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Process name: Media Center Receiver Service or Windows Media Center Receiver Service

Product: Microsoft Windows Operating System

Company: Microsoft (microsoft.com)

File: ehRecvr.exe

The Media Center Receiver Service is the main module responsible for playing and recording television programs in Windows Media Center. This process is not technically required if not using Windows Media Center for television viewing, but it may have dependencies on other modules that could cause problems if it is terminated.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/ehrecvr.exe.html 

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  • 1913 users ask for this file. 24 users rated it as not dangerous. 2 users rated it as not so dangerous. 3 users rated it as neutral. 2 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 8 users rated it as dangerous. 3 users didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about ehRecvr.exe:
Live TV Reciever for XP Media Center - Must have to wath live tv Garth Gairrett
ehrecvr.exe excessive CPU usage. Kill task, reappears. know any fixes for this cpu overusage? plus, creat a filename ehrecvr.exe on the desktop, it'll take Safe Mode to remove it.  See also: Link Mr Cool LInk
this is the main tv prog that comes with windows media center edition, and is not dangerous thephilemngr
It's not dangerous at all, it's just a signed file by windows which is required to play tv programs on your MCE pc. Lennel of the Philippines
to stop this service [its all to do with XP MCE edition], goto: Start Run "services.msc", scroll down to "Media Centre extender/receiver service", select properties and then set as a "manual" service [starts when needed, not at boot time]. then all should be g chriszanf
ehrecvr.exe excessive CPU usage. : Ok, you can stop it by: Start-- Al progs-- admin tools-- services and locate the Win Media Center Tv service, sonfig. as manuel and stop the service. and use WinDVR (cyberkink)for watchTV MikeSOCAL
Windows Media Center Media Sharing program. It can cause a problem if you don't have a TV tuner on your WMC computer; you need to disable WMPNSCFG from starting up with your computer to keep from having it crash every time you start your computer. Joseph Houk
Not necessary unless you have the tv remote option. Ben
Media Center 2005 application for recording live tv Jeroen Smits
Component to play TV in MCE. Important to watch TV with, Though, if left to run at boot, will delay loading for about 5-10 minutes. Mikey
Use registry cleaning function in McAfee PC protection Plus 2007 and clean it. My error was gone.
my pc boots up out of sby at !!:45 every day. i think ehrecvr.exe is the reason. i dont know how to stop this!?!?! ivan
Used for the remote for Windows XP Media Center Edition
Bogs down the CPU, caused by Codec error, temp fix at cole2k download advanced, fixes but keeps returning, necessary for watching TV, poss. connection to missing Tuner hardware  See also: Link Kim
Used for live TV daahoffman
There is a version of this file that's a trojan. It gobbles up CPU time. In some cases it uses CPU time whenever the computer is on. Other times it uses capacity for 15 or 20 minutes, then stops. When you stop the "process", it just pops up again a starts running! A real pain in the butt. However, there are necessary versions of this file that are part of Media Center. In my case it only effected my m7684n for about 20 minutes after boot, so I learned to tolerate it. However, I finally got PO'd and used Norton live service. (my AV software) They took about an hour to nail it. Scott
In my case a codec pack which i have downloaded generated the problem. I uninstalled it and the problem was gone. Marth
I set it to manual then to disable and it Still pops back up in my task manager after I end it.
My sims2 game won't run correctly and it si a security risk Gwen Burrows
to stop this service [its all to do with XP MCE edition], goto: Start Run "services.msc", scroll down to "Media Centre extender/receiver service", select properties and then disable Lorna
It is a part of Windows Media Center that adds additional multimedia functions. Since I never use the Media Center software installed on my computer I continue to keep it turned disabled. However, certain events seem to trigger a restart of the exe.  See also: Link thefraz
File used in Media center. If you dont use the TV or Radio in Windows Media center disable this through MSconfig services. Carrie
disable ehrecvr.exe using msconfig.exe uncheck media center receiver service itís under services tab ..
This program allows you to watch live TV in Windows Media Center. If you have an external TV Tuner (USB or PCIe card), you may need to stop this process in Task Manager before removing the TV Tuner. Scott N
windows MCE and AVerTV may have function conflict if you launch both of them synchronusly Maruf
This process started running when I added the Extender to Media Center for XBOX to be able to stream from the laptop David Dickinson
Itt opens mexican TV stations in the background where you cannot turn it off. Ending process just restarts the process again and starts playing more things in spanish in the background. It's like an official Microsoft virus that you can't get rid of. Xander
Go to run and type services.msc, find Media Center Receiver Service, doubleclick, change the 'startup' box to manual, click stop. Gone forever. Nick
I know Nick is right. Go to run, Media Center Service, double click, change startup to manual and stop. Fixed. Chris

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