bell Canada's Sympatico DSL website if it helps. Let you know if it conflicts with anything.  See also: Link reppinc
crashes alot -- part of telus dsl rick
Part of the NTL broadband setup. Uses up loads of system serources (not good on older machines) and slows them down. Delete ANYTHING to do with Broadband Medic, Correct Connect or any other ntl software off the PC!! Chris Maggs
Causes boot errors with IE Beta 2 Matthew
Installed as part of NTL broadband but after spending several days wrestling with spyware that was launching IE and going to null.seeq.com, I finally traced it to this motivesb.exe program (using sysinternal's fantastic filemon program). Filemon showed CLEARLY this program creating cookies for seeq.com (I had previously cleared all cookies down). Don't know if this is abnormal, but this software 100% definitely was creating our spyware nightmare. Greg Watson, UK
It is chat software, for the Verizon Online Suport Center Ronin from Verizon
I keep getting a message,when the computer goes to my settings, that it can't find GetProcessImageFilesName or the entry point for MotiveSB.exe. I have SBCYahoo DSL. I now assume it is part of the package that came with the software. Perhaps it cannot be found because my spyware program saw it and took out the executable file. Texas
part of sbc yahoo dsl pack sera
i got it with ntl as part of my subscription supposed too be helping me if my connection cuts off ian
Getting error messages since I download FireFox every time I turn my computer saying it cannot find the file Jan zdanowicz
Interfering when I try to back up a DVD. When I turned it off, the problem went away. Is is possible that a virus could use this program to communicate? It was constantly using my DSL connection to send out something. miked
Verizon software...just run msconfig and stop it from loading on boot ratso
verizon--ok to stop at startup. motiveSB smarty
It came with the sbc dsl supoort tools. It consumes about a continous 40% of the processes, makes my dell 2.4 GHz laptop noticably slower. Michael Gregg
it is an web helper, for the numericable ligne in france Konyl
Error message appears upon reboot after several IE crashes. Reads entry point not found in Dynamic library PSAPI.DLL. Does not seem to affect anything once you click OK. But it is there everytime you start PC. I've run scans and spyware removal and error message still appears. I would like to avoid paying for more software to remove it thus I am researching to do this manually. Cathy Dolliver
Was fine until I installed IE 7 Beta 3, now has errors during startup regarding it. Edify
After I uninstalled Norton Security Suite I get the error "The procedure entry point ?InstallHook@@[email protected] could not be located in the dynamic link library SBHook.dll. It is annoying, but judging form the users' experiences above, I will look to remove the MotiveSB.exe and it's associated files ASAP. Computers are not supposed to be annoying. val
Used with many Internet providers. Poo
The file tends to crash and stop responding to the system during restarts and I have seen it block access to the internet ACM
Part of the support program "Telenet EasyCare" from the cable internet provider "Telenet" in Belgium. Rombaut
Part of the Bell Sympatico Net Assistant SmartBridge software - for internet help services. Takes up ~7.5MB of memory though. I had uninstalled the Net Assistant already, so motivesb is useless to me, and I uninstalled this as well. Peter
Part of the NTL Broadband Support Pack (N.I.). Runs in the background and is supposed to give you alerts about any maintainence or disruptions to your service, uses a resonable chunk of your resources for the priveladge! I diabled it to run as a background process using run-msconfig. You can still use it on demand via the Broadband Medic programme if you have a connection problem. Not a 100% about the security of it, I also get alerts from Zone Alarm that it is trying to monitor user activity and Spyware Doctor has also picked up an infection in the programme files. allibear
gave me reports of virus infectation but when i got rid antivirus reported no probs part of ntl netguard package broadband medic  See also: Link john
its' part of ntl broadband medic it's a nuisance ntl netguard kept reporting it as spyware on my pc and it's part of their own package, I used add remove program and got rid pc much faster  See also: Link johnt
After I traced my poor system performance to MotiveSB, I disabled it using msconfig. MY computer has not hung since. Bernie
Probably came with my Verizon DSL installation. It causes major IEXPLORER.EXE leaks. Memory just keeps getting eaten up. Dave Smith
comes up as a SMARTBRIDGE ALERT:MOTIVESB.EXE entry point not found.The procedure entry point get process image file name Would not be located
It was installed as part of the Blueyonder Instant Support Tool, by Telewest Blueyonder. Only reason I got rid of it - it used ALT-F2 for something, and ALT-F2 is Save Game in Descent III (so I couldn't save games). Daniel.
