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Process name: Ad-Aware Service

Product: Ad-Aware

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Company: Lavasoft (lavasoft.com)

File: AAWService.exe

The working horse of the Ad-Aware software packaged, this process runs in the background and is responsible for real-time scan protection. Ad-Aware is an anti-virus and anti-spyware program that monitors internet traffic as well as protecting your files. First released in 1999, Ad-Aware Free has been downloaded over 381 million times. Lavasoft is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. Its primary product is Ad-Aware, although it has a small library of other software.www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/aawservice.exe.html 
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Users Opinions

Average user rating of AAWService.exe: based on 22 votes. Read also the 20 reviews.

  • 1472 users ask for this file. 10 users rated it as not dangerous. One user rated it as not so dangerous. 6 users rated it as neutral. 3 users rated it as little bit dangerous. 2 users rated it as dangerous. One user didn't rate it ("don't know").

All comments about AAWService.exe:
The best Anti-Spyware of Lavasoft Manuel Romero
Latest Adaware release, harmless but useful Billy-Lunch_money
Spyware Remover Zeche
It hepls to find spyware!-Very good to have  See also: Link
Im pretty sure its ad aware a lavasoft software for anti-adware
Installed by Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007, if you remove it, Ad-Aware do not start and give you an error message "error 18XX", i dont know how much intrusive is this proccess. Previous versions of Ad-Aware do not need any proccess into the background to run properly. pietraroja
Great free anti virus program by lavasoft, inc Joeg305
It appears on computers that used to have Ad-Aware but don't anymore. Kowalczyk
Lavasoft Program DOSE NOT HAVE TO RUN 24/7 .. START/RUN/SERVICES.msc find it there and disable (note you will have to enable it to run adaware again) Easy Fix
The Windows XP update from 11th March 2008 causes this exe to run excessively, causing a very hot PC which can lead to problems. You cannot stop it in task manager as it simply starts up again automatically and re-starting your PC makes no difference at all. My only solution after my PC had been running at "high revs" for over an hour because of this exe was to delete my REGISTERED AND PAID version of Ad-Aware which is a real bummer. Daku
It's the Lavasoft Adaware scanner.
It's a legitimate Anti-Spyware process that Ad-Aware runs,and you can't start Ad-Aware without it enabled.However,as Daku noted,on Windows XP it uses a ludricous amount of memory when running,prioritizes it self above most of the other processes,and it doesn't let you change it's priority in the Task Manager.(even as an Administrator) Furthermore,it keeps restarting it self if you close it,and it tends to use the most data the first few minutes it's starting up and it's scheduled to run 24/7,which can slow down your computer during Start-Up.My advice:Keep it off unless your on a web browser Hunter
It really hogs memory, sometimes as much as 200K. If you manually stop the process, it restarts itself grabbing more memory. As far as I can tell, it doesn't grab much spyware - but it does nail cookies -- a function that Windows has without the memory drain Tracey
it stops XP system dead! Lavasoft informed John
When I boot up my computer it hogs the memory usage more than any other application, according to the task manager. Even if I disable Ad-Watch Live!, from the task bar, it somehow enables itself again, about an hour later. On the plus side it doesn't appear to interfere with other Virus detection software. Pandy
eats up memory like crazy, hides from Task man, but shows in resrouce monitor User
It's run by a legitimate anti-virus, -spyware and -adware application from Lavasoft called Ad-aware. It's very useful to have this application installed on your computer  See also: Link Anna
It is on my computer even thought the Ad-Aware 2007 program has been uninstalled. Michael Holt
It's lavasoft adaware antivirus. To be there, you must have installed the antivirus.
Slowed down, made video's jerky until I switched off Ad -Aware, then everything OK.. impossible to remove, although I followed the procedure, a 'ghost' version remains, and takes memory, and time..programs slow on loading..cannot remove..don't use it... Alan.

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