Is part of the Verizon DSL service installation Wbent1
Generic software specialized by networkers, is programmable to be dependent on other programs which are no longer used. May interfere with any networking system which does exclusive tasks. Most specialists say you don't need it if it causes problems. NotbadDontuse
it appears after going from ie6 to ie7 mac007
This issues is a result of installing IE7 Beta, with SmartBridge MotiveSB installed. See the link at Microsoft's website for additional information.  See also: Link Warren Bright
all you have to do to get rid of this alert box is to up date the system tools and restart your computer aloise hamiel
Motive SmartBridge is a service application used by various providers in order to manage an easy installation of the internet highspeed connection. Verizon, AOL, Yahoo, Cablecom and many more... check out the link for more details. It's not dangerous, but tends to send endless pop-ups with error messages. Just ignore them ;) Or deactivate the program temporarily, probably won't lead to any irregularities.  See also: Link Dany
after installing ie7, i received error messages relating to motivesb at startup. i removed verizon's support tool and this solved the problem. Daniel
It is part of Versizon DSL Colorjet3
Eveytime i download IE7 from microsoft i get this error warning...as soon as i romove the IE7 the error goes... motomad
Causes startup boot error H. McDee
Came with ATT and it is causing start up problems at the least N8
triggers sometimes if broadband medic thinks there is a problem with connection, if it takes over processor, it is safe to cancel process within task manager. jaksbin
Installed as a part of the "SBC Self Support Tool". In combination with other networking software (VNC, various IM programs), MotiveSB.exe would continuously leak memory until all virtual memory had been consumed, crashing my computer. Andrew
It started giving me trouble when Microsoft downloaded IE 7.0. I got a message saying "deleting malicious software". during the IE install. After the IE install, I keep getting the missing file message about GetProcessImageFilesNameW not found. The question: Malice by who? SBC, or Microsoft? MidiMagic
It highjacked my computer this morning! - it kept downloading the same 'update' over and over, about 30 times a minute. I got rid of it by removing Verizon DSL online support. I'm shocked Verizon put this malignant program into my PC. Jeff
whenever i start up my pc, i get an error about it, though i don't know what it is. vaca
Came with Verizon DSL Not needed. Will disable. Larry Of Massena NY
Motive Software for ISP companies. Non-essential resource hog delltek
It prevents me from getting into my computer and no one seems to have a solution. Recommend people stop sending the same damn blog to leave room for a solution. TiredOfThisCrap!
Description: motivesb.exe is a process by AT&T which allows a user to submit files to the Internet for support. This is a non-essential process. Disabling or enabling it is down to user preference. Pete
I deleted sympatico NetAssistant and the problem went away Don Franklin
apparently downloaded with IE7. I deinstalled IE7 and it disappeared. No negative impace on my laptop. Ron L
I have the same problem jimrozzi
It gets installed with BT Yahoo broadband. UpInsmoke
It was installed when I downloaded HughesNet Tools and so far no probs. I use Hughes Net as my satellite isp as dsl or cable is not available in my small town. check them our.  See also: Link David in Maine
MotiveSB ate up 100% of my CPU slowing and freezing up my computer. After stopping the program my computer ran normally. I have stop it from from MSConfig from loading on start up. Lawrence Leeds
Installed as part of Verizon FiOS Alan in MD
part off telewest and ntl online support tool fix laticsfc
I encountered a motive sb.exe error when I downloaded E7. Also I know the file belongs to sbcglobal.net as part of my yahoo dsl installation package.
Was having problems with anti-virus software and found Motive to be the cause. Also found that it pops up a "popular searches" box on boot up . I spent two days chasing down what I thought was adware only to find Motive as the culprit E Powell Milw
I am using Windows XP and started having problems when I installed SBCYahoo DSL. It slowed my computer down when opening programs - mainly Outlook Express. I used "msconfig" so it would not open on start-up and verified that this was the problem, and then I used add/remove and uninstalled the program completely. I had no more problems after this. Jere E.
It is part of OneCare program. So uninstall it. Brian Henderson
I get the error but now after installing the IE7 My whole computer is locked and I can't get even into BIOS or Safe mode? any suggestions? drew
Installs with DSL service via Verizon or Bell. Possibly others as well. DraigGwym
Installs with SBC DSL -- doesn't uninstall when using 'Add or Remove Programs' for the rest of the SBC crap. patachon
SBC told me on 1/15/07 that I had to uninstall IE7 in order to avoid the consistent MotiveSB error and failure to connect to the internet. They wanted me to go down to IE6. Thanks to you all here, I ran MSConfig and just disabled that pesky sucker. Thanks! TonyInDallas
Shows up at start up Antony Master
MotiveSB.exe-Entry Point Not Found appears when the computer boots up Lloyd Houston
got it when i downloaded ie7....uninstall ie7, go back to ie6 and it disapears motomad
More crap to clog your system and possible spyware Laura
Not so much dangerous as annoying. It slows down certain programs that I use. Captain Napalm
Came with alltel dsl check up center. At start up computer cannot find the file. crittrstuffr
it's an help for internet phone line by bell canada alain
Its a process that is used by ISP's to troubleshoot and help out with typical issue that you may face at home. Example: Telus eCare Vince0
I, too, have "Procedure entry point for Get Processing Image File Name W couldn't be located in dynamiclink library PSAPI.DLL---Smart Bridge Alerts-MotiveSB.exe". It always pops up when I start my computer, and I cannot find it to delete it. It drives me crazy, I absolutely think it has paralyzed my computer. It freezes it, slows it down to a crawl, and pop ups happen (I have pop up blocker ON) Suzy
Running Verizon DSL, it came on when I downloaded IE7 Marthaed
This has nothing to do with SBC or your ISP. If you check you probably at some time or other had your Internet Explorer updated to Internet Explorer 7 and that is what is causing the problem. If you go to WINDOWS and in their search bar type in "Internet Explorer 7 Smart Bridge Alerts" you will get some of your answers. Coreen
It is apart of the at&t yahoo software bundle
i know i hate it, everytime it turns on, it looks like its downloading something and during this process i cant do anything because it keeps popping right up again until its done. i got this from verizon DSL. does anyone know how to stop this from happening? vickistar
entry point not found adam jozwiak
used by verizon for unknown reasons, does not download viruses/malware, isp's don't download viruses, you do Andy
Part of a support tool installed by AT&T/SBC/Yahoo DSL  See also: Link Robert Thomas
it came after i done a bunch of updates and i think it is causing my compter to crash rameez
I agree, It seems to be part of Verizon's on-line support center. It also is causing IE to abort on my 98 system. NJ.
part of verizon dsl or fios internet. Some sort of monitoring, diganostic tool. Eats up cpu and runs your computer hot. Uncheck it in msconfig, startup tab! Markus
It came with my Telus e-care. I have the same warnings for motivesb.exe pop up in a window everytime I access the internet. zenaluvgoddess
it's part of a program to monitor/troubleshoot internet connection issues Dominique
Installed AT&T DSL, came with installation, crashed MS Office Groove 2007 Brett
Causes Acrobat 8 Profesional to crash when use scan to pdf function. Cetera
Very useful tool for Sympatico high speed broadband service. J.P. Thérien
It DOES revive my DSL (SBC/YAHOO) which crashes any time network is loaded (evenings, weekends). I recommend startup disable but keeping a desktop icon to "mat.htm" around. I am on the outer edge of DSL distance so they have to set me to minimum speed to get any reliability at all. I really hate calls to India (and the "Is it plugged in?" procedure before anything is done. Bill_E
My file folder 'Smartbridge' contained a file called SBRemove_English.exe . Running it uninstalled Smartbridge completely. Cunningly, the executable gives you no clues as to its function other than the name. Chris Kemp, UK
Further confirmation. Similar syptoms, Smartbridge appearing upon booting up - more a nuisance. This was stopped via C:\ Program Files\ntl\broadband\medic\smartbridge - identify PSAPI.DLL [in lower case] and remove the final 'L' then reboot and the Smartbridge window was gone. When closing down I noticed that I closed out more quickly than before. My set up had needes TWO 'Start/Shut down computer' operations to close out. This is no longer needed. This 'close down' was symptomatic of PSAPI.DLL.I had four 'programme file that contained the dreaded PSAPI.DLL. I checked all four and only one was  See also: Link heroldT
SBC/AT&T uses this in their "Self Support Tool" that is a DOS based program that loads when a user logs into their home PC account. It prepares (does a diagnostic) connectivity to DSL service so that (presumably) all will go well. I too had found out that it "eats up" huge amounts of resources and causes me to get "bounced off" the web etc. THE FIX: use control panel, Add/Remove programs and remove the "Self Support Tool". This could be under SBC Self Support Tool or ATT Self Support Tool (or whatever your "Baby Bell" ISP names it). Remove the program. I got this information from AT&T. B.J.
Its related to my DSL software Jomzki
it cut out my audio. As soon as I disabled it, got my audio back! Jackie Thomas
It is just a crazy piece of crap that came with the Telus ADSL (eCare CD). It has stopped two of my computers from connecting to internet. I lost more than 10 days to figure out what the source of IP = was! I resolved the problem with one of my computers (after 10 days) using Windows utility of "System Restore" (Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools). I have not been able to fix the second computer yet. DSL-Victim
It's easy to find in your windows folder and delete without problems. Part of the NtL Broadband stuff Raypist
The error showed up on my computer following upgrade to IE7. Seems to be a part of AT&T's self help program. Accordingly I will try to update the MotiveSB software through AT&T Yahoo. If that doesn't work, I will remove the SBC self help software and see what happens. kankankee
Came with AT&T DSL service and allowed a third party to access my computer without my knowledge or permission WB
Wouldn't leave me alone. Trend Micro kept popping up every 5 seconds. Finally just went and uninstalled sbc self support tool. if i need support, ill call someone. SickOfMotive
I also don't know where this came from... I think my little son installed it accidentally and I still have to find out what's this all about. I read that it could be malware (as some programms bad programs pretend to be MotiveSB.exe) but it mustn't...  See also: Link Chris

